9 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Lights in 2023

Do you have a speaker that serves you well in the ears but very dull to the eye? Or are you looking for a speaker that will give you good listening and compelling visuals? It’s time to get one of the best Bluetooth speakers with lights.

Such a system brings a different mood when it comes to listening to music. Lights on a speaker make the audio more enjoyable to listen to. Bluetooth speakers that have lights double the enjoyment of the moment.

When in need of a quick speaker, you don’t need to bother yourself visiting online stores. This article is enough for you. I have brought together several speakers with lights that will probably give you the best.

Best Bluetooth speakers with lights top picks

SpeakerPropertiesCheck it out
JBL Pulse 4 Light speakerBest Bluetooth speaker with lightsCHECK IT OUT
Shava Light Bluetooth speakerBest Budget Bluetooth speaker with lightsCHECK IT OUT
Anker Soundcore Flare wireless speakerBest for outdoor activitiesCHECK IT OUT
Newtech LED Bluetooth night light wireless speakerThe best Bluetooth speaker with lights for designCHECK IT OUT
VersionTech mini portable LED soundBest budget Bluetooth speaker with lights for featuresCHECK IT OUT
VOCH Night Light Bluetooth speakerOne of the best Bluetooth speakers with lightsCHECK IT OUT
Pyle Wireless Active PA speaker systemBest for PowerCHECK IT OUT
Sony GTKXB90 Bluetooth light speakerBest tailgate speaker for lightingCHECK IT OUT
Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth light speakerThe best loud speaker for lightingCHECK IT OUT

JBL Pulse 4 Light speaker

JBL Pulse 4 Light speaker: The best Bluetooth speakers with lights

JBL Pulse 4 is one of the most attractive speakers in terms of its design, style, and features. It makes your party more beautiful with its glittering LED lights. The speaker is waterproof hence a perfect choice for the night and outdoor parties.

The speaker weighs 2.78 lbs.’ with dimensions of 5.51×4.45 inches. Its diameter is 9.69 hence a highly portable unit. The LED lights have a resolution of 360 degrees, therefore visible to all parts. It has an excellent shape that makes it very attractive to look at.

Moreover, the speaker has a rechargeable battery of 7500mAh that gives you a 12-hour active play. The JBL Connect app allows you to change the colors of the speaker. Controlling the speaker is a straight forward process. The speaker has an automatic switching mode.

The most exciting thing with the speaker is that it comes with a driver and two bass radiators. The sound output is productive of deep bass and a balanced sound. It has a wide range of both the Bluetooth and the sound throw.


  • Well balanced sound
  • Water-resistant
  • Powerful Bluetooth
  • Long-life battery
  • Color changing option


  • Not very loud

 Shava Light Bluetooth speaker

Shava Light Bluetooth speaker

ShavaNight is highly rated when it comes to the best speakers with lights. It is among the top picks in search engines. The speaker has a night light and a LED mood lamp. It not only serves as a speaker but can also be used as a table lamp.

It has five color-changing modes with three levels of brightness. You can switch between color mode by tapping and holding the mesh. A simple touch changes the level of intensity of the speaker. The lights are very amazing, especially when playing music. They create a disco mood.

The speaker is compatible with various devices. You can use a Bluetooth connection, audio cables, and an SD card to stream via the speaker.  The Bluetooth operates within a range of 33 feet. The in-built mic gives you a chance to pick calls using the speaker. The noise cancellation software lowers the noise.

Finally, the speaker is highly portable. It weighs 12 ounces, and the dimensions are 5.1×4.8 inches, with a diameter of 4.7 inches. The speaker is a high performer.


  • Touch control
  • Table lamp
  • Night lamp
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Built-in mic


  • Not very light

Anker Soundcore Flare wireless speaker

Anker Soundcore Flare wireless speaker

The Anker Soundcore speaker is a waterproof device with a charming and captivating design. With the IPX7 rating, the speaker is both water and dustproof. The speaker is small in size but an excellent performer.

The speaker has bass radiators and dual drivers that work towards delivering the best sound ever. The bass technology helps you to boost bass frequencies. This is done using digital processors. For expansive listening, you can double the sound power by pairing two flare speakers via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the speaker connects with all Bluetooth devices, irrespective of their type. The Bluetooth range is wide enough to enable streaming without interruption. The speaker also features five personalized light modes which you can adjust as per your wishes. 

Finally, the speaker delivers a non-stop 12 hours of active use. However, it consumes 3.5 hours to get fully charged.  Being a highly portable device weighing 18.7 ounces, you can carry the speaker from one place to another. The speaker is controlled using the Soundcore app


  • Wireless stereo connection
  • Soundcore app
  • Long-lasting battery
  • IPX7 rating
  • Lights portraying music beats


  • Not compatible with non-Bluetooth devices

Newtech LED Bluetooth night light wireless speaker

Newtech LED Bluetooth night light wireless speaker: The best speaker for design

The UD LED is one beautiful Bluetooth speaker that connects with almost every device. It weighs 14.7 pounds hence highly portable. The outside makes it very attractive with its six different color themes that keep interchanging. The MIANOVA 22A Chip provides the color themes.

It has a 2000mAh battery that keeps it active for up to 8 hours. However, when the LEDs are enabled, the speaker plays for 10 hours. It has a control panel that has all the buttons that allow you to command the speaker easily.

Being a wireless device, it delivers the best Bluetooth service. It connects to all devices quickly. If your device is not Bluetooth enabled, you don’t need to worry. The speaker connects easily to other devices using its numerous ports.

The sound production of the speaker is perfect. The built-in amplifier helps in ensuring that the sound is controlled and free from distortion at all levels. The speaker maintains excellent performance with an ideal sound dispersion of 360 degrees. The sound themes will make you enjoy the best moments.


  • Quality sound output
  • Beautiful design
  • AFC function
  • Supports up to 64G
  • Highly compatible


  • Small in size

VersionTech mini portable LED sound

VersionTECH mini portable LED sound: Best for features

The versionTECH portable speaker is one of the best speakers with light. It produces very bright and beautiful color themes and has the best sound, battery, and features. The speaker has Rainbow LED colors that make lovely disco lights.

The speaker spreads its colors with a projection of 16 million color dispersion. As a highly portable speaker, you can carry it for night parties and deliver the exact performance you wish.

With the acoustic drivers, you will enjoy quality music and a reasonable bass even at high volumes. To have more fun, the speaker can also work as a hi-fi system. The drivers lower the rate of sound distortion hence delivering the best listening experience.

The compatibility of the speaker with Bluetooth devices is excellent. It quickly pairs with smartphones, iPhones, laptops, and many more. The Bluetooth range goes beyond 32.8 feet with excellent signal stability. There are provisions for the TF card and MP3 music formats to stream via the speaker too.

Within 5 hours, you will have the inbuilt battery fully charged.  The 1200mAH will then run the speaker actively for 8 hours. The speaker delivers an output of 3W. You can use a remote control to operate the speaker.


  • Hi-fi stereo sound
  • Six colors LED lights
  • Beautiful shape
  • Acoustic drivers
  • Latest Bluetooth version
  • Compatible with many formats


  • Not very loud

VOCH Night Light Bluetooth speaker

VOCH Night Light Bluetooth speaker: One of the best Bluetooth speakers with lights

The VOCH Night Light is a compelling and beautiful looking speaker. Despite its tiny size, the speaker delivers loud and quality sound. It has six colors that change when you touch the speaker on the top. The combination of features and its design makes it ideal for night parties.

The speaker quickly pairs with all Bluetooth gadgets. However, if your device is not Bluetooth enabled, you can use the TF card. The FM mode allows you to listen to the radio. An in-built microphone will enable you to communicate via the speaker. 

The operations of the speaker are done through buttons. You can set the speaker to shut down after a given period. You can set the speaker to go off after 30 minutes then play your lullaby.

The speaker has an in-built rechargeable speaker of 2000mAh that takes 3.35 hours to charge fully. Voch Night Light Bluetooth speaker has an active play of 10 hours without lights and 120 hours with low shine. The speaker can get used as a lamp with perfect and adjustable brightness.

The speaker’s performance is no joke. It is quite loud and has more potential than some other large speakers. It delivers both a vibrant volume and balanced quality.


  • Set timing for on and off
  • Highly compatible
  • Long-life battery
  • Built-in microphone
  • Great sound output


  • Complicated operations

Pyle Wireless Active PA speaker system

Pyle Wireless Active PA speaker system: The best Bluetooth speaker with lights for power

Are you looking for an entirely powered speaker with lights for outdoor use? The Pyle wireless speaker is your perfect choice. It delivers a whopping 1000 watts. The speaker weighs 43.4 lbs with 2-way color flashing LED lights.

This speaker quickly pairs with numerous Bluetooth devices. Pyle Wireless Active PA speaker system has an SD card slot, USB, AUX, RCA, MP3 player, and microphone input of public address. You can also tune to FM radio. The speaker can, therefore, perfectly serve home parties and even outdoor events correctly.

The speaker is simple to control using the control panel. You can adjust its volume, set frequencies, and balance the inputs. Alternatively, you can perform wireless connections using a remote control.

The speaker is a high performer. It delivers nice bass and a loud sound, which is distortion-free. When used outdoors, it can efficiently serve a large group. It is a perfect choice when used for night parties because of the DJ lights.


  • Six inputs
  • Top control panel
  • DJ lights
  • Universal compatibility
  • Wireless streaming


  • Bulky unit

Sony GTKXB90 High power light speaker

Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth light speaker: The best Bluetooth tailgate speaker for lighting

The Sony GTKXB90 is a highly powered speaker with DJ light effects that make partying sweeter. The speaker produces extra bass and long hours of play hence suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties.

The speaker has a powerful rechargeable battery. It offers 16 hours’ playback and 3 hours of full volume. However, when stamina is activated, the speaker can take 4.5 hours to drain the battery. The speaker maintains quality sound even when at high volumes.

The speaker is easy to control is by the use of the Sony music center app. You can adjust the bass and volume levels. To enhance quality audio, the speaker has equalizers that help in balancing the sounds. The app also helps in managing DJ effects.


  • Extra bass
  • Powerful battery
  • Stamina mode
  • NFC one-touch
  • Pulsing lights
  • Multi-color lighting strip
  • Music equalizers


  • Battery drains quickly at high volumes

Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth light speaker

Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth light speaker: The best loud speaker with lights

 Sony is a highly rated and leading brand. The product Sony SRS-XB41 is one perfect speaker with an outstanding performance. The speaker has flashing lights and loud music that brings an excellent party experience.

A rechargeable battery keeps the speaker powered for 24 hours. The extra bass mode allows you to enjoy music for 14 hours. The Bluetooth connection and NFC function boost the speed of the speaker’s connectivity. The speaker quickly pairs with all wireless devices making streaming more reliable.

You can control the speaker using the Sony center or using your phone. The speaker has a powerful bass that is delivered by two 58mm speakers. The built-in grip lets you boost the bass with ease. However, tapping the speaker at different places for either soft or louder sounds will enjoy more sound effects.

The flashlights go hand in hand with the sound beats making you have an awesome dancing moment.


  • NFC function
  • Rustproof
  • Flashing strobes
  • Advanced control
  • Extra bass
  • Easy to grip


  • Complicated control

Buyers guide for the best Bluetooth speakers with lights.

The speakers listed above should give you the best performance for both outdoor or indoor activities. However, getting the best Bluetooth speaker with lights from the list above may require some factors for consideration.

Buying a Bluetooth speaker with lights is an effortless activity. Any speaker with both Bluetooth technology and lights meets the criteria. However, getting the best Bluetooth speaker may be slightly complicated.  Check on the following things before buying a speaker with lights.

Sound quality

When it comes to audio systems, the fundamental component is the sound output. The speaker you buy should maintain good sound quality both at low and high volumes. The speaker should have a sweet blend and a perfect balance.

Most of the speakers reviewed above will offer you the best sound quality in addition to the lights. This means you will entertain your friends and relatives every time you use the speaker.

LED lights

LED lights accompany the sound presentation. When the speaker releases its beats, the impact visualizes on the LED lights. Your speaker should have LED lights with colors that make you most comfortable. The variation of lights should match your desired needs.

The Best Bluetooth speakers with lights will give your room or outdoor space nice surrounding lights. This in essence makes the speakers good for outdoor activities.

Bluetooth compatibility

In the latest technology of sound streaming, Bluetooth technology is the best option. You should, therefore, buy a speaker with the latest Bluetooth technology. It should be able to pair with several devices.

Having Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use most of the devices to play music on your speaker. Thus, you can use it indoors or outdoors thus making your life enjoyable.

Bluetooth connectivity also makes it easy to pair several speakers. This is a feature available in some speakers which gives the speakers a stereo performance and increases the range.

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable batteries have different capacities. When buying a speaker, it should have a battery that will stay for a longer duration without draining.

Getting a speaker with a long-lasting battery may also help to charge some of the devices. The speaker should get used not only for indoor activities but also for outdoor activities.


Bluetooth speakers are meant to work in various places. It should be easy to carry from one place to another. The portability is made possible by the speaker either being small, having a handle, or being able to fit in a car.

Getting a portable speaker will make sure you enjoy your music wherever you are indoors or outdoors. It will ensure that you enjoy your music even in the car as seen in the best car speakers with Bluetooth.

Final verdict

 A speaker with lights is a very excellent gadget to have. Getting the right speaker that meets your needs is indeed a unique experience.

The speakers above are a quick pick for wireless speakers. The guide will also help you to assess other speakers with lights to get the best one.

Finally, the best speakers with lights will enable you to enjoy your time indoors or outdoors.