For internet connection in our houses, we most likely need a modem. A modem is a device that helps to change the signals transmitted by the router or the ISP into a form that can be transmitted both ways.

A modem is, therefore, a device that works between your router or computer and the ISP connection. There may be different types of modems depending on the type of connection that you are subscribed to.

A modem translates the analog waves transmitted by cable lines and dial-up phone to digital information that can be processed by the devices. It also converts the digital information to analog waves for transmission upstream.

A modem is different from a router because a modem does not supply your home with Wi-Fi. You can only get connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable if you only have a modem.

What types of modems do we have?

Depending on the connection type, there are different types of modems available in the market today. We also have modem router combos that do the signal translation and transmission to our devices.

The kinds of modems available for use currently include:

Cable modems

Modem for internet connection either on DSL, cable or dial-up subscription

These are some of the most common modems. They use coaxial cables to connect to the ISP. In this connection, the modem is connected either to the cable box or to the internet supply.

This connection gives you high-speed internet. The cable modems are considered broadband devices. This is because they offer fast data transfer rates coupled with an always-on connection.

The cable modems include a standard RJ45 port. This port connects to your router or other devices thus providing an internet connection via the Ethernet port.

However, to ensure you get connections to several devices in a smart home, you will require to connect the modem to a router. You can also however buy a modem router combo for both router and modem functions.

The cable modems are able to offer speeds ranging from 25-50Mbps on average. However, on the high end, we have cable modems offering speeds of up to 505Mbps. This is available on ISP plans such as Xfinity Extreme by Comcast.

Cable modems are a bit different from the original modem definition. The modulator-demodulator (modem) used to convert signals from analog to digital and vice versa. However, cable modems transmit information digitally.

Arris modem router combo: Some of the best cable modems with a built in router

Modems which will give you an upper hand in gaming with their performance

When you have subscribed to Cox, these modems will give you a smart home.

For a small business, you require a modem that will serve your needs safely. The service will be for customers and you.

Comcast Xfinity internet gives you exceptional speeds as described above if you have these excellent modems:

Spectrum is one of the ISPs with the widest coverage. To get the best out of your Spectrum subscription get these modems: