How to Boost PS4 Internet Speed: 9 Easy Tips

You want to play games online with your friends, but it’s hard to do that when you’re getting a low download speed. There are things that you can do at home to get faster PS4 download speeds and enjoy playing games online more often. Here are some tips on how you can boost ps4 internet speed in the comfort of your own home!

Internet speed can indeed affect how quickly you download your video game from the PlayStation Network. If you are experiencing slow downloads, there are a few things that you can do to increase your PS4’s download speed. You will be able to get faster downloads with these tips for improving ps4 internet speeds:

  1. Use Wired (Ethernet) connections instead of Wi-Fi
  2. Get a better ISP plan or switch ISPs
  3. Moving the PS4 closer to your Wi-Fi router if using WiFi
  4. Get a better Wi-Fi Router with improved range or mesh system
  5. Use powerline adapters around your house and connect your PS4
  6. Pause and Resume Your PS4 Download
  7. Put the PS4 Into Rest Mode
  8. Only download one game at a time on your PS4
  9. Using QoS prioritize gaming on your router

These are some of the ways to improve PS4 internet speeds that can cost you or that won’t cost a lot of money. Some solutions are free and some require investment in new equipment or services.

Using these tips will help you get faster downloads on your PlayStation 4 so you can play uninterrupted online games and never have to wait again- Thus making your PS4 download speed 100x faster.

How to boost PS4 internet speed

Downloading games or online gaming can be a real drag when your internet connection isn’t up to scratch. Often you’ll find that the download speeds are so slow, it’s quicker to just go out and buy the game from a shop instead of waiting for it to download at home.

The challenge is if you like online gaming, there is nowhere to run. Therefore, you need to know how to boost the PS4 internet speed- like making your PS4 download speed 100x faster. There are several ways to boost your PS4 internet speed including:

1. Getting a better ISP plan or switching ISPs

Getting a better internet plan can be difficult, especially when there are so many choices. We all know that the PS4 is an amazing console, but it can be held back by a slow internet connection.

Most people don’t know where to start or what internet plans really offer the best speeds for gaming.

Everyone wants to play online with their friends and family, but if your download speeds are slow then you might not be able to enjoy this feature of the PS4.

You can solve this problem by upgrading your internet service plan or changing your ISP provider. By doing so you will get faster download speeds and thus allow for a better gaming experience on the PlayStation 4.

If you ae using a DSL connection, you can change to either cable or upgrade further to fiber. Fiber connections offer the fastest internet connections for your online activities.

You can also try the tips to reduce latency when on satellite connections that I penned for people who can not upgrade to other internet provision methods.

2. Use Wired (Ethernet) connections instead of Wi-Fi

There are lots of things you can do to improve your PS4’s internet speed and make downloading games much faster, but only one thing will really give you an instant boost in download speeds – switching from Wi-Fi (wireless) connections on your router or modem/router combo unit and plugging directly into them with an Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables offer stable and faster internet connection as compared to WiFi connections. Moreover, there is no packet loss or areas with no coverage with Ethernet connections. However, it limits the movements and you need to lay the Ethernet cables to the place where your PS4 is located.

This may sound like common sense stuff, but we’ve found that many people don’t actually know how important this step is when trying to get better PS4 download speeds – even if they have been experiencing problems!

3. Moving the PS4 closer to your Wi-Fi router

We all know that internet speeds are affected by distance and obstacles such as walls. Therefore for the best experience, move the PS4 closer to the router to enjoy gaming on WiFi.

The PS4 is a great console but it can be frustrating when you have slow internet speed.

Although Sony has sold more than 80 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide since its release in 2013, many gamers still struggle with poor wireless connections for their games. If you have an older router or live in a large house (or both), this may be an issue for you.

The good news is there’s something you can do about it! It’s actually surprisingly easy to improve your gaming performance by moving your console closer to your Wi-Fi access point. This enables you to get a better WiFi signal thus increasing the WiFi speed.

We all know that obstacles such as walls affect our internet speeds, so moving it closer will improve your experience. You can also try placing the PS4 directly behind your router if you have one in order to get better reception.

4. Get a better Wi-Fi Router with improved range or mesh system

I have a PS4 in my room and it keeps disconnecting from the internet. The problem is that your router doesn’t have enough range to reach all of your devices at once, or you don’t want to sit close to the router for better reception.

If the router isn’t in the same room as your PS4 then you’ll need to use Ethernet cables which are very annoying if you want to move around freely while gaming and watching movies on Netflix etc…

The PlayStation 4 comes with Bluetooth only for connecting controllers and headsets, not for Internet connectivity. This means that you have to connect your PlayStation 4 via an Ethernet cable or via a Wi-Fi connection.

You need a new Wi-Fi Router with an improved range so that you can game online without any problems. A good long-range router will help eliminate dead spots throughout your home and allow you to play anywhere in the house without interruptions. A mesh system would be another good option as well if you’re looking for even more coverage around your home.

You can buy a better router than the one that came with your internet package. For example, I personally use the Amazon Eero Pro 6 system because it offers amazing range and speed compared to what my previous WiFi routers offered me at home where I wanted my PS4 located far from my main router which was in another room of our house.

5. Use powerline adapters around your house and connect your PS4

How to boost PS4 internet speed: You can use a powerline adapter to improve the PS4 internet speeds for your enjoyable gaming experience

Your PS4 is hardwired to the router, but you have poor WiFi coverage in some of the rooms. You want a better internet connection for your PS4 and other devices.

The best solution for this is to use powerline adapters that connect your PlayStation 4 directly to the home network with no need for an extra router or cables.

The Powerline network adapters for gaming are not expensive and make it easy to connect all parts of your home with high-speed internet.

The best part of using this method is you don’t have to run new cables around the house or drill holes in the wall!

6. Pause and Resume Your PS4 Download

Downloading games and updates for your PlayStation 4 can be a real pain. There are many factors that come into play, including the type of network you’re on and the time of day. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to increase your download speeds.

There may be no logical explanation for this but it works. According to our tests, pausing the download and then resuming it can boost the PS4 internet download speed by up to 100%. Try this out on any of your future downloads if you’re experiencing slow speeds.

This method involves no investment. It gives your PS4 a chance to rest and start downloading again.

How to pause and resume downloads on PS4

You can follow the following 3 steps to pause and resume downloads on PS4:

  • To stop the download is quite easy. You can do it by getting access to your downloads from your notifications. The notifications are found if you scroll up to the top on the PS4 home screen.
  • Thereafter, you need t press X on the controller as soon as you highlight the download you intend to pause.
  • After a while, press X again on the controller to resume the download.

7. Put the PS4 Into Rest Mode

There’s no reason why your games should take forever to download, but they do. If you’ve got a fast internet connection then there’s something wrong with the way that Sony handles downloading on the PS4.

The console is not really optimized for high-speed connections, so it can be infuriating when trying to download a game or update from the PlayStation Store.

Downloading games onto your PS4 over Wi-Fi can be extremely frustrating at times due to how slowly things move along, especially if you have a big file size title in mind such as Red Dead Redemption 2 which takes up an enormous 100GB of space!

To enable faster downloads which may also not work miracles, you can put the PS4 into rest mode as follows:

To start the process, you need to set the functions availed on rest mode by:

  • Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.
  • On this part, put a tick to the “Stay Connected to the Internet” box. This enables the PS4 to continue downloading even when in rest mode.
  • Once that is done, you can hold down the PlayStation Button to bring up the Quick Menu.
  • Then, select Power followed by selecting ‘Enter Rest Mode’. This will put your PS4 into a low-power mode while also downloading files.

8. Only download one game at a time on your PS4

To improve the connection speed of your PS4 when downloading games, try pausing all downloads except for the current one.

This will ensure that you get optimal speeds while playing online with other players who might also be trying to download their games at once as well.

You will also save hard drive space by only downloading one game at a time instead of several in parallel.

Moreover, you can minimize the number of devices that are using the internet simultaneously. This enables your downloads to be faster.

9. Change the router settings on prioritization (QoS)

If you have a router with QoS settings, then we recommend prioritizing your PS4 to increase the bandwidth accessed by your PS4. The following are the easy-to-follow steps to prioritize PS4 gaming on your router:

  • You can find the MAC address and IP address of your PS4 in Connection Settings/Status. This is found in the “View Connection Status” page of the Internet Connection settings section of the Network settings.
  • Log into your router (enter or plus the router password into any browser). The username and password of the router are typed at the back of the router. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera mini among other browsers.
  • If QoS settings are available, check them out on the “Advanced Settings” or similar instructions. Here, you will find a list of devices accessing your network each with its own IP address and MAC address.
  • Use the MAC address you discovered earlier to select your PS4.
  • Set the priority to the highest or highest setting.
  • Appy and save to activate QoS on your router for prioritizing PS4.
  • Note: QoS is not available on all routers.

Prioritizing your PS4 enables your PS4 to get the first priority on the internet connection. Thus, it limits the bandwidth to other devices while increasing it on your PS4.

What are the internet speed requirements for PS4?

The PlayStation 4 is a great console. It has a lot of games that you can play online and offline, but what about your internet connection? Is it fast enough to support this gaming device?

A good gaming experience requires a fast and stable Internet connection. The most common problem with online gaming is lag, which can be caused by many factors.

You might have the best game console but if your network isn’t up to par then you will not be able to enjoy any of your video games in peace. Internet service providers often advertise their speeds as “up to” a certain Mbps (megabits per second) but what does that mean exactly? And how much bandwidth do you need for playing video games online? Let’s find out!

What is a Kilobyte?

First, let me explain some basics about bandwidth and latency so we’re on the same page here. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second or bps while latency is measured in milliseconds (ms).

One bit equals one binary digit – either 0 or 1 – which means that 8 bits make up one byte (one character), 1024 bytes make one kilobyte.

Latency is one of the most important factors when running a speed test. If you have high latency on your connection you will experience delays in loading games, which can be a major cause for frustration.

High latency rates can make it difficult or impossible to do things like play competitive online games or video chat with friends and family. It can also cause problems for companies that rely on the internet to conduct business over phone lines, such as VoIP calls.

What is Mbps?

Megabits per second (Mbps) refers to the speed at which data can be transferred from your computer to another device on a network. It’s often used when referring to the transfer rate for your internet connection or download speeds.

The higher this number, the faster you’re able to download content and access information online.

It means that the connection can transfer 1 megabit of data per second from a computer to another device on the network. There are 1 million bits in 1Mb.

Bit measures the speed while a byte is a measure of storage. 

8 Megabits make 1 Megabyte. Therefore, this means that to download a 1MB (Megabyte) file in 1 second, you need to have an internet connection of 8Mb/8Mbps (Megabit/Megabit per second).

What is the minimum internet speed for gaming on PS4?

Different manufacturers of online video list a speed of at least 3Mbps as the bare minimum speed for gaming. The PS4 then will require a speed that exceeds 3Mbps. But 3Mbps is not a good connection speed for PS4.

However, the speeds may not give you the best experience since we know that the ISP speeds keep on fluctuating. In addition, the speed may be affected by congestion, interference, and the use of multiple devices.

Therefore, we recommend a speed of at least 20Mbps for excellent gaming on one machine or at least 100Mbps if you are using multiple gaming consoles or multiple devices on the network.

How to make PS4 run faster?


The best way to boost PS4 internet speed is by paying for faster internet service, but that’s not always possible. If you have a wired connection or are willing to connect your PS4 with an Ethernet cable then you can get fast speeds with any router.

Moving your PS4 closer to the Wi-Fi router will also improve download speed and range issues. But if those solutions aren’t available to you then upgrading your Wi-Fi router might be the only option left.

A better Wi-Fi Router has more antennas which means it broadcasts stronger signals in all directions and therefore improves download speed over longer distances too!

For excellent gaming, you can also consider upgrading to an SSD card for your PS4. This will enable downloads and uploads to happen faster thus improving network speed. All the steps described can make your PS4 download speed 100x faster.

Make your PS4 download speed faster FAQs

How can you make your PS4 download speed 100x faster?

There are several ways that are discussed in this article on how to make your PS4 download speed 100X faster. The most effective methods include using QoS to prioritize gaming on PS4, moving the PS4 nearer to the router, using wired connections instead, putting the PS4 Into Rest Mode, pausing, and resuming your PS4 download, and getting a better router among others. You should also not play online when downloads are taking place.

Does PS4 download faster in rest mode?

The general consensus is that downloading games while your PS4’s Rest Mode is on, will yield better download speeds than downloading in Power Mode. Rest mode enables the PS4 to dedicate all resources to the download instead of sharing the resources with other functions. Moreover, most users find that their games load quicker when downloading using a wired Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi. This is because it bypasses any wireless interference which might be slowing things down on the network between your computer and console/modem combo device (your internet service provider also has this effect).

What is PS4 max download speed?

It is important to note that the PS4 is able to handle up to 1000 Mbps with an Ethernet cable as compared to up to 450 Mbps when using Wi-Fi. Thus, you will get faster downloads when using an Ethernet cable as compared to using WiFi.

Is 40 Mbps good for gaming?

Yes, 40Mbps is good for gaming including live online gaming. However, the speed will not be able to handle multiple gaming devices being used simultaneously but can help you in gaming and doing other non-intense activities. Speeds of 10-25Mbps can support moderate HD streaming, online gaming, and downloading on a few devices. Speeds of 25-40Mbps can support heavy HD streaming, online gaming, and downloading when using a number of devices. For several hardcore gaming devices, you need speeds of more than 40Mbps.

Why is PS4 WiFi so slow?

There are several reasons why your PS4 WiFi is slow. It may be due to interference by other devices, WiFi block by thick walls, metallic objects, and other devices. Moreover, using multiple devices simultaneously, connecting to a slower frequency channel, poor WiFi router, and use of non-high-performance antennas.