How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers

How to pair Bluetooth speakers

We all love Bluetooth speakers because of the pairing features. Most of the Bluetooth speakers available in the market can be paired with most audio devices and other compatible speakers. Pairing Bluetooth speakers with other speakers help to extend the range especially for large homes or outdoor events and also helps to create a stereo performance. How to pair Bluetooth speakers with different devices is therefore important for you to enjoy the fun associated with those devices.

Are you stranded in pairing your Bluetooth speaker? Or are you experiencing recurring problems when it comes to connecting your Bluetooth speaker?

This article will offer you solutions for the common challenge. The article will give you tips on how to pair Bluetooth speakers and also give you the benefits of pairing speakers.

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes and different technologies. Even though pairing Bluetooth speakers is a straightforward process, some challenges come with the speakers.

Several factors make pairing your Bluetooth speaker complicated.

This article will address some of the common challenges that affect pairing your speaker and how you can quickly sort them yourself. Let’s have a look.

Understanding a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are sound systems that use wireless technology to connect to other devices. However, there is a difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to devices such as laptops and smartphones. The process of connecting a speaker to a Bluetooth device is what is called pairing. Usually, the accessories must also have Bluetooth technology to connect.

A wireless speaker is a general term for speakers that offer connections to devices without using cables. They can be either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers. A Wi-Fi speaker uses your home network to connect to devices while, as stated above, the Bluetooth speaker only uses Bluetooth technology.

The purpose of a Bluetooth speaker is to allow the streaming of audio from a source device. It creates a unique wireless link between the two devices and plays what the source device is playing. The speaker projects the sound.

The connection is, however, limited within a specific range of connections. The range is dependent on the Bluetooth version and the place of connection. For instance, the range coverage in an open field is more extended than in a house with several rooms.

How to pair Bluetooth speakers

Pairing a Bluetooth speaker is a straightforward process, especially if you have the technical know-how of doing it step by step. However, source devices vary and have different challenges that exist while pairing.

Pairing a Bluetooth speaker to your phone

How to pair Bluetooth speakers with a phone

when pairing a Bluetooth speaker to your phone, you should, first of all, ensure that the phone has Bluetooth technology. If it is available, then follow the following steps.

1. Switch the Bluetooth speaker on

Ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is one. At times the speaker may not be on Bluetooth mode. Use the mode button to set the speaker on active Bluetooth mode. It will then be ready to connect.

2. Turn your phones Bluetooth mode on

The Bluetooth connection is in your phone’s settings. Tapping it will make it active and will immediately start searching for devices. In case the scanning process does not begin shortly, you can always tap to start it

3. Select your speaker from the appearing devices

Once the scanning is complete, a list of available devices appears. On the list, you should find your Bluetooth speaker. In case your speaker is not on the list, tap the Bluetooth button on the speaker to make it discoverable. The button usually has a Bluetooth symbol.

At times the challenge is usually with your phone. You can consider restarting the process with your phone. You can reset or restart it to ensure that the settings are okay. Your phone should be discoverable too.

4. Pair the speaker

Tapping the speaker’s name starts the pairing process. The speaker’s brand name should guide you in the proper selection of the speaker. At times it could be numbered, but they are usually related to the brand.

At times while pairing, your phone brings a pairing code. Click okay to complete the pairing. If matched, your speaker should give a voice response. You can then continue enjoying your audio streaming.

The pairing process highlighted applies to all mobile phones. As shown in the video below:

Fixing pairing problems between phones and Bluetooth speakers

When pairing Bluetooth speakers to your phone, particular challenges may occur. The speaker may connect, but you cannot stream, and at times the speaker may ultimately not connect. To resolve such difficulties, check on the following issues.

  • Charge up your device- Ensure your devices have enough charge. A speaker cannot connect of the battery is low. Some phones also do not join if the battery is low.
  • Move away from Wi-Fi routers- Wi-Fi routers at times tend to interfere with Bluetooth signals. This is because they are both radio signals operating at different wavelengths.
  • Check on the compatibility- your phone may not be compatible with the speaker. However, this should get clearly stated in the user’s manual.
  • Reduce the number of devices- your phone could already be paired with the maximum number of devices. Consider deleting some accessories to create space for the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Turn on discoverable mode- ensure both the phone and the speaker are discoverable. Tapping discoverable mode on your phone keeps it active. On the speaker, tap the button with the Bluetooth symbol.
  • Get your devices closer- getting the speaker and your phone closer, makes the signal strength more powerful. When they are too far, the Bluetooth range lower, and so is the signal.
  • Restart your connections- switching the speaker off then on restarts the pairing process again. Through your phone, turn the Bluetooth off and later on. It refreshes the pairing process.

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Pairing a Bluetooth speaker to your pc

The process of pairing a Bluetooth speaker to a personal computer is different from connecting to your phone. The process is a little bit complicated but quite simple.

Computers come with different versions of windows, such as MacBook windows 10, windows eight, and Windows 7. The first thing to check before attempting to pair is if the computer has Bluetooth technology or not.

Pairing your Bluetooth speaker with windows 8 and 10

Windows 8 and 10 have almost a similar process. it is as follows;

  1. Switch the speaker’s Bluetooth on. Ensure that the Bluetooth is in discoverable mode. You can check the speaker’s manual to understand how to make the Bluetooth on your speaker discoverable.
  2. On your computer, start menu and click to settings and select the system settings.
  3. On the left, you will find the sound settings. Select Bluetooth and other devices.
  4. Turn the Bluetooth on
  5. Once the Bluetooth is on, you will see the paired devices. You will then need to pair your speaker so that it appears among the devices. Select the addition symbol (+). This option allows you to add a new device.
  6.  Turn on the pairing mode of the speaker. The pc should be able to scan and show the newly detected devices. Your Bluetooth speaker should appear among the new devices.
  7. Click to complete the pairing process. Once paired, you should get a voice notification via the speaker, telling you that it is successful. Ensure the volume of your pc is not on mute or too low to be heard. You can now enjoy your streaming.
Pairing your Bluetooth speaker to windows 7

Windows 7 has a slightly different pairing process. If your computer is windows 7, then the following steps will take you home.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker and ensure that it is discoverable.
  2. On your computer, on the start button, click devices and printers.
  3. Select the “add device” option, which is on the left corner of the upper side. Your computer should be able to start scanning for devices. Once the scanning is over, a list of detected devices within the range appears. Your Bluetooth speaker should be among them.
  4. From the list, select your speaker. The pairing process should complete by itself. Once paired, the speaker should give you a voice notification that pairing is complete. You can now begin enjoying your streaming audio.
Pairing your Bluetooth speaker with MacBook

MacBook computers are not as common as windows. However, the pairing process is not complicated. It is as follows.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and activate the discovery mode.
  2. On your computer, select “system preferences” on the taskbar.
  3. Click on the Bluetooth option that appears and turn it on.
  4. Your MacBook will do the scanning, and your device will appear.
  5. Clicking it will automatically pair with the speaker. A voice notification to inform you that the connection is ready should come from the speaker.
  6. You can now stream your audio. The connection remains active until you delete it. You can delete by clicking its name while holding the control key.

Fixing pairing challenges between Bluetooth speakers and PCs

Pairing your Bluetooth speaker is a simple process. However, once in a while, you may experience pairing challenges.  Below and the possible solutions to have them fixed.

  • Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is active- ensuring that both the speaker and the computer Bluetooth connections are on. At times your PC could be in airplane mode. In such a state, it won’t pair. The wireless connections should also be on.

Some PCs have manual settings for wireless connections. Always ensure that the wireless buttons get tuned to their active mode.

  • Ensure your devices have enough charge- if the speaker has no adequate charge, it is likely to fail to connect. If your PC has a low battery, it will activate the battery saving mode, which may fail to pair.
  • Ensure the devices are compatible- the speaker and the PC should be compatible. The user’s manual of the speaker should inform you if they are not compatible.
  • Move away from interferences- interferences such as Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices may tend to pose a connection challenge. Ensure that you get a little bit far from them. Watch on the Bluetooth range also.
  • Restart the devices. Switching the Bluetooth speaker off then on refreshes that pairing process.  restarting your PC also makes the machine more active
  • Update your computer system- if your PC has an outdated version of Bluetooth, it may not work. Updating it will make pairing quickly and more efficient.

Pairing multiple Bluetooth speakers

Pairing multiple Bluetooth speakers helps in extending the sound range and making the sound more massive. You can quickly form your stereo system using your available speakers. If your home space is limited, then pairing speakers is a quick solution.

The process of pairing two or more Bluetooth speakers is not complicated. Connections get designed to get the speakers served by one source device.

Speaker brands that pair

Manufacturers of speakers are coming up with speakers that can easily get paired. They use either an app or a simple technology to have the speakers paired. The following brands have come up with such features.


JBL has a pairing technology that allows you to connect its compatible speakers. The JBL connect puts multiple speakers together, enabling you to control them easily using a smartphone or tablet.


Sony has come up with speakers that can get paired. You can easily pair up to 10 speakers of Sony. If they have lights, you can have a better enjoyment.


The UE manufacturers have come up with the UE app that allows you to connect several Bluetooth speakers. It has a double-up feature that allows quick pairing.


The Bose sound link company has also manufactured speakers that can easily connect via the Bose connect with much ease. You can explore here the exceptional Bose Bluetooth speakers that can be paired.

We have all these Bluetooth speakers that than be paired with each other on the list of the best speakers that sell at less than 200 Dollars, For less than $ 100, outdoor speakers, and tailgate speakers among others.

Connecting two or more speakers to one phone

Samsung dual audio

Samsung connection uses Bluetooth 5 to pair multiple speakers. The steps are as follows.

  1. On the settings menu, select Bluetooth. If it is android, select the advanced settings.
  2. Use the dual audio and pair on a single tap.

Apple HomePod stereo pair

The apple HomePod pairing requires you to have an iPhone with IOS 11.4 or a newer version. The pairing process is as follows.

  1. Ensure the speakers are in one location
  2. On the application, select and hold the HomePod.
  3. Tap the stereo pair option
  4. Select the second HomePod, then go back and tap done.


Ampme is s very diversified application that does not choose a specific brand. It connects speakers and smartphones, allowing you to stream over various platforms. You will need to have another phone that you will use to join the party and add an extra speaker. The chat window allows you to control what music to play as per requests.

Ultimate ears and Bose connect.

These two apps work with connected devices only. However, the ultimate ears work with compatible devices only. The apps can allow you to connect up to 50 speakers. Using apps is a straightforward process.


Bluetooth speakers make entertainment more exciting. Pairing them to your devices will make streaming more comfortable and enjoyable. The processes above are straightforward to follow. Use them to make your life with Bluetooth speakers better.

There are very many benefits of pairing Bluetooth speakers. These benefits have driven Bluetooth innovations for the last few decades.

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

How do you put a Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode?

To put a Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode press and hold the (power) PAIRING button until you hear a beeping sound, then release it. The indicator will flash rapidly in white as it enters pairing mode for your Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Pairing on an external device is necessary if they are not already paired with this one first. You can now pair your new device with this one by performing Setup on either side:

Can you pair 2 Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, you can pair two Bluetooth speakers, especially from the same manufacturer or model. However, there are Bluetooth speakers from different manufacturers that can be paired. To pair on Android, you need to connect one after the other. After connecting one speaker, tap the three-dot icon on the right of your Android device and click on Advanced Settings. However, your will need to toggle on the ‘dual audio‘ option if you have not already turned it on. The process described here can help to connect to two Bluetooth speakers at once.

Can 1 Bluetooth connect to multiple devices?

Bluetooth headphones and speakers cannot connect with multiple devices at once unless you are using Bluetooth multipoint. Just think about how making phone calls on different frequencies is not possible, but you’re able to use just one device for both types of communication? Imagine trying to call both your work phone AND private number at the same time, or listening to music on one device while using another as earbuds – this would be difficult! If you’re already connected via Bluetooth (and let’s say that there are 38 other connections), then switching over wouldn’t allow any more connection options without disconnecting first which isn’t always desirable when calling someone who needs immediate attention.

How does Bluetooth multipoint work?

Bluetooth multipoint is a useful feature that lets you keep your headset connected to two devices simultaneously. You can connect your headset through Bluetooth and listen through both the laptop as well as phone, while still being able to remain hands-free! It’s easy, just set up one connection on each device!