9 Best Modems for DSL Internet (2023) | Expert DSL Modem Router Combos review

In our daily activities, the internet has become a basic need. Many people use digital subscriber line (DSL) services to have their internet needs fulfilled. It, however, becomes expensive to have an internet supply when the rental ISP’s equipment is not the best, for example, the ISP may not supply the best modems for DSL internet. Actiontec c3000A topped our reviews of the best DSL modems while Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem was the best router combo.

Having your DSL modem makes it cheaper to enjoy the internet and makes its extension cost-effective. The best DSL modems are harder to get as compared to other modems because they are a bit specific. In addition, they may not work for other ISPs.

You can choose a separate DSL modem and router, or you can decide to pick the best DSL gateway- The modem router combo. You can choose the device by analyzing the different features that are contained/ provided in a separate DSL modem and router or DSL gateway.

If you are using cable or satellite internet, you can choose the best DOCSIS3.1 cable modem or DOCSIS3.0 modem from the cable modem approved list or the best modem router for satellite internet. The modems will enable you to get the best performance from your internet subscription.

For you who are reading this post, we will ensure you move ahead of the rest. We have therefore compiled a list of modems that will offer you the best DSL internet. Have a look.

Best modem for DSL Internet

ModemBest forPortsCheck it out
Actiontec C3000ABest DSL modem4CHECK IT OUT
Motorola MD1600 DSL ModemBest modem router combo for DSL internet/ gateway4CHECK IT OUT
Netgear AC1200 WIFI DSL Modem router D6200Best DSL modem for the latest technology4CHECK IT OUT
CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem RouterBest DSL modem for easy security settings4CHECK IT OUT
D-Link (DSL-520B) ADSL Modem RouterBest DSL modem for single-band (2.4GHz)4CHECK IT OUT
Netgear Broadband ADSL2 Plus modem (DM111PSP-100NAS)Best design1CHECK IT OUT
TRENDnet AC750 wireless VDSL2/ADSL2 modem router (TEW-16DRM)Best budget modem for DSL internet4CHECK IT OUT
C4000LG CenturyLink Modem by GreenWaveBest modem for DSL internet fast speed4CHECK IT OUT
NETGEAR DGND3300 Modem RouterBest dual-band modem router combo4CHECK IT OUT

Actiontec C3000A DSL Modem (The best DSL internet Modem)

Actiontec C3000A DSL Modem (The best DSL internet Modem)

When looking for the best modem for DSL internet, the Actiontec C3000A DSL modem is the absolute best. This modem works with a Centurylink connection and will always give you the best. You may need to check if the modem works with other ISPs that you may be using.

The modem has great ventilation supported by the tower design. This way the modem can never overheat even when used extensively. The tower design means that it can be easily toppled over and thus it is better to set it up in a stable and a place without interference.

The Actiontec C3000A provides 4 Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 ports). This gives you the ability to connect your wired devices to the modem. The modem also comes with a USB 3.0 port that ensures you get fast connectivity.

The modem also comes with a customizable firewall for the security of your devices and connected persons.

This DSL modem has a built-in dual-band router. The router gives a Wi-Fi speed of up to 6,000Mbps. The device has QoS for device prioritization. This way the devices which need the most bandwidth will get it. Moreover, this router comes with Smart WiFi technology which helps to move your devices from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or vice versa intelligently.

If you have an old DSL modem from CenturyLink, I would propose you upgrade to this modem because it will immediately offer you improvement in internet speeds both for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Finally, this best DSL Modem has the latest standards as set by the WiFi Alliance. These include EasyMesh, EasyConnect, Agile Multiband, and WPA3 for security.

What makes Actiontec C3000A DSL Modem stand out?

The Actiontec C3000A dual-band DSL modem router is an excellent choice for those who rely on Wi-Fi to get the internet throughout their home. Its advanced 802.11ac tech expands the reach of a 5GHz frequency signal.

The reach of 820 feet gives you faster speeds and clearer connections than most DSL modems/routers. Most DSL routers come with a limited range can offer. Thus this modem will serve you well as long as there’s nothing blocking line-of-sight (such as walls or furniture).

The 5GHz frequency band thus provides such steady signals no matter where you place the devices within my abode (even inside).

Use wired devices from its four Ethernet ports and 1 WAN port; they’ll all connect simultaneously through gigabit Ethernet interfaces so that transferring large files doesn’t take ages!


  • It works with most DSL types
  • The modem has a dual-band router
  • Excellent Gigabit Ethernet (faster Wi-Fi than most DSL modem/routers)
  • It has 4 Ethernet (10/100/1000) LAN ports
  • The router has QoS for prioritization
  • It comes with USB 3.0
  • Quite an upgrade to most CenturyLink modems


  • The design is not appealing
  • Does not has a dedicated guest Wi-Fi mode


The Actiontec C3000A is a great modem/router combo for those who have a DSL connection and want to get Wi-Fi throughout their home. With its advanced 802.11ac tech, it can extend your 5 GHz frequency’s reach up to 820 feet. This gives you faster speeds than most DSL modems & routers provide.

Finally, you can connect your wired devices with Ethernet connections plus one WAN port! Use its four Ethernet ports and 1 WAN slot if you need more bandwidth with wired devices in addition to being able to use mobile data plans as well via 3G/4G modems thanks to this device’s USB port.

Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem Router

Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem Router: The best DSL modem router combo/ gateway

For homes where a non-bonded/ non-ventoring ADSL and VDSL internet connection is available, this is the modem router for you. It works excellently with CenturyLink DSL, Frontier, Windstream, TDS Telecom, and Fairpoint.

The modem router is sleek and easy to clean meaning you can place it anywhere in your home. The modem router offers Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1,600 Mbps on the dual-band router.

This DSL modem has a very easy setup process using the quick setup guide. This means by following the Motorola Setup wizard, it can be used in every home since you will get a fast internet connection when you are using it first.

Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem Router has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 port, capacity to support VPN, in addition to IPV6 and IPV4 support. All these features make this modem router combo one of the best in business.

What makes this modem router combo the best for DSL internet is the coverage. It easily covered over 2,000 square feet of our home with high-speed Wi-Fi thus eliminating dead spots in our home.

For your security and the safety of your data and connected users, the Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem Router has guest Wi-Fi capability. It also has WPA/WPA2 wireless security for your home.


  • Offers an easy setup process
  • Excellent performance of modem and router capabilities
  • It has USB 2.0 for network-attached storage
  • Has a good Wi-Fi range and strength
  • Can connect several devices
  • The design can fit in most homes and offices


  • It does not work with bonded VDSL, bonded ADSL or VDSL ventoring
  • Offers asic settings for tech-savvy people who want more control and customization

Netgear AC1200 WIFI DSL Modem router D6200

Netgear AC1200 WIFI DSL Modem router D6200: The best DSL modem router for the latest technology

Enjoy your internet service from the high-performing Netgear brand with the AC1200 modem model. The modem is known for its perfect compatibility with ISPs, although it does not work with some providers.

This model’s remarkable thing is that it requires DSL making it the best modem under this category. You will be amazed by the nature of the modem in serving as ADSL and router at the same time. You will therefore have an easy time using the best DSL gateway because of fewer expenses.

Do you intend to use AT&T, CenturyLink, or Comcast? This modem makes an ideal choice. It is compatible with such providers making sourcing for your internet provider an effortless task.

The modem helps you eliminate the payment of monthly rent and serves best with speed and reliability. It has beamforming technology and speed boosters that ensure the internet covers a broader range, and all the devices have high-speed and stable internet.

Enjoy your internet usage with fewer worries about your devices’ safety and other users because of its safety protocols. The modem has WPA/WPA2 that allows you to implement protocols to ensure you are safe from internet threats.

Moreover, the modem allows you to share between devices and your cloud storage because of USB ports presence. Using your drives is, therefore, possible using USB cables. Connections are very stable and reliable.

The modem has high and reliable internet speeds, which get a boost from the dynamic QoS. Therefore, you will have an easy time browsing, HD streaming, and using your gaming devices.


  • Excellent internet speeds
  • Compatible with many service providers
  • Has a lovely design
  • Excellent internet safety
  • Ideal for high internet using devices


  • Has 2.0 USB ports which are not as fast as the 3.0 ports

CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem Router Gigabit DSL Fiber 2.4/5GHz

CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem Router

CenturyLink proves to be the ideal choice for the production of the best modems for DSL. The featuring model is high-performing and comes in a superior design that will keep you attracted to it. You will be amazed by the security protocols of the modem.

The modem comes with simple configuration processes. Therefore, you will have an easy time setting up and managing the modem-router functions, including setting up the security features and the dynamic protocols. GUI will make it easy to have the router set.

The modem has super compatibility that makes its working with internet devices simple. It also works with ADSL2+, VDSL, ADSL, and the prism Tv. You will, therefore, have no worries when it comes to sourcing routers and service providers.

Moreover, the modem has fantastic safety for all its connected devices. It is secured with the WPS, WPA/WPA2/PSK, which makes the router secure and straightforward. The GUI is straightforward, making the implementation of commands effective and less confusing.

Furthermore, the modem uses the 802.11ac wifi technology, which is the latest and promotes compatibility. If you are using fiber, the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands ensure that you have a stable and reliable connection as you use your internet.

The speeds of 300 Mbps make the router a perfect choice because of the high speeds promoted by the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Extending the internet connectivity of the router is simple by the use of fiber cables thus making it one of the best DSL gateways.


  • Simple set up process
  • Excellent compatibility with all ISPs
  • Auto-detect of settings and configuration
  • Excellent safety of the internet


  • The GUI may be a little bit confusing to the users

D-Link (DSL-520B) ADSL Modem Router

D-Link (DSL-520B) ADSL Modem Router: one of the best modems for DSL internet

Looking for an excellent but cost-effective modem for DSL internet? Then, D-Link (DSL-520B) ADSL Modem Router, had you in mind when making the modem. It might not have the qualities of some of the modem router combo top picks, but it will support all the online activities of most homes.

To set it up, you will use the web user interface which does not have any fancy pictures or materials but is text only. You can also use a CD for the setup. This will set you up with a modem router combo that gives you a Wi-Fi speed of up to 300Mbps. Our tests show that it does indeed give you excellent internet speeds.

The combo has QoS to prioritize your devices. Additionally, it has great firewall protection to ensure if you use a router for extending Wi-Fi, you will be protected. In addition, for this function, the modem has NAT features.


  • It has an easy setup process
  • Gives good internet speeds as advertised
  • It has a nice interface
  • Durable


  • It has no USB ports
  • It has 1 Ethernet port
  • Offers irregular firmware updates

C4000LG CenturyLink Modem by GreenWave

C4000LG CenturyLink Modem by GreenWave: Best for fast internet speeds

On a lovely design, you will get the C4000LG CenturyLink Modem that will offer you high speeds of up to 3Gbps. You will specifically love the model’s technological features that ensure you get the best out of it.

The modem boasts of dual-stream connectivity with combined speeds of 600+2400 Mbps. Featuring is a dual-core processor that is so powerful to boost the wireless and wired connections’ performance.

The unique thing about this modem is that it has 160MHz channel support. You will be amazed by how it doubles speeds by 80MHz, making the speeds be converted to gigabit speeds. This scenario happens for computers and phones that are connected to the internet service.

Do you have gadgets that consume high internet such as gaming devices and online streaming? Worry not, for the modem has lightning-fast internet speeds that will make your online gaming and streaming efficient. You will, therefore, have a fully-served smart home with support to all your devices.

Moreover, there is 1024-QAM that works towards increasing data rates. You will therefore have an improvement of 38% when using this modem. Compared to the 256-QAM 802.11ac, the modem shows a more remarkable improvement in using the latest wifi technology.

Finally, the modem has incredible support for both wireless and wired devices. Connecting to your devices such as computers, data banks, and gaming machines is straightforward. It also has a single DSL port that allows you to connect all your ADSL and VDSL profiles with a limit of 17a.

However, several people complain that it is hard to set it up for CenturyLink DSL service. Therefore, it should be one of the main reasons to consider when buying this modem.

What makes the C4000LG CenturyLink Modem stand out?

CenturyLink was the first company in their industry to offer an all-new router that runs on Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), three times faster than the previous generation. With high-intensity environments comes even higher demands for processing power and bandwidth.

However, with this kind of technology, you need not worry about your connection speed as it’s 3x greater too! This means smooth 4K streaming right from day 1 without any buffering or lag time whatsoever.

Thus, the C4000LG will deliver a higher level of performance than before, with data capacity and future plans for your home network! CenturyLink was the first company to offer gigabit Wi-Fi, and now they’re doubling your connection speed.

The new C4000LG 6 xDSL Router offers 160MHZ Channel Support. This doubles the doubles your internet speeds as offered by 80MHz channels. Therefore, this will allow compatible mobile devices and laptops to access data at a rate of 1Gbps!


  • Excellent multiplication of speeds
  • Has both wired and wireless connections
  • Compatible with ADSL and VDSL
  • High data transmission rate
  • Excellent compatibility with devices


  • It is hard to set up for the DSL internet
  • Not many devices can access the 160MHz channels


CenturyLink’s C4000LG router is a high-end DSL device that offers gigabit speeds for compatible mobile devices and laptops. The dual-core processor not only improves the performance of wireless networks but also wired ones with its powerful 1GHz ARM processor!

It can support up to 1024 QAM on an 802.11ac connection as well. This is double what 256QAM provides meaning you’ll get higher data rates between your computer/laptop and any connected gadget too. That is done without sacrificing speed or Quality of Service (which matters if playing online games).

Netgear Broadband ADSL2 Plus modem (DM111PSP-100NAS)

Netgear Broadband ADSL2 Plus modem (DM111PSP-100NAS)

Have a model that will save your space and make your work more comfortable when installing and controlling the internet functions. The Netgear DM111-100NAS has a beautiful design and shape that makes it easy to carry and change positions.

The modem comes at an affordable price that makes it affordable to acquire by many people. Due to its ability to have the network extension done, the router makes an ideal choice for home and office use. 

The modem also has an extensible design that ensures there is the scalability of the data, hence prioritizing your connected devices. You will love how the modem’s flexibility extends from the price to the performance in terms of connectivity.

Connections of the modem are all wired. It comes with both USB and Ethernet ports. You will use the 2.0 and the 3.0 USB ports to share your content with devices within your network and cloud storage. The sharing speeds of the modem are excellent.

Moreover, the modem has an easy installation, and the set-up process is straightforward. If you use the Mac, Windows, Vista, chrome 11.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4, and other higher software, you will have an easy time having the modem set and functioning to its best.

Furthermore, the modem comes from a reputable brand that produces high-quality routers and modems. You, therefore, have a guarantee for long-term service with a superb performance. You will, however, not use cable internet providers because of the compatibility of the modem.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Compatible with many operating systems
  • Small and compact size
  • Lovely and colorful design
  • Excellent sharing speeds


  • Not compatible with cable ISPs and non ADSLs

TRENDnet AC750 wireless VDSL2/ADSL2 modem router (TEW-16DRM)

TRENDnet AC750 wireless VDSL2/ADSL2 modem router (TEW-16DRM): Best budget modem for DSL internet

When looking for modems, it is very typical to look for one with a router. Routers with built-in modems save money that is normally used to buy a separate router. This modem comes in combination with a router giving you the best DSL gateway for multiple services.

You will enjoy speeds and stable internet from the router with a combination of 433 Mbps and 300 Mbps for both the ac and the n bands, respectively. Connections and speeds will therefore be maintained for both wireless and wired devices.

More about the router is that it has excellent compatibility. You will quickly have your wireless devices connected to the modem and all the wired gadgets working too. More about the compatibility is that it works with VDSL2/ADSL2, including most ISP networks.

Enjoy the best moments with the VDSL2 downstream with an extension of up to 200 Mbps throughput. For both downloads and uploads, the modem offers you the best service with lag-free connections when streaming your content.

Fast speeds are also experienced when using wired devices. You will use the dual 3.0 USB ports and the 4 Ethernet ports to connect your devices. In case you have an extra router, you will have it connected to the modem.

Save on money and power with the modem because of its limited consumption. When there is too much power consumption, the router maintains at 14 watts. When surfing or downloading content, the modem ensures that airtime consumption is limited while the service is excellent.

A lovely thing about this modem is that it has excellent safety for connected devices and users. In case you want to control your children while using the internet, it is possible with this router. You will use the parental controls and block specific websites and content.


  • Excellent compatibility
  • Easy to configure
  • Has excellent safety
  • Fast USB ports and Ethernet ports
  • Has both router and modem


  • The speed may not be sufficient

NETGEAR DGND3300 Modem Router

NETGEAR DGND3300 Modem Router: Best dual-band modem router for DSL internet

Featuring is the DGND3300 Netgear modem that comes in a neat shape and design that amplifies its performance. The model serves as both a router and a DSL modem built-in. It is, therefore, a 2 in 1 unit.

You will be amazed by the modem-router’s security that comprises WPA/WPA2-PSK  with a WEP push. The WEP push ensures that you get connected to the internet quickly and most safely. WPS all through a secure internet connection.

More about this model is that it has a dashboard that is easy to understand. You will, therefore, find the control and management tasks of the router very simple. If you have to repair your home network, you don’t need to hire a technician to work for you.

Enjoy combined speeds of 600 Mbps from the dual bands with excellent stability. You will, therefore, use demanding applications and stream your content effectively. HD streaming using the modem is fast and lag-free.

Furthermore, the modem- router has an extended wifi range with the dual-bands making the connection more stable.  Wifi interference from nearby devices and homes also gets entirely reduced and eliminated.

Enjoy gigabit internet with the Ethernet ports and auto-sensing technology that helps in making the connections effective. The modem has a single WAN port and 4 LAN ports that connect wired devices to the internet.

Finally, you will find the modem perfect for sharing files within the network and the cloud storage. You will use any DLNA device on the network using the USB ports.


  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Has both a modem and a router
  • Easy and fast sharing of files


  • May have compatibility issues with other ISPs

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Choosing the best modem for DSL internet

The selection process during the acquisition of DSL Modems can be very confusing. When in the market, it will be best if you employ the following criteria in selection.

Technology support

The essential thing to look at when buying a modem for DSL service is DSL technology. Ensure that your modem has ADSL2+ or the VDSL service for the best functionality with DSL.

For the best DSL gateway or separate modem, you will require to check the compatibility with the DSL service being provided by your ISP.


The best modem for DSL internet should have WAN and LAN ports. The presence of the USB ports is also an added advantage to make your usage more effective. If you get a modem with DSL ports, you will be better placed.

In this article, we have given you the number of ports available for each DSL modem reviewed. This will ensure that your wired devices are connected to high-speed internet.

Network standards

Having a modem with both wired and wireless connections makes your internet uses perfect and more simplified. The latest wifi technology and other functionality technologies make your router ever the best.

Types of DSL (ADSL, VDSL and SDSL)

ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line)

In the past, we had Dial-up internet. Do you remember it? It was upgraded in the 2000s and thus became of the most commonly used internet connection method.

The upgraded ADSL is the DSL type that you will see in most homes today. The downstream speeds are higher than upstream speeds in the asymmetrical connection.

Even ADSL has been updated severally over the past few years. We currently have ADSL2+ the fastest of all the ADSL versions that have been put into use. Previous versions are ADSL and ADSL2.

VDSL (Very High Bit-rate DIgital Subscriber Line)

The VDSL is the fastest DSL connection available today. It is however not as commonly used as the ADSL. As indicated in the name, VDSL is very fast and thus can offer download speeds of up to 60Mbps.

To enable the fast speeds, the signals in this DSL type travel a shorter distance and thus also increase reliability.

The reason for the lower subscription is that you can only be connected to VDSL if your home or office is close enough to the exchange. Thus, if you are far from the exchange, you will get an unreliable and slower connection due to signal deterioration with distance.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

This DSL type transmits data in a symmetrical way downstream and upstream through the copper wires of the telephone network. Therefore, the bandwidth for upstream and downstream is identical.

This is common in most businesses that require good upload speed as well as download speeds. In most homes, faster download speeds are required as compared to upload speeds.

Advantages of DSL modem router combos

Ease in set-up and use

The modem router combos are very easy to set up as compared to separate devices. This is because the DSL modem router combo will give you both the modem and router functions.

Tidy homes

The modem router combos have fewer wires or cables that are used for the connection. This is because it is just one device that has two functions. In separate modems and routers, you have to have a cable connecting the modem and the router.

Few compatibility issues with the ISPs

If your modem router combo is compatible with your ISP then you are good to go. This is different to separate modems and routers where you have to check if both devices are compatible with your ISP.

Saving on rental fees

Having a DSL modem router combo will help you to save the monthly rental fees that are paid to your DSL provider. In the long run, the cost of buying a modem router combo is cheaper by far as compared to renting. This is made possible because routers and modems last for very long.

Which are the top DSL ISPs

VerizonAT&T (U-Verse only)
WindstreamVerizon- Only a few installations

How to connect your DSL modem to the internet

Final verdict

DSL internet is fantastic when used in upgrading your home to a smart home or your office. Getting the best modems is the best thing ever because it minimizes the cost while making your enjoyment more pronounced. Our best DSL internet modem models are verified to offer the best service.

You can also compare DSL vs cable vs fiber internet connections if you are not limited on choice. This will enable you to get the best service for your needs.

DSL Modems FAQs

Is A Cable Modem And A DSL Modem The Same?

A cable modem is not the same as a DSL modem. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modems use phone lines to connect online; they’re much easier and more convenient than cable providers where you get a cable modem for the coaxial connection, install it yourself in your wiring closet, then expect customer service if there are problems with their equipment.

Does DSL internet need a modem?

Yes, to connect to the internet when you have a DSL internet plan, you need a DSL modem. The modem changes the internet data from your ISP to a form that can be used by your home devices or transmitted by a router.

Are all DSL modems the same?

The function is the same but the specifications are different. Modem models offer different features and also connect to different types of DSL internet. Thus, as you choose your modem, be sure to know the type of internet connection.

Do you need a Router to access DSL internet?

You need a router to access the Wi-Fi on your DSL connection. Moreover, you need it to get several Ethernet ports. However, you may have a DSL modem router meaning that you do not need to get a router for your connection.

How long do DSL modems last?

Like in routers and other networking devices, a DSL modem of good quality should be replaced every 3 to 5 years. However, a good modem can last up to 5 years. After that, the normal wear and tear and challenges due to overheating may lead to modem failure.

Can you plug your DSL modem into any phone line?

Yes, you can plug a DSL modem into any phone line. However, the connection type differs and thus you may need a modem that suits your internet connection. We have ADSL, VDSL, VDSL+, SDSL, VDSL2, and ADSL2 among others.