8 Best Powerline Adapters for Gaming in 2023

Every gamer will tell you the importance of a reliable and fast internet for gaming. In this case, getting stable internet throughout the house can be excellent for gaming. Why then not consider the best powerline adapter for gaming?

How effective is a powerline for internet signal transmission? You will realize that a powerline is one of the crucial things you need for your internet connection when gaming.

A powerline Adapter uses your home’s electrical wiring to connect your devices to the internet. At times you will experience poor network when gaming if you are far from the router. In this instance, the powerline adapter will be significantly useful.

There are numerous powerline adapters in the market, and it can be challenging to choose the best. You got no reason to worry anymore; here is a list of the eight best powerline adapters for gaming you can choose.

Best Powerline Adapters for Gaming

Gaming powerline adapterBest forSpecificationsCheck it out on Amazon
TP-Link AV2000 Powerline AdapterBest powerline adapter for gamingSpeed: 2000Mbps Ethernet over Power
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps,
Range: 300 meters In house
D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200Best for multiple gaming machinesSpeed: up to 1200Mbps
Ethernet: 3 Gigabit ports
Range: Whole home coverage
TP-LINK-Powerline Pass Through – TL PA9020Best Powerline networking kitSpeed: 2000Mbps Ethernet over Power
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps,
Range: 300 meters In house
Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline AdapterBest for high internet speedsSpeed: Up to 2000Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit port
Range: Whole home coverage
TP-Link AV1000 Powerline AdapterBest budget powerline adapter for gamingSpeed: Up to 1000Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit port
Range: Whole home coverage
TP-Link AV1300 Powerline (TL-WPA8630 KIT)Best for ease in connectionSpeed: Up to 1300Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit port
Range: Whole home
Zyxel Powerline Gigabit Adapter PLA4225KITBest for a modest home with a few usersSpeed: Up to 500Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet
Range: Whole home coverage
Netgear-XAV5001 Powerline Network AdapterBest gaming powerline adapter for network reliabilitySpeed: up to 500 mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet
Range: Up to 5000 sq ft home

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline adapter: The best powerline adapter for gaming and other devices

For the best performance from your powerline adapter, look no further. You will appreciate the internet speed, range, number of devices, and the stability of the internet.

You will automatically love its easy-to-set-up nature. It requires you to plug and play; no additional efforts are needed.

It will be easy to do gaming at any time, whether during the day or at night. You can fix the powerline adapter easily and achieve the best gaming experience at any time. You can use the powerline adapter in a range of 300 meters in the house.

Notably, it has a noise filtering feature. Noise tends to be a hindrance when gaming and can bring you the worst gaming experience. You deserve an ample environment when gaming, with minimal or fewer distractions. Hence you will not receive noise disturbances from the powerline when gaming.

It is also a power-saving powerline adapter. Are you frustrated after the previous adapter used so much power? Here is a perfect solution for you.

It consumes minimal power; hence you will not incur extra cost for power. Therefore, you can enjoy gaming to your level best as the powerline will utilize only a little power.

Moreover, it enhances fast internet transfer with Ethernet over power of up to 2000Mbps. This makes it an exceptional device for even concrete walled houses.

It features a Gigabit Ethernet port for seamless gaming. With this, it ensures reliable wired connections to your devices, however far they are from the router. When gaming, you can enjoy it from any place within your compound.


  • It has fast internet speed.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Noise filtering
  • It is a power saver
  • Offers a whole-home coverage


  • It can occupy a lot of space.
  • It is relatively expensive.

D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200

D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200: Best gaming powerline adapter with 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports

It is a high-performance powerline adapter suitable for your gaming. The adapter has a high speed, which plays a vital role in your gaming experience.

Having a slow internet performance will grant you a poor gaming experience. Therefore, you need this fast adapter to give you a high performance, to meet your demands. This adapter has speeds of up to 1200Mbps.

You cannot fail to notice its fantastic color and size as well. If you love good-looking things, this is the best for you. The adapter is white, which is appealing to you as the user. It also has an appropriate size, neither small nor big, best for gaming.

The adapter also ensures appropriate coverage of the area. It involves a set of two COVR points that enhances the excellent coverage. With this, you will be able to enjoy gaming from any point with the most fantastic connection.

Moreover, it is an easy to set up adapter. You do not have to look for assistance from professionals all the time. When you need to do your gaming, you can set it up yourself. There are few easy steps to follow. The set-up is just an effortless plug-and-play.

Also, it enhances the coverage of the dead zones. The adapter enhances a comprehensive coverage of connection in the home. With 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can use two or more gaming consoles simultaneously.

All the areas will be sorted on the network issue, including any dead zone. Therefore, you can enjoy gaming with this adapter in any area, whether a dead zone or not.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It covers all areas, including dead zones.
  • Has 3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • It has a high performance.


  • It comes at a high price

TP-LINK-Powerline Pass Through – TL PA9020

TP-LINK-Powerline Pass Through – TL PA9020: Best pass-through adapter for gaming

One of the crucial things you will enjoy is its high performance. It allows the transfer of up to 2000Mbps. Due to its high speed, it is perfect for gaming. Slow network transfer will affect your gaming experience and bring about excessive lagging.

The powerline is also easy to set up. You can handle it easily with minimal or no knowledge at all. It only needs you to plug and play. Therefore, you can set it and have the best gaming experience at any given time.

It also has a gigabit Ethernet port suitable for use when gaming. With this, there are enhanced fast connections when gaming. The port provides high-speed wired connections for your gaming apparatus such as the consoles and TV.

Additionally, it has a 2×2 MIMO. It allows the adapters to transfer data with maximized speed through the two streams perceptively. When gaming, the connection will be strong and data transfer very. Therefore, it will give you an incredible gaming experience.


  • It has a 2×2 MIMO
  • An easy to set up Powerline adapter
  • Improved high performance
  • It has a high-speed data transfer.
  • Easy to connect several adapters


  • You have 2 buy the two product in one for the kit to work

Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline Adapter

Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline Adapter

With this powerline adapter, you will be able to connect several devices in the house. It allows the connection of up to 16 devices and works effectively.

When gaming, there will be minimal disturbances due to the need to connect other essential appliances. Therefore, you will have a fantastic gaming experience despite the number of connections to the adapter.

Also, it grants you a better real-world performance. It is unlike most adapters, which provide you with standard powerline technology. Hence, you will enjoy gaming from the best perspective and have an incredible experience.

The powerline adapter also has a high performance. The adapter is ideal for gaming as you need to have the best connection to achieve high-end results. With transfer speeds of up to 2000Mbps, you will enjoy your gaming everywhere in the house.

It uses Forward Error Correction(FEC)/ LDPC. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy gaming due to its exceptionally high performance.

Moreover, it delivers a connection to all the corners of your home. The adapter allows connection to a wide range of areas as long as they are sharing an electric circuit.

You will be able to do your gaming at any given place in your home with a superb connection. Therefore, you will have an incredible gaming experience despite the area you are in.


  • It has a high performance.
  • Allows access to dead zones
  • It has quick noise adaptation.
  • The adapter is highly compatible.


  • It can be hard to set up.

TP-Link AV1000 Powerline

TP-Link AV1000 Powerline Adapter: Best powerline adapter for gaming with the lowest budget

On a budget? Get this exceptional powerline adapter and enjoy your gaming everywhere in your home. It offers exceptional internet speeds, Gigabit Ethernet port, power-saving, and a whole home coverage.

The adapter is significantly power-saving. You will need to use minimal power on the adapter during gaming.

It repeatedly reduces your power consumption up to approximately 85 percent. Therefore, you will have minimal worries about power usage during gaming and can have the best experience.

It is compatible with most devices. These include AV1300, AV2000, AV500, AV600, AV1000, AV 1200, and AV2000. Therefore, you do not have to incur extra charges to get new compatible devices for your gaming. You only need to connect your adapter to the available devices.

Additionally, you can enjoy connection anywhere with speeds of up to 1000Mbps Ethernet over power. The adapter extends the network to any place in your home.

For any room with a power outlet, it enhances a high-speed network connection. You will get dual-band speeds of up to 750Mbps (433Mbps on 5GHz and 300Mbps on 5GHz band) Hence, you can enjoy gaming from any given area and have the best experience.

Also, the adapter has a Gigabit Ethernet port that enhances performance. You will be able to enjoy gaming at a higher speed easily. The port enables you to connect your wired devices such as gaming consoles and PCs. It will allow you to do gaming with no lagging or connection issues.


  • It easy to set the adapter.
  • The cost is pocket-friendly
  • It is a power-saving adapter.
  • Improved connection in dead zones


  • Only compatible with specific devices

TP-Link AV1300 Powerline (TL-WPA8630 KIT)

TP-Link AV1300 Powerline (TL-WPA8630 KIT)

Firstly, the adapter grants you fast dual-band Wi-Fi speeds. It enhances the speed up to 1350Mbps. It uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi to bring about dual-band connections with collective speeds of up to 1350Mbps. Your connection when gaming will be great, granting you a fantastic experience.

You will appreciate the Gigabit Ethernet Port and 2X2 MIMO with Beamforming for exceptional gaming. These features improve the performance of the internet connections on wired or wireless devices.

It is also easy to set up and handle. To fix the adapter, you need plugging, pairing, and playing. Therefore, you need not have a broad knowledge to operate it to do your gaming. Maintaining the adapter is simple, just like it’s setting up.

Additionally, it is a Wi-Fi clone. It copies the Wi-Fi name and password of your router automatically. It is within a single touch of the Wi-Fi clone button. You, therefore, need to do gaming anytime without having to enter passwords.

Also, it is a power-saving adapter. It will automatically reduce power consumption by approximately 85 percent. You will invest less in power for gaming as only a small amount is utilized.

For the safety of your data while online the powerline adapter comes with 128 bit AeS data encryption. This also enables you to use the internet privately.


  • Very easy to set up
  • High-speed data transfer
  • It is power saving
  • The performance is excellent
  • Has Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Comes with 2X2 MIMO with Beamforming
  • Excellent safety and privacy measures


  • Network access is limited to certain areas
  • The cost is relatively high

Zyxel Powerline Gigabit Adapter (PLA4225KIT)

Zyxel Powerline Gigabit Adapter: Best for a modest home

You will enjoy its stable and fast media network when gaming. It offers high speeds of up to 500mbps and backward compatibility with Home Plug AV. The fast network is also attributed to the Gigabit Ethernet capabilities.

It features QoS for device prioritization. However, since the speeds are a bit lower, you can only connect up to 4 devices.

It is also power-saving as it has a power-saving mode.  The adapter automatically shifts to a power-saving mode when there is no active Ethernet link. It only consumes 0.5 power watts. Therefore, you will incur less power charge when gaming; hence will serve you for more extended periods.

The adapter is easy to connect or operate. You can fix it on your own as it involves just a few easy steps. It only needs you to plug and play. With this, you can enjoy gaming at any given time. There is no need for assistance on how to fix it as you can handle it solely with no experience.


  • It has a high performance.
  • This Adapter is easily compatible with various devices.
  • It has a power-saving mode.
  • Has extended network connection


  • It is expensive
  • It is not locally available.

Netgear-XAV5001 Powerline Network Adapter

Netgear XAV5001 powerline adapter: Best for reliable internet connection

The adapter provides room for multiplayer gaming. When gaming with other people, such as family or friends, you can participate at once. You do not have to wait until the other party is done with their gaming part for you to take over. With the appropriate connection, all of you can do the gaming once.

It has a high performance as well, which is ideal for gaming. With this adapter, you will experience speeds of up to 500 Mbps. It ensures there is no lagging and the network is fast enough. The data transfer speed is also exemplary hence the incredible gaming experience.

Moreover, it is easy to set the adapter. Upon its purchase, you don’t have to get a professional to fix it for you. You also do not have to install or configure the software. It needs you to plug and play.

In addition, you can connect a number of units to your system. This means that you can easily extend coverage to every corner of your home by using different units. This is possible if your home shares the same electrical circuit.


  • It is easy and fast to set up.
  • The adapter is compatible with numerous devices.
  • It enhances high performance.
  • It has a vast extension of network coverage.


  • Compatible with selected devices

Buyers Guide for Best Powerline Network Adapters for Gaming

Are you tired of poor connections when gaming? In need of a new powerline adapter? In his day and age of having high-speed internet and exceptional routers, getting the best powerline adapter for gaming is crucial.

A powerline network adapter gives you a reliable connection that is fast to connect. In addition, the cost of network extension is reduced markedly.

The powerline network adapter uses the already existing infrastructure. In addition, the gadgets are not as costly as mesh systems or some of the Wi-Fi extenders.

To ensure that you get the best network accessories for your internet, you need to put an effort to know what is the best. There are several aspects you need to consider when purchasing a power adapter. These include;

Compatibility/ Powerline standards

Currently, powerline adapters use the popular HomePlug AV2 powerline standards. These standards give you some of the fastest performances. In addition, these standards give you compatibility with most home devices.

There are other powerline standards that are employed out there. However, for the best performance at home, make sure that they are compatible with HomePlug AV2.

The powerline adapter you opt for should be easy to use with other devices. If you are not considerate, you may end up incurring extra costs.

You will have to purchase devices compatible with your extender for it to work effectively. With a compatible device, you will have a fantastic gaming experience with no extra charges.

Speed and performance

When powerline adapters were first developed, the internet speeds and performance were not exceptional. However, with the current changes in technology and updates to the previous technology, the current models offer exceptional performances.

The modern powerline adapters are excellent for gaming because they have gigabit speeds. You will also find 2Gbps powerline adapters in the market today. Even though these speeds are theoretical, you stand to benefit by picking a gigabit powerline network adapter for gaming.

What you benefit from having an exceptional powerline adapter for gaming in terms of speed and performance is that it will not be affected by walls or distance from the router.

You will therefore be able to enjoy gaming in all corners of your home.

Therefore, as you are sourcing for the best powerline adapter for gaming, it is important to pick one with gigabit speeds. This will reduce the latency and give you the best gaming experience in every corner of your home.

Access to dead zones/ Range

Devices such as Wi-Fi extenders and mesh systems are limited to certain areas of your home. This is because thick walls and other materials limit the coverage of these devices.

The powerline adapters on the other hand have a good range especially if your home shares an electrical power circuit. However, not all of them have the same range.

You will need to get an adapter that allows you to have a wide area coverage to transfer data. With this, gaming from any point is easy, with high connection as well.

To ensure that you can enjoy your gaming in every corner of your home, you can choose one of the reviewed powerline adapters above for your whole home coverage.

Number of devices

Our homes have become smarter these days. You will find smart devices spread throughout the home. These include TVs, Smartphones, door lock systems, laptops, computers, alarms, thermostats, and other devices.

I have not mentioned gaming devices since they are the main gadgets for the article today. However, the gaming devices will not be used in isolation when being connected to the powerline adapter.

Therefore, you will require a powerline adapter that can handle several devices. To ensure that you get a good number of devices connected to the powerline adapter, the speeds have to be exceptional and other performance features.

Since they will be sharing the same internet pipeline, you will be required to get a powerline pair that can handle multiple devices. In most cases, getting a gigabit powerline adapter will serve your gaming and home devices well.

In addition, most powerline adapters may have a single Ethernet port. However, since you may require several LAN connections, you can consider a powerline adapter with several Ethernet ports for your multiple devices.

Wi-Fi connections

Most of the powerline adapters reviewed in this article offer Wi-Fi support. However, there are other powerline adapters that do not.

Even though a Wi-Fi connection was not the primary reason for the powerline adapter design, it is a feature that is necessary these days.

Powerline adapters work well to deliver a wired connection to the underserved corner of your home. However, since most of the devices are currently wireless, the manufacturers have included integrated Wi-Fi in the current designs.

However, if your powerline adapter is exceptional, you can choose to add your wireless access point for Wi-Fi connections.

Thus, as you are choosing the best powerline adapter for gaming, it is important to check if it has a dual-band Wi-Fi connection for connecting other devices.

Security and privacy

In the powerline adapters technology, the internet signals move through the electrical cables in your home. This means anyone with access to your electrical circuit can possibly get connected to your network.

This makes the security of your connection very important. If there are no proper safety, security, and privacy features, it is a risky affair to use the powerline adapter.

To ensure the risk is minimal, the powerline adapter standards provide for built-in encryption for your security and privacy. The encryption used enables only your connected powerline adapter units to communicate.

However, you still need to ensure that you pick the powerline adapter with exceptional security and privacy features for your home.

Expandability/ Ease of connecting other powerline adapter units

We know that smart devices are spread all around the house these days. This means that you may require to use more than one unit for internet connection.

For example, you may have devices in several rooms of your home which are separated by thick walls. In this case, you will need to add another powerline adapter unit to the other room.

Therefore, as you are choosing the powerline adapter for your home, it is important to make sure that the model chosen gives you an option for adding another unit.

You can also check to ensure that you can add a different model with ease. This will ensure you get the best from your network all the time.


Everyone has a set budget for the purchase of certain things at any given time. You need to check which adapter has a price range according to your plans.

It enables you to work with your stipulated budget and achieve the best. There are numerous less costly adapters you can choose from.

However, it is important to ensure that it meets your needs. This is because most network gadgets last for very long and also you need to serve your devices especially gaming machines in the best way possible.

Why should you buy a powerline adapter for gaming?

Getting a powerline adapter gives you several advantages even if they are not bread and butter for everyone.

This is because they are plug-and-play and also they offer reliable internet. However, if your interest is to get more devices on your Wi-Fi network, you can consider the best long-range routers or a Mesh Wi-Fi system.

However, if you are looking to deliver internet in its reliable high-speed performance to every corner of your home, then kindly consider getting a powerline adapter. You will notice that both long-range routers and mesh systems will not deliver the internet to every corner of your home.

A powerline adapter will use your powerline to deliver excellence to every corner where there is a shared circuit. This will cut on the cost of laying Ethernet cables and also they are quite affordable.

Finally, using a powerline adapter ensures that you can get reliable internet even if you have thick walls or several materials that can block the Wi-Fi signal. This makes them exceptional for concrete houses.

How do powerline adapters work?

When buying a powerline adapter, you will notice that they come in pairs. The pairs work to give your home network coverage to all areas with a power supply on the same circuit.

The Powerline adapter thus uses the wired connection of your electrical wiring to send internet signals to every corner of your home.

The powerline adapter uses Ethernet ports on both units to create a connection when connected to electrical outlets. The two points thus will use the electrical circuit for signal transmission.

For network extension, therefore, you need to plug one of the units into the electrical circuit near your router. A connection to the power outlet will be complete once you connect your router to the unit using an Ethernet cable.

On the other side, you will plug in the other unit on the power outlet and with that, you will receive the internet signal. You can thereafter use a Wi-Fi connection or LAN cable to connect to your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Powerline adapters good for gaming?

Yes, a powerline adapter is good for gaming. It uses the home electrical wiring to extend the internet signals to zones in the house that may not be covered by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.

What it assures you is that you will get stable internet even in the corners of the house surrounded by thick walls. It is also excellent for the home aesthetics since you will not lay down the Ethernet cables for the home.

For gaming, speeds above 4Mbps are good for gaming. Since most of the powerline adapters are able to provide such speeds, you are assured that they will be excellent for gaming.

What is the best Powerline adapter for gaming on the market?

The best gaming powerline adapters are as described in this article. This is because all of them have merits and demerits and the choice is as per preference.

From our tests and reviews, TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter came out tops for gaming. However, you can choose a different device based on the other features discussed.

The adapters can plug into your home’s electrical system seamlessly and and transform it into a high-speed network. Therefore, it can support gaming in every corner of the house.

To get the best powerline adapter for gaming you need to consider the range, number of devices connected, the speed of internet connections, and compatibility to different devices.

If you choose any of the powerline adapters reviewed in this article you are assured of an exceptional service.

Is Powerline better than WiFi for gaming?

A powerline adapter uses the home electrical heritage wiring to extend the internet signals to every corner of the house. This makes it a robust wired network for your home.

It is thus reliable and can travel for a longer range as compared to a Wi-Fi signal from your router. What also is excellent about the powerline adapter is that there is less signal degradation with an increase in distance from the router.

Therefore, because gaming requires reduced latency and a stable connection, powerline adapters give you the best connection for gaming.

Therefore, even though Wi-Fi may be great for locations near the router or mesh system nodes for gaming, moving far away may cause unstable and poor connections. These may lead to lags in gaming.

Therefore, for the high-performance whole home gaming experience, getting a good powerline adapter will push the boundaries in gaming and other internet intense activities such as HD streaming.

Final verdict

Are you wondering how to have a perfect gaming connection? The ideal solution is here with us. A powerline adapter plays a vital role in improving your connection. You do not have to enjoy gaming from only specified points due to pending connections. It ensures you utilize the connection anywhere at any given time.

However, it can be challenging for the best powerline adapters to be acquired. With the numerous adapters in the market, you can use the criteria mentioned above to achieve the best. Once you get the adapter, there will be no turning back and resolve to any other connection.