How to Set Up Wireless Speaker for the Best Sound

Music is not good until you have the best sound quality, apart from having good sound quality. It is also essential to have the best sound that will make you have the best moments. But can you really get the best sound if you have not set up the wireless speaker correctly and in the right place?

Wireless speakers are some of the models that are taking over the market for music and sound production. The rate at which the devices are coming up is very high. What is most interesting is the fact that these devices have technological improvements that make the functionality better.

Sound production also becomes better with these models. The sizes that these wireless speakers are coming with are also interesting. We have Bluetooth speakers that are small and fitting to the eye, and then we also have models as huge as the traditional models.

How to make Trolly Bluetooth Speaker sound better: How do I set up the wireless speaker for the best sound?

What is a wireless speaker?

The wireless speaker is the model speaker that does not use cables for connection. You will either find them as Wi-Fi speakers or Bluetooth speakers. Each of them comes with a device that makes the functionality better.

What makes wireless speakers famous

The wireless speakers have gained fame because of many features. Such features include;


Most of the wireless speakers are portable. When using them, you have an opportunity to carry them from one place to another. Some are tiny such that they easily fit in the ear. A good example is earbuds and headphones.

One interesting fact is that even the huge speakers are easier to carry than the traditional models. It is because the speakers do not have cables and amplifiers, which tend to make handling a challenge.


Wireless speakers are very compatible as they can work with many other devices. Most of them are compatible with both wired and wireless services. It is not strange to have the speaker work with multi- wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

An aux port is also available on these devices that allow them to work with the other devices. You can add other speakers or computers that do not have wireless technologies.

Ease of connection

Connecting the Bluetooth device is a nice thing because of the ease of connectivity. You will have a remarkable time connecting with the other devices because you only have to pair the devices and share the function. When the device is streaming music, you will have a chance to control it using the streaming device.


Bluetooth and other wireless speakers are famous because of their sizes. You will notice that you can get a tiny model like the earbud and one that is the size of the soundbar. In terms of functionality, they are the same and will provide the same service with different sounding.

When buying a wireless speaker, you will get a model that will easily pair with the functionality. You have to assess your user needs and then get the model that will meet the exact needs.

Quality sound

Most of the wireless speakers have a high-quality sound. Each device will deliver according to size and the quality that is designed for it. You will appreciate that even the large models are designed to deliver high quality for the connection they have.

If you want to get the best quality, you can make various adjustments and enjoy usability and functionality. When balancing the sound, you will use the device you are streaming from to affect the changes and functionality.

Long-lasting batteries

We have seen that most wireless speakers are also portable devices. They come with durable batteries that allow them to serve for longer periods before they drain off. We have speakers that go for as much as 40 hours.

The minimum that these batteries come with is between two and 4 hours. When you choose to manage the optimal functionality of the speakers, you will admire the way they can preserve energy and let the battery serve for the longest durations.

Wide coverage

Wireless speakers are great devices because of the coverage. They have a specific range that they cover, which goes for between 30 and 60 feet. You have an assurance that you can do various activities without worrying about the distance between the speaker and the device that is sending the signals.

Most of these allow you to move along with the phone you are playing music from or the speaker itself. You have a choice about the model that will remain at a constant position and one that you will move around with. The most interesting bit is that the quality also remains stable all through these distances.

How to set up a wireless speaker for best sound

 Numerous areas that you can look at to have the wireless speaker delivering the best sound. Some of the best and proven methods areas we have shown below.

Get the best position in the room

Like the other speakers, you have to ensure that you have placed the speakers in a triangle position. Most people will prefer to use the word equilateral triangle for the placement. If you have two speakers, the sound of the speakers must meet in the middle.

The distance between the music listener and the speakers must be equal to the distance between the speakers. You need to check on the height so that it is equal to the level of the years. Doing so gives the assurity that the sound will get directly to the ears.

Check on room acoustics

Another thing that you will look at is the room acoustics. You have to ensure that you have assessed the room and the furniture that it has. The shape is also a factor that will affect the quality of the sound.

You have to be deliberate about the kind of acoustics and how you want them to affect the sound. You have to be cautious with the speakers and ensure that they are far from the acoustics and the obstacles. These will make the sound quality better.

Optimize the general performance

One of the components that will help you a great deal is the speaker stands. They are good because they make the process of optimization easier and better. You will only use the stands if you have the speakers that have the size for that.

Placing the speakers directly on the floor is not a wise idea. They will end up delivering poorly. You need to be sure about the best height and then go for the height you desire, as you will get the quality you desire from exactly that. The stands are helpful because then they make the resonance best for your work.

Use management apps

Another proven method that will make the functionality of the speakers best is the management apps. These apps are nice because they make the performance greater. You can be sure that if you have a good speaker and a good app, you will balance effectively and have the sound you desire.

Part of controlling is choosing the music that you will conveniently play. We have some music that needs balancing before it gets to your ears. An app takes control of the surrounding environment and the kind of sound you desire for each music. The good thing about such an app is that it also helps you balance the distances, making the functionality stand out throughout the connection.

Every time you want to make some changes, there is always an option to delete the previous settings and then develop a new one. The established settings are as the defaults, and you cannot make complete changes.

Check the amplifier settings

Many speakers have built-in amplifiers that make the functionality slightly different. It means that you have to choose between having the speaker using the amps default settings. The best thing to do is adjust the settings to get the sound balance from the amp.

One thing that you need to be deliberate about is the bass balance. Your speaker must be very good as the bass usually runs the show. You need to be picky about the functionality and then choose the performance depending on the amp’s guides.


Fine-tuning is essential in this case because it makes all the sounds have a proper balance. When the sounds are balanced, the trebles and the bass become excellent. Therefore, any music you play through the speaker maintains the best sound quality.

Fine-tuning is good when you do it before playing your favorite music. It is great because of the quality of the music that it delivers.

Reggae, jazz, and classical music need balancing to specific sounds so that it works as expected. Sound quality works with different kinds of music. Fine-tuning happens best when you use the equalization app or the mobile control.

Play at low volume

High volume creates a lot of exposure to sound distortion. You will need to ensure that you make the music play at very low levels. Even under the low levels, you have to ensure that you have done proper sound balancing.

The best thing about low volumes is that you generate a feeling of the music.

If you have to adjust volume, then it has to go while maintaining sound quality. You also have to ensure that you have checked the music you want to play before increasing the volume.

Adjust the positions

You also need to adjust the positioning of the speaker so that you have a strategic position. If you have to get the best sound, you must try various positions to improve the sound.

Because the speakers are portable, you have to think about how you will choose the positions to get the best sound.

If you have additional speakers, you can consider setting them some distance apart and testing the sound you get. You have to adjust the placement so that you get the sound you desire.

One of the serious things you have to check is producing a balanced sound between all the speakers. Thus one of the ways to set the wireless speaker for quality sound involves adjusting the speaker position vs the location of other speakers.

Observe the distance from the wall

The placement of the speakers from the wall has a nice impact. You need to check that you have picked the most convenient placement that will produce the proper thickness.

You can set the wireless speaker as follows for the best sound quality. If you want to have a thicker bass, you must place the speaker close to the wall.

If you want the trebles to be better than the bass, you have to consider placing the speaker at a point far from the wall. It means that you will keep changing the distance so that you get the sound quality you desire.

Assess the kind of the wall

Another thing that people ignore is the kind of wall. There are different material choices that make walls. Some have concrete, some have wooden, and you can get areas where iron sheets have been used for making walls.

In all these cases, you have to ensure that you have assessed their impact on sound quality. It is not strange to have sound distortion at all volumes when you use the iron sheet walls. Wooden walls are some of the best because they absorb the sound making it thicker.

Concrete walls are some of the best, especially if you have another layer of duster material. They absorb the sound and make it thicker, making it best for your maintaining quality.

If you have to make adjustments for the material that makes up the wall, you have to be intentional with the aesthetics you need to use. It is important to check on the material that will work with the kind of wall so that you have one that will maintain sound quality.

The best place to set the wireless speaker for quality sound is the floor, especially in the middle. Adding some thick material on the floor will make the sound quality remain the best. You have an assurance that the speaker will have the best sound that will fill the room.


Getting the best sound from your wireless speaker is easy. However, you have to look at the sound you desire to have and then go for the necessary settings. We have highlighted the various way to set that you can try to make the sound of your wireless speaker quality and balanced.


How do wireless speakers connect?

Wireless speakers are loudspeakers that communicate with each other using radio frequency waves. One type of wireless transmission, called WiFi IEEE 802.11 (802.11ac, 802.11ax, 802.11n) has been popular for years and it still works well today; others depend on Bluetooth but may not work as well because this technology was made to send data instead of audio only. Wired speakers on the other hand use cables to connect the speakers to the audio device

Do wireless speakers sound as good as Wired?

Wireless speakers technically do not sound as good as wired ones. However, the sound difference may not be noticeable. Wireless speakers use Bluetooth technology to exchange data between the device and its corresponding paired-up audio device over a short distance which can result in lower quality of sound. Sound quality is affected by interference and signal loss between the audio device and the speaker.

Do wireless speakers need power?

Even if a wireless speaker uses batteries to operate, they still require some form of energy. If you don’t provide the necessary current through wirelessly charging them – which can be done in many different ways depending on how they work- then your device will require an external plug-in source for its operation. However, there are some truly wireless designs out there as well!