How do I return my Bell Streamer?

If you’ve ever purchased something online, you’re probably aware that it can often be a bit of a gamble. You might love the look of the product and be willing to take a risk, but in some cases that might not pay off. Maybe it doesn’t fit quite right, or perhaps it has an unforeseen … Read more

Where to Return Your Bell Modem

Where to Return Your Bell Modem. When you rent a modem from your internet service provider, it’s usually on a monthly lease. That means when your contract is up, you must return the device or pay a fee to keep using it. Failure to do one of those two things will result in additional charges … Read more

8 Best Routers for Bell Internet Canada in 2022

Each individual household in Canada and indeed the whole world can not do without good internet. That is what Bell provides for Canada. However, as you pick Bell internet, you need to ensure that you have the best router for Bell internet. This is in addition to the other internet devices. Bell communications make the … Read more