How Can I Share My PC’s Internet Connection?

How Can I Share My PC’s Internet Connection? Sharing an Internet connection is as simple as plugging in a second device and turning on its Wi-Fi. It’s that easy, but things get tricky when you need to share your Internet connection with another computer or device. It’s not always as simple as connecting your devices … Read more

Can You Use A DSTV Dish for Internet?

‍You may have heard of the “bird and the bee” theory when it comes to love and romance. In a similar way, there are two birds: the dish and the bee. The first one is obvious; a satellite TV dish. And the second one may be confusing at first sight; what has bees got to … Read more

Best Internet Service Provider in California | ISP plans & prices

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How to Connect Your WiFi Router to a Mobile Hotspot

There are some cases when you might need to connect your WiFi router to a mobile hotspot. For example, if you’re vacationing and using a foreign SIM card that doesn’t allow tethering, or if you want to use your cellular data to provide internet access for your guests at your house. Tethering usually requires a … Read more