8 Best Routers for BT Internet in 2023

BT is one of the widely known internet providers. The company is widely known in many parts of the world for internet provision and television packages. Something good with BT is that they also supply products that work with their service. However, the router provided by BT may not be the best for your home internet requirements.

Currently, things are changing, and people are shifting their approaches. Most internet users are opting to have their routers, modems extenders, and many more. The primary reason for such a shift is that people want independence.

Having a good router is effortless once you know what you need. For the best BT service, we bring you some routers that will offer you remarkable internet service. The routers are focused on the BT internet in the UK.

If the router you are using for your BT internet does not serve your whole home with fast internet, you can choose one of the best Wi-Fi extenders for BT internet. The devices will ensure all your devices get high-speed internet wherever they are in your house or nearby.

In case you have Virgin Media internet, we have reviewed the best routers for Virgin Media to ensure you get the best internet connection for your home or office.

The following are the best routers for BT internet in the UK. The routers will provide you the best performance and ensure your home or office gets the best internet performance for the package you have subscribed for.

Best router for BT internet

Best BT internet routerSpecificationsCheck it out
Asus RT- AX86U Dual-Band Gaming RouterThe best router for BT internetCHECK IT OUT
Linksys MR7350 Dual-band mesh routerBest router for BT internet for compatibility with all UK internet service providersCHECK IT OUT
WavLink whole home Halo Glow Mesh WiFi routerBest budget mesh router for BT internetCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link Deco E4 whole mesh home routerBest long-range mesh router for BT internetCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link archer 7 AC1750 RouterBest budget router for BT internetCHECK IT OUT
BT Mini Whole home mesh wifiBest for performance and aestheticsCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link AC1200 RouterBest BT router for modest homes and DSL connectionsCHECK IT OUT
D-Link DWR-921 Broadband routerBest BT broadband internet routerCHECK IT OUT

Asus RT- AX86U Dual-Band Gaming Router: Best router for BT internet

Asus RT- AX86U Dual-Band Gaming Router: The best router for BT internet

This router has the new generation Wi-Fi 6. Something lovely about it is its design and colours. It has an elegant look that makes it a lovely and much better router to use.

The fastest speeds are the things you will enjoy with this model. It has 160 MHz channels that are very powerful and better performing. 5700 Mbps is what you will enjoy for all your tasks. You can therefore be very sure that most internet-consuming tasks will be lovely for you.

The speeds get accompanied by a powerful connection that experiences fewer lags. This feature is what makes the router ideal for gaming. It also features wired connections that allow you to connect devices such as gaming machines and computers.

Speeds of transfer in this router are lovely for both data and content transfer. You are also very safe when using this router because of the WPA3 security protocols. If you have children, you can as well be very sure that they will enjoy safety.

Finally, AImesh support makes the router ideal for mesh connections. You can, therefore, comfortably enjoy the use of compatible mesh routers to extend connections.


  • Offers high speeds and reliable connection
  • Very simple to set up with the ASUS app
  • Offers reliable connection over an extended range
  • Wired and high-speed ports
  • Excellent security and protection


  • Comes at a pricier end
  • It may be confusing to set up

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Linksys MR7350 Dual-band mesh router

Linksys MR7350 Dual-band mesh router: Best for compatibility with all UK ISPs

The brand under which this dual-band router comes from is known for its outstanding performance. What you will enjoy most with this model are the design and its compatibility. It is dependable in terms of speed as it has Wi-Fi 6 and a supply of 1.8 Gbps speeds to all your home.

For 4k streaming, gaming, and video calling, this model makes an ideal and highly performing choice. With support for more than 25 devices, this router will eliminate all dead zones. On a range of 1700 square feet, the router will deliver a remarkable performance.

This model comes with features that make it best performing. It is powered by mesh technologies, which is ideal for more robust and reliable connections. Adding mesh products is simple and very reliable. When it comes to extending the connections, you will effortlessly do the task so long as you have compatible devices.

The process of setting up this model is superb. You will take a shorter time to use the app whose processes are effortless. Safety of the connection will give you peace of mind for both users and devices.


  • Excellent compatibility with ISPs and devices
  • Simple to extend the connection
  • Has an awesome safety
  • Covers an extended range with stable connection
  • Latest wifi technology


  • Not ideal for huge homes
  • Has a dual-band which supports less devices than triband

WavLink Whole Home Halo-Glow Mesh wifi router: Best budget mesh router for BT internet

WavLink Whole Home Halo-Glow Mesh wifi router: Best budget mesh router system for BT internet

This pack will give you a unique attraction and love because of the coverage and speeds. Gigabits speeds and coverage of 3000 square feet is something you will always appreciate. Security is fantastic as you can create a guest network and child controls.

An amazing fact about these models is that they enhance coverage to all your home. Any instances of dead zones get replaced with a powerful and high-speed connection.  All through the connection, you will use a single wifi name and password.

The speeds of up to 1200Mbps will ensure that you can enjoy your gaming, streaming, and other internet intense functions without any lag.

The security of the connection is perfect. You will enjoy the WPA/WPA2 security to protect your network. Any form of attack gets eliminated hence excellent reliability. Having a compact size makes the routers easy to move from one place to another.

Universal compatibility makes the router one of the best models for BT. It supports both wired and wireless devices. Using the gigabit ports, you will have a moment to enjoy fast speeds on your wired devices.


  • Has a compact and portable design
  • Offers high speeds and a reliable connection
  • Ideal for network extension
  • Uses a single password and encryption for all satellites
  • Has gigabit speeds and a more comprehensive coverage


  • The initial configuration may be slightly disturbing
  • May not bridge with your other router

TP-Link Deco E4 whole mesh home router

TP-Link Deco E4 whole mesh home router: Best long range Mesh router for BT internet

This model is ideal or both extension and replacement of your existing router. You will enjoy coverage to an extended range with several devices. All weak signals and dead zones get a perfect elimination hence a powerful connection.

The design has a lovely decoration that will make your home look great.  Fast and stable connections will dominate your home hence ideal for upgrading. Compatibility with ISPs and devices is something you will always smile of.

Switching of devices is one thing you will love with this router. Up to 100 devices will enjoy the connection at a time. The connection is automatic, and switching between bands is enjoyable.

The process of setting and managing the router is effortless and straightforward. You will choose to use either amazon Alexa voice controls or the Deco App. The process is straightforward as the protocols are clearly outlined.

Finally, you can also implement parental controls with this model. It has incredible security for all devices and users. You also have a say on what content will gain access through the router and also limit the websites to use.


  • Offers a reliable connection in a broader range and many users
  • Eliminates dead zones and provides for internet extension
  • Simple setup process
  • High browsing speeds
  • Adequate security to all your devices


  • If there is no satellite on another floor, speeds deteriorate

TP-Link archer 7 AC1750 Router

TP-Link archer 7 AC1750 Router: Best budget router

This router boasts of powerful antennas and excellent speeds at a very affordable price. You can therefore be very sure that you will enjoy your browsing and gaming sessions. The connection is stable and covers an extended range.

A wifi amplifier and the dual-band ensures that your speeds are prominent. The 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands ensure that you have a connection over the wireless and wired connections. All your favourite devices, such as computers and gaming machines, enjoy the connection.

In terms of internet safety, this router proves to be an excellent choice. You have an option of making the guest network and implement parental controls. For the users and your children, you can be very sure that the router offers adequate support.

Sharing content becomes possible because of the USB ports.  You can also adopt the use of the FTP server and interface to do the settings. The loveliest thing is that the whole process is effortless and straightforward. It is well guided hence straightforward to follow.

A tether app is good as it helps you set up and control the functionality of the router. Using one mesh technology, you will find it easier to extend the connection.


  • Offers an extendable connection
  • Offers simplicity of use and management
  • Has a reliable connection over a more comprehensive range
  • One mesh technology for range extension
  • Comfortable to set up and use


  • The speeds seem to be lower than for other routers

BT Mini Whole home mesh wifi

BT Mini Whole home mesh wifi: Best for aesthetics and performance

This model has a dual-band that makes the connection reliable for all your devices. One thing you will love and appreciate about this router is that it has an extendable design. Connection to all your rooms is therefore very possible.

No more dead zones when you use this model. It features satellites that you can strategically place to have a dependable connection. The mesh technology employed is ideal as it ensures you are connected and enjoy a reliable connection.

The router has internet speeds of up to 1,200Mbps which are extended for a range of up to 3 bedroom house for the 3 disc router system. You can get a disc add-on in case you have a larger home. You are assured that the router for thick walls will give you internet that will penetrate concrete or brick walls.

Controlling the internet usage by this router is one thing you will enjoy doing. You will set controls pertaining to times of use, websites to access, and also monitor the usage.

The setup process is simple and very reliable. Therefore, you will have to use an app to set a few things before you begin to use your internet.


  • Has a lovely compact design
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Eliminates dead zones
  • Easy to find positions and fix


  • Needs proper positioning for proper internet display

TP-Link AC1200 Router

TP-Link AC1200 Router: Best for modest homes

This router is also from the famous TP-Link brand and is specific in working with BT internet. You will love it because of the superfast speeds. It is ideal for high-speed activities such as gaming and streaming content and also downloading or uploading large files.

The router has internet speeds of up to 1200Mbps which are very good for homes with a few devices. It will serve you well in your home without the need for a BT internet extender.

Management of the router is something you will probably enjoy because of the tether app. It is convenient for use with android and other smart devices. You will, therefore find it lovely to implement parental controls and other protocols.

The compatibility of the router is fantastic. It features both USB and gigabit ports for wired devices. Wireless devices with wifi technology enjoy the wifi. Other compatible modes include VDSL2, ADSL2, ADS, and all 3G and 4G devices.

For better connections, you will love the beamforming technology. It ensures the connection is stable and many devices get served. Three main antennas enhance a more comprehensive connection and proper device prioritization.


  • Versatile connectivity to devices and ISPs
  • Excellent speeds
  • Reliable connection because of beamforming technology
  • Excellent speeds
  • Simple set up and management


  • May experience drop-outs in extended ranges

D-Link DWR-921 Broadband router

D-Link DWR-921 Broadband router: Best BT broadband internet router

This model has an elegant design and a simple connection method. You will insert the sim card and begin to enjoy your network. Both 4G and 3G internet connections are lovely to enjoy.

Shifting between the 3G and 4G when the higher band becomes low is very efficient. The speeds of the router are excellent, and you can do your stuff at any internet rates.  For uploads, you will enjoy up to 50 Mbps and for downloads 150Mbps.

Moreover, the model has Ethernet ports that allow connection to all your wired devices. Connection to wireless devices is quick and very reliable. The process of connection is simple and automatic.

Chances of having the internet failing with this model get limited at a great degree. A neat feature about it is that it has a design that facilitates constant connection. It is, therefore, very reliable. If the broadband fails, the router has an option.


  • Has a lovely design and performance
  • Boasts of high speeds and reliable connection
  • Awesome compatibility
  •  Shifts between the 3G and 4G
  • Dual-Band for device prioritization


  • Fluctuations between the 3G and 4G internet

Choosing the best router for BT internet

Getting the best router for BT internet is an effortless task. We have the following guiding principles to help you choose one quickly.


The best router for BT should be compatible with the service.  It should also work with other devices. Getting one with wired and wireless connections is fantastic.

The reviewed devices are all compatible with BT internet and will also give you a great service when combined with a good modem. These routers will work for all home devices.

Internet speeds

The ideal router should have high internet speeds. Connection and sharing content should be an effortless task.

Depending on the type of service you have subscribed for, you should get a router that will cover your home with high-speed internet. The packages include DSL internet, broadband internet among others.

Simple management

The process of setting up and managing the router should be easy. Having a management app or dashboard is lovely. All the processes of the router should be elementary to implement.


An ideal router for BT should have a secure and reliable connection. It should be simple to implement parental controls and network control measures. Having WPA protection protocols is a lovely thing.


What is the best BT Internet package?

There are several internet packages provided by BT which have different advantages and disadvantages. The packages available include:

BT Superfast Fibre Essential – The packages comes with internet download speeds of 36Mbps on average and will give you unlimited use.

Superfast Fibre – The fibre optic package gives you average download speeds of 50Mbps. Additionally, the package gives you unlimited usage to add to the BT virus protect for 2 devices

Superfast Fibre 2 – This is the superfast BT package that gives you download speeds of 67Mbps on average. The package also comes with 500GB of online storage and BT Virus Protect for 15 devices

Standard broadband unlimited – This package gives you unlimited usage in addition to 100GB of online storage. The package also includes a pay-as-you-go phone calls offer. The average download speeds are 10Mbps.

Broadband and TV: This is another package that BT offers to most users. You can access the internet and watch television on the same package.

Final Verdict

As highlighted, it is straightforward to get any router cut slightly challenging for BT. Using the guide, you will find it easier to land on a router that will offer you a remarkable service. All the routers we have captured are excellent performers for BT internet.