How to Charge a Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger

Most Bluetooth speakers are portable. They are very nice devices, but the challenge they have is that they have rechargeable batteries. The actual challenge comes when you have to charge the battery of your Bluetooth Speaker when you are far and without your charger.

The best news for you today is that you don’t need a charger to charge your Bluetooth speaker. Technology is improving, and new ways of doing things are coming up. You can now charge your battery at any convenient place without necessarily having a charger.

We have come up with this write-up to let you know more about Bluetooth speakers. Part of today’s lesson will be to learn about the various ways of charging your Bluetooth speaker.

How to charge a JBL Bluetooth speaker without a charger

How to charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger

There are several ways you can charge the speaker without engaging the charger. Some ways are simple, and others are a little complicated. Some of the best ways to use include.

Use the laptop

It is convenient and easy to charge the Bluetooth speaker when you have a laptop. You will need to carry your laptop and the USB cable, which proves to be simple to carry along. The USB cable is the major tool that you need to have the Bluetooth speaker charged.

On the contrary, the laptop is a device that has a powerful battery and takes a longer time to have the battery getting exhausted. If you have a USB cable, you will connect it to the laptop and the smaller end to the Bluetooth speaker. Immediately you will see the red charging lights on.

It does not take a long time before you have the speaker fully charged. The color always changes once the speaker is full. You also need to know that the speaker will take the normal duration to charge with the laptop and discharge at the normal rate.

Use the power bank

Most of us think that the power bank is the best option for phones only. However, it also works for Bluetooth speakers, especially if the battery is smaller than the capacity of the power bank. Many dealers have specialized in the production and selling of power banks.

Each data bank has a capacity that makes the usage for a longer period easier. You can get one that charges more than a single time making it easier to do the various functions. The power bank is portable and easier to use, making it the best for your speaker and phone charging.

The same way you use the laptop for charging is the same way you use the power bank. You will need to have the USB cable connected and then charge the speaker. It is wise to check on the charger that the speaker uses and then pick the same model for the USB cable.

The power bank takes a shorter time to charge the speaker. Once the power drains, you will recharge the power bank faster and have it functioning in the best way possible again.

What about wireless charging?

Is it possible that you don’t love plugging in and out of the charger? There is an option to have the speaker charging without the charger. Several options are available for wireless chargers.

You will assess the speaker’s compatibility with wireless chargers and then go for the option that fits exactly that. Many models are available and will make your speaker work conveniently with them.

When looking for the charger, you will go online and pick models to assess their functionality until you get the best model. Thus you can use a wireless charger to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.

Make a wireless charger

Apart from using a wireless charger from a company, you can make one for yourself. It is a technical job that looks a little bit tricky, but you can do it. Having the requirements and the procedure to follow, you can do it.

9V charger, inductive charging set, solder, and a spacious Bluetooth speaker are the tools you will need to have. The making process is as follows;

  1. Open the Bluetooth speaker to locate the space for the coil.
  2. Remove the PCB, ensuring that you take caution because the solder may not be strong enough
  3. Pin the PCB on +5V input pins as they are simple to find. On your reception side, you have to pair the wires.
  4. On the emitter side, connect 9V, which then makes sure that the speaker is charging. You have to ensure that the speaker is charging at this point.
  5. Now use tape to the coil to fit the PC.  A heat shrink is a good option to apply as it protects the coil and fixes it in place. After this process, you will have to test the whole unit to see if it is working.
  6. The receptor now has to be at a convenient place so that you quickly trace it. Power drops significantly, and you will need to have less bulky materials to ensure constant functionality. Place it on a nightstand so that it works at a convenient point.
  7. For charging, you will place the speaker on the nightstand as it works best when you keep it on the same spot.

If you note that charging takes place without a hassle, you can carry the speaker at any point and charge it wirelessly. Thus you can use this wireless charger to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.

Carry additional batteries

Most Bluetooth speakers have batteries that you can charge with another device. You will also note that there are various methods that you can use to recharge the batteries without using the speaker. A good example is a universal charger.

You will set the universal charger and then charge the battery. It means that you can have several batteries that you will insert on the speaker to work.

You will charge the batteries independently and then see how you can be exchanging them so that you have a flow when using the speakers.

Use your smartphone

Another thing that you may have never thought about is using a smartphone to charge your speaker. Most people know that the speaker serves as a power bank, too but not sure about having the phone charging the Bluetooth speaker. The charging process takes a few minutes as these phones are equipped to serve as power banks too.

You will need to look at the speaker that the device uses. If the battery is powerful, then it can charge the speaker. But a less powerful speaker will not deliver anything good for the speaker. You can charge the speaker and at the same time listen to your favorite music.

When chargings a speaker using a smartphone, you have to ensure that you have the cable that will assist. Then you connect the cable on the speaker and then to the phone. The charging process will then take place as you expect it to happen.

The phone and the Bluetooth speakers are both portable. You don’t need to worry about the process of charging because it is automatic. You will place the phone at a convenient place and the speaker too so that you have an easy time.

Replace the battery

You may have tried all these methods, and they seem not to be working. At this point, you will need to replace the battery with a new one. You can get a replacement battery that is the same as the speaker’s and then do the whole process.

It is convenient to replace the battery when you have several. It means that you can charge several batteries and then use one until it is exhausted. By doing so, you will have the Bluetooth speaker every on charge without using the charger at any time.

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 Extending  the battery life of your Bluetooth speaker

You have to use a charger to the speaker every time because of low battery life. You have to ensure that you have taken measures that aim at lengthening the life of your battery. Some methods are easy to implement, and others are slightly complicated.

We have gathered the best tips that you can always employ to see your Bluetooth speaker delivering the best. Some of the best ones include;

Turning off speakers when not in use

Speakers are very good at losing the charge when not in use. They are very good, especially when they are on doing the scanning. The speaker is likely to scan for available devices until the battery dies.

Such processes need not function for your speaker to stay with the charge for long. Every time the speaker is not in use, it has to be off.

When traveling on a plane or anywhere that the outdoor Bluetooth speaker is not in use, the battery has to be on a neutral mode. Saving the battery for the speaker is very easy.

Switch to airplane mode

Bluetooth speakers also have an airplane mode. When you switch to airplane mode, the speaker will not connect to any available wireless connection. When the speaker is properly charged and in airplane mode, the chances of getting communication lowers.

What drains the speaker more is that it connects with the devices in use and even produces pop sounds. The chances of having the speaker lowering increase at a very first-rate in such a case.

Discharge or don’t charge the speaker fully

Another safe method that you can use for your Bluetooth speaker is to ensure that you don’t fully charge the speaker. Observing the half charge is a convenient way to ensure that the rate of discharge is lower. Most people will prefer to do 50% and then create time to charge the speaker fully.

If you choose to charge the speaker to 100%, you have to leave it on charge for a short period so that it does not drain the power. The advantage of leaving the speaker in charge is that it acquires more power to keep it working for the longest time.

If the speaker is charged, you can also choose to discharge it as it makes the stability of the charge better.

Don’t undercharge the speaker

Another mess that people do is to undercharge the speaker. This means that the speaker is below 50%. Such a speaker will not stay for long because the charge is too small and not stable.

You have to ensure that you have achieved a higher charge of more than 55%. Doing so means charging it to 100% easily or having the speaker serving for long.

The principle that most of us do not know is that the Bluetooth speaker observes levels for charging. A charge below 50% is too little. Between 60 and 75% is better and can be equivalent to 100%. It is why you have to let the speaker take some time on charge after fully charging.

Limit the amount of heat

Too much heat is dangerous to the Bluetooth speaker’s battery. Putting the speaker under too much heat lowers the battery’s life span by more than 2 hours. The process of discharging increases the rate, and also the process of charging takes a longer time.

If you repeat this trend for some time, you will notice that poor performance also increases. You have to ensure that you have done some good work with the storage of the speaker.

Heat is also responsible for the bulging of batteries. With too much heat, the battery will get exposed to damage which means that the service will not be long-lasting. Too cold temperatures are also not the best. You have to observe the normal storage temperatures that will facilitate a long duration for the battery service.


Charging a Bluetooth speaker without a charger seems incredible. However, we have done the best research and brought you the methods you can employ to make the speaker function as you expect. Our methods are proven and effective depending on the environment that you will use the speaker.

It is also essential to have some knowledge about the most effective ways to care for the speaker. It will lengthen the battery life and make the functionality more enhanced. Our storage and care tips are effective and will ensure that the life of your battery is longer.

Charge a Bluetooth speaker FAQs

How can I charge a JBL speaker without a charger?

You can charge your JBL speaker without the use of a charger if you have access to an AC outlet. Connect one end into a USB port on the laptop and plug in the other end with DC IN 5v jack, then let it charge while using Bluetooth connection for music streaming or phone calls (wireless charging works best). If no power outlets are nearby try packing around some extra batteries! You can also opt for wireless charging or even make a wireless charger yourself. Finally, you can use a power bank to charge your JBL Bluetooth speaker

How do I charge Bluetooth speakers?

Other than using the Bluetooth speaker charger, you can charge your speaker using a micro USB cable. Bluetooth speakers use micro USB as their charging port, so do most of the mobile phones on the market. You can use your phone charger or charger adaptor to juice up this tech for hours and even days at a time! All you need is an outlet nearby which has electricity (obviously) but also some spare room in its socket – just like plugging any other appliance into it would work best during times when we’re not using our devices ourselves because they’ll draw more power from there if left unused too long after being fully charged already.

Can I make my own charger to charge Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, you can make your own charger for Bluetooth devices. You just need to follow the steps indicated in this article keenly. You will need a 9V charger, inductive charging set, solder, and a spacious Bluetooth speaker to make your own charger.

Can I increase the battery life of my Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you can improve the battery life of your Bluetooth speaker. To do this, you need to switch off the speaker when not in use, limit the amount of heat, and not undercharging the speaker. Moreover, you can switch your Bluetooth speaker to airplane mode.