8 Best Routers for Sky Broadband in 2023

Sky broadband is one of the service providers that will offer you a remarkable service. It has an internet connection that is powerful and offers a remarkable service. Getting the best router for sky broadband is one of the things you will always love.

Sky offers your home internet packages in several tiers. These range from the 11Mbps download speed Sky Broadband essential to the 145Mbps download speed Sky Broadband ultrafast package.

All the packages require a router that will support them effectively. An excellent router for Sky Broadband will give you exceptional Wi-Fi speeds, a great range, connection to multiple devices, and reliable internet among other features.

In case your router does not cover your home fully with high-speed internet, you can consider getting the best Wi-Fi extender for Sky Broadband. These devices ensure that you can enjoy your time on the internet wherever you are in your home.

And therefore, today we have played up our role well in providing you with the best models for Sky broadband. The models will support your home fully, making the automation of your devices easy.

If you are on another internet service provider plan, you can check the best router for BT internet, the excellent router for Talk Talk, or the top-rated router for Virgin Media internet. With these routers, you will find it easy to make your home smart.

The routers at hand are known for delivering excellent performance. Quality and the kind of service provided are some of the things we have has a close eye on. Have a look below.

Best routers for sky Broadband

Sky Broadband RouterSpecificationsCheck it out
NETGEAR Orbi (RBK853) Whole Home Tri-band routerBest mesh router for Sky BroadbandCHECK IT OUT
ASUS GT-AX11000 ROG Rapture routerBest router for Sky BroadbandCHECK IT OUT
NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 Tri-Band AD7200 routerBest for multiple Ethernet portsCHECK IT OUT
ASUS RT-AX88U Wireless-AX6000 AiMesh Dual Band Gigabit RouterBest dual-band router for Sky BroadbandCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Tri-Band routerBest for gamingCHECK IT OUT
Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band routerBest for use of open source firmwareCHECK IT OUT
NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 routerBest for compatibility with VPN serversCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link AC2800 Dual Band Wireless routerBest for DSL internetCHECK IT OUT

NETGEAR Orbi (RBK853) Whole Home Tri-band router

NETGEAR Orbi (RBK853) Whole Home Tri-band router: Best mesh router for Sky Broadband

If you want the best router for Sky Broadband, we have the model for you. This model epitomizes all the best a router can offer; an excellent range, connection to several devices, exceptional Wi-Fi speeds, and exceptional safety measures for your family.

This model is lovely as it offers support to over 60 devices. Coming in modules is something you will appreciate because of the range covered. Once connected, the router covers a range of 7500 square feet and offers each device useful internet hence an excellent outcome.

If your house has dead zones, this router will help you to remove them quickly. The most fantastic thing about the model is that you will have more devices functioning because each satellite comes with an additional 2500 square feet.

NETGEAR Orbi (RBK853) Whole Home Tri-band router

You will appreciate the gigabit speeds that the model offers. A fantastic thing about the router is that it offers 6 Gbps speeds hence quite reliable. You can therefore be sure that you will have practical gaming sessions and HD streaming.

The compatibility of the best router is excellent as it works with all broadband ISPs and others. Ethernet ports are fantastic as they make your connection more reliable and effective. Advanced protection and a triband backhaul make the performance of the model powerful.


  • Offers an awesome security
  • Easy to control and manage
  • Has a powerful triband hence an excellent performance
  • Compatible with all ISPs
  • Has powerful Ethernet ports


  • Comes at a pricier end

ASUS GT-AX11000 ROG Rapture router

ASUS GT-AX11000 ROG Rapture router: Best router for Sky Broadband

Asus is a brand that is well known for its excellent performance supported by a 1.8GHz quad-core. You will love the model at hand because of its elegant masculine look. In terms of performance, the model proves to be an ideal choice because it covers an extended range and is quite reliable.

The router offers speeds of up to 11,000Mbps (1.1Gbps) on the tri-band. These speeds will give you an excellent service for gaming, 4K streaming, and other internet intense activities.

The coordination between the router devices and servers is something you will love and appreciate. It features game accelerator, which offers powerful game traffic. You are, therefore, sure that the model will serve you best.

You will appreciate the security system of this model. It allows you to implement measures such as parental controls and guest wifi. Infected websites and content get correctly eliminate harmful content even before it guests wifi.

Compatibility of the router is fantastic. It works with most ISPs and makes the connection process simple. You are, therefore very sure that all your devices and users are connected. The signal strength is incredible and covers an extended range.


  • Lovely design
  • Gives you a wide coverage
  • Exceptional tri-band router for gaming
  • Simple to manage and set up
  • Offers high connection speeds
  • Comfortable to manage


  • It seems to be slightly expensive

NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 Tri-Band AD7200 router

NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 Tri-Band AD7200 router: Best for multiple Ethernet ports

Netgear is a famous brand that offers reliable and remarkable performance. High connectivity speeds are some of the things that you will enjoy with this router. The sleek design is perfect as it enhances a reliable and remarkable performance. With speeds of 7200Mbps, your devices will get the best internet speeds.

This tri-band model has powerful performances supported by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor that makes it the best option for use. Due to its high performance, it makes a lovelier choice for gaming and 4k streaming.  You will enjoy using multiple devices for multiple tasks such as surfing and many others.

Moreover, the router has a broader coverage and thus its high performance gets boosted by various technologies. For instance, smart connect enhances the model’s performance by separating bands and allocating devices to specific channels.

You will also appreciate the presence of the 8 Gigabit ports. They allow you to get connections extended to all your wired devices without a hassle. A powerful connection makes most of your tasks achievable and reliable.

The router also has incredible security. You will appreciate how your users and devices get protected from any online predation. The security protocols also allow you to implement further security measures.


  • Has a powerful performance and lovely design
  • Has a lovely design
  • 10-gigabit ports
  • Simple to set up and manage
  • Ideal for gaming


  • It may not be compatible with Airplay devices

ASUS RT-AX88U Wireless-AX6000 AiMesh Dual Band Gigabit Router

Asus RT-AX88U router: Best dual band router for Sky Broadband

The performance of this router is the initial thing that will leave your mouth open. You will specifically enjoy the latest and next-generation wifi. High speeds and a reliable connection is something you will have a special love to.

The Asus RT AX88U router offers speeds of up to 6000Mbps. These speeds will enable you to use your devices without any lags.

The compatibility of the router is something you will always enjoy. The fantastic thing is that You will be able to use several devices with this router. This is both on Wi-Fi and the 8 Ethernet ports. You are, therefore, sure that excellent speeds will make your connection reliable and effective.

Moreover, the router has commercial-grade security. It features trend micro, which is ideal for ensuring you have a reliable and remarkable connection. Connecting your smart devices is a straightforward process that you will always enjoy.

The convenience of the router is something you will love and always appreciate. Therefore, you will be very sure that you will install the router without having to seek any technical expert. The process of setting up the router is effortless and very reliable.


  • Has an awesome design
  • Offers fast and reliable speeds
  • It has a lovely connection hence super compatibility
  • Next-generation wifi hence latest technologies
  • Quick installation and management


  • It may not work well with other devices such as extenders

TP-Link Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Tri-Band router

TP-Link AC5400 Gaming Router: Best router for apartments for gaming

This model has an elegant look which is a great contributor towards enhanced performance—one thing you will always enjoy using it because of the advanced technological features. You will have great amazement because of the 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor and 1GB RAM.

One thing you will not experience is lag and latency. The router, therefore, delivers high internet speeds and a reliable connection. Device prioritization is something you will love because all your devices enjoy fast speeds and a very reliable connection.

In terms of connection speeds of up to 5400Mbps, this model proves to be an ideal choice. One thing you will ever enjoy is the tri-band that ensures many devices get served with adequate internet and speeds. Therefore, you can be very sure that all your devices get connected to a band that will serve them.

Moreover, the router has technologies that put more emphasis on the performance of the router. The fantastic thing is that it has the MIMO and beamforming technologies that are key to boosting performance.

Connecting wired devices is fantastic as it has 3.0 USB and 8 Ethernet ports. These ports can offer you exceptional features for gaming.


  • Offers a reliable connection and high speeds
  • Has both USB and Ethernet ports for fast connections
  • Reliable connection
  • MU-MIMO technology for device prioritization
  • Has a lovely and elegant design


  • Initial setup can be slightly confusing

Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band router

Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band router: Best router for OpenWRT and other open source firmware in the UK

This model is lovely because of its robust dual-band and 1.8 GHz Dual-Core CPU. You will have a special love for it if you prefer getting an excellent router for OpenWRT, Tomato, and DD-WRT. One of the significant purposes on which the router is designed is to facilitate gaming. You will therefore love the stability of the connection and speeds.

More about the router is that it features Killer Prioritisation Engine which is ideal for serving specific devices especially gaming consoles. You will therefore enjoy a useful gaming session because of the Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps. In a way, it, therefore, accelerates gaming making all your devices enjoy fantastic speeds.

The dual-band is ideal for targeted internet supply. One thing that will amaze you about the router is to ensure you have adequate speeds for all your devices. Simultaneous streaming becomes a useful thing to enjoy.

For connections, the router makes an ideal choice for wired and wireless devices. You will love the presence of a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch supporting 4 Ethernet ports and USB ports which make the connection reliable. When operating, you will enjoy the most straightforward paths for your connection.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Offers a reliable connection
  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Ideal for use in gaming
  • Excellent device prioritization


  • The range for the router is not that great

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router: Best router for Sky Broadband for gaming

One thing that will make you run for this model is the gigabit speeds and the elegant design. The things you will enjoy when using this router are excellent speeds and a reliable connection. It also features a 1.7 dual-core processor which is key to its performance.

A fantastic thing about this router is that it has fewer delays when in use. You will appreciate both the wired using the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and wireless devices that get served by this model. You will appreciate the lightning speeds of up to 2600Mbps that get delivered as you enjoy various internet activities.

Moreover, the router has an advanced quality of service, key to enhanced and better performances. You will appreciate that there will be less congestion when several devices enjoy the internet connection.

Monitoring the performance of the router is a lovely thing. You will enjoy a quick set up and management process that dominates your whole connection.

Excellent security is also one of the things that you will enjoy using when it comes to using this router. You will easily connect this router to a gaming VPN since the router supports your existing VPN.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Awesome security
  • Compatible with wired and wireless devices
  • Reliable connection for many devices
  • Device prioritization for specific devices


  • It may take some time to understand the interface
  • Netgear support can be better

TP-Link AC2800 Dual Band Wireless router

TP-Link AC2800 Dual Band Wireless router: Best for DSL internet

This dual-band router is ideal as it runs on the two bands comfortably. What makes it unique is the VDSL that makes its performance more enhanced. You will appreciate the latest wifi technology that is key to the router best performance.

It works perfectly with all the DSL internet plans including VDSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2, and ADSL. It will therefore support you well when DSL internet is available. You can check the best modem for DSL internet to ensure better compatibility.

This router comes with MIMO technology and the latest wifi standards. You will love the 1GHz dual-core CPU and two co-processors that make the performance of the router more enhanced.

High rates of data transfer with Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2800Mbps and stability of the connection make the router an ideal and dependable choice. You will also appreciate the presence of the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for your wired devices.

Something that makes the performance of the router perfect is the four external and detachable dual-band antennas. They operate at a low temperature which is ideal for an excellent performance. The rate of data transfer gets boosted every time you enjoy the connection.

The internet is ideal as it covers most areas of your home. You will love using an app to set up and manage the simple processes of the router. You will also find it lovelier to connect various devices and pairing it up.

Combined technologies such as Broadcom NitroQAM and four-stream technology. They amplify the performance of the router further. In addition, you will have the best parental controls and gives you the Guest Wi-Fi capability.

Finally, it has 2 USB 3.0 ports. You will love the way both USB ports support 3G/4G dongle connections. Therefore, you are assured of excellent connection anytime everywhere.


  • Offers excellent speeds
  • Reliable connection over an extended range
  • Has technologies that boost the performance further
  • Simple set up and management process
  • Nice looking design


Choosing the best router for sky broadband

We all want the router that will serve our homes well. However, its not easy for different people with different internet plans. That is why we are giving you some guiding factors. With these factors, getting an ideal router for sky broadband is easy, mainly if you focus on the following points.


An ideal router should be compatible with sky broadband and other devices. These devices include the modem and the home devices. All Wi-Fi devices should enjoy the connection to the router.

All the routers described in this article support a number of devices. However, choose a router that is compatible with your internet connection type. For example, a DSL connection will work best with a TP-Link AC2800 router.

Simple setup and management

The process of setting up and managing the router should be straightforward. Both technically fit, and new users should have an easy time to set up and manage the routers connections. Implementing measures should also be a straightforward task.

Internet speeds and stability

Your connection should have adequate internet speeds. All through, your connection should be stable and reliable for use. Having device prioritization technologies such as the MIMO and smart connect technologies will make everything easier for you.


The security of the router is critical. It ensures that all your users and devices can enjoy a reliable connection with lots of safety. The fantastic thing is to connect with proper safety protocols such as child control and web filtering.

Range and number of devices

These days, our homes are becoming smarter. You need to pick the best router for home automation. And to do that, you need to ensure that your router is able to cover your whole home with high-speed internet.

To do this, check the number of devices supported and the range. However, if you feel that the routers here do not give you the required specifications, you can get the best router for long-range or the best router for multiple devices to ensure that you are well covered.

Final verdict

Getting the best router for Sky broadband can be a challenging task. However, everything becomes more comfortable when you have the right guide. Using our review, you will get the best routers that will probably offer you a remarkable service.