Can ADSL Modem be used as WiFi Router?

Can ADSL modem be used as WiFi router? ADSL modems are used to connect your computer or laptop to the internet through the telephone network. These devices have different functions, depending on which type you choose, but they can’t be used as a home wireless router unless you buy a separate Wi-Fi router as well. … Read more

Does Spectrum internet include free modem?

Does spectrum internet include free modem? The world of internet service is constantly changing. Even though most people don’t think about it every day, the ways in which we access and use the internet are always shifting and changing. This is especially true when it comes to broadband Internet service and how we access that … Read more

Does Wi-Fi modem consume electricity?

Does Wi-Fi modem consume electricity? When you think about home devices that use electricity, your first thoughts may be things like lights, heaters, and appliances. However, there are also other devices that use electricity in your home but you may not realize it. These devices are often referred to as “standby” energy uses because they … Read more

Do Modems Give Off Radiation?

Do Modems Give Off Radiation?‍ Digital cable, satellite and fiber-optic internet connections all use modems to provide internet access in the home. And while these devices may look like they belong in a science lab, they’re also one of the most common devices used to introduce radiation into your home. So do modems give off … Read more

Can You Connect Directly to Modem?

Can You Connect Directly to Modem? Sometimes, the internet can surprise you. With so many applications to choose from and use, you may have not realized how much of your time is spent online. As such, you also may not realize that some programs or devices require a modem to connect directly to them. What … Read more

When should I Replace my Modem?

When should i replace my modem? If you’re an avid internet user, then you probably know how essential a reliable modem is to your online experience. Your modem is essentially the bridge between your computer and whatever internet service you subscribe to. If your modem isn’t working properly, then it can have a negative impact … Read more

How to Sell Your Old Modem and Make a Profit

How to Sell Your Old Modem and Make a Profit . You’re probably not selling your modem for financial gain as much as you are selling it to avoid losing an asset. That being said, if you’re like most people who have a home internet connection, your modem is worth something so you can sell … Read more