Linksys Hydra pro 6E and Linksys Atlas Max 6E Router Reviews

Technology especially the router tech is under evolution and each day has its new product. For example, a 6GHz radio band is now available for use in business. That is why Linkys have invested time, resources, and expertise to come up with Hybrid Pro 6E and Atlas Max 6E for the best internet connection.

All router manufacturers are now investing in coming up with new models that will fit the technology. From now onwards, we shall have several routers and modem routers that will employ the technology.

Linksys is a brand that is quick at implementing advanced technologies. Most people love using routers from Linksys because they have the latest technologies and perform better. It is also the brand that has already worked and rolled out 6E routers.

Linksys Hydra pro 6E and Linksys Atlas Max 6E are the routers that have currently hit the market. We have researched their functionality, performance, and features and got the following outcomes.

Linksys Hydra pro 6E

Linksys Hydra Pro 6E: Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6E Router -$ FrontViewImage

Linksys Hydra pro 6E is a model that utilizes the triband technology and uses the 6GHz band. It also has a 2.4GHz band which is also very powerful. Speeds and signal stability make the router deliver some good performance to all its connected devices. Even when the internet has some interference and speeds are unreliable, the 2.4GHz band will offer adequate support.

The model has the latest Wi-Fi technology with a lot of potential for expandability. It has multi-gig connectivity for WAN that makes the connectivity quick and adding devices conveniently. Moreover, mesh technology helps in the elimination of dead zones, an effortless task.

The router’s dimensions are 2.3×11.0x 6.6″ and has a black textured body. 4 adjustable and non-removable antennas help in range extension. An LED light makes the process of setting up a cake because it lights to mean various aspects.

The LED lights green to show it is working well, blinks purple during the setup, and steady purple when ready for setup. If there is no connection, the router lights red. 

You can use the 2.4GHz band, 5GHz band, or 6GHz band. OFDMA, 1024QAM, WPA3, MU-MIMO, and the beamforming technologies make the router stand out. The model has combination speeds of 600+1200+4800Mbps. Using envelope compatible nodes and routers makes you enjoy the best performance.

Comparison with other devices

Our model comes with superior features to the rest because of the technology. It has a triband that has a combination of 2.4GHz+5GHz+6GHz. Other devices with triband have 2.4+5+5GHz. 

Security encryption is also advanced because of the WPA3. Moreover, focus on single devices gets achieved because of the beamforming and the MU-MIMO technologies.

Moreover, our device has speeds of 6.6Gbps and a range coverage of 2700 square feet. More than 55 devices will comfortably work under the connection. On proximity test, it manages 927Mbps on a range of 30 feet. Gaming and streaming services take place with several devices, and each performs to the maximum.

The mesh technology gives room for the extension of the network. Under the created connection, the passwords or the router apply to all devices. Elimination of dead zones is the best thing with this model

How to use Linksys Hydra pro 6E

The model is easy to set once you have assembled and powered it up. After that, you will use the web console or a mobile app to manage the various functions. Accessing the mobile app is simple because it is available in the play store for Android and IoS.

Once you have opened the web or the app, you will have a chance to change the password and the user name if you wish. Implementing security measures at this stage is simple as you will have a chance to set the guest network, parental controls and block the websites you don’t want.

When managing the router, you will make use of the app. You can tap the devices option and access the devices that are in the connection. An option to remove or prioritize any device in the connection is available and quite effective. So, connect your devices and enjoy the internet.

Performance and real-life testing

Our router is one of the easiest to set. When working correctly, the speeds remain stable through the range as the signal also maintains high quality. After connection, you will wait for around 30 seconds and then begin to set it up. The LED lights indicate the status making it simple to set up.

The 2.4GHz band is a bit slower but very good at maintaining the stability of the connection. The 5GHz band and the 6GHz one are good when there are fewer obstacles within the connection. You will also appreciate that the number of devices operating within the range gets adequate support for speed and performance.

File transfer takes place quickly because of the 3.0 USB ports. Moreover, signal quality maintains to be the best because of the beamforming and the powerful antennas.

What we like

  • Constant 6GHz output
  • The Multi-Gig WAN port
  • Quick setup and easy management
  • Mesh technology
  • Improved use of performance technologies

What we don’t like

  • Slow 2.4GHz output
  • No malware protection

What makes the router standout

The technology employed in the making of the router creates a future for improvements. Device accommodation and speeds are better compared to other routers. If the connection needs to have some extension, the mesh technology will make it quite simple. Our router also has considerations for future technologies and improvement of your Wi-Fi devices.

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Linksys Atlas Max 6E Router

Linksys Atlas Max 6E: Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6E System, 3-Pack - HeroImage

Linksys AXE8400 comes with the biggest and a significant upgrade in Wi-Fi technology. It has a triband which has the 6GHz band that takes care of your home corners. In addition, it comes with nodes that have mesh technology which is very good at covering extended ranges. Advanced security, simplicity in the setup, and smart parental controls make the model stand out.

The model boasts of a compact size for each node. It has a coverage of 2700sq ft and high speeds of 6.6Gbps. Each pack has the potential of maintaining the speeds and the range with accommodation of more than 65 devices.

You will have around 130 devices doing various tasks such as streaming and gaming for a two-pack. When operating at extremes, coverage can get to as much as 3000sq ft per node.

The triband has a combination of 2.4+5+6GHz bands. Devices prioritization is also available and focuses on the devices that need some extra speeds and signal quality. AR and VR devices enjoy improved speeds and more reliable performance. Advanced Qualcomm makes the performance blazing-fast hence more reliable.

Automatic firmware update is good because it ensures that the router is ever in the best state. Furthermore, using smart security, you will have a chance to use the latest technology for parental controls and the creation of guest networks.

In addition, device prioritization by the MU-MIMO and the beamforming technology helps manage all the connected devices with high speeds and quality signal.

5 Gigabit WAN helps in managing multi-gigabit speeds. In addition, storage and sharing enjoy facilitation by the 3.0 USB port.

Comparison with other devices

The speed of our router is excellent because it has the highest number of devices which all enjoy it. Employment of the latest technologies such as the Qualcomm manages very high speeds, which isn’t the case with the other devices. Band combination has 2.4+5+6GHz, which is not the case with other triband devices which have 5+5+2.4GHz.

Extending the connection using the Velop mesh technology makes everything simple and convenient. It eliminates dead zones making it best for home and office use.

Division of devices works by allowing the busy one’s work with specific channels. The combination of Wi-Fi 6E and mesh technology makes our model deliver a solid performance.

As the other devices focus on utilizing the available technologies, our router focuses on utilizing the available technology and focusing on future advancements. Other devices have a slightly complicated method of management. This model comes with change because of the management app that allows you to manage devices from any point.

How to use the router

Our router is one of the simplest to set up and even manage. You will use the mobile app for android and IoS, which is always available in the play store.

You will start by setting up the router’s physical location, which then allows you to do the various functions. Pick the location or the router after you log in and set the model’s security and password. You will then set the various measures, including the security of the mode and the guest network.

Other settings that you will work on include device prioritization, parental controls, and automatic updates so that the firmware is up to date. You can then connect the devices and enjoy the internet.

Performance and real-life testing

Our test results show that the coverage of the range is dependent on the pack you choose. Each node has the potential to serve 3000sq.ft. All the bands are good at maintaining the high speeds of 6.6Gbps for the many connected devices. If the connection is not working correctly, the 2.4 GHz band is adequate, although slow, manages the speeds.

Our device has a lovely device prioritization technique because of the MU-MIMO and beamforming technology. They work hand in hand in ensuring that each connected device has its needs met by the router. Combining these features and the next-generation Wi-Fi is an excellent thing because you can update your devices and enjoy the best outcomes.

File sharing is another thing our router will not disappoint you with. It utilizes the 3.0 USB port hence managing the high speeds in storage and sharing of content. Moreover, the mesh technology is ideal because of eliminating of dead zones, simplicity in extension, and maintenance of high-quality signal.

What we like

  • Simplicity in network extension
  • Use of the mesh technology
  • High-quality signal
  • Advanced technological features
  • Device prioritization by MU-MIMO and beamforming technology
  • High speeds of 6Gbps and 6E Wi-Fi technology

What we don’t like

  • Not all devices have the potential to work with the 6GHz band
  • When extending the range for further areas, you need some additional nodes

What makes the router standout

The use of modern technology in the making and employment of the latest Wi-Fi technologies makes our device the best. It accommodates the highest number of devices and serves them with the highest speeds of 6.6Gbps. Furthermore, a true triband with a combination of 6GHz+5GHz+2.4GHz makes the performance of the model more enhanced.

Mesh technology is ideal for both homes and offices. If you need to do various network extensions, this model provides an ample opportunity to do so. Heavy homes and offices operating on multiple floors will be the greatest beneficiaries of this model

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Technology is an area that is growing at a rapid speed. Some new technologies and features are coming in place day by day to solve the various challenges. Brands such as Linksys have set the pace in coming up with devices that will enhance performance.

Our two current routers have used the existing and latest technologies hence creating a future for advancements. So get the models and enjoy the early experiences with new devices.