4 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 30 US Dollars in 2023

Best Bluetooth Speaker under 30 USD

Early this year, my son really wanted a Bluetooth speaker. However, I was not ready to invest in a pricy one and therefore I had to research a Bluetooth speaker under 30 Dollars that could give him a performance worth a lot more. The qualities we were looking for according to his demand are portability, … Read more

6 Best Bluetooth Showerheads of 2023 | Shower Head with Speaker

In our bathrooms, the intersection of convenience and luxury has found a new champion: Bluetooth showerheads. This is possible when you get the best Bluetooth shower speaker for your home. One of the shower speakers, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead Bluetooth speaker, will ensure that you shower while having the fun of your life. These remarkable fixtures … Read more

How to Connect JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop Windows 7: Easy Methods

Connecting a JBL GO Bluetooth speaker to a laptop with Windows 7 can be a straightforward process, but it is important to make sure that your Bluetooth device is turned on and properly configured on your laptop. It is necessary however to check if your Windows 7 laptop supports Bluetooth. In this article, we will … Read more

How to Use a Bluetooth Speaker at the Drive-In: The 3 Definitive Guides

Here are some of the best ways to use a Bluetooth speaker at the drive-in with the easiest being to simply download and open the TuneIn Radio app, myTuner Radio app, or AudioFetch App found on the app store, with which you can listen in real-time using your Bluetooth speaker or smartphone. You can also … Read more

Should a Speaker Wattage be Higher than the AMP Wattage?

Most people love using their speakers with the amplifier. The purpose of the AMP is to increase the sound that comes from the speaker. It also helps a great deal to help in sound balancing so that there is a distinction between the bass and treble. Thus, should a Speaker Wattage be higher than the … Read more

Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing Explained

Bluetooth technology was around for some time. It has also had various applications that have made many devices embrace the technology. It is now possible to use smart TVs, speakers, and many other devices via Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology is one of the exciting tools that the new generation is enjoying. The working of the … Read more

Speakers’ Sensitivity Explained

When buying speakers, we tend to read the user’s manual to know about the operations of specific devices. However, it is not enough if you have not understood the various aspects. Some of these aspects you need to understand are the numbers that define the various aspects. The use of different measuring units and abbreviations … Read more

The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Students in 2023

Taking your favorite music everywhere to create a good atmosphere is very easy with one of the best Bluetooth speakers. It is even a better deal for young persons who would want to own the best Bluetooth speaker for Students. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beach, the mountains, a swimming pool or at … Read more