AT&T Fiber Review & Installation: Is AT&T Fiber Good for Gaming, Streaming, and other Online Activities?

You may have been looking for a service provider, but people refer you to AT&T. It could be because of fast internet speeds and affordable plans. Or maybe you are bored with your previous ISP. To help in this you may be asking yourself, is AT&T fiber good for your online activities including gaming, streaming, video conferencing among others? Our AT&T fiber review best answers to your question.

AT&T fiber internet is exceptional when combined with the best router for AT&T fiber. This is because such routers are able to give you a performance commensurate to the package that you subscribe for. However, you may also consider an AT&T Wi-Fi extender if the coverage is not good enough.

Is AT&T fiber internet good for streaming on your streaming device? Does the AT&T fiber offer good speeds and reliability for for gaming on PS4 or Xbox One? Is it good for other internet intense uploads or downloads?

You will need to understand what is AT&T fiber then understand the internet plans and their prices. Finally, an understanding of internet performance will make everything more comfortable for you to make a quick and sound decision.

What is AT&T fiber?

At&t fiber is an internet service provided by the AT&T provider that utilizes the fiber optic connection to deliver fast internet speeds. Most people have known it for its high internet speed and reliable data plans, which have also proven effective.

With regards to the number of users, it is one of the widely used ISPs.

Customer satisfaction is something that has made the ISP widely known. It is widespread hence its large customer base. An analysis of the service which will help you to understand its goodness is highlighted below.

AT&T fiber internet plans

There are three fiber plans that customers of AT&T choose from. They include;

AT&T Internet 100

This plan offers 1 TB and 100 Mbps upload speeds and also download speeds. You, therefore, have a balanced performance between the upload and download speeds. In terms of pricing, it starts at $35 and covers 12 months.

This plan also supports up to 12 devices. Among the 12 devices, you can have high consumers, such as streaming players and gaming machines. You will also be able to connect several smartphones, computers, and laptops since they don’t require too much bandwidth.

AT&T Internet 300

Under this plan, you will enjoy 1TB and upload and download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The rate of data download and upload is, therefore, equal. Its duration also covers 12 months. You will enjoy its cost from $45, which is quite affordable compared to the performance.

If you have many home appliances, this plan is ideal. It offers seamless support to all your devices. You can use gaming consoles and 4K or 8K streaming devices for this package without any lags.

AT&T Internet 1000

This package starts at $60, and it does not have a cap. You will enjoy download and upload speeds of between 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. In some cases, it is stated to be starting from 500 Mbps to 940 Mbps for both download and upload speeds.

Under this package, you will have 14 high-performing devices. If you have a large family with several devices, this package will offer the perfect support.

One thing that makes the AT&T speeds convenient is the ability to support gaming in all the packages. If you, therefore, have devices that consume a lot of the internet, you can be very sure that they will all enjoy reliable service.

Bundling options

The cheapest way to take advantage of the money-saving factor is through bundling. You will enjoy various discounts that come along with various bundles.

For instance, for internet 100 fiber, you will enjoy a bundle of up to 100Mbps at a discount of $10 as it costs $40.

The internet 300 fiber will cost you $40, and the internet 1000 costs $60. They all come at discounted prices and get powered by Fiber and U-Verse of DirectTV.

How AT&T Fiber compares with other ISPs

Contracts and equipment

The initial contract of AT&T fiber is a minimum of 1 year. After the first year is depleted, you will increment the contract cost to $10 per month. In case you need to terminate the contract, you will pay $15 in advance.

Some of the equipment you will get for free include a modem router combo or a wifi gateway. You should therefore know that you will not buy a router or rent a modem from them. Thus, you will also have a guide that will help you to do a quick installation.

For your home, you can decide to pick the best router for AT&T fiber that will give you an exceptional performance as compared to the router provided. This will enable you to get a better speed, range, and number of connected devices, among other factors.

Finally, you can use your own Wi-Fi extender with AT&T or go for the AT&T Wi-Fi extender for extended coverage. This way your home will fully be covered with high-speed internet.

Internet availability

AT&T is available in many parts of the United States of America. It is one of the widely available internet service providers in the US.

Across 21 states, you will have proper access to the AT&T Fiber service. The chances of having the fiber connection are much higher compared to having the broadband or another ISPs connection.

Before getting the service, you will need to assess places with an internet connection and then have the plan.

Reliability of the internet service

At&t fiber is very reliable. You will appreciate the internet speeds for the fiber connection. Having equal download and upload speeds is recommendable because all your tasks will go on without experiencing lags and latency.

The ability to support high-performing devices is an excellent thing. You will love doing your gaming sessions and streaming content because of the stable connection. Because of frequent maintenance, the service gets less affected by technical failures.

The pricing terms are also friendly. Even at the lowest plan, you will enjoy the terabyte cap, which is stable and very fast. You will therefore enjoy the excellent service at a lower cost.

Compatibility with devices is also lovely. You may get the free devices from at&t and also add your own devices. Many modems and routers are compatible with the At&t fiber.

Customer service

In terms of positive reviews, At&t fiber has better reviews than other ISPs. Although the ratings seem to be lower, it is an expected trend.

One notable thing is that the ratings are also better than those of other ISPs. The service has better customer care and reliable internet as compared to the other ISPs.

In terms of the number of users, it also proves to have many more users than the other ISPs. AT&T earned the 2018 J.D Power Award. It is a sign that it is performing far, much better than its competitors.

Is AT&T fiber internet good?

The internet speeds of at&t fiber are fantastic as they facilitate quick uploads and downloads.  Coming in 3 plans, each one of them is powerful and significant. The primary reason that makes AT&T fiber internet good is the ability to seamlessly support gaming, streaming, uploading, and downloading effectively.

Compared with its competitors, at&t fiber has better customer satisfaction, bundle plans, and reliable connection. It is also expanding its boundaries and has a better price than the rest.

In addition, as seen in other fiber connections, the service is very reliable and is not easily disconnected by factors like storms and flooding. This way you will get an uninterrupted internet connection almost all the time when you compare the connection with DSL, satellite, and cable connections.

At&t fiber is, therefore, good.

AT&T Fiber installation process

To carry out the self-installation process for your AT&T fiber, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Connect the AT&T Fiber℠ Service (ONT) Box.

Your Optical Network Terminal or ONT is the device that connects your home to our Internet system and may be mounted on a wall in any number of places, such as basement or garage. Now that your house is powered on, it’s time to connect some cables!

  • First of all plug in the green fiber connector and make sure not look into its end as this can cause eye damage.
  • Next attach red Ethernet cable from service box if you have one OR use an old phone cord (they always work). Now there are two options depending how many floors or however high up off ground level access yours may be- either pull yourself up with extension cords so no ladder necessary but keep them low enough where nobody walks over them accidentally while climbing down because God knows what they might step.
  • Finally, plug in the remaining black power cord. You should connect it to the ONT box and the electrical outlet. Then press in the ON/OFF button.

Make sure the power button is not damaged or missing. This can spoil the whole connection if used in this way. Next, you should wait for your Power and PON lights to turn solid green. Next you’ll need to follow steps 2-3 from the section above or if they do not light up then view this troubleshooting guide.

Step 2: Connect your AT&T equipment to the gateway

Your package includes color-coded wiring, which matches up with a specific port on this device and will allow you access for internet service!

Connect red ONT Ethernet cable from service box to one of three possible places: OPT1/WAN PORT 1 if you want internet access through this device. Opt2 for point 2 (a second connection) or 3 if desired. Plug in the black power cord into the outlet and turn on the computer by pressing FN + F4 keys simultaneously then selecting “ Startup Settings” under Boot tab near the bottom.

Thereafter, give your gateway some time to power on. The indicator lights should give you the information of when the connection is complete. The powering process normally takes up to 10 minutes.

A powered on gateway will have either green, blue or white lights depending on the gateway. Kindly check the indicator light colors for your device.

Step 3: Set up your Wi-Fi network

Once you have powered your gateway, you need to set up the WiFi network. This will involve using a computer, smartphone or tablet to set up the connection. You will set the Wireless Network Settings by logging into your web user interface or app.

For both, you need the SSID details and the password. This information is typed at the back of your AT&T modem router. If you can’t trace them, you can call the AT&T customer service using 800.288.2020 or visit

The graphical user interface should guide you on the setup process.

Step 4: Configure your router using the Smart Home Manager app

Once the setup is complete, you need to configure your router settings with the Smart Home Manager app.

You can use the Smart Home Manager app on your smartphone or tablet. If you have no app, then visit to configure your Wi-Fi network name and password.

Thereafter, connect your home devices using the personalized settings. Kindly note that all the devices should be reconnected.

NB: You can reset the gateway if the process does not work. Once effected, you can repeat the process to ensure you do not have a problem with the devices.

Final verdict

If you are at a place where At&t fiber is available, it is worth trying it. Having its network expanding makes it better for you to do a quick analysis and acquire it for your use. You will enjoy better plans and an advanced connection.

One of the good things about the AT&T fiber is the reliable speed of the network. You are sure that you will be able to stream, conduct video conferencing, or have your gaming performance enhanced by the package.

However, you will require the best router for AT&T fiber to get exceptional speeds and the best AT&T Wi-Fi extender to expand the range.

AT&T fiber FAQs

During AT&T fiber installation, what if Gateway Power light is amber?

If your gateway power light is amber, give your connection time to power on. This is because the amber light indicates that the gateway is powering on. Therefore, do not unplug your cables or switch off the power outlet as the gateway is powering on.

During AT&T fiber installation, what if the Gateway Service light doesn’t go green?

If the service light does not turn green, kindly restart the gateway. The simplest way is to unplug the device, wait for 15 seconds and then replug the device again. Kindly note that the gateway will take up to 2 minutes in rebooting.

During AT&T fiber setup, what if Gateway Broadband light doesn’t turn solid green?

There are three major things to do if your gateway broadband light doesn’t turn green. First, check the connections and power. Secondly, try rebooting the gateway. Rebooting solves most of the connection problems. Finally, you should check your service activation date as noted on your payslip. Please note you can do the setup after 2pm on your activation date.

Is AT&T fiber fast?

Yes, AT&T fiber is super fast since it uses the fiber optic technology to deliver fast download and upload speed. Gigabit AT&T fiber gives you a speed of 1000 Mbps for both download and upload which is exceptional for any activity even for multiple users.

Is AT&T fiber optic better than cable?

Yes, it delivers fast internet speeds at a more cost effective price range. You can use fiber optic for multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about upload or download speed.