Best Internet Service Provider in Virginia | ISP Plans & Prices

If you live in Virginia, you have all the reasons to rejoice because of the internet access and the internet service provider list that is burgeoning. Many providers have tapped the area and deliver a service that will give every user good access to the services.

The area has a privilege that many big brand providers have invested in the area. Some have the best service, and others have a medium service. Our research task today brings us to assessing the best internet providers in Virginia. Below is what we got from our search.

Best Internet Provider in Virginia

We have internet providers that deal with the residential parts and the rural parts. We will have an address of all of them.

Comcast (Xfinity)

The best modem router combo for Comcast Xfinity (the best internet service provider in the United States, Virginia & California) cable internet

Comcast is the leading provider for both rural and residential areas. It has an affordable price and has speeds that will make you download and upload content without a hassle.

The packages are also lovely as they make it convenient to have good moments as you do everything you desire over the internet. However, you will need to have the best Xfinity routers to enjoy these internet moments.

The internet plans are also diverse and come at a friendly price. What you have to do is to check on the availability of the service before you pick it.

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Internet plans of Comcast in Virginia

Performance starter

This is a package that costs $19.99 per month. Under the best speeds, it will manage 4 devices with a monthly data cap of 1.2TB. The best download speeds are at 50Mbps, and the best upload speeds are at 5Mbps.

Performance select+

This is another internet plan that costs $34.99 per month. At the best performance of this plan, you will connect up to 8 devices. The data cap is 1.2TB per month as the download speeds stand at 300Mbps as the upload speeds maintain 5Mbps at the best performance.

Blast pro+

The blast pro+ package costs $64.99 and allows connection for over 50 devices. If you use a visa card, you will get it at $50, a prepaid card. When performing at its best, you will enjoy high download speeds of 400Mbps and upload speeds of 10Mbps with a monthly data cap of 1.2TB.

Extreme pro+

The extreme pro package is another one that costs $74.99 per month and comes with a data cap of 1.2 TB. It also has a prepaid visa card of $75 and allows the connection of up to 12 devices. The best download speeds stand at 800 Mbps, while the upload speeds stand at 15 Mbps.


The gigabit is a mega plan that makes the connection stand out. It comes for $84.99 per month and has a visa card that costs $100. The number of devices it can handle is unlimited and has a monthly data cap of 1.2TB. You will have good times with upload speeds of 35Mbps and download speeds of 1200Mbps.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Reliable data caps
  • Additional features such as the visa cards
  • Pocket-friendly monthly payments


  • The upload speeds are low
  • No emphasis on annual plans

What makes Comcast (internet service provider) stand out in Virginia?

The combination of the packages that Comcast offers and the quality of the service is excellent. Each package has an additional service that makes it different from the others. The gigabit plan makes the game of the service provider excellent.

Verizon Fios

Another powerful service provider in Virginia is Verizon Fios. The plans and the additions that the service provider comes with do it an adaptable service. The usage of the service and the quality that it delivers make it stand out. The packages are also easy to understand and acquire.

Verizon Fios internet plans

Several plans have come along with the service and have brought a fundamental transformation to the kind of service that it renders. Below are the packages.

Fios internet 200/200Mbps

This package costs $39.99 per month and charges automatically as it runs annually. It has upload speeds of 200Mnps and download speeds of 200Mbps too. It allows you to stream and watch it every time you need it. If you get unlimited wireless, you will save $10 every month.

Fios internet 400/400Mbps

This is another plan that will make you have great times as it costs $64.99 monthly and renews automatically. It has upload and download speeds of 400Mbps, making it great for sharing content and streaming. It serves multiple users without a hassle and offers a $100 gift card. The monthly payments have a discount of $10 per month and will run for the entire year.

Fios gigabit connection

This is another service plan that changes the game for the service. It costs $89.99 per month and has slight changes with the download and upload speeds. You will get router rental and download speeds of 940Mbps and 880 Mbps for the uploads. Using the unlimited wireless saves you $20, and it also has a $200 gift card.

However, you can choose your own Verizon FiOS router for Gigabit internet connection which you will not rent for life and which offers more features.


  • Delivers a reliable service with constant download and upload speeds
  • Pocket-friendly packages
  • Run through the entire year with annual subscriptions
  • Unlimited wireless service


  • The coverage is limited

What makes Verizon FiOS internet service provider stand out in Virginia?

Verizon Fios has the best service because of the high upload speeds. Most providers have worked on the download speeds, but this one has worked on both. The gift cards and the unlimited wireless options make the whole package enjoyable.

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Virginia enjoys one of the best services from AT&T. It has extended coverage and makes the service accessible and usable to many people. The combination of the packages that it offers is the best and the most reliable.

AT&T has both DSL and fiber plans in Virginia. You will need the best U-Verse modems and routers to access DSL internet. For fiber, the provider gives you a modem.

AT&T Internet plans

Some of the best internet plans available for AT&T are as follows.

Internet 300

This is a package that costs $35 per month. It allows for the connection of over 10 devices, with each enjoying 300 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. It does not have a data cap.

Internet 500

Internet 500 comes at a price of $45 per month and allows the connection of over 10 devices. It has the best upload and download speeds of 500Mbps and has no data cap.

Internet 1000

Internet 1000 stands out to be the best because of the low cost and high speeds. It has the support of over 10 devices and offers 940 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. Moreover, this plan does not have a data cap too. It comes at $65 per month.

The AT&T fiber is excellent for extreme HD streaming and gaming on multiple devices. However, you will need to get the best router for AT&T fiber to access the Gig speeds.


  • The speeds are constant for both downloads and uploads
  • No data caps
  • Cost-effective as it has the lowest price and the highest speeds


  • It has fewer additional services

What makes the service provider stand out

AT&T is the best service provider because of the high speeds for each package. Its beauty lies in its having equal download and upload speeds. You also enjoy uncapped services.

DSL extreme

DSL service in Virginia is also known as the DSL extreme. It has a friendly and reliable service that makes the performance under all the packages excellent. The service has a reliable service which is also known to be covering an extended area.  As the name suggests, it uses the DSL service to ensure that the connection reaches a broader area.

DSL extreme internet packages

Basic 1.0Mbps

This basic package makes the service stand out because of its affordability and pocket-friendliness. It comes for $14.95 and is available in specific and select Verizon areas. The best download speeds are 1Mbps, and upload speeds stand at 384Kbps.

Express 1.5Mbps

The express 1.5 Mbps service also costs $24.95 per month and offers high speeds of 1.5 Mbps at its highest for the downloads and 384Kbps for the uploads. It is also available in the Verizon areas.

Pro 3.0Mbps

This package also comes for $24.95 per month with download speeds of 3Mbps and upload speeds of 768 Kbps. If you are in the select Verizon areas, then you can get the service.

Elite 7.1Mbps

The elite 7.1 Mbps has a price of $44.95 per month and download speeds of 7.1Mbps. The upload speeds of the service are 768Kbps and are also available in the Verizon select areas.

TrueSTREAM broadband

At the cost of $47 per month, you will get the trueSTREAM broadband which comes at the highest speeds of 45Mbps for the downloads and 6Mbps for the uploads. The high price is great because it does not have a data cap.


  • Best prices and basic speeds
  • Best for rural areas


  • The upload speeds are very low

What makes the internet service provider stand out in Virginia

You probably have been in search of a service provider who can serve the rural areas. Congestion in rural areas is limited, and the service you get is basic and reliable. This service provider makes the perfect match for one who will serve the needs of the rural areas without a hassle.

Charter communications

Charter communications are known for dominating the world internet market. It offers the best service for anyone who wishes to have the basic service. People admire the charger because of the offers it has, especially with the devices.            

Charter communications internet plans

Spectrum internet

At $49.99 per month, you will enjoy download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. The package does not have a data cap and offers a free modem. You have no good reason to worry about getting the service.

Internet ultra

The internet ultra is another service that you will get at a friendly price of $69.99 per month. You will get the best download speeds of 400Mbps and a free internet model without a data cap.

Internet gig

Internet gig is another service that will amaze you because of the high internet download speeds of 940 Mbps. It does not have a data cap too and delivers excellent speeds. You will also get a free modem to start the internet experience.

However, we recommend getting your own Spectrum modem and router. These give you options for getting the best speeds and other specifications suited for your home or office.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • No data caps
  • Offers free modems


  • Covers specific areas

What makes the Charter Spectrum internet service provider stand out in Virginia?

The internet provider delivers a reliable performance because of the high speeds and low prices. It manages the best position because it has low price packages and serves best for the rural areas that do not need congestion.               


Virginia has another service provider who has brought a massive transformation in internet service delivery. The cable internet has covered some parts of Virginia with stable and fast internet. Its packages are also pocket friendly and will serve the rural areas perfectly

Earthlink internet plans

12 Mbps internet

For $49.95, you will get the 12Mbps plan. It has 12Mbps download speeds and 1Mbps upload speeds and offers 8 email addresses.

24Mbps internet

 This package comes for $59.95 and offers download speeds of 24 Mbps when performing at its best. For the uploads, you will get 3Mbps speeds and8 email addresses.

45 Mbps internet

The 45 Mbps internet comes for $69.95 and offers download speeds of 45 Mbps. The upload speeds stand at 6 Mbps and will also come with 8 email addresses.


  • Best for use in rural areas
  • Cost friendly
  • Best for few people


  • The download speeds are so limited

What makes the Earthlink service stand out in Virginia?

Using this service is the best thing because it is reliable. You will have a special love for it because of the cost-friendly packages and the convenience for all users. Both residential and rural users will find it a great choice.


Cox is another service provider that has managed the worldwide market. It is a service that serves both the rural and the urban areas. Some options allow the service to serve annually and those that will deliver a monthly and reliable service.

The Cox cable Virginia beach is one of the best internet plans around.

Cox internet plans

Cox internet essential

This package comes for $39.99 per month and automatically goes through the year. It has 15 Mbps download speeds and 2Mbps upload speeds. Apart from that, you will get 5GB of cloud storage.

Cox internet preferred

Another powerful package is the cox internet preferred which comes for $54.99 per month. It has 50 Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds. You will get cloud storage of 50 GB.

COX Internet premier

At $64.99 per month, you will get up to 150Mbps for download speeds and 10Mbps for uploads. You will also get 100GB of cloud storage.

Cox internet ultimate

For 12 months, you will enjoy the internet for a price of $79.99. the download speeds are 500Mbps, and upload speeds stand at 20Mbps. Additionally, you will get 150 GB of storage.


  • Quality and high speeds internet
  • Great customer service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Additional cloud storage


  • Slightly costly

What makes Cox internet service provider stand out in Virginia?

Everyone wants a service that serves for a long time and delivers a durable service. Cox has bridged the gap by making the service more convenient and reliable. Getting the additional storage makes it stand out. Apart from that, it serves both the rural and urban areas.

Fastest internet providers in the rural areas of Virginia

Rural areas seem to get a better service from the cable internet. The challenge comes in when you have no cable connection. The good thing is that service providers have proven to be the best and deliver the best quality service.

Satellite internet has proved to be the game-changer in the service provision of rural areas. One notable thing about the satellite is that you have to identify the areas it covers and then get some technical help to do the installation.

Even the rural folk require high-speed internet for rural areas in Virginia. Some of the service providers who have tapped the areas include;

  • Shentel, which has high speeds of 1000 Mbps and uses the fiber connection and has the availability of 62%. It uses a fiber connection.
  • Point broadband has a speed 1000Mbps and uses fiber for connection. The availability has a rating of 8.6%.
  • Xfinity from Comcast is another package that has brought massive improvements. It has high speeds of 1200 Mbps and uses the cable for connection. The availability has a rating of 1.4%
  • Viasat Internet is unique because it has speeds of 100 Mbps and uses a satellite connection. It s available in all parts hence a rating of 100%.
  • Other service providers for rural Virginia include the smythNet and lingo networks.

Best internet service providers in Virginia beach

Virginia Beach has the rank of the biggest city in Virginia state. The largest internet service providers are cox and Verizon. However, other service providers make the area perfectly connected. The internet providers in Virginia beach are as follows.

  • Cox which as speeds of 150Mbps for the downloads and uses the cable connection. It has other plans, but this plan goes for $59.99 per month. Under the gigabplast, you will get speeds of 940 Mbps which costs $99.99 per month and uses the fiber connection. For the best connection, you will need to get the best modem router combo for Cox to access these speeds.
  • Verizon is another service provider with very high speeds and offers a basic 200Mbps package using the fiber connection and charges $39.99 per month. However, you can also get high speeds of 940 Mbps for $89.99 using the fiber connection.
  • Hughesnet is not exceptional in this package provisions. It uses a satellite connection. Most people in the city love the satellite because it is easy and convenient to use. At a price of $49.99 per month, you will get 20Mbps under a service that lasts for 2 years. However, on the higher end, you will use $129.99 for a 50GB plan which lasts for 2 years and has speeds of 25 Mbps.
  •  Verizon has the best package in the city as it delivers 1000 Mbps speeds with a wireless connection. The package is Verizon 5G internet.

Choosing the best service provider in Virginia

Each state and region has its procedure that you have to follow when getting the best service providers. Below are the qualities that make each service provider stand out in Virginia.

Internet speeds

You have to ensure that when the internet is delivering the best performance, the speeds are high. The speeds here have to do with the upload and the download speeds. Download speeds can be higher than the upload speeds, but it works best when they are at per.

There are several VA internet providers that provide Cable, DSL, Fiber, and satellite internet speed as per your needs. You just need to ensure the provider is reliable and offers exceptional service for the price.


The internet must cover a wider area or most of the areas in the regions. It makes it easier for the users to use the same subscription to move from one place to another. It will also make it possible to have the user experience in one place similar to the other places.


Internet plans are the determinants of how effectively an internet provider can serve. The best service provider is one who will deliver outstanding performance in both areas. Getting a service provider who offers bundles with the most outstanding value is the best thing. You will have a chance to choose packages that you can afford and serve you as you expect.

Your location

We have talked about the coverage. It is not complete until we talk about the place that you reside. You have to ensure that you have picked the service provider that is available and usable in your area. It is not rare to have a service provider that covers a specific area and leaves another.

Strength of the service

Apart from having the service providers covering entire Virginia conveniently, it is also good to understand that the service may be higher and lower in some parts of Virginia. You have to take caution to get the service that will serve the area conveniently. If you are in urban or rural areas, the service must be stable and outstanding.


Getting the best internet service provider in Virginia is as easy as we have done it. You no longer need to assess each provider to get the service that you are looking for. Each provider has come with their offers and the areas they cover, making it easier for you to make a choice.

Xfinity came out as one of the best internet service providers in Illinois, Virginia, and nationally. It offers speedy internet which is reliable and cost-effective.

Best internet Service provider in Virginia FAQs

Does Virginia have good internet?

Yes, Virginia has some of the best internet speeds in the united states. Moreover, the ISPs are quite reliable. The average internet speed in Virginia is 13.7 megabits per second. Thus Virginia leads the United States in having the fastest internet connection access, as per Broadview Networks ratings. Moreover, 91.1% of Virginia residents have access to wired broadband internet speeds of 25 Mbps or faster. On the other side of the speed ranking is Alaska, which provides an average of 7 Mbps internet speeds.

Does Virginia have fiber optics?

Yes, most of the areas in Virginia have a fiber optic infrastructure that supports faster internet speeds. ISPs such as Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T among others provide fiber internet to homes and offices. This makes Virginia one of the leading data centers in the world. The infrastructure helps support faster speed that makes it easy to establish data centers throughout the state.

How much is internet per month in Virginia?

There are many internet service providers in Virginia that offer different internet plans at different prices. Xfinity internet provides some of the cheapest internet plans starting at 20 Dollars per month. Thus, you have a choice of the speed and price for the internet subscription in Virginia.

Is Verizon Fios available in Virginia Beach?

Yes, Verizon FiOS is available in Virginia Beach. It provides different plans for the residents and offices. The faster-than-light fiber internet plans from Verizon will make your internet fantasies a reality.

Is there Xfinity in Virginia?

Yes, Xfinity is available in Virginia and is accessible to almost 100% of the residents. The Comcast internet plans in Virginia are diverse and thus you can choose one that fits your home or office.

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