Best Internet Service Provider in the UK: England ISP Plans & Prices

One of the toughest decisions that businesses and individuals have to make is picking the best internet service provider, especially in the UK. It is undeniable that most people are now working through the internet.

Entertainment has also become part of internet services as people can now stream content, play games, and even sell and buy through the internet.

The United Kingdom has millions of people who are active internet users. The internet providers have also made a good investment in delivering reliable services in the United Kingdom.

They have come with various packages and plans that make the internet subscribers remain in a state of limbo.

We have assessed the needs of the various internet users. We have also looked at the kind of services that the service providers have.

The outcome is that we have got the best service providers, which the users can now pick from.

Best Internet Service Providers in the UK

BT – British Telecom

BT stands out as the best internet service provider in the UK. It has very high rankings that make it a good performer in the market.

It has an average download speed of 52 Mbps and an average monthly cost of £27.66. BT has an origin in British gas, which serves as the primary energy source for the country.

It comes with a broadband method of transmission that makes the speeds range between 36 Mbps and 67 Mbps. If you want cheap plans, you will get them at a friendly price of £24.99 per month.

There is also a package that costs £27.66 per month. In terms of monetary value, it stands for the third position.

The good thing with the BT hardware is that it has an excellent establishment. It has a smart hub router that accommodates many devices and makes the connections meaningful. Problem resolution and detection using this router take place without a hassle.

You will get a proper wifi signal because of the smart switching feature, which makes the devices worthy engaging. The customer service of BT is great because there are fewer complaints, and it has a rank of 86%, which is great.

There is a fibre product from BT that boosts the speeds to range between 76Mbps and 900 Mbps.

The growth of the 5G network from BT and the 4G have a transformational change that has made the service more reliable. In terms of charges, you will get a full-fibre 15O for £42.95. full-fibre 300 comes at £47.95.

Finally, the 500 package comes at £59.95 per month. If you want to use the internet for business, you will have to get the full fibre which has 900 Mbps and costs £64.95.

Best Wi-Fi range extender for BT internet: The lagest internet Service provider in the UK


  • Wide range of products
  • 4G and 5G fast internet
  • Has the widest coverage
  • Powerful router
  • High internet speeds


  • It is costly
  • Slightly higher complaints

Why the service provider stands out

A good service provider offers high speeds and has a wide range of products. BT is one of those services that you will enjoy the speeds for. The service is reliable and has broader coverage.

The guarantee for customer service is also excellent as the users get instant solutions when in challenges. You will need to get the best router for BT internet to get these benefits.

Sky broadband

Sky has a download speed of 59 Mbps to the average and £28 for the average monthly expenditure. It has reliable bundles that make each user get a convenient choice. The speeds are high as you can get an average that goes up to 64 Mbps

The lowest tariff that you will get from the sky is £19.95. It also comes with devices such as the broadband router that make the connectivity convenient.

You will get the sky hub router which is a dual-band router with 8 antennas or you can buy your own Sky Broadband router. It can put itself under low power and manage the rest of the functions without a hassle.

The customer service for the sky is at 86%. The customer survey by Ofcom shows that the rank is higher and the quality of the service is dependable. The bundles are friendly and are shown below.

  • Advantage deal costs £39 per month and comes with additional features such as the telephone line.
  • Advantage Pro is a package that comes at £55 per month and has a 4G backup.
  • We also have the advantage max, a package that costs £95 in a month and has all the features such as the digital lines, phones, and other services.

 A sky is a great option because it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The challenge it has is that it does not have very high speeds hence lowering the connection slightly.


  • It has competitive prices
  • Convenient and simple packages
  • 4G backup
  • Great customer service
  • It comes with devices such as the router


  • No choice for the fibre tariffs
  • Speed is not so high

What makes the service stand out

The customers look for service providers who can create solutions as fast as required. Sky has a service that is reliable for maintaining the quality of the service. Moreover, the Sky Boradband’s sky hub router is compatible with all the Sky broadband WiFi extenders.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk is the biggest UK internet service provider with 4 broadband services. It has high speeds that go to as much as 1 Gbps.

The deals have a range that costs £15.95 to as high as £274. Ethernet access direct is the package that you will get for £274.

You will not need to follow any complicated installation processes. A 3-year contract helps to ensure that the service delivery is excellent all through the connection.

On average, Talk talk has an average speed of 52.5 Mbps and an average monthly cost of £23.50. it has the second largest in terms of speeds.

The customer experience of Talk talk is not so good because the users take time before resolving their queries. The reviews from Ofcom show that it has a rating of 78%, which is not adequate if you compare the performance with the competitors.

The average in the UK is around 85% which is higher than the Talk talk score. However, the customers experience the service provider, which contributes to its use or lack of use.


  • High download speeds
  • Best value for money
  • Has good devices, especially the routers
  • Competitive pricing
  • 5 hour fix time


  • Poor customer service
  • High customer complaint rate

Why the service stands out

The service is the best because of the quality of the speeds. Although people complain about customer service, the time it takes to fix the challenges is shorter. The connection is made better by having the best router for Talk Talk internet.

Virgin media

Virgin Media is one of the best suppliers of the internet with speeds of 4666Mbps to the average. The average cost of the service provider is £42 and has great reliability as it has connected many homes to the service. It uses the broadband service to reach the users.

The users also have a chance to use the fibre connection, which delivers speeds of 9 Mbps. There are many internet plans with the cheapest delivery at £28 per month and available at the high speeds of 1100 Mbps which costs £62 per month.  The setup for the Virgin media router and the service is free.

On the other hand, the customer service is wonderful because it has a ranking of 85%. This is the average that the service providers have to meet. The complaint rate is high, but the complaint handling rate is excellent too. Satisfaction after handling the complaints stands out as it is the best.

The hardware that comes with the service is another wonderful thing. You have the assurance that the service is reliable and remarkable.

A dual-band router and gigabit service are some of the things you will get from the service provider.  You will love the hub 4 and hub 3  services, with hub 4 having 11 antennas that double hub 3.


  • High download speeds
  • Reliable customer service
  • Serves 54% of homes
  • Great value for money


  • The availability is not available for around 47% of the homes.

What makes the service provider stand out

The speeds that the service provider offers are very high. You will also get a chance to use the high-performing devices, ensuring that you also have the highest speeds getting to the end-users. The packages are also pocket-friendly. Moreover, their customer service is excellent.

John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis broadband is a UK internet service provider with average download speeds of 51 Mbps and a monthly average cost of £27. 50. The service comes from Plusnet, who happens to be part of the BT group. The cheapest service you will get from John Lewis is £27.50, and the speeds can improve to 5 4 Mbps.

The higher-end plans have a cost that goes to as much as £70. You will get a service of £75, £40, and even £50 depending on the kind of service you want and the retailer. Amazingly you will get devices such as routers and other smart devices.

The routers that you get are such as Zyxel VMG8924, which is a dual-band router. It has great potential and will use the WPA2 security to provide safety for the connection. It has the highest rank in customer service with 93%, although users say that the service is not reliable.


  • Pocket-friendly services
  • Has rental lines and devices
  • Unlimited data
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliable quality and service


  • Has speed challenges
  • The basic support is not a priority

What makes it stand out

Our service provider is the best when it comes to customer service. This means that the users who taste it have had their challenges getting a quick resolution. In a way, you have the assurance that you will get dependable speeds.


Another internet service provider that has changed the game of internet services in the UK is Plusnet. The average speed of the service is 51 Mbps, and the average monthly charge is £30.32. it is also part of the BT group and has the effect of 59 Mbps speeds.

In terms of the money value, it makes the best and the most convenient choice. It also comes with a reward that allows you to use £50 in online stores and the BT sport or the skybox. The beauty of Plusnet is that each package comes with connected devices, including the router and energy-saving technology.

The customer service for Plusnet is excellent as you will get a high ranking of 93%. You will also notice that the router is compact; hence, you get quite reliable by doing the service.


  • Has a gift card
  • High average speeds
  • Great customer service
  • Free services for set up


  • Affordability poses a challenge

What makes it stand out

The service provider is a great choice as the service that it delivers is great. You will also get the additional devices that bring about a great transformation to the service you get. The reliability of the service is great.


Another internet service provider with high speeds in the UK is the EE. It has high speeds of 448 Mbps. EE has an average cost of £48.67. It uses a broadband connection and offers 44 Mbps to the lowest. The cheapest allows you to get off as £25, and you can also get the highest speeds of 900 Mbps for £60 per month.

The good thing with the tariffs is that they have a smart hub router, a dual-band router with 7 antennas. You will have the connection reaching all corners of your house with this package. The number of complaints about the service is also lower, making the subscribers happier.


  • Has high speeds
  • Has limited complaints
  • Reliable service
  • Offers discounts for the services
  • High performing devices


  • Not reliable in all the areas

What makes the service provider stand out

The service provider is one of those who have the highest speeds. You will appreciate that some discounts and devices come with the connection. Getting the service from the provider guaranteed high-quality service.

Selection of the best internet Service provider in the UK

The criteria for the selection of internet providers in the UK is simple. However, there are several things that you have to check on each provider so that you get one who will deliver the need you want. To get one who will deliver the service excellently, you have to check on the following issues.

Internet speeds

The best internet provider must be one who will deliver the highest internet speeds. You have to ensure that the one you pick is the one that delivers the highest download and upload speeds. To get the best, you have to check the lowest and highest speeds and then the average as you do the assessment. You can then be sure that the service you get is reliable.

Customer satisfaction

One thing that makes the users choose a service is customer service. You have to ensure that you have chosen the service that offers reasonable satisfaction. This has all to do with the convenience of raising a complaint and how the complaint is handled.

The feedback must be reliable, and the time of the feedback must be fast. Moreover, the service provider has to resolve any issues within a short time.


The coverage is another thing you have to check to get the best service. A good one will cover the largest part of the country hence making the service accessible. Some providers cover a small area.

An ideal provider must be one that will cover the widest area. Under the coverage, the internet must also be reliable as the speeds and it should cover your internet speed needs.

Internet plans

The internet plans determine the kind of service you will get and how you will get them. A good provider will ensure that you have picked the proper plan to deliver speeds and reliability at friendly prices.

It is good to take caution to get the UK internet service provider to ensure that you have a good charge and long-duration coverage. We do not recommend paying a lot of money for a service that is not adequate. It is also not proper to pay little for the internet while you need many internets to get adequate service.

Extra services

The extra services include the things that make the service easier to consume. Such include the additional routers and discounts for services. A good provider will ensure that the users have an interesting user experience.

Some service providers will provide devices for free, and some will create discounts for the first service. You will also note that some providers will create frequent offers to make the service more reliable. You need to get a discount or the extra service that will make your experience with the service provider excellent.

Cost and contracts

Another thing that disturbs many users is the contracts and the cost of the service. You have noted that each plan comes with a price and the duration of the contract. Most of them are monthly, and others are annual.

You will need a service that will make the cost and the contracts more reliable. It is good to ensure that you have a service that lasts for the duration that you desire. In addition, the cost must also be friendly enough to make you have a different experience with the service.

Type of connection

You also need to know how the connection will reach you. Most service providers will use the method that many people will reach. Thus, you have to check on things such as cable connection, fibre and broadband.

Broadband is one of the reliable service types that will improve the service you get. Fibre has a good reputation because of the high speeds and the quality that you get. Moreover, you will need to get other types that you feel will meet your needs.

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Getting an internet service provider (ISP) in the UK is now easy. We have gone through the various options and how important they can be. Assessing the service for each provider will make you get the service that you have the best desire for.


What is the best WiFi provider in the UK?

It’s no surprise that British Telecom or BT for short can provide you with an excellent internet service. With its vast coverage across England and Wales. Moreover, it has great speeds to suit any customer from a low-speed package all way up until they get their hands on fibre-optic connection! In addition, prices aren’t only reasonable but also cheaper than other providers such as EE which offers faster download limits but not uploads at discounted rates—or Virgin Media where pricing varies per plan type depending upon data allowance used each month.

Who is the biggest Internet provider in the UK?

BT is the largest internet provider in the UK. It has vast coverage across England and Wales. It also has by far the largest number of subscribers (Over six million). With an extensive network of fibre optic cable, BT (British Telecom) is able to provide internet service with greater speed and connectivity than any other company. However, their prices aren’t significantly lower either so you have to make sure they fit your needs before signing on for one package or another!

What is the fastest WiFi in the UK?

Virgin Media has the fastest widely available broadband in the UK. It offers download speeds of up to 516Mbps on the widely available package. Moreover, Virgin Media has a Gig1 service, which offers download speeds of up to 1130Mbps. The only challenge with the Gig1 service is that it’s only available to 10 million homes as of today.

Where is the fastest broadband in the UK?

Hull has the fastest Internet connection in Great Britain. KCOM, a company behind this seven-year roll out said around 200,000 homes and businesses have access to ultrafast speeds of 1Gbps after installing full-fibre broadband coverage for city-wide use.

What is Sky’s fastest broadband?

With an average download speed of 500Mbps and a minimum guaranteed 400-Mbps, Sky’s Ultrafast Broadband Plus is the fastest fibre broadband service on offer. It also delivers an upload rate as high as 60 Mbps so you can enjoy using your internet connection without worries! Furthermore, it is the most recent fibre broadband service from Sky.