Amazon Eero Pro 6 Router (2023 best router’s Review)

Amazon eero Pro 6 Mesh system: The best Optimum router for thick walls and long range


  • The router is aesthetically appealing
  • It has a great internet speed (up to a Gigabit)
  • Long-range router (up to 6,000 square feet for 3 piece unit)
  • Can connect multiple devices simultaneously (up to 75 devices)
  • Has advanced security features
  • The range is expandable
  • Connects to other Eero devices


  • It is a bit costly even through it is worth the price

Amazon Eero Pro 6 Mesh Router

Amazon acquired the Eero brand early in 2019. It has recently produced recent models such as the Eero Pro 6, whose performance is excellent.  Amazon Eero Pro 6 comes in a lovely design with a wider range of coverage and the ability to extend the network easily.

It is a tri-band router that comes out with pro features that make it unique. It came with Eero 6, which both have similar features in color, design, and size. However, the performance of the Eero Pro 6 is more enhanced.

Of note is that in case your home has thick concrete walls, is a story house, has a lot of devices, or is very large, this router will give you the performance you need. For my home, it is the best router for home automation.


The apple-like design with clear lines makes the router awesome and presentable to the eye. It has a compact size that enhanced portability and limited space occupation. The LED lights help in understanding the performance of the router.


Amazon Eero Pro 6 is designed to serve both large homes and offices. It has a wider coverage and is perfect at eliminating dead zones. The combination of mesh technology and wifi six technology makes the router’s performance more enhanced.

The router has coverage of 2000 square feet per node. It, therefore, covers a wider area, be it in the office or at home. Additionally, you can expand the range by adding another satellite. It has gigabit speeds that make your downloads and uploads faster and more efficient. 

The model has speeds and a stable connection. Adherence to 802.11 specifications makes the router have awesome speeds even at the farthest end of the internet connection.

It is, therefore, the most ideal for streaming 4K content, Video conferencing, and gaming. When streaming or gaming, the router works intelligently to ensure that you do not experience lag and drop-offs.

It also features a 1.6GHz dual-core processor that enhances the performance of the router.  It works with the 4GB flash storage and 1GB RAM to make the performance more enhanced.

Moreover, the model is perfect at eliminating dead zones. It has a design that looks like small satellites that you can easily position to work on the dead zones. When well positioned, the routers can have their signal penetrating walls and corners.

The range of coverage in other routers gets affected by obstacles such as obstruction, buildings, walls, and the number of devices in use. The amazing thing about Amazon eero Pro 6 is that, even though the range gets affected, the signal that reaches your devices is stable and adequate.


The router can work with all wireless wifi devices. The pairing process is simple, and the compatibility of the router is awesome. Wifi 6 makes the devices quickly pair and lower congestion even when devices are connected.

If you have wired devices that you wish to have internet service, this model serves best. You will appreciate the presence of the Ethernet ports that make you have a simple connection. Both WAN and LAN ports make the connectivity of the router efficient.

One thing that makes the router ideal is the ability to support your smart home devices. It works perfectly with all the connected devices to ensure there is an adequate internet supply. TVs, computers, smartphones, and many other devices get a perfect service from the router.

The router has excellent support for devices. At least 75 connected devices can enjoy the use of the internet simultaneously. Once connected, all the devices will enjoy fast and reliable internet for an extended range of coverage.

The tri-band plays a perfect role in directing devices to a band that will serve them best. The devices that require extra internet supply, such as gaming machines and streaming players, get directed to a specific band for high internet bands.

The most amazing thing about the connection is the auto-sensing ports. It features two auto-sensing Gigabit ports that can serve as both WAN and LAN ports. A USB port wraps it up by allowing you to access and upload content to the cloud storage. Sharing within the network is also something you will do in seconds.

Expanding the network system

The process of expanding the network system is simple with this model. You will have to get compatible hardware and enjoy the extensions. If you have other Eero products, such as other routers, you will find the extension simple and reliable.

Once you choose to have Amazon Eero Pro 6, the process of making your entire home a smart one is easy. If it is in use in the office, you will find it lovely to have a simple extension to all the offices’ rooms.

If you have another compatible router, you can use it for extension too.

Amazon Eero Pro 6 set up

The process of setting up the router is by the use of the Eero app. It is downloadable in the play store for android phones and other smartphones.  Downloading the app is fast and configuring the router is also a very quick process.

Once connected, you will follow a step-by-step guide that will ensure the router is set for use. The app also gives you a chance to manage the router from any point that has connections.

The router also features amazon Alexa that makes controls simple. The Built-in Alexa makes the connections to devices faster. Configuring the routers does not, therefore, need separate hubs.

Security of the router

In terms of security, the router is a perfect choice.  You will have access to encryption passwords, controls of the router using the app, and daily updates on the network.  Tools like content warnings, threats, ad-blocking, and scans become part of the router’s routine working.

Users and connected devices are, therefore, safe from malware and other forms of threats.  When you have a subscription to the eero app, your internet safety gets an awesome upgrade.

Adherence to WPA2/WPA3 security protocols makes the router’s performance more enhanced. Getting the daily updates makes the connection safer as you can implement more security measures.


A single Amazon Eero Pro 6 router costs $229 and has coverage of 2000 sqft. Getting coverage of 3500 sqft will require two packs, which cost $399. Enjoying a wider coverage of 6000 sqft will need a three-pack that costs $599.

One thing I can attest to is that you will never regret buying Amazon Eero Pro 6. As seen in other Eero devices, this router offers the best performance for your home no matter the ISP you have.

The price may be a bit high, but what you are acquiring is a router that will serve you today and into the future excellently. In addition, as discussed above the router has other exceptional features that make it a router of choice.

Comparison table of Eero Devices

DeviceEero pro 6 Mesh SystemAmazon Eero 6 Mesh SystemEero whole-home systemAmazon Eero BeaconEero Mesh System
ImageAmazon eero Pro 6 Mesh system: The best router for thick wallsAmazon eero 6 systemAmazon Eero Pro Mesh System: The best parental control router for coverageAmazon Eero Beacon
Bottom lineHas a high speed with wider range coverage. perfect for upgrading your home systemIt has high speeds of 500 Mbps; the connections are stable and reliable. It is a worthy investment.Perfect for standard homes. Offers a reliable connectionPerfect for range extension. The simplicity of use.Perfect for anyone who wishes to cover a fairly wide space. Has a reliable connection and excellent speeds.
ProsHas gigabit speeds, covers an extended range of up to 6000 sqft, serves 75 devices simultaneously, has triband technology and a simple set up process500Mbps top speeds, 5000 sqft coverage, dual-band, wifi 6 technology and has a fair price.Covers an extended range with fast and reliable speeds. Has beacons for range extensionSimple setup with coverage of 1500 sqft.  has integrated LED lights and automatic updates5000 sqft coverage, affordable, Alexa compatible, dual ban technology, and automatic updates.
Cons Comes at a higher priceYou need a subscription for better security.You need more beacons to extend the range in large homes.If no pre-existing eero wifi system, it becomes uselessHave speeds of 350 Mbps, which are lower compared to the other brand models.
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Wrap up

The combination of features and the Amazon Eero Pro 6 router’s performance make it the best model to have.  It covers a wider range and makes the extension of the internet simple and quick. Eero Pro 6 is, therefore, a great unit to have.