How to Use a Bluetooth Speaker with Chromecast

Chromecast and Bluetooth speakers are perfect for those who love watching movies, playing games, or simply listening to some tunes. You can use a Bluetooth speaker paired with Chromecast to make your TV or computer sound much better. This article will show you how to watch Netflix on your TV and listen to music from your phone wirelessly through a speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular as they become cheaper and easier to use. They’re a great way to listen to the music you want to hear without having to worry about any wires getting in your way. Here are some ways Bluetooth speakers can enhance your entertainment experience.

The world of technology is always evolving, and Bluetooth speakers are no exception. They’re the perfect device for your next listening experience, whether you want to watch a movie or stream some music.

With the introduction of Chromecast, it’s now possible to wirelessly play music from your phone or tablet through a speaker. Here are some of the benefits of using a Bluetooth speaker with Chromecast.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a small device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and allows you to wirelessly stream content from your phone or tablet. This can be anything including movies, TV shows, music, and games.

With Chromecast, there is no need for wires or a separate audio cable. With just a quick tap on the Cast button, you’re able to start watching what you want and listening to what you want. And since it’s wireless, there are no cords getting tangled up in your life either.

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How to use Chromecast

The Chromecast is a wireless TV Dongle that connects to your TV and lets you stream video and audio from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV. To use Chromecast, you have to install the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet.

Once it’s installed, you can access the Chromecast settings screen. From there, you can set up a smart playlist that allows you to play videos and music on a variety of different devices. You can also cast media from an Android device such as an Android tablet or Android phone to the TV through Bluetooth.

Chromecast has been making waves recently due to its ease of use, support for various popular apps, and high-quality sound. Nowadays, there are many brands that offer Bluetooth speakers with the Chromecast dongle included.

It’s still not easy to choose between them all though so we’re going to cover some of the top choices in this article which are among the best options for people looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker with a Chromecast dongle included in them.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

how to use bluetooth speaker with chromecast: Fugoo

Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers that connect wirelessly to a phone, tablet, or computer. These items are battery-powered and have small rechargeable batteries inside.

Bluetooth speakers usually have a base so they can stand on their own and thus are easy to move around. As an added bonus, Bluetooth speakers are designed to be easy to set up and use.

Chromecast is a device that allows you to send content from your phone or computer to TV through Wi-Fi. You can also play video on a screen in your living room while watching Netflix or playing games on your phone, tablet, or computer.

But there’s one catch: Chromecast only works with certain apps, like YouTube and Hulu Plus. If you want to stream videos from all apps, then you’ll need another device like Roku or Apple TV, which has its own built-in internet connection for streaming content.

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How does a Bluetooth speaker work with Chromecast?

Chromecast is a Wi-Fi enabled device that allows you to wirelessly stream audio and video content from your phone or tablet with the help of your Bluetooth speaker. Just plug in your Bluetooth speaker, connect to Chromecast on your mobile device, and you’ll be able to play any audio and video on the web or from apps such as Netflix.

You can also cast audio from your phone or tablet directly to speakers that don’t support Chromecast. This gives you the freedom to use any speaker for your next listening experience.

Another cool thing about using a Bluetooth speaker with Chromecast is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Just make sure you enable both devices for Bluetooth pairing, and you’ll be able to enjoy some new tunes wirelessly.

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Benefits of using a Bluetooth speaker with Chromecast

Bluetooth speakers offer a number of benefits, including wirelessly streaming music. If you’re not looking to buy a new speaker or are looking for an upgrade, consider some of these options.

  1. One benefit of Bluetooth speakers is that they don’t require any plugs or wires. Additionally, they’re small and you can easily store them away in a closet or under the bed. They are also lightweight and easy to carry around with you.
  2. Easy Setup. With Chromecast, you can make your Bluetooth speaker connect to your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. Just open the app on your mobile device, select a Bluetooth speaker and press “Setup.” Then press “Cast” on the Bluetooth speaker and tap the Cast button in the app. The connection will be complete!
  3. Another benefit is that Bluetooth speakers work with more than just your phone—they can work with your computer so that you can listen to music through your desktop or laptop. Now you no longer have to resort to using headphones all the time!
  4. Free Music Streaming. You get free music streaming services with Chromecast such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Podcasts
  5. High Quality Audio Out. You can enjoy high quality audio at home through your Bluetooth speaker. This is even when there’s not much light available or if you’re out of power.
  6. HD Video Playback & Picture Quality. You can watch videos and stream pictures from Facebook, YouTube and many other websites on a large screen TV with just Chromecast, without having to use a laptop or desktop computer
  7. No Laptop Computers Required. Your smartphone or tablet is all you need for this service; no need for a laptop computer or external hard drive needed.
  8. Customizable Peripherals (such as a smart remote control for controlling music playback). Devices with Chromecast are especially suited for Bluetooth speakers. The smart remote gives you exceptional control of the sound.

How to use a Bluetooth speaker with Chromecast

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with Chromecast.
  2. Connect your Bluetooth speaker to the Chromecast Audio port on your TV. Then switch the device to Cast mode so that it begins playing through your speakers instead of through the TV’s built-in speakers.
  3. Now all you have to do is open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet, select which device you want to cast, choose what songs you want to play, and press play!

In details:

To use a Bluetooth speaker with Chromecast, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Plug your phone or computer into your TV using the cable provided by the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone/computer.

Step 3. Find the Chromecast app on your phone/computer and then select “Cast” from the bottom-left corner of your device’s screen.

Step 4. Select “Acast” in the top-left corner of your phone/computer’s screen. Then select “Cast to TV” to send audio from whatever you’re listening to through Chromecast to your TV.


Chromecast is a popular name for Google’s streaming video and audio device. It makes it possible to play videos from your phone or tablet through the speaker connected to the TV. This allows you to enjoy your favorite music and videos without a cable or network connection.

You can even use Chromecast with TVs that support HDMI. This allows you to project the video from your phone or tablet onto the screen of your television.

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to bring the sound from your phone or computer to any room of your home. Google’s Chromecast is a device that allows you to wirelessly send audio from your phone, tablet, or computer to a TV.

It even gives you the option of sending any content you can see on your screen to your TV for easy viewing. Combined with these two technologies, you can have an amazing speaker in every room of the house.


What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a technology that lets you wirelessly stream content from your phone or tablet to your TV. It’s primarily designed for use with Android devices, but it works on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers as well.
You can use Chromecast to access content across multiple screens: whether that be a laptop display, the TV in your living room, or even another TV in another room. Chromecast allows you to cast content from any of these sources to the device that you are currently using it on (including games).

Does Chromecast support Bluetooth speakers?

Yes. You can use a pair of Bluetooth speakers to play audio on a TV, but if you have one that doesn’t work with your Chromecast, there’s no reason to purchase one. There are no technical requirements for Bluetooth speakers other than being able to produce sound.

How do I connect my speaker to my phone?

First, make sure the speaker is turned on. To do that, press the power button for about two seconds and you will see an LED light up when it’s turned on. If the LED light is not lit up, then turn off your speaker and try again because your phone may not recognize it at first.

How do I connect my speaker to my computer?

When you want to connect your speaker with a computer, first make sure it’s turned on by pressing the power button for about two seconds. Then plug your device into the USB port of your computer (if it requires an adapter) or directly into the USB port of your computer (if it’s built-in).