South Africa Internet Service Provider List | ISP Plans & Pricing

Internet Service Providers in South Africa: They include MTN, Vox, AXXESS- Vumatel, Supersonic, and Cool Ideas among others

South Africa is one of the countries that have invested in internet services. Many internet service providers have found it good to have their services in South Africa. The different plans and prices in South Africa help the users to choose the internet service and provider they want and one that will meet their needs.

A good example is the DSL services who have the most affordable and the friendliest prices. Each bandwidth determines the price that the internet service will come along with. Those who use the internet at home get speeds up to 100 Mbps, and for large corporations, the internet service will be as high as 1Gbps.

You will also get numerous service providers with different plans. If you are a user located in South Africa, you have an option to pick a service provider from the six best we have prepared in our article.

Comparison table

South Africa Internet Service ProviderPlanMin download speedsMax download speedsMin upload speeds Max upload speedsType
VoxVox fat pipe DSL
Yahclick Satellite Internet
Uncapped plans
10Mbps100Mbps2.9Mbps22.78MbpsBroadband WiFi
Cool ideas Vutamel10Mbps1Gbps2Mbps200MbpsFiber

Best internet service provider in South Africa


If you are a fan of using the leaders in service provision, this option is yours. Vox is one of the service providers that have penetrated the South African market.  It is the leading Telecom operator and ICT firm in South Africa.

The beauty of using Vox as an internet service provider in South Africa is that it serves the home users and the SMEs. If you want to use the service at home, you will get a variation of services such as satellite, voice, Wi-Fi, email, security ADSL, mobile and wireless services.

The SMEs get a slightly better solution as they have cloud computing, PBX, backup, and visual communications. The safety that vox provides is excellent. It also has many partners who help it to get the services closer to people. Link Africa, Metro fiber, and the Netstream are some of the best partners.

Vox internet plans

Vox has partnered with other services to reach as many users as possible. For instance, it has used satellite services which have the following plans.

  • Yahclick satellite internet 5/2 has upload speeds of 2 Mbps and 5 Mbps with uncapped data. It goes for R999 per month.
  • Yahclick satellite internet 10/3 has download speeds of 10 Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps with uncapped data. It goes for R1199 per month.
  • Yahclick satellite internet 20/6 is another powerful package with download speeds of 20 Mbps and upload speeds of 6Mbps. It goes at a price of R1399.

Fibre also has the services that make it unique. The fiber plans from vox are as follows.

  • 10Mbps uncapped is a plan that comes with 5 hosted extensions and free voice bundles at a price of R1033.85 and works in preferred areas
  • We also have another 10Mbps uncapped that is accessible in an on-net area. It is similar to the previous plan but comes at a price of R1723.85.
  • We also have the 20 Mbps uncapped, which serves a preferred area at a price of R1723.85.

Vox has the DSL services that you may have to use for a better service. The internet plans are as follows.

  • Vox fat pipe business DSL 40 Mbps uncapped goes for R1449 per month and is coverage dependent.
  • Vox fat pipe Business DSL 4Mbps uncapped goes for R449 and is also coverage dependent.
  • Cox fat pipe business DSL 10Mbps is another beautiful package that goes for R649 per month and is coverage-dependent.

There are many other plans we have not highlighted available on the vox site.


  • It is available in many options
  • Different and powerful plans
  • Perfect for a wide range of choice
  • Easy to access and use


  • Slightly confusing for users as it is not specific

Why use the box service

Vox is an internet provider that has covered the exact needs of the users. One thing that makes vox a good provider is that it offers a wide range of services. You will get home solutions, business solutions, and many more under one roof. The coverage is excellent.


The rating at which MTN operates is 4.0 and is one of the best ISPs in South Africa. It has an affordable price and speedy internet. The reliability of the internet is one thing that many people prefer when they go looking for this IPS. Both broadband and Wi-Fi services are available under the Internet Service Provider in South Africa.

Some of the providers of MTN include

  • Wholesale APN- This is a service that comes with bulk data. It serves the end-users and the corporates. It uses the MTN network to deliver the service.
  • Fixed LTE- This is a service that targets clients that want to have high-speed internet. You will access it at any specific point in South Africa that comes with LTE.
  • Hunting line solution- This service uses a fixed-line and links up to mobile devices for serving relevant business. It uses the mobile service options to let the internet service get to the end consumers.
  • Point to Point- This is a service by MTN that provides end-to-end systems with a link.
  • Point to multipoint (PMP)- provision of fixed and wireless data is what the PMP. The service connects the PMP services.

MTN internet plans

The home fiber internet offers the following services

  • MyMTN home 100GB has an amount of data that amounts to 100GB and will provide R269, which serves for one month. It comes with an additional 20GB data bundles and 50GB for any time and the night express.
  • MyMTN home 150GB is a service that comes with a fixed router and has 150GB of data at R399 per month. you will also get additional 75GB anytime and 75GB night express, and 50GB data bundles
  • The MyMTN Home 220GB has a data of 220GB at a price of R499. You will get an additional 110GB anytime and a 110GB night express plan
  • MyMTN Home 500 is another package that comes at R699 for a month and will deliver 500GB of data. You will get 250GB for any time use and 250GB for night express
  • MyMTN Home 1000GB at R1059 and provides 1000GB that you can use any time.

LTE MTN is another thing that you need to learn about its packages.

  • On promotion, you can get 500 GB anytime for R1399 per month
  • You can also get MTN fixed LTE 80GB at the cost of R329
  • 120GB MTN fixed LTE comes at the cost of R399, and at R499, you will get 200GB
  • The MTN set LTE 300GB comes at the cost of R699, while at R899, you will also get MTN fixed LTE 400GB
  • MTN fixed LTE 600GB comes anytime at R1599, and at R1999, you will get the uncapped plan


  • MTN has superfast speeds
  • Offers priority to streaming and gaming
  • The price is all-inclusive and friendly
  • You will pay the subscriptions monthly
  • It is accessible to most parts of the country


  • The packages are slightly confusing and will make the users have a difficult time selecting the best plans.

Why do you need to use the service?

The MTN service has a lot of popularity because of the quality of service and plans. Apart from having the most popular plans, it also has the friendliest and the most affordable.  The process of installation is simple as the devices need plugging and playing.


Axxess is famous for having the best fiber deals. It is an attractive option because it does not concentrate on credit checks and will provide VoIP services for free. The average rating for the Internet Service Provider in South Africa is 3.73. It is a friendly ISP and has gained a good reputation since 1997.

In 2008-2009, it became famous for being the best ISP in 2008-09 in South Africa. They provide services to the users through the ADSL and the VDSL. It is also possible to have fiber and mobile services working with the Axxess service. Voice services are also some of the best as they allow you to get more from the internet provision.

Plans of the Axxess services

Axxess has various services that make the functionality stand out. Below are the categories.

DSL packages

  • 5Mbps comes at a price of R154
  • 10Mbps comes at a price of R314
  • 20Mbps comes at R384
  • 40Mbps comes at R614

Fiber services

  • At speeds of 25 Mbps for both downloads and uploads, you will get the 25/25 uncapped for R645
  • 30/3 Mbps uncapped service comes for R545 and will offer download speeds of 30Mbps and 3 Mbps for uploads
  • 20/20Mbps uncapped comes at a price of R445 with upload and download speeds of 20Mbps
  • 10/10 link-layer uncapped comes for R625 and offers upload and download speeds of 10 Mbps.
  • Lightstruck is a service that offers 20/20 Mbps uncapped and will deliver download and upload speeds of 20 Mbps. It has price of R745.
  • The cheap plan is cleanaccess that comes at a price of R295. It has speeds of 8 Mbps for both the downloads and the uploads.
  • Lin Africa has 10/10 uncapped with 10 Mbps for downloads and uploads at R775. Many other packages come at various prices and speeds.
  • Permalink networks are the cheapest plan and offer 4Mbps for uploads and downloads at a price of R495. You will have an easy time because it allows you to stream content and play games conveniently.


  • Improved internet access
  • Additional services such as VOLP
  • LTE Services
  • Wide range of DSL and fiber packages
  • Cost friendly prices


  • The additional features of the services make the usability of the service more challenging.

Why use the service

Axxess service is one of the best as it has many packages that come at a friendly price. You will have good times because of the ease of installation and improved quality of the service. Being an award-winning ISP, it has come a long way to create solutions that will serve various VoIP, shop, and hosting.

Cool Ideas

Excellent ideas are one of the best ISPs because of their world-class reputation. It has a very high rating of 4.46. It stands out because of its reliability since its foundation in 2011. Cool Ideas has also worked very hardtop ensure that the kind of service it provides is the best. It has also been a pacesetter when it comes to delivering services such as streaming.

Netflix streaming is one of the best things that the ISP offers. It tops the rest because of the ability to maintain high speeds and stable connections. Various fiber services such as Vuma, Midsole, and Metrofibre.

You will have a chance to choose the various packages available from the various networks. The service supplied using the fiber is of the best quality and offers excellent durability.

The coverage of the internet is also adequate. However, you will have to fill the form correctly to have the service that covers your area. Afrihost and the cool ideas have so far merged to deliver a better service.

Cool ideas internet packages

Cool ideas increased the rates such that the currents rates are a bit higher.

  • 10/5Mbps package speeds now come at a price of R599
  • 20/10 Mbps package comes at a price of R819
  • 40/20Mbps package comes at a price of R999
  • 100/50 Mbps package comes at a price of R1199
  • 200/100Mbps package comes at a price of R1499

New Vumatel pricing

Vutamel has some new packages that come at different prices. The beauty of having the 100/100 or 200/200 significantly reduces their prices.  There are many plans that it offers as follows.

  • 1Gbps/100Mbps package comes at a price of R1499
  • 200/200Mbps package comes at a price of R1499
  • 200/20Mbps package comes at a price of R1419
  • 100/100 Mbps package comes at a price of R1199
  • 100/10Mbps package comes at a price of R1119
  • 50/50 Mbps package comes at a price of R1049
  • 50/5 Mbps package comes at a price of R969
  • 20/20 Mbps package comes at a price of R929
  • 20/2 Mbps package comes at a price of R829
  • 10/10 Mbps package comes at a price of R729
  • 10/2 Mbps package comes at a price of R689 and is the lowest package


  • Has reliable packages
  • Convenient for home and corporate use
  • High speed internet
  • Affordable or both small and large scale users


  • Customer service may be difficult to get

Why use the internet service?

The cool idea is a cool idea by itself. It has a friendly price that makes many users have a good time with. The quality of the connection is also excellent and will make the adaptability swift. Moreover, it has the best connection quality that will reach even the smaller users with the best prices. Its merger comes with the advantage of improving the service quality.


Supersonic is a high-speed internet service provider in South Africa that has been at the cutting edge with high speeds. If you are operating under the download speeds of 23.3777 Mbps and 19.679 Mbps, you will have the process of uploading and downloading content swift. It has a latency of 23, which makes the performance more enhanced.

Supersonic is doing extra well in South Africa as it meets the specific needs of the service providers. It has high and excellent rankings that make many users desire to have a service from it. A rating of 4.5 is excellent compared to the other top service providers.

The service has had various advertisements that aim at marketing the service. The beauty of the service is that it delivers precisely what is in the advertisement sheets. It is known for delivering and will reach as many customers as possible.

Supersonic has uncapped services that make the service worthy for the customers. Below are the packages that come along with. The variation in the prices means that the service is worthy and will make the service usable.

Plans of supersonic

  • Opinion has speeds of 4Mbps for the download and 2Mbps for the upload speeds and comes at R544.
  • Supersonic has speeds of 4Mbps, which cuts across the uploads and the downloads. It has a cost of R599.
  • Vutamel is another service that comes at high download speeds of 4Mbps and 1 Mbps for uploads. It costs R699

A slightly higher package also comes in to make a slight change.

  • Openserve has a speed of 10Mbps for the downloads and 5 Mbps for the uploads. It comes at the cost of R699.
  • Supersonic will offer 10Mbps for both the uploads and the downloads with a price of R699.

Another package under all the services is as follows

  • Vutamel offers 20Mbps download speeds and 2 Mbps upload speeds. The charge for the service is R849
  • Supersonic  has high speeds of 20 Mbps for both the uploads and the downloads, with a price tag of R849
  • There is also vutamel 20/20, a service of 20 Mbps speeds for both the uploads and the downloads. It comes at R899
  • Then we have the OpenServer service with download speeds of 20 Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. It charges R949

The Best Supersonic plans (quality and high-end)

When the quality of service increases and the charges increase, we have the following;

  • Openserve offers download speeds of 40Mbps and uploads speeds of 20 Mbps at a price of R1999
  • Vutamel offers 50Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds at a price of R1049
  • Supersonic offers 50Mbps for both downloads and uploads at prices of R1049
  • Vutamel offers the same speeds for downloads and uploads of 50 Mbps at a price of R1099

Finally, we have another level that is the highest for supersonic

  • Vutamel offers download speeds of 100Mbps and uploads of 10Mbps at the cost of R1199
  • On the other hand, Supersonic offers 100 Mbps for both uploads and downloads while maintaining a price of R1249.
  • Vutamel has another package similar to supersonic of 100Mbps for both the uploads and the downloads. It has a price tag of R1249.
  • Openserve is another service that many users have enjoyed. It has a price tag of R1499 with download speeds of 100Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps.


  • High internet speeds
  • Wide range of service variation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Uncapped packages
  • Wide accessibility


  • It has some fraudulent tasks, such as the deactivation of the customer subscriptions.

Why use the service

Supersonic has a service that is quite reliable.  It has high speed and several plans with exciting packages. Many customers who have used the service have excellent reviews because of the high speeds and reliability.

Choosing the best ISP in South Africa

Many users will look at the affordability of service and then resolve to stick to its use. However, it poses a challenge when you have to get the one that will perfectly serve. What is likely to happen is that the service becomes poor and unreliable.

We have done some research on what you need to look at during the selection of a service. They include;

Internet speeds

The first thing you need to look at is the internet speeds. A good service provider must be the one that delivers high speeds. The reliability of the service when it comes to various tasks such as gaming and streaming is the best thing.

Availability of the service

Internet services are not available in all the areas you wish. Most of them are available in specific parts and unavailable in other parts. It is essential to assess the availability of the internet service before you subscribe to it. The best way to know is by contacting the service provider.

Usability of the internet

The usability of the internet is all about the way the service provider gets the service to the end-user. Some providers prefer to have given the users devices such as routers and modems at a fee. The service must be one that will make the usability of the service possible.

Type of the service

Another thing that determines the goodness of an ISP is the type of service they deliver. For instance, some use mobile devices while others use fiber cables. An ideal supplier must be the one who uses the method that is accessible and will provide the most stable connection.

Internet plans

Finally, you have to look at the internet plans that a service provider has. The plans must have high internet speeds and deliver to the maximum. Each plan comes with the type of service that the provider gives. A user must be able to get the service that is fulfilling and meeting the user budget.


South Africa is a country that has excellent internet connectivity. Many ISPs have different ways of letting the service get to the users. We have highlighted the 5 top service providers. You can therefore have a quick selection and get a plan to serve you.

You can check the United States Internet Service Providers in case you want to move to the United States.

Internet Service Provider in South Africa FAQs

What is an Internet Service Provider?

ISPs are the backbone of our digital world. ISPs provide internet access to companies, families, and even mobile users with fiber-optics, cable, DSL, or satellite dishes in order to connect every corner on earth through their networks. They connect the internet to households or businesses by using different forms like copper wire, fiber-optic glass, coaxial cables, or satellite dishes at varying internet speeds and costs!

Are there any internet service providers in South Africa?

In South Africa, you will find numerous ISP options for those that need a high-speed connection for homes or businesses. However, it is only a few companies out of these many that have been able to stand out in terms of the quality services they provide. Moreover, most of them are concentrated around the major urban centres.

Which is the best ISP in South Africa?

According to our reviews, Vox is the best ISP for fiber internet in South Africa. Vox provides home user services and business enterprises services such as fiber internet, ADSL internet, mobile, wireless, WiFi, Satellite, voice, security, and email. However, in South Africa, there’s a variety of internet service providers. Some are AT&T or Cablevision who provide cable TV and Internet services for homes in addition to fiber optics connections; others offer satellite dishes so you can get online anywhere without worrying about your location being an issue.

Which is the worst ISP in South Africa?

The April 2021 rankings had Rain as the worst-performing ISP in South Africa. There are two major factors considered when ranking an Internet service provider: customer satisfaction scores collected through their mobile apps or web-based speed tests portals; as well long-distance broadband availability within each city/town cape town vs George Town (which includes seaside resorts). The April 2021 rankings saw Axxess come out tops with 759 points.