6 Best Routers for Extending Wi-Fi in 2023

When having future projections of having your Wi-Fi extended, the number one thing that comes into your mind has a router that will support the extension. It also sounds great to have the best router for extending Wi-Fi instead of having other devices to extend the range.

Having a large home is everyone’s dream. However, a large home also comes with challenges in getting the whole home covered with high-speed internet. That is why we have also described the router top picks for large homes.

To tackle the challenge, you can consider a good Wi-Fi extender or get one of the best routers for Wi-Fi extension. Most of the Wi-Fi extenders do not offer a fantastic Wi-Fi performance when compared to using a router for Wi-Fi extension.

For that reason, we have decided to shift our attention to routers for extending Wi-Fi to help you make better decisions. These routers can be used as access points to increase the range of your Wi-Fi connection and also increase the number of devices connected.

Our research and findings are as shown below.

Best router for extending Wi-Fi

RouterBest forCheck it out
Linksys EA9400 Max-Stream AC5000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Triband gigabit routerBest router for extending Wi-FiCHECK IT OUT
Asus Rog (GT-AC2900) Dual-band wireless gigabit routerBest gaming router for extending Wi-FiCHECK IT OUT
Netgear Orbi whole mesh home Wi-Fi systemBest mesh system for extending Wi-FICHECK IT OUT
Linksys EA9500 Triband Wi-Fi router (AC5400)Best high-speed router for extending Wi-FiCHECK IT OUT
TaoTronics mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000Best mesh router for long range extensionCHECK IT OUT
Wavlink Wi-Fi Router-Range extenderBest budget router for extending Wi-FiCHECK IT OUT

Linksys EA9400 Max-Stream AC5000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Triband gigabit router

Linksys EA9400 Max-Stream AC5000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Triband gigabit router: Best router for extending Wi-Fi

Have a lovely experience using any of your devices, be it high-bandwidth or low- bandwidth devices with this model. Linksys EA9400 comes on a lovely design with triband that will help have all your devices connected to the internet and functioning to the maximum.

More about this router is that it comes with 8-gigabit ports, which are ten times faster than the routine Ethernet ports. You will, therefore, have a connection to your wired devices. In case you want to have an extension of Wi-Fi using the router, you will have the cables connected to the gigabit ports hence faster Wi-Fi.

Featuring is a triband with dual 5 GHz bands and 2.4 GHz bands that will also ensure that all your devices are connected to a band that will offer high speeds. Your gadgets that need high internet consumption are connected to a band that will serve them better without latency.

Enjoy a more comprehensive Wi-Fi connection with excellent security from the router. You will appreciate the WPA/WPA2 encryption and the SPI firewall that ensures your network is very safe. Moreover, the router will also ensure that all your devices and users are safe while using the internet.

Have an excellent extension of the internet by using the max-stream routers with compatible max-stream extenders. Once connected, you do not have a reason to worry because your gadgets automatically connect to a Wi-Fi signal that is strongest within the compound.

You will also have a seamless connection and simultaneous browsing because of MU-MIMO technology. All your devices will get connected to the best Wi-Fi band, and that will offer high speeds and stable internet.


  • Compatible with max-stream range extenders
  • Easy to have your Wi-Fi extended from another source
  • Has a firewall and WPA/WPA2 Encryption for better security
  • MU-MIMO technology for simultaneous streaming
  • Broader coverage with robust antennas


  • Comes at a higher-end price

Asus Rog (GT-AC2900) Dual-band wireless gigabit router

Asus Rog (GT-AC2900) Dual-band wireless gigabit router: Best router for extending Wi-FI

On a lovely and colorful design, you will find the high functioning GT-AC2900 Gigabit router. The router’s most fantastic thing is the compatibility and settings to ensure that the performance is excellent.

The router has a triple-level game accelerator that optimizes your online gaming to your game server from your gaming consoles and computers. You will, therefore, enjoy gaming without worries of latency.

Moreover, the router is also Geforce recommended, hence ensuring latency chances are minimized to a greater extent. You will, therefore, enjoy cloud gaming without any experiences of lag and delays.

Extending the Wi-Fi using this router is another effortless process. It, however, requires AI-mesh support seen in most ASUS router brands. Connecting to the compatible routers is fast, and the experience of getting a whole-home Wi-Fi system is fantastic.

Worry no more about the security of your internet because of the trend micro. It works to ensure that all your connected devices are safe and secure from online predators and other internet threats. You will be safe for a lifetime period because of the trend micro.

Finally, the design of the router is incredible. You will be amazed by the Asus Aura lighting, which provides a stylish vibe and makes your home aesthetics more enhanced. The router has gigabit and USB ports, which make connecting other devices straightforward.


  • Easy to extend the Wi-Fi
  • Perfect router for gaming
  • Lovely expandable design
  • Provides proper safety to all your devices


  • Compatible with routers of the same brand

Netgear Orbi whole mesh home Wi-Fi system

Negear Orbi RBK 50 Mesh System: Best mesh system for extending Wi-Fi

Netgear is a recognized brand when it comes to reliable and efficient connection devices and routers. Featuring is RBK50 high performing model like most Netgear routers that makes a perfect choice for easy extension of your network for a smart home. It makes an ideal choice for use both at home and in the office.

Get your dead zones eliminated by having the test of this router. It has a coverage of 5000 square feet and offers support to more than 25 devices. Using additional satellites bought separately, you will have the network extended by 2500 square feet per satellite.

Moreover, the router boasts of excellent compatibility with the ability to work with all ISPs. You will, however, need to buy a modem when exchanging your existing router with this model. It works perfectly with DSL, satellite, fiber, and other cable routers.

Enjoy a triband backhaul with each device getting connected to a band that will offer its maximum support. There is also a dedicated band between the router and t satellite that ensures the other bands are free hence a higher performance in terms of speed.

Enjoy using your television, computer, and other devices on the router with the wired ports. You will appreciate the gigabit Ethernet ports’ presence that ensures your devices have power boosted to 3 Gpbs. Therefore, HD streaming, gaming, surfing, and downloading are very efficient when using this router.

Smart parental controls are the most beautiful feature when it comes to the safety of the router. You will have an easy time with your children when using the internet because they will do as per your commands to the router. You can filter and set limits on the usage of the internet.

Featuring is the Netgear armor that ensures you have extra protection from cyber-threats. It is also loaded with MU-MIMO, beamforming, and smart connect technologies for maximum performance. The process of setting and managing the router is also simple.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Easy to set up, extend the internet and manage
  • Has a lovely, compatible, and portable design
  • MU-MIMO, beamforming, and other technologies
  • Smart parental controls and excellent safety


  • Needs a separate modem when installing

Linksys EA9500 Triband Wi-Fi router (AC5400)

Linksys EA9500 Triband Wi-Fi router (AC5400): one of the best routers for extending Wi-Fi

Featuring is another highly compatible Linksys model AC5400 with broader coverage and support to many devices. The gigabit router boasts of its ability to work with existing modems and has an effortless setup process using the Linksys app.

You will be amazed by the 3000 square feet coverage of the router to ensure all the connected devices within the range enjoy fast speeds and a reliable network. The router also supports more than 25 devices, with each one getting the specific amount of energy they require.

The gigabit router is a perfect choice because of the triband and ability to deliver fast Wi-Fi to all your devices. When used for HD streaming or gaming, it performs excellently because of the bands dedicated to high internet consumers. You will therefore enjoy quality and lag-free streaming.

Enjoy having your devices having multiple streaming. The MU-MIMO technology ensures that you can enjoy simultaneous streaming to all your devices, with each one getting the right amounts of internet required for best performances.

The router also has 8-gigabit ports that help in connection with wired devices and use cabled internet extensions. You will therefore have your internet sufficiently serving your home. Connecting to Wi-Fi extenders is also a straightforward task because of th presence of the Linksys app.

Apart from the MU-MIMO technology, the router also has the beamforming technology and a dual-core processor that ensures that you have efficient and reliable operations. The targeted signals work towards ensuring all your devices have a reliable network.


  • The simple and effective setup process
  • Reliable network connectivity
  • Has a powerful dual-core processor and other technologies
  • Easy to extend the


  • 8-gigabit ports for fast internet


  • Slightly pricey

TaoTronics mesh Wi-Fi router AC3000

TaoTronics AC3000 Mesh router

Featuring in a big way in our list is a mesh model TaoTronics AC3000 with a lovely design amplifying its performance. It serves as both a router and a Wi-Fi extender with broader coverage of the range.

The tri-band router composition of the 2.4+5.0+5.8GHz bands enhances better performance and a less crowded network. You will use the router without worries about the home type, shape, and design.

Enjoy your home network with no more dead zones and full coverage. You will therefore use the internet at a point convenient to your choices. For broader coverage, you can choose to space the routers at a specific distance between them.

Many devices can be connected to the router because each one of them accommodates at least 200 devices. High internet consumers, such as streaming devices, will also get a perfect service. Each device enjoys the stability of the network, therefore, an enhanced performance.

The router has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices. You will therefore have an easy time extending the internet using cables or connect other wired devices. When working on full loads, the router remains cool because of the aluminum alloy.

Finally, setting up the router is accessible using the TT mesh app available for android and IoS users. You will have an opportunity to set the extensions, parental controls, and content filtering. Safety while using the internet, is therefore guaranteed.


  • Has a lovely design
  • Simple set up process
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Perfect speeds and range coverage
  • Secure internet connection


  • Exposed to overloading by devices creating latency

WAVLINK Wi-Fi router

WAVLINK Wi-Fi router- Range extender: The best budget router for extending Wi-FI

Affordability is one of the things that many people will focus on when buying routers. This model comes at an affordable price and is both a router and a range extender. It is a dual-band router with high speeds for both 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

The router brags of high speeds with a performance speed of 1200Mbps. You will enjoy support to many devices, both high consumers and lower ones. When gaming or doing your activities online, the router ensures that you have stable internet to all your devices.

Moreover, the router also comes with a lot of safety and stability. When connected to your devices, it is rare to get a situation that the signal gets lower and unreliable. WPA/WPA2 PSK also guarantees the safety of your router with perfect security and high-level password encryption.

Technologically, the router is not left behind. It has four high-performance antennas that ensure more expansive network coverage and penetration to your walls is perfect. It also has 4 LAN ports that help in extending the connection whenever there is a need.

Furthermore, the router is highly compatible. It will support most of your devices under wireless technologies ac/b/n/n/g, with each getting support from the dual-band. You will enjoy fast speeds of 867+300 Mbps for the 5GHz and the 2.4 GHz bands, respectively.

Finally, you will be amazed by the lovely design and the price that the router comes on. Extending Wi-Fi using the router is a straightforward process with less technical work. The router being gigabit internet speeds are stable and very fast.


  • Easy to set up and extend the Wi-Fi
  • High speeds of performance
  • Excellent safety and stability of the router
  • Highly secure with WPA/WPA2 encryption
  • Comes at a lower end with compatibility with any router
  • Advanced router technology


  • Pairing up with other routers may be complicating

Choosing the best router for extending Wi-Fi

Selecting the best router for extending Wi-Fi can be tedious if you do not know the models’ characteristics and the things to focus on. To make a sound decision, focus on the following features.


The best router for extending Wi-Fi should be compatible with service providers and other routers. It should work either wirelessly or with cables and have gigabit Ethernet ports for connections.

All the routers discussed in this article have Wi-Fi range extension properties. You have, however, to consider which router it is compatible with before getting one.

Number of devices

When getting the best router for extending Wi-Fi, you should consider the number of devices it can support. This is because our homes are becoming smarter.

You can consider getting one of the exceptional routers for home automation as your primary router. Then with that, you can choose one of the routers reviewed above to extend Wi-Fi.

Internet speed

An ideal router should have high speeds for fast connections. It will, therefore, ensure that each extended router also has fast and reliable internet speeds.

Fast speeds enable you to carry out your online activities without lags or buffering. The router wireless and wired speeds should be good enough for a good performance.

Ease of setup

It should be effortless to set up the router by either an app or simple connections. Complicated setup processes are not very useful. A router with a complicated setup process will always leave you frustrated.

For your home, consider getting a router that will be easy to set up. All the reviewed routers either have an app for setup or an interactive web interface.

How to extend WiFi range with another router

You have a router but you want to extend WiFi range in your home or office.

It’s common that people buy a new router and then they find out that it doesn’t really cover all of their house or business. Sometimes the WiFi reception is not good enough with just one router, so how can you fix this? There are two ways to do this; use another wireless access point (AP) as an extender or connect another router to the first one using an Ethernet cable.

The best way is to use another wireless access point (router) as an extender because if you plug a second AP into your existing network, it will act like its own separate network from the main one.

This means that all devices connected wirelessly will be able to share bandwidth which should improve overall performance for everyone on the network including those connected via Ethernet cable. Secondly, if there are any devices already connected wirelessly then they won’t need re-connecting again after you connect the other router.

How to extend WiFi range with another router with cable

You have a WiFi router in your home or office, but the signal is not strong enough to cover all areas. There are many ways to extend the WiFi range with another router!

Connecting two routers using an Ethernet cable can help you expand your network and increase coverage. You can easily connect two routers together for better wireless internet coverage.

You can easily connect most standard routers without any configuration changes needed on either of them. If you are trying to use DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, however, configuration tends to be more complicated than standard firmware setups.

You can therefore use the alternative router as a repeater or a bridge using the DD-WRT firmware. This will allow you to get better coverage in your home.

How to connect the alternative router to the primary router using an Ethernet cable to extend WiFi signal

Steps used to Extend Wi-Fi Range with Another Router Using a Cable

Reset the router

You will press the reset button and then restart it to have the default setting implemented. Kindly note that the reset button may need to be pressed using a paper clip pin or the tip of a pen.

Connect the two routers using the Ethernet port

You will power the two routers and connect them using the Ethernet cable. Such a connection will give you a chance to implement the settings.

Log in to the router

You now need to log in to the second router. You will use the credentials of the second router to log in. Visit the menu and select the settings. Then, set the router to router 1 mode and then disable the DHCP mode. Next, change the IP address so that it does not look like the first router. The password and the user name will be like the first router. Click apply. By doing so, the router will function as an extender.

Finish up the setup

Now you can locate the place and place the alternative router. Using the Ethernet cable, connect the two routers and then let the second project the signal. For this, you can place the router in a dead zone since the two routers are connected via an Ethernet cable.


How to extend WiFi range with another router without cable

I have a WiFi router and want to extend the range with another WiFi router. How can I do this without an Ethernet cable?

You can use a spare wireless router as an access point or bridge to extend your existing home network coverage. This will make it possible for you to connect more devices via WiFi in areas where the signal is weak, such as far away from the office or house.

To achieve this, you need one of two things – either an additional wireless router that has been set up using its own unique SSID (WiFi name) and password, or a USB Wi-Fi adapter connected directly to your computer which will act as an external wireless card with its own separate IP address and security settings.

This second option essentially turns your PC into another wireless access point that broadcasts over radio waves rather than wirelessly connecting through cables like the first method. Both methods are equally effective at extending range but there are some drawbacks associated with each approach.

Final verdict

Extending Wi-Fi is excellent when you have the most effective routers. Choosing a router that will serve you best is an excellent thing because you will have an easy time implementing the setup process, and the outcomes will be excellent.

Getting the best router for extending Wi-Fi will ensure that your whole home is covered wit high-speed internet. You can consider a mesh router or traditional router for your home depending on the primary router.