Internet Service Provider (ISPs) List in the United States

There are very many internet service providers worldwide. The United States is leading in the number of internet service providers (ISPs). Each internet service provider in the United States has its strengths and weakness that make them unique. Some of the things that make the ISPs different are their packages and minimum or maximum speeds.

Cable, dial-up, fiber, satellite, and DSL are some of the methods that the ISPs use to provide internet. Most of them provide reliable and fast internet. However, variations make each ISP distinct and different, such as popularity, determining how trustworthy the service is.

Today we will focus on the best internet service provider in the United States and the quality of service each ISP provides. We evaluated the different internet service providers in the United States based on coverage, type of connection, internet packages, reliability, customer care, and other additional benefits for your connection.

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Internet service providers in the United States Comparison Table

Internet Service ProviderUpload speedsDownload speedsConnection typeBundlesWhy it stands out
Xfinity Comcast  16-800 Mbps15-2000 MbpsCable internetInternet, T.V, and LandlinesLargest coverage,
High speedsCustomer service
AT&T0.8-940 Mbps100-1000 MbpsDSL, Fiber, and fixed wirelessT.V, DirectTV, wireless internetIt offers many types of connection,
Has gig plan,
Affordable plans
Charter spectrum  10-35 Mbps100-940 MbpsHybrid FiberInternet, T.V, and PhoneHigh speeds,
Many customers,
Stable connections
Verizon FiOS100-880Mbps200-940 MbpsFiberInternet, T.V, and PhoneHigh speeds,
Quality connection,
Great prices,
Separate contracts
CenturyLink15-100 Mbps15-1000 MbpsADSL and FiberInternet, T.V, and PhoneAffordable bundles,
High speeds,
Wider coverage,
1 T.B. data cap
Frontier6-50 Mbps45 Mbps-1000 MbpsDSL, FiberInternet, T.V, and PhoneNo data caps,
High speeds,
Wider coverage,
Largest T.V. carrier
Optimum0.5-30 Mbps200-400 MbpsCableInternet, T.V, and PhoneNo contracts,
No data caps,
Discounted plans,
Great customer service
HughesNet25 Mbps25 MbpsSatelliteInternetMaintained speeds,
No price hiking,
Many customers,
Rural coverage

Comcast Xfinity

The best modem router combo for Comcast Xfinity (the best internet service provider in the United States) cable internet

Comcast is the largest internet service provider in the united states.  It is also the most used and the most comprehensive service provider. More than 17 million customers have subscribed to the services it offers because of its fantastic speed. An estimated population of 112.4 million people has access to the internet service, which gives the reason why it is the largest in the U.S

Comcast is the origin of Xfinity; hence, the brand serves more than 41 states in the united states. California and Florida enjoy the most comprehensive coverage. It is still expanding to cover more countries and continents. The customers subscribe for both cable broadband and fiber internet, making it a more reliable internet service provider in the United States.

More than 19,000 people make use of fiber services. It also provides a high-quality Wi-Fi connection that makes it stand out in terms of the services it provides.

Xfinity and Comcast tend to confuse many people. Xfinity is a brand from Comcast but has a more specific focus than Comcast. While Comcast works towards having various products that favor individuals and businesses, Xfinity focuses on residential services. Internet services that Comcast offered got rebranded to Xfinity in the year 2010.

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Xfinity Comcast services

There are many services that Xfinity Comcast offers concerning internet provision. Some of the main services that you can get are as follows.

Phone services- Users who operate within the area that Xfinity Comcast covers have a chance to enjoy the VoIP service. Landline phone users have an opportunity to use the digital service for their day-to-day communication.

Television service- If you want smart T.V. services, there is a platform from the Xfinity 1. Xfinity has a reliable and powerful digital cable that maintains high-quality television.

Internet service- Internet service is one thing that becomes the pleasing part to many people. The speeds range between 100 and 1000 Mbps. Under the service, both wired and wireless devices have an opportunity to enjoy the service as it has a reliable outcome.

Moreover, there are services that Xfinity keeps on improving in with regards to current technology and up datedness of features. Such improvements include the service of alarm systems, security cameras, and controls via mobile devices.  It is also collaborating with other services such as voice, remote, and T.V. offerings.

Entertainment and gaming end up becoming reliable tasks. Netflix streaming, library content, and online players are some of the things you will have remarkable moments with. It provides support to your integrated programs that promote learning and various activities.

Bundle options

Xfinity has various bundle plans depending on the region that it is operating from. The plans start from $29.99 on the lower end and improve depending on the service and its quality. T.V. bundles also start from $39.99 per month and have a free installation.

For advanced security, you will secure a bundle of $24.99 that runs for two years. Talk Talk enjoys a whole month’s coverage with only $45.

Below are the bundle plans

The bundle plans cover specific periods. Some cover 6 months, 10 months, and even one year. Some such as the security plan covers 2 years. The five basic plans are as follows

  • The performance covers 15 Mbps, 100Mbps, and 200Mbps.
  • The blast, which is 300Mbps
  • Extreme which maintains at 600Mbps
  • Gigabit with 1000Mbps and 2000Mbps
  • Internet essentials have 15Mbps

Xfinity uses the cables to transmit the connection, which allows working with the coaxial networks.  Using the cables, you will receive digital data that get facilitation from the DOCSIS technology. Comcast fiber lines all through the USA make the transmission and transportation of the network simple and convenient.

Xfinity uses coaxial cables to transmit the network. It is the reason why you will enjoy the high upload and download speeds.

Xfinity internet speeds and charges

The speeds of the network range between 15Mbps and 2Gbps when operating under the monthly plans. For uploads, it offers 16Mbps and 800Mbps for downloads. On the higher end, the download speeds can be 1.25Gbps, and the upload speeds 1.25Gbps too. However, the speeds keep fluctuating depending on the region and times.

Each package has its upload and download speeds.

  • Performance starter has download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and a data cap of 1 T.B. and costs $49.95
  • Performance pro boasts of 200 Mbps download speeds and a data cap of 1 T.B. with a cost of $89.95
  • Blast serves with download speeds of 300 Mbps and a data cap of 1 T.B. and costs $94.95
  • Extreme pro offers 600 Mbps download speeds and 1 T.B. data cap with a cost of $99.95
  • Gigabit internet has up to 1000 Mbps download speeds and no data cap and costs $104.95
  • Internet essentials have 15 Mbps and offer 1 T.B. has no contact and costs $9.95

Xfinity Reputation

The reputation of Xfinity is great as it offers high-speed packages at pocket-friendly price bundling options. Coverage, consistency, and customer care make it the best option ever.

We appreciate the fact that this internet service provider in the United States ranks among the most reliable ISPs. It provides roughly the same internet speed as advertised, unlike others.

We also explored whether Xfinity is good for gaming and was impressed by how most of the plans can support live gaming. To get the best service, you need to get an Xfinity compatible high-speed internet router for excellent range, connection to multiple devices, and reliability in addition to the modem.


  • Better speeds
  • Good customer service
  • Quality connection
  • Wider coverage


  • Limited plans


AT&T started as a telephone company and has served for a very long time. It is known for using telephone wires to deliver internet connection across the Unites States. The company boasts of business worldwide and across the U.S. and has been existing since 1877. In operations since 1877 and 1892, it encountered limits because of becoming a monopoly and opted to split out and change its name to at&t.

Under the division, there existed the southwestern bell telephone company and the BellSouth. However, the former retained the rights of the parent company and took the name at&t, which later in 2006 assimilated the BellSouth. Alexander Graham Bell was the initial setter of the companies in 1877.

For a long time, the company has been the best company in line with communications and later the largest in entertainment after acquiring Warner Media. It retains the second position and boasts of cell phone infrastructure and wireless networks, covering the many states of the U.S.

Each state has access to wireless connections, and the wired network covers more than 21 states, with Florida and Texas being the largest occupants. Part of the packages it occupies is the satellite T.V.s, DirectTV, and a combination of landline and cell phone services.

The quality of the connection is reliable and capable of making you enjoy the best moments. Having heavy investments in the DSL and satellite makes it possible for many people to enjoy the connection. The types of connections by at&t involve a lot of productivity.

There is a lot of expertise that the at&t uses to provide its network service. It does not make much deal with satellite but the wired telephone networks. Under wireless connections, you will enjoy the various data plans making it the largest broadband provider in the U.S.

The installation of fiber optic cables in various parts of the country is something the company has invested heavily in. It is the major reason why the company is the second in fiber optic connections after Verizon. Areas that have no access to wired connections have a chance of using wireless connections to transmit waves. Its radio signal is robust and covers an extensive area.

In terms of coverage, both DSL, Fiber, and wireless services cover many states. The population that it serves includes 15.7million under the broadband connection and 3.1 million under the fiber-optic. Its plans maintain the 1 T.B. data cap.

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AT&T Plans

All the plans under the basic and standard packages enjoy speeds of 100Mbps and share the same price. You will notice that each plan comes with a price and specific speeds that the bundle will serve. Below are the specific plans.

  • Internet 768k-100M starts at $45 per month, offers speeds of up to 100Mbps, and serves between 1-12 devices.  The speeds keep varying, and when the devices are fewer, the connection performs better.
  • Fiber internet 300 starts at $35 per month and offers fiber speeds of 300 Mbps with devices not more than 12. It is ideal for gaming and streaming as it uploads 4 minutes in 2 seconds.
  • Fiber internet 500 starts at $45 per month with an accommodation of 13 devices and fiber speeds of up to 500Mbps. For competitive gaming, streaming, and service to large houses, it makes an ideal choice. It downloads 1 G.B. for less than 30 seconds.
  • Fiber internet 100 starts at $60 per month and serves 14 devices with an unlimited data allowance. A 90-minute movie will comfortably download for 32 seconds. The super-fast speeds make it ideal for streaming and gaming.

At&t speeds

At&t is a service that boasts of high speeds, which also vary depending on the location. The incredible thing is that the speeds get maintained at the same level.

Under the fixed wireless plan, you will enjoy download speeds of 10 Mbps and upload speeds of 1 Mbps. The 1 T.B. data cap gets maintained all through the packages.

At&t is a good option because it maintains the speeds for basic, standard, and fiber plans with speeds of 100 Mbps. You will not get all the plans in the various areas because of the coverage factor.

The major method of internet supply is through the use of telephone cables. Even though it owns satellite and Tv services, its expertise for service provision through satellites is underutilized. You will therefore get internet supply and telephone service under the same cables.

AT&T is the largest broadband network supplier in the United States and boasts of being the most prominent DSL provider following closely after EarthLink. It is a company that has done a very heavy investment in the laying of cables. Many parts of the country have cable connections. The fixed wireless service helps in reaching the remote areas.

At&t prices

Xfinity will offer friendly charges. For 25 Mbps, you will pay a total of $19.99 per month. The 100 Mbps plan will also charge you $34.99 per month. Under the 1000 Mbps plan, you will pay $84.99 per month. It is, therefore, an affordable option that many customers will admire.

Reputation of AT&T

The company’s reputation is great except for the data caps and the speeds that fluctuate; hence, there is no guarantee. The company’s customer satisfaction is excellent and has a satisfaction rate of 69% in the satisfaction index.

Their AT&T U-Verse and AT&T fiber offer some of the best internet plans. However, to get the advertised internet speeds, you need the best AT&T fiber router or AT&T U-Verse modem and router. We truly feel that AT&T is the best internet service provider in the United States or at least one of the best.


  • Reliable speeds
  • Good customer service
  • Extended coverage
  • Reliable plans


  • Low DSL speeds

Charter Spectrum

If you are looking for the best internet service provider in the United States, you have a good reason to make a try with Charter Spectrum. The brand stands out because of the speeds and survival without data caps. Modem speeds starting from 100Mbps and budget considerations for all users make it adaptable to many people.

Fast speeds make it an effective service provider, although it is not flexible. The company is found in Stamford and boasts of being on the top list of cable T.V. providers. You will enjoy not only the internet connection but also the telephone services. Services of the company use the charter brand for business activities and spectrum for internet services.

The type of network used by spectrum utilizes the coaxial cable hence the name hybrid fiber-coaxial of HCF system. You will notice that the coaxial cables connect each home to the local cable junction that connects to the fiber cables. Pulsing light beams help in sending the signal via fiber optics.

Using Fiber for connection is an excellent thing because the speeds and reliability of the network keep improving day by day. Under a single bundle, you will have a chance to enjoy an internet connection, phone, and the T.V. service. The top cable provider is Comcast Xfinity; the charter spectrum is the second.

Charter Spectrum has acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, making the connection fast and convenient. However, merging the three companies to make one has a challenge because the quality of customer care no longer exists.

The average score for an ISP in the industry should not go below 62%, but in 2019, the spectrum has 59%. In terms of speed, the real-life testing of the ISP proves to be better even than what the marketing departments gauge it to be. Both download and upload speeds maintain at the maximum hence making the performance more outstanding and reliable.

In its operations, Charter Spectrum serves several public places. The presence of hotspots makes the connection reliable and enjoyable to many users. Many people have a chance to connect their devices to the several hotspot pints available for free. One quality of spectrum is that it gives a free modem and does not have data caps.

Charter spectrum plans

You do not need any complicated explanation to understand the plans Spectrum offers. They are straightforward, as shown below.

  • Internet plan offers download speeds of 200Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps. The modem it offers is free and has a Wi-Fi router on top, connecting to devices straightaway.
  • The internet Ultra is another package that offers download speeds of 400 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps. You will also get a modem and an extra Wi-Fi router.
  • Internet Gig is a plan that offers 940 Mbps for download speeds and 35 Mbps for upload speeds. The plan allows the user to enjoy excellent security features as it has a free antivirus.
  • Finally, we have the spectrum Internet Assist that offers download speeds of 30 Mbps and no upload speeds. The package is ideal for any low-income household that wants to have a proper internet connection.
  • The landline package comes along with the T.V. bundle.

Spectrum speeds

The speeds of the spectrum are adequate for downloading content, gaming, and streaming. Chances of experiencing lags get limited to a great degree. Its lowest plan has a speed of 200Mbps, and the highest speed is 940 Mbps.

There is a fluctuation and variance in the speeds depending on the zip code. Amazingly, some speeds from the internet service provider favor the low internet consumers in the United States.

Spectrum prices

Spectrum is also one of the most affordable ISPs. Below are the bundle speeds.

  • The internet bundle costs $44.99 for the 12 months introductory and costs $64.99 each month.
  • Internet Ultra is a bundle that costs $64.99 for the introductory period of 12 months and then costs $84.99 per month.
  • Internet Gig costs $104.99 for the first 12 months and then gets to $124.99 per month for the remaining time.
  • Finally, we have the spectrum internet assist that costs $14.99, and it charges the same price every month. 

All these plans come with a free modem, and if you have to get a router from the spectrum, you will pay an extra charge of $5 every month.

There are several services you will enjoy from the charter spectrum. It offers an internet connection and a voice bundle. Your telephone will therefore have space to operate within the connection.

When choosing the internet plans, you will have an easy time because of the clarity of the bundles. Contradicting issues such as the contract periods and time wastage in decision-making gets limited to a great degree.

When communicating, you may have to visit the spectrum store to meet a face-to-face customer agent. There is usually a huge challenge when trying to get the customer care agents over the phone. It is also good to check on the service you want to subscribe to because there is a danger of overprovision.

You may pay more for a service that you could enjoy with a lower bundle. When you have an affordable, the bandwidth you need will make everything more straightforward for you. 

The reputation of Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is famous because of its high speeds. It has many subscribers who come intending to have fun with the speeds and low-cost bundles. Its clarity and high-quality services make it an adaptable network for many users.

The bad part of the ISP is that it has very poor customer service. If you try to reach the customer’s desk via the phone, you will not have an easy time. However, if you have urgent needs, you will have to seek help from the dealers of spectrum products.

However, if you get a good Spectrum modem router or Spectrum router, you will have a reliable service. This will eliminate the need to keep on calling the customer service desks.


  • Unlimited data caps
  • No contracts
  • Pocket friendly
  • Stable connection


  • Price hiking

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is a service that most people enjoy because of the high-quality connection. It has served several homes using the fiber internet. The most vital point of the ISP is that it has maintained 3 plans.

The speeds of the plans are 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 940 Mbps. Its major challenge comes with the availability of the service. However, the speeds, customer service, pricing of plans, and reliable service stand out among the best service providers.

The Verizon FiOS offers a lot of bundles that make connections more reliable. If you have proper access to the internet, then you will be having the funniest moments. What makes many people go for it is that it offers both telephone, entertainment, and internet bundles.

The company initially started in New York and then later moved to Texas in 2005. It utilizes the fiber optic cable to make the connection available to specific areas. It has a limited geographical coverage that covers only 10 states.

However, the internet service provider still makes the most utilized and most considerable fiber internet in the United States. Its major service lies mostly in England and then stretches to the south of Virginia. Many states that exist within the stretch enjoy the connection.

The use of fiber optics started with a pioneer. It began its trials in 1995 at Bell Atlantic. However, the original place that started the enjoyment moments with Verizon FiOS is Texas. Focusing on the densely populated coasts is what makes the service enjoy a widespread connection. As 2016 was ending, Verizon FiOS was serving more than 5.49 million customers.

From that time, there has been a lot of transformation regarding the service that the company offers. It has also lowered the number of options from 7 to three plans. These have been instrumental in making service delivery more reliable.

One thing you don’t know is that Verizon is a company that came along as a merger between Bell Atlantic and NYNEX. The outcome of the merger is that the two companies have equal shares hence making the process of upscaling the business less expensive. The choice of the use of fiber optics is also good as it promotes the quick transfer of data.

The advantage of using fiber optics is that they deliver a reliable and high-speed connection. The use of digital strands that have the thickness of human hair tends to make data transmission quick and straightforward to manage. Another property of the ISP is that it uses a slightly expensive optic cable which tends to make it slightly faster than the service providers who use wires.

Customer satisfaction is one thing that Verizon FiOS boasts of. According to the years 2019 and 2018, it has maintained at 70% for the ACSI report. This report means that the company was leading from the front. Under real-time testing, the ISP speeds are higher than those that it uses for marketing purposes.

During the testing, upload speeds and download speeds were under testing when the consumption was at its peak. The exciting bit is that they maintain to the maximum.

Verizon FiOS plans

There are three packages that Verizon FiOS offers, and the minimum speeds retain at 100 Mbps. Below is a comprehensive explanation of the speeds.

  • Better browsing offers download speeds of 100 Mbps while the upload speeds stand at 100 Mbps. If you use the visa card from Verizon, you will enjoy a signing bonus of $50.
  • Better streaming is another service that offers 300 Mbps for both upload and download speeds. Therefore, you can be sure that the chances of experiencing lags and latency will reduce to a great degree. Using a visa card will award you a $100 signing bonus.
  • Better everything is another package that offers 940 Mbps for downloads and 880 Mbps for uploads.  The Verizon card, in this case, awards you $250

The amazing thing with Verizon FiOS plans is that none has data caps. You will have a chance to enjoy the moments because the process of use and payments is straightforward and will make the moments lovely and remarkable.

Moreover, there is a combination of internet and T.V. package that makes you enjoy the landline services. An option to use YouTube tv gives you a chance to enjoy a free subscription for the first month hence making the processes more reliable.

Pricing of Verizon FiOS services

One thing that Verizon FiOS boasts of is having reliable and affordable prices for its services. Each package comes with a price tag that makes it effective and pocket-friendly.

Prices increase at the end of the guarantee period. For instance, a better browsing package improves from $39.99 to 54.99. Its setup fees that are always maintained at $99 make the user enjoy a waiver when ordering for the service online. Choice of using your own devices such as routers lowers the cost of the whole service.

The packages and their costs are as follows.

  • Better browsing is a service that costs the user an introductory fee of $39.99 and guarantees to serve for a whole year before the increment. It charges a setup cost of $99 and an equipment service fee of $12 per month.
  • Better streaming is another service that charges $59.99 and runs for two years. The setup cost is $99 and charges an equipment fee of $12 per month. The price guarantee period runs for 2 years.
  • We finally have the better streaming costs of $79.99 and run for 3 years.  It has a setup cost of $99 and charges no equipment fees.

The charge that costs $99 is one that you can conveniently and effortlessly avoid. Buying a router or modem that is compatible with the service will make everything simple and cost-effective.

Verizon FiOS speeds

The speeds of the ISP are high and get maintained all through. There is one amazing thing that comes when you measure the speeds against the stipulated ones. Real-life testing shows that the speeds are higher than those indicated in the marketing information.

The download and upload speeds are the same in each package except for the better everything. It has upload speeds of 880 Mbps and download speeds of 940 Mbps.

To enjoy these remarkable internet speeds, you need to ensure you have the best Verizon FiOS router. These routers will give the best service to all the FiOS packages described here.

The reputation of Verizon FiOS

Most people want to consider when assessing the reputation of an ISP is customer service. The ISP has outstanding customer service with a very high rank. The transactions have an online management system that makes accessibility via email or calls faster.

Having an investment in fiber optics makes the service quite reliable as speeds and service quality maintains at the peak. Choosing the bundle to use is also a simple and very effective task.

Having T.V. and phone services the improvement in service delivery more convenient. Once the ISP makes it work on the range, the performance will improve at a reasonable rate.


  • No contracts
  • Reliable customer service
  • Good service
  • Friendly prices


  • Limited coverage


CenturyLink is known for affordable bundles and the high speeds with bundles that start as low as 100 Mbps. It has a reliable service that is strongly dependent on the location. In some locations, the connection becomes slow, and the speeds quite unreliable.

Another challenge that you are likely to experience is that the speeds are good, but the customer service becomes very poor. The company is based in Monroe and boasts of being one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the united states. Under the same business company, you will have an opportunity to enjoy telephone and reliable internet services.

Apart from the internet service, you will have a chance to enjoy using the security systems and cloud storage. Since its foundation in 1930, it has been operational for several continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. The most extensive customer base is in America.

There are several takeovers, and mergers t have come along during the operations of the company. In 2010, a merger with Qwest held almost half of the company but chose to use CenturyLink as the brand name.

CenturyLink is the third-largest internet service provider that offers telephone services in the United States. Most people prefer the type of connection as Broadband. The company serves many businesses and households in more than 39 states. Since 2014 the company began laying the fiber cables, and so far, there is coverage in more than 17 states. Once the project is complete, more people will have access to high-speed internet.

The company does not have a fixed wireless service at the moment but has plans to make 28 towers which play a massive role in boosting the connection and maintaining high speeds. There is more investment in fiber optics because many people adopt it because of the high speeds.

Servicing institutions and businesses such as data centers become convenient when the service has proper installation. The unique thing with the ISP is that you will not experience the challenge where the prices start increasing after you start using the service.

You will not enjoy first-year discounts as the service itself offers a price of life. New members may experience some increment in the cost of the service.

CenturyLink plans

The internet service provider has changed in terms of the plans depending on the county or region it is serving in the United States. In each region, you will have a chance to enjoy two plans. Each subscription comes without a paper billing. Other plans come with the DirecTV and 200 Mbps bundles.

If you shift from one place to another, you will experience some changes with the bundle you want to enjoy.

Pricing overview

The company offers an equal price for all DSL internet plans. However, if you will use the fiber-gigabit offer, you will experience a change in the prices. Under the two speeds plans, you will have a compulsory installation by a technician with a one-time price of $99 and $125 for the assisted installation.

You may incur a cost of $50 for the shipping and handling processes. Self-installation is also cheaper compared to the other methods. Customers who order the services online have a chance to enjoy the delivery without paying the shipping fees.

Moreover, there is a charge for CenturyLink DSL modem and router if you choose to have those that CenturyLink provides. If you choose your model, the cost of the service lowers. The amazing thing is that you can also choose to buy a modem from CenturyLink at the cost of $150.

CenturyLink speeds

The ISP also boasts of very high speeds. If you choose the first package, you will enjoy the connection to devices between 6-8. You will contact the service provider to ensure that you have the installation process and continue enjoying the service.

The other service requires you to subscribe to the gigabit speeds and enjoy the fast connection to more than 9 devices. The wired connection will ensure that you enjoy speeds of 940 Mbps. Both download and upload speeds remain the same and are retained at very high speeds.

Reputation of CenturyLink

CenturyLink, as an ISP, has a good reputation because it has only two plans. On the website of the ISP, you will find the section that deals with customer services. The same section allows the customer to get the bill and pay it. You will also get redirected to a guide that will help you solve various issues like troubleshooting.

If you need to speak to the customer care agents, there is an option that allows you to use the phone or the chat section on the website. The surest way to get to the customer service desk is by the use of email.

There is hope that the service will keep improving. However, the speeds and the signal in the areas it covers retain to the maximum. Currently, there is work ongoing on the infrastructure that will boost all the services the ISP renders. It has a priority with expanding the fiber service. The hope is that there will be a dramatic improvement.


  • Consistency in pricing
  • Good internet speeds
  • No contracts


  • Poor customer service

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If you are looking for speed and robust internet, Optimum is one internet service provider you need to look at in the United States. The company is owned by Altice Telecommunication and delivers ideal plans that start from 200 Mbps to 400Mbps, and all come at very affordable rates. Of late, there has been a rise in the cost that the service goes for.

There are states like New Jersey and New York that enjoy the connection. The main disadvantage of optimum is that there is a possibility that there may be changes in the service and quality.

However, considering that there are no contracts and data caps, the quality of the service is good. It is also faster than DSL hence making internet productivity stand out.

Being a cable service provider that also operates as a T.V. provider. What people love this company for is that it has exploited the new markets. It covers a very small area that comprises 4 states. Pennsylvania, new jersey, New York, and Connecticut are the areas that have the network and are also densely populated.

In terms of population coverage, optimum scoops position four with a coverage of 12.4 million people. Cablevision is the company that is responsible for the optimum brand.

Since 2016 under the Dutch telecoms Conglomerate, the company has experienced growth, penetrating the markets up to the united states. In 2015 it bought Suddenlink, which promoted its presence in the American market. 

These two companies have a considerable market share both in customers and investment. Suddenlink has an extensive service but few customers. On the other hand, optimum boasts of many customers but the service is limited. The merger is significant because it brought together the weaknesses that later helped achieve the company’s strengths.

The service stands out because of the employment of the HCF system. It is essential because it uses the cables which run from every single home from a joint. The joint connects to the mainline, which joins it to the main source. As an outcome, the service maintains swiftness and high speeds as a pulse gets channeled through the glass strand.

Fiber optic cables are costly hence bringing about the need to have lower capacity cables connecting to the specific households that need the connection. Comparing the HFC to the DSL, you will notice that HCF is faster and more stable. Around the area of operations, there are public Wi-Fi hotspots that users can enjoy for free. 

The real-life tests that optimum offers show that the speeds get perfectly maintained when working under pressure. What generally happens is that the marketing speeds are lower than the actual speeds that the ISP can deliver. In comparison with the average speeds, the ISP proves to be a better performer.

Customer service of the ISP is excellent as it had scores of 63% in 2019 and 64% in 2018. Customers’ opinions make the ISP have a third position in delivering the best services. Low-income households also have an opportunity to enjoy the service as there is a plan that favors them.

Optimum plans

Optimum has 4 internet plans that have adequate speeds. Below is a highlight of the same.

  • Optimum 200 is a service that has download speeds of 200 Mbps
  • Optimum 300 delivers speeds of 300 Mbps for downloads
  • Optimum400 also delivers high speeds of 400 Mbps for the downloads
  • Finally, Altice Advantage Internet has download speeds of 30 Mbps. Under these speeds, you will have an opportunity to use the service in your small household.

You will notice that the plans have several details absent. It is because the ISP does not have data caps on the services it offers. There are limited contracts that the customers sign before enjoying the service.

Contacts have no clear indication of the minimum service periods and no termination fees when you leave the ISP. On the contacts, Optimum promises will be no changes after you sign up for the service. New users enjoy the $100 compensation bonus when joining the service, which is the reason behind having the quality of the service.

Pricing of Optimum plans

There are various charges that optimum has for delivering its services. Below is a blueprint of what you expect.

  • Optimum 200 charges $44.99 per month and offers monthly charges of $3.50 and $10 for rented equipment.
  • The Optimum 300 has $54.99 with an additional monthly charge of $3.50 and $10 for the equipment.
  • Optimum 400 charges $64.99 and additional charges of $3.50 per month and $10 for the equipment that it supplies.
  • Altice Advantage Internet, on the other hand, charges $14.99 and an additional monthly charge of $3.50

Low-income households enjoy the discount without limits for use and free hotspots that serve for a whole month.  There is a criterion that households in this program must meet, which is as follows.

Participants of the National School Lunch Program, New York school attendants living within New York, older adults above 65 years with SSI, and the Veterans of state assistance.

The extra monthly charge of $3.50 is mandatory as it works towards the network enhancement. Apart from that, you will enjoy the telephone and Tv bundles

Speeds of Optimum

Optimum has high speeds that maintain for both download and upload tasks. There is no latency because of the quality of the cables it uses. Each plan comes under the name of the speeds it offers. For instance, Optimum 100 offers high speeds of 100 Mbps.

The lowest upload and download speeds are 30 Mbps and 400 Mbps, respectively. To enjoy these Optimum speeds, you need to ensure that you buy the best router for Optimum internet.

Reputation of Optimum

Optimum boasts of a good reputation because of the speeds and flexibility in pricing of the services. The ISP has excellent satisfaction when it comes to scores concerning customer service. Charges are clear, and nothing about the cost is unclear in the service.

Each bundle comes with a price tag that is favorable and has people who will conveniently meet it. You will also not experience a challenge where the ISP starts adding some charges that make the service unaffordable.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Reliable customer service
  • Flexibility of pricing


  • Hiking of prices

Frontier internet service

Most people will love a good thing that comes at friendly prices. Frontier is such as service that stands out but delivers cheap internet plans. However, the plan is limited hence making it slightly challenging as it will deliver an unreliable service.

Frontier communication brags that it stands out and is the fourth largest internet service provider that uses Fiber and the fifth in the United States market. It covers more than 29 states and delivers a remarkable and high-speed service. Apart from the provision of internet, it also provides telephone service. Overall, it is the 8th largest provider in the U.S. and the 11th Tv carrier.

The life of the company began in 1935 as a Citizens Utility company in Minneapolis. It has grown steadily through the acquisition of other companies. Initially, the company offered many services such as gas, water, and many others that were sold to concentrate on telecommunications services.

There was a change of name to citizen’s communications in 2000 and later acquisition of Frontier Communications in 2001. Later in 2008, there was a change to Frontier Communications, which has been in the market to date.

There have also been acquisitions from the Verizon company. For instance, the lines of Verizon calls brought about Frontier FiOS. It is a naming convention that has been instrumental in the spread of the fiber networks in the states of Washington, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Indiana, and California.

The strength of the internet service provider rose because of focusing on the areas that the other brands skip in the United States. People criticize it because it lowers the quality of the service so that it reaches remote areas without having to spend much. Surprisingly, there are parts that the ISP covers that have the highest speeds as 6 Mbps.

Customer satisfaction by frontier is challenging because the speeds are low and the reliability is not much. In 2018 the ISP had a rating of 55%, which then lowered to 54% and again 53% making it the second bottom.

People living in the urban areas enjoy the service as it delivers the best quality. However, those operating in rural areas are happy that they have a solution to the network, but the reliability is less as the quality is limited. If you assess the area that you want to use the connection, then pick the service.     

Frontier plans        

Frontier boasts of three main groups of service plans. Each section has the plans and the data it offers.

  • Frontier Internet is a plan that offers data that amounts to 6 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and 45 Mbps
  • Vantage internet boasts of 6 Mbps, 25 Mbps,115 Mbps
  • Frontier FiOS has 50 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps

In terms of download speeds per the plan, you will have the following.

  • Frontier Internet has 0.5-0.6 Mbps with no data caps, and the minimum term
  • Frontier preferred internet also has 6.1-25 Mbps
  • The Frontier premium internet, on the other hand, has 25.1 Mbps-115 Mbps
  • FiOS 50/50 offers 50 Mbps
  • The FiOS 500/500 offers 500 Mbps
  • FiOS gig service offers 940 Mbps

Pricing of frontier

The range of plans also has a variation of the prices. Below is a highlight of how each data package charges.

  • Frontier internet charges $27.99 as a standard price and $74 for the setup cost.
  • The Frontier preferred charges $34.99
  • Frontier premium charges $44.99
  • FiOS 50/50 charges $29.99
  • The FiOS 500/500 charges $39.99
  • FiOS Gig service charges $74.99

All the packages charge an installation fee of $75, which can also have waive if you purchase the internet as part of the bundle.  There is also a termination fee of $9.99, which applies to all packages.

If you have to use the equipment from the ISP, you will incur equipment fees of $10 in all the packages. However, instead of renting the router, there is an option that allows you to buy it at the cost of $200

All the plans have 12 months to serve you, which may then change after one year. Discounts are available for specific households that enjoy specific state privileges. Such conditions vary from one state to another, and the amount you will enjoy is $9.25.

Frontier speeds

The speeds of the ISP have a variation depending on the location. Rural areas experience a challenge with speeds, and the lowest they can experience is 0.5 Mbps for uploads and around 6 Mbps for downloads.

The internet seems to perform better in urban areas, and the speeds increase depending on the package that serves you. The highest download and upload speeds stand at 940 Mbps which is a gig service.

For FiOS, you need an excellent Frontier FiOS router to enjoy the service. These routers offer gigabit internet speeds for your home while also assuring reliability.

Reputation of frontier

The frontier reputation has lots of challenges as other ISPs complain about how it conducts its business. It provides low-quality internet in areas that the other ISPs have not managed, which they term as taking advantage of.

The customer service of the ISP is reliable as you have an opportunity to contact them through the free phone number or via email. The response is outstanding. Alternatively, you can use the help center with a section on the website that allows for chats.

When looking for technicians to fix a challenge, they are many and available all through the cities. A store has the potential to solve your challenge quickly. There are many plans that you can choose depending on your location and your intention for the benefit of satisfaction.


  • Stable speeds in urban areas
  • Reliable customer service
  • Pocket friendliness
  • Covers untapped areas


  • Poor performance in specific rural


Here comes a satellite internet service provider that offers 25 Mbps speeds for each plan it offers in the United States. Under such an option, you can choose any amount of data such as 10Gb. and even 50Gb per month and enjoy them at a speed of 25 Mbps. What makes the internet best for browsing is that when it reaches the extent of getting finished, the speeds lower o between 1 and 3 Mbps.

Using an app, you will manage the various activities. The outcome is that the service can reach more than 308.7 million people and more than 50 states. Since 1996 the service has been available for many people despite their location. However, it has 1 million subscribers.

Service delivery is through the satellite and makes one of the broadband providers available in the states. Among all the providers in the states, it has the smallest number of user communities but is ideal for solving the basic internet challenges.

Competition is something that the ISP experiences less because ViaSat is the only competitor. ViaSat has better speeds, but the coverage is not as extensive as the HughesNet. One thing that makes people go for this service is that it does not have any complicated installations.

The challenging bit of the service is that it does not reach all places. It uses two satellites which sometimes end up getting blocked by obstacles such as mountains and hills. Jupiter 1 and Jupiter 2 are the satellites that the ISP uses, and all use a Ka-band transmission system. Ka-band operates in frequencies between 26.5-40Ghz

Internet connection is relayed from the ISP to the satellite and then bounces back to the earth’s surface, ready for consumption. The movement of the waves travels a distance of 44,600 miles from the ISP to the consumer. HughesNet uses an excellent marketing technique to talk of the minimum speeds making the consumers enjoy more than what they state as speeds.

During the regular operation hours, the speeds go to as much as 261%, and when at the peak, they get to 186%. What makes the connection experience a challenge is the speeds that the signals must move before getting to the consumer.

Challenges also occur if you have live applications as you may experience data loss, distortion, pauses, and many other defects which tend to lower the quality of enjoyment. However, the speeds are adequate to manage and recover the lost data packets.

HughesNet Plans

There are 4 basic plans that the ISP works with. One significant difference comes along with the data caps placed.

Some plans have 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, and 50 GB. All the plans will enjoy speeds of 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. The data cap matches the plans meaning that the 10 GB plan has a data cap of 10 GB, 50 GB will also have a data cap of 50 GB.

An offpeak data bonus offers 50 GB that helps you enjoy content streaming per month and operates between 2 am and 8 am every day. To manage the consumption, the data consumption speeds reduce, and the resolution helps make the connection more reliable. Immediately you achieve the data cap, the speeds lower, but the service retains.

HughesNet pricing

The plans that the ISP offers have a contract that runs for a minimum of two years.  If you have to break the contract, then a termination fee of $400 incurs. However, the fee continues to reduce with each passing month. The latest charges per plan are as follows.

  • 10 GB plan charges introductory fees of $39.99 and a standard price of $59.99 per month.
  • 20 GB plan charges an introductory fees of $49.99 and standard fees of $69.99 per month
  • 30 GB plan charges $79.99 introductory fees and $99.99 standard price per month.
  • 50 GB plan will charge $129.99 for the introductory fees and $149.99 for the standard monthly prices.

Under all the plans, there are installation fees of $99 and equipment fees of $14.99 per month. The company waves the setup fees to offer discounts that do not apply in all areas. Introductory fees are the ones that you pay and serve you for 6 months. Under the first 6months, you will also enjoy a reduction of fees to $5 per month. Customers who want to buy the equipment will pay a purchase price of $449.98 in some areas, while others will charge $349.98.

Speeds of HughesNet

The speeds maintain at 25 Mbps for the downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads which remains the same for all packages. If you have a large data cap, the moments become more enjoyable as you will have a chance to stream content and even play games.

You may have to work during the off-peak hours so that you enjoy the high speeds. You can pick an excellent router for satellite internet to enjoy your internet no matter the location.

Reputation of HughesNet

You can reach the customer support teams through phone, live chat, email because there is adequate protection on the sites. Some people choose to make use of social media platforms for customer services that work efficiently.

The internet service provider has a great reputation because it offers services that are affordable and in many United States rural areas. The customer’s work is to confirm whether the service is available in their residence and then continue enjoying the service.


  • Continuous supply of connection even when data cap is exhausted
  • Maintained speeds of 25 Mbps
  • Good customer service
  • No price hiking


  • Low data caps

How to choose the best internet service provider in the United States?

Many people focus on several factors before deciding to enjoy services from a specific ISP. The major things that you can always look at to make a sober and reliable decision are as follows.


It is almost useless to have an ISP that will not deliver the speeds you want. Each provider has its speeds that they work with. Speeds are a great determinant of the performance of any model.

Experiences of bad connection when doing your online activities. To assess the speeds in real-time against the speeds that the ISP uses for marketing is an effective method of getting the best supplier.


The reliability of the ISP has all to do with reputation. A good provider should be available to deliver anytime you need the service. Moments that have challenges that need customer support should have the most accessible times.

The performance of the connection should maintain proper standards and quality. All the activities that you want the connection to serve should take place effortlessly. Changes implemented by the ISP should not be a surprise.


The cost of the plans should offer great reliability. You should not at any time strain to pay for a service that does not have the quality you want. Additional charges should be apparent to have adequate time to prepare for any challenge that comes along.

Each plan should be reasonable and match the quality of the service. A reasonable plan will probably offer significant benefits to the customer.

Customer service

When talking about customer service, most people think about the challenges they are likely to encounter when contacting the service desks. However, it has more to do with the ease of getting information on doing various tasks and problem-solving.

A good ISP should have proper customer service, including providing information about FAQ on the website and service desk. Having a chat option, an email address and a phone number make everything convenient and straightforward. After passing communication, a good ISP will offer a quick response.

Customers served

A good ISP should serve many customers and provide access to the connection to many people. Coverage in terms of states means that one can conveniently move from one place to another without experiencing many challenges.  Many customers who give positive reviews make the ISP stand out to be the best.


Deals are different from one service provider to the other. Under such deals, you will get promotions, discounts, and variations in speeds.

Available Options

Each service provider has its options. The bundles come with features such as T.V. and phone. This means that you will enjoy doing several activities and services under one roof when you have the service.

Additional perks 

You may not so much think of this, but perks make you have great moments. Things such as free installation, Wi-Fi hotspots, and upgraded equipment help you to enjoy the value of your money.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How many internet service providers are there in the United States?

The number of ISPs in the U.S stands at 2654 in 2021. Under this total, we have 885 who offer DSL services, 229 who use copper service provisions, 445 cable providers, 1269 fiber ISPs, and 1551 fixed broadband providers.
They all focus on different states, and at least each area has a provider who performs so well. You can check the internet service provider available in your state before subscription to any in the United States.

How many people in the USA have no internet service?

The number of connections keeps improving, and many people still have a chance to enjoy an internet connection. Currently, more than 25 million people in America do not have access to the internet.
This means that even though there is an internet service provider in the United States covering their area, they have not subscribed to any.

Are there any internet service providers that offer 25Mbps?

Yes.  Such speeds seem to be very low if you are operating within an urban area. However, service providers who use the satellite deliver speeds of 25 Mbps and cover even the rural areas. The advantage of these providers is that they have a data cap and will maintain the internet even when the data cap is exhausted.

Can you have more than one internet service provider?

Most people prefer picking a single service provider. However, you have an option to have more than one service provider who can continue serving you when you have challenges with the other. People who make use of more than one ISP will have different types of providers. 
Some people will have DSL service, Broadband, and also satellite. This all depends on the needs of the internet user and the kind of limits they want to observe.

What are the different types of internet providers in the United States?

Types of internet service providers are all dependent on the method they use to bring you the connection. Brands look at the gap that other providers leave and then choose a type to fill the gap.
Common types include DSL, Cable, satellite, fixed wireless, and Fiber. The fastest one is the fiber connection that uses fiber optics. Fixed wireless is the slowest because it encounters challenges such as obstacles. The same applies to satellite connections which may not reach some areas because of the presence of obstacles.

How can I find an ISP near me?

Getting the ISP that is operating closest to you is an effortless task. You will google and enter your area’s zip code, which then brings you all the service providers that are available in your area. An alternative is to open your browser and search the ISPs available in a specific area to identify using the zip code.

Why are the advertised speeds different from real speeds?

The advertised speeds have a difference from actual speeds and may be lower or higher. This, however, does not mean that the ISP is playing games on your money. It is good to understand that a router offers speeds that match its Wi-Fi standards.
Other factors that bring up the change in speeds are the congestion of devices, the hardware the router supports, type of connection, distance, and interference of the waves. Real-time speeds will also improve past the advertised ones if the conditions are favorable.

Which is the best internet service provider in the United States?

The best ISP is the one that is meeting the criteria that you measure against. You will get one that covers the most expansive area, which serves many customers, incredible speeds, etc.
Xfinity is the best because it covers over 41 states, offers high speeds of 2Gbps, and boasts reliability in customer service.
At&t is also the best in terms of offering cheap plans and outstanding reliability. Subscription plans that are above 25 Mbps are also available with a data cap of 1TB.
Spectrum is also one of the best when it comes to offering connections beyond 100 Mbps.
Frontier is top and cheap because it maintains speeds and covers the areas that other ISPs do not focus on. Everyone has access to the internet even though it may not perform as you expect.

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Final Verdict

Getting an internet service provider in the United States is an effortless task. There are very many service providers who offer different plans and costs. However, not every ISP will deliver according to the service you want and covers your area.

You need to assess the customers it serves and the areas it covers not to experience future challenges. Looking at the qualities that make an excellent ISP is essential as it makes decision-making and expectations clear. We have brought you the best service providers who will make you have great moments.