How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Sony Bravia TV

Technology is a thing that everyone wants to have an update on. Everyone wants to get in touch with the latest technology and make effective use of the available technology. Sony Bravia Tv is the Tv that everyone aspires to have because of the technological features and ability to manage various tasks. Thus, it is important to know how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Sony Bravia TV.

One of the technologies that the screen has is Bluetooth technology. Use of the Bluetooth technology has been adaptable because of how it has helped eliminate the use of cables. It is also flexible and much easier to use compared to other technologies or existing technologies.

Many people have bought the television but had challenges to use them. We are here to create a long-lasting solution.

Sony Bravia OLED TV

How does the Sony Bravia Tv work?

We need first to learn what the Sony Bravia Tv (on Amazon) is all about and why it is Bravia. Bravia is an abbreviation that stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Architecture.  The Sony brand has used this brand name to identify devices with it. Bravia has been in existence since 2005.

Technological improvements and innovations have been the key to having stunning features. Some of these features it has come along with are smartphones, internet TVs,  Google Tv, Android Tv, and many others. The resolution of the television is also good as it has made the watching experience better and more enhanced.

You can now stream online content and use Bluetooth devices to have fun. 4k quality is what the newer models in the sony releases are coming with. A colorful contrast and high-quality speakers are essential as they make the enjoyment better and remarkable.

Another trending thing with Sony Bravia Tv is the use of various apps to do activities.  Some of the best that you can use are video game apps and streaming apps. The most commonly used software for running these TVs are android and google TV. It is good to have a look at them so that we mark the difference and the functionality.

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Android TV and Google TV

An Android TV  is one that is operating under the android software. This smart TV works in close collaboration with other android devices and will share the various functionalities they both use.  On the other hand, you can have a Google TV that allows you to use the set-top boxes and the media sticks to have the connectivity.

If you use an Android TV, you will notice significant improvements in the things you can comfortably use. Things such as amazon and Roku are famous sites that you will enjoy with the Android TV.  The same apps that you efficiently manage when you have an android phone are manageable with the android TV. Having a base from an open-source, you will have a convenient time trying to manage it.

The various apps are those that most platforms tend to ignore but have a significant impact. If you are a gamer, you don’t need to get the consoles because the android TV is a gaming console by itself.  All you have to do is get the compatible features that will work with the TV  and then make good use of them.

Some of the essential services you will get from an android TV  include youtube, Netflix, Hulu, and many other channels. Your children will have an opportunity to enjoy the movies they desire. You will choose the music you want to listen to and play it from your device.

Google TV comes like an operating system that serves smart TVs.  It makes the entertainment and the utilization of services more convenient. one thing you will enjoy with it is time management and the ability to save on time and resources for your entertainment. Many people love it for the ability to suggest the hottest movies and make the utilization better.

Here is the major difference between Android TV and Google TV. Android models use V9, and google models use V10.  Some of the models that come from Sony Bravia Tv have the V10 already installed. There is also an option to upgrade the model you are using, but it poses a challenge.

 Are external speakers really important for Sony Bravia Tv?

Here is the question that we need to prove. If the TV has the quality and clarity of images and delivers outstanding service, is there the importance of having the Bluetooth speaker? Any external speaker, including Bluetooth speakers, has a role to play in improving entertainment.

Bluetooth speakers are therefore essential if we have to have more fun with the Sony Bravia Tv. The technology allows you to connect various devices apart from the speakers, which also helps to enhance the speaker’s role. Even the other TVs that have the best speakers cannot deliver what the external speakers can deliver.

We have seen that Sony Bravia Tv is a great TV.  However, it also has the same disease that the other models are suffering from in terms of sound. You will notice that the thickness of the Tvs is not large and the speakers have no excellent space to deliver as you want. They serve best for private listening, but for general enjoyment, you will need external speakers.

If you have a new TV, it will be nice if you consider getting an external speaker to boost its sound productivity. It is possible to get very good speakers that will change the experience of the model. You need to get the best Bluetooth speakers such as Bose Bluetooth speakers that will conveniently work with the television.

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to a Sony Bravia TV

The problem that many people experience when they attempt to connect Bluetooth speakers to systems is compatibility. Customers are more likely to buy new products such as smart TVs for streaming that are also limited because of the compatibility factor. Sony Bravia Tv has similar challenges because it refuses to pair with some other speakers.

When buying a Bluetooth speaker, you have first to check the compatibility with the Sony Bravia Tv. To make easy choices, you can visit the Sony website as it has the devices that will efficiently work with the Bluetooth speaker. If you notice that the speaker you want to but does not fit in the list, you will have to get a different model that will serve you.

Here is the trick. You may have to get a Bluetooth receiver which is a solution to most of the TVs. Another thing you may need is the Bluetooth transmitter that will work with the Sony Bravia Tv. The recognition rate when you apply these devices improves significantly and makes the experience create a substantial change.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Sony Bravia Tv with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter

  • Get a Bluetooth pair app- this is an app with a great reputation and will allow for the connection of the devices.
  • Scan the devices- once you have installed the app, you now have to scan the devices. As you can, you will find the Bluetooth speaker among the available options.
  • Select the Bluetooth speaker- next; you have to select the device you want to connect, which happens to be the Bluetooth speaker. You will click pair after you choose and then wait to see the response.
  • Play your music- once you have made the connection, you will begin to play your music so that you hear if it will play via the external Bluetooth speaker.

If you have the Android V8 installed, you can use the Bluetooth scanner, which is an app that allows you to do Bluetooth management.

How to Connect the Bluetooth speaker to Sony Bravia TV without an in-built transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter works like all other transmitters. The process of installation and connection is as follows.

  • Install the Bluetooth transmitter- the first thing you have to do is to install the Bluetooth transmitter. Your transmitter must be one that can support aptx LL bt codec. It is essential to have it because it lowers the level of latency.
  • You have to check on the outputs and the inputs of the TV to pick a model that will deliver the service.
  • Connect the transmitter- once you connect the transmitter, the connection automatically works. Once you connect, you will notice that it can detect some functionality with Bluetooth.
  • Now scan the devices – after the connection is successful, you will begin to scan the devices. You will check to see the Bluetooth speaker, and once you spot it, you will select it.
  • Pair the speaker- after connecting the speaker, you now have to pair it to begin to use it. After pairing is complete, you will begin to play your music. If the speaker needs some adjustment to produce a better sound, you will make the changes on the TV.


We have gone through the Bluetooth speakers and how to connect them to Sony Bravia TV. We have also learned the things that we need to look at when using Bluetooth connectivity. The process is simple, and at this point, no one should have difficulties making the connection.


Can I connect a bluetooth speaker to Sony bravia Tv?

Yes, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Sony Bravia TV. The following are the easy to follow steps: 1) Open Bluetooth settings on your TV and speaker 2) Activate Bluetooth on both devices 3) Once Bluetooth is active, select “Add device” on your TV 4) On the Add device section, select “search” and then Pair with the right speaker On the connected device, select the paired device and connect. You can also unpair the devices as required.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Sony Bravia TV?

The following are the steps to enable all of your device’s Bluetooth features with one remote: Using the supplied remote, press HOME. Scroll down and select NETWORK & ACCESSORIES from the top menu bar inside the settings window. Choose SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH setting under Network Access section – now scroll right until you see an option called ‘ON’ next to it; choose this by pressing the SELECT button then OK when done selecting options as desired. The next step is turning off/unloading old standby speakers

Does Sony Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Sony Smart TV has Bluetooth. You can use the supplied remote to get access to the Bluetooth option of your Sony TV. The Bluetooth settings are under the Home button on your remote. Once selected, you can Scroll down to Settings and press the Select button from which you can go to NETWORK & ACCESSORIES. Under this section, you will be able to see the Bluetooth settings. Thus this is where is Bluetooth on Sony Bravia TV?

Is Sony Bravia TV Bluetooth compatible?

Yes, you can connect the Sony Bravia TV to some Bluetooth devices that are compatible. The devices can be connected on the Bluetooth optional available under the “network and accessories” section of your remote’s home button.

How do I know if my smart TV has Bluetooth?

You can easily find out by checking to see if there’s a blue tooth option in the sound menu either accessed using a remote or through the TV settings control button. From here, you’ll get two options: terminal or audio output (Bluetooth). If that little box with “Bluetooth” written on it appears then congratulations! Your screen supports this useful feature and now all sorts of devices are connected wirelessly.

What are the risks of having a Bluetooth-enabled smart TV?

The major risk with using your new, cutting-edge technology for entertainment purposes is hacking. Hacking can take many forms and may be done by an individual or even in groups called botnets. A botnet consists of hundreds if not thousands of computers infected with malware that have been linked together via peer-to-one connection so they all work at once on whatever task has just been launched – whether it’s sending out spam emails or stealing credit card numbers off websites without user permission!

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