8 Best Powerline Adapters (2023 Expert Review)

A powerline adapter provides the best network connection for our daily activities. To create an incredible smart home that is easy to use and reliable, you need a strong network. The powerline adapters are well known for granting high-quality connections to distant parts of one’s house.

When you have a Wi-Fi router, it can give you spotty and unreliable coverage. The perfect solution for this is acquiring a powerline adapter. How can you identify the best gaming powerline adapters in the market?

 Here is a list of some of the most adapters which will grant you fantastic browsing, streaming, and gaming experience.

Best Powerline Adapters

Powerline AdaptersBest forSpecificationsCheck it out
TP-Link AV2000 Powerline AdapterBest powerline adapterSpeed: 2000Mbps Ethernet over Power
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps,
Range: 300 meters In house
Item dimensions: 2.8 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches
NexusLink G.hn 2000 Mbps Powerline AdapterBest powerline adapter for rangeSpeed: 2000 Mbps over power
Ethernet: 500Mbps for a single port
Range: Whole-home coverage
Netgear XAV5001 Powerline Network Adapter (XAV5001)Best for ease in connectionSpeed: up to 500 Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet
Range: Up to 5000 sq ft home
ZyXEL PLA407 HomePlug AV 200 Mbps Powerline Wall-Plug AdapterBest budget powerline adapterSpeed: Up to 200Mbps
Ethernet: Yes
Range: Whole-home coverage
D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200Best for 3 Gigabit Ethernet portsSpeed: up to 1200Mbps
Ethernet: 3 Gigabit ports
Range: Whole-home coverage
D-Link Powerline AV Network Adapter Kit (DHP-307AV)Best for a modest homeSpeed:  Up to 200Mbps
Ethernet: High-speed Ethernet 
Range: Whole-home coverage
Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline AdapterBest for high internet speedsSpeed: Up to 2000Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet
Range: Whole-home coverage
Item dimensions: 8.82 x 7.4 x 3.54 inches
Comtrend G.hn Powerline Adapter (PG-9182 G.hn)Best for multiple devicesSpeed: Up to 2000Mbps
Ethernet: Gigabit
Range: Whole-home coverage
It has a pass-through power socket
Item dimensions: 2.36 x 1.54 x 5.5 inches

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter: Best powerline adapter

If you are in the market for the best powerline adapter, then here you have the best. The device can give your home the best connection.

The power line adapter provides Ethernet over power of up to 2000Mbps. Therefore, you can easily use it for a thick-walled house.

The adapter has a Gigabit Ethernet port. Your devices will thus enjoy the best Ethernet connection. This makes it one of the best powerline adapters for gaming and streaming.

You can be sure that your whole home is covered because the adapter covers a range of 300 meters in the house. Your whole home device will thus enjoy the fastest connections wherever they are.

It ensures comprehensive coverage of network connections in your home area. Unlike the wireless connection, this powerline adapter helps you to cover a large area. Therefore, it is easy to do gaming from different areas, unlike the one common point.

The adapter is significantly power-saving. When the network connection is not in use, the device shifts to power-saving mode; with this, so much power is conserved, which is later on used for gaming. The saved money from the electricity or power charges can be used to improve gaming easily.

The best powerline adapter: TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter

Also, it is easy to fix the powerline adaptor. You do not have to undergo a tiresome exercise to fix it. Therefore, you only need to plug and play, which everyone can do even with the least knowledge. You will realize that there is no software need application at all.

Additionally, it has a high performance. The adapter ensures that the network connection is well distributed to the appropriate place. The data transfer is also of a very high speed.


  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • It is a power-saving adapter
  • Easy to set up the device
  • A very high performance
  • Extensive area coverage


  • It is expensive to purchase
  • There is noise distraction from other connected devices.


The TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter is a good choice if you’re looking to expand your home network. It includes a plug point, delivers fantastic speeds and it’s good value for money despite some minor configuration issues! It is also quite huge!

Crucially the adapter claims Smooth 4K streaming with games across multiple devices at up 2000Mbps (2 Gbps) – easily beating out most standard Wi-Fi extenders.

NexusLink G.hn 2000 Mbps Powerline Wireless Ethernet Bridge Adapter AC1200

NexusLink G.hn 2000 Mbps Powerline Wireless Ethernet Bridge Adapter AC1200: Best for long range

The adapter ensures connection to the dead zone areas in your home. With a wireless connection, the connection can be problematic in these areas.

However, this power adapter can bring the internet to these remote spots easily. Hence, you will do your gaming at any point with no worries about the connection as it is a high-speed of up to 2000Mbps network provided.

It also has a high performance as compared to several other adapters. NexusLink adapter grants you a super performance through a connection that is directly electrical wired.

It is a perfect choice for your gaming as you will experience the best connection that will grant you excellent results. With the Ethernet connections giving you up to 500Mbps, you are sure that your online activities will be seamless.

You cannot fail to like its simple setup process. For your gaming, you will be able to easily fix it on your own within the shortest time possible. You need to plug and play, and you will have fantastic gaming with a high-end network connection.

Additionally, it is compatible with numerous devices. It would be heartbreaking to purchase an adapter only for it to be incompatible with your devices.

With this adapter, it is easily compatible with these devices. Therefore, you can pick it up for gaming to connect with your router for an extensive connection.


  • It has fast performance.
  • Allows connection across the dead zones
  • It is easy to connect and maintain the adapter.


  • It requires two or more powerline adapters to create the connection.

Netgear XAV5001 Powerline Network Adapter (XAV5001)

Netgear XAV5001 Powerline Network Adapter (XAV5001): Best foe ease in connection

Are you playing with family or friends? The adapter allows you to have multiplayer gaming at any time. Therefore, you do not have to wait for each other’s turn to play.

You can connect your gaming consoles and have perfect gaming. Therefore, it is ideal for gaming, whether on a commercial or household use setup.

It easily allows the extension of the network in your areas. The device can cover up to 5000 square feet of your home. With connections such as Wi-Fi, there is a challenge of connection in some specified areas.

You will enable internet access to most of your electrical outlets, such as gaming consoles and desktop PCs. Therefore, you will have your gaming at any point in the house due to the extensive network connection.

Additionally, the adapter setting up is easy. You do not have to install or configure the software. You can fix it within the shortest time possible as you only have to plug and play. Therefore, for your gaming, you can connect your adapter at any given time.

It also has a high speed for data transfer. The adapter has gigabit wired connections that are very fast. The speed runs up to 500 Mbps, which enables the smooth running of the gaming. Hence, gaming is at its best, unlike when it is lagging.


  • Got an exclusive high performance
  • Has high-speed connections
  • Very easy to set steps
  • Ensures a comprehensive area network coverage


  • Its connection is limited to specified devices
  • It has no pass through socket

ZyXEL PLA407 HomePlug AV 200 Mbps Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter

ZyXEL PLA407 HomePlug AV 200 Mbps Powerline Wall-Plug Adapter: Best budget powerline adapter

You will love the adapter due to its noise filtering function. It can reduce the noise generated by nearby electronic equipment such as vacuum cleaners and many more. Therefore, it seeks to provide you with a conducive environment suitable for gaming.

You need this adapter as, despite the connection of other devices, you will experience minimal distractions when using it. It has a data transfer rate of up to 200Mbps.

It has an easy setup process.  You need to fix it within few minutes with no assistance at all. If you have no idea what to do, the directions are on the adapter manual. However, you only need to plug and play; hence it is fast to connect.

Moreover, it significantly saves energy as compared to other adapters. It has a power-saving mode that minimizes power consumption up to approximately 60 percent.

It can sense whenever the network is not in use and turns to power-saving mode. Therefore, you will save on electricity when using it. Hence you do not have to pay huge electricity bills.

The adapter also has a high performance. The adapter provides you with a high-speed and stable connection throughout your home without complicated wiring issues.

The connection is at its best as you can access it from any given point in your home area. Therefore, when gaming, you will experience a stable connection bringing you an incredible experience.


  • The adapter is easy to set up.
  • It has an in-built noise filter.
  • Energy-saving through green product
  • Provide power with an extra power outlet


  • It is only compatible with specified devices.

D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200

D-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Adapter AC1200

When you get this exceptional powerline adapter, you will get the best speeds, coverage, the number of Gigabit Ethernet ports, and other excellent features.

It ensures extending the internet to the dead zones in your home areas. Some areas may be unlikely to acquire network connections from the other adapters.

However, this adapter enhances whole-home coverage. Therefore, your gaming is not solely restricted to a single specified point due to connection.

The adapter is easy to set and requires minimal effort. No software installation is needed or even professional assistance.  You need to fix this by plugging and playing. Even with the slightest knowledge, you can fix the adapter and proceed with your gaming.

The performance of the adapter is relatively high.  For everyday activities, it provides a high-speed connection with a speed of up to 1200Mbps.

The data transfer is speedy hence making it reliable for gaming at any given time. It is because gaming requires high and fast connections.

Notably, it has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports significant in gaming. It gives you a solid dependable wired performance for several devices such as gaming consoles. Therefore, you will experience gaming with an exemplary connection with this adapter.


  • It ensures connections to all areas, including dead zones.
  • Exclusive high performance
  • It has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • It is an easy-to-set adapter


  • It is costly
  • It has no pass through socket

D-Link Powerline AV Network Adapter Kit (DHP-307AV)

D-Link Powerline AV Network Adapter Kit (DHP-307AV)

The adapter enables you to easily expand or create your home network. It involves utilizing your existing electrical wiring to achieve the best. You will be able to transfer internet access to most of the areas.

It is also highly compatible with devices. The adapter works well with several other devices, such as routers. Due to incompatibility, most people incur losses and extra charges trying to get the appropriate devices.

Therefore, you will have the best gaming experience as the device can work well with others. It is facilitated by Intelligent QoS technology that enhances both wired and wireless connections.

Notably, it involves a plug-and-play installation. The adapter needs simple steps within few minutes for its set up. You will not need some better-experienced personnel as you can handle it and also do your gaming effectively.

Also, it has a high speed of up to 200Mbps throughput, unlike several adapters. The connectivity to other devices is high-speed, with no lagging. It ensures fast data transfer to the connected devices, which brings excellent results.


  • It has a high performance.
  • It is easy to set up a powerline adapter.
  • Easily compatible with numerous devices


  • Noise distraction from other connected devices
  • It has no pass through socket

Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline Adapter

Nexuslink Wave 2 G.hn Powerline Adapter

The powerline adapter has a high performance suitable for gaming. Through the wired connection, it delivers very high quality. 

You will be able to do your gaming at any time as it needs an excellent power connecting device. Therefore, you will have a high-performing game.

Also, it provides internet to your home’s remote spots. Some conducive environments have failed to gain use due to poor connection.

With this adapter, you will be able to perform gaming in any area as you will be able to receive a fast network connection suitable for fair gaming.

Additionally, it is compatible with other devices. The adapter can be used with other devices such as Wi-Fi routers and work effectively.

You will not have to purchase a whole set of compatible devices. Use your newly acquired adapter with the other devices, and you will have a fantastic experience in gaming. 


  • Has an impressive high performance
  • Compatibility with several devices
  • It is easy to set and operate the adapter.
  • It covers a wide range of areas when transferring the data.


  • The network does not reach across the dead zones.

Comtrend PG-9182 G.hn Powerline Adapter

Comtrend G.hn Powerline Adapter

Notably, its speed is one of the things that have brought it significant acceptance. High speed for gaming is what most people always need at all times. It has a next-generation speed running up to 2000Mbps. This speed enhances the fast transfer of data as well.

Additionally, it comes with an easy installation process.  It needs you only to plug and configure. That is an easy process that can be done even by the most illiterate personnel. For gaming, it is ideal as there are few steps concerned after which you enjoy playing.

It transmits the network to all areas, including hard-to-reach locations. And since it can connect up to 16 devices within a G.hn Powerline Network, it is excellent for most homes. The adapter utilizes the existing electrical wiring to pass the network. Therefore, you can have the best gaming from any point in your compound with the best network connection.

Power usage and device prioritization

The Ethernet Powerline Adapter is a supercharged version of your home’s electrical wiring system. It has been designed to work with existing power line adapters and supports any voltage between 110V – 240V, so there are no worries about compatibility!

It’s backward compatible, allowing you to continue using the adapters from previous generations. Thus you can connect it to a previous generation Powerline adapter.

The built-in (G.hn technology algorithms) QoS feature automatically prioritizes video streaming or VoIP over other types of traffic which makes it perfect for people who use these functions heavily online (like me!). Finally, this little device uses just 0.5W when idle thanks in part to its efficiency.

Comparison with Comtrend PG-9172 G.hn powerline adapter and others

The new Comtrend powerline adapter is different from the PG-9172 which doesn’t have a pass-through power socket. In our tests also, when the security is turned on, they both stop working with other powerline adapters except their own model.

Both the Comtrend PG-9172 G.hn (on Amazon) and PG-9182 G.hn can be used to extend wired networks in homes, offices and other buildings where Ethernet networking may not reach due to obstacles such as walls that block signals or lack of coverage by Wi-Fi routers.

These powerline adapters with two units allow for rapid connection creation on an existing electrical wiring system across large distances while also providing much faster speeds than regular ethernet cables offer which is perfect when you need extra Internet accessibility at places far away from your main hub.


  • It has an exemplary high performance (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • It turns your simple electric outlet into an Ultra-fast network
  • The adapter minimizes lagging when in use
  • Has a passthrough power socket
  • Ensure network transfer to the most remote areas
  • It is very easy to use
  • Uses the traditional snap-in design


  • You will experience noise hindrance when gaming
  • It is compatible with specific devices only


The Comtrend PG-9182 G.hn is the perfect solution when you need internet access in a place where there isn’t enough Wi-Fi signal, such as your basement! This two-unit powerline kit will turn any wiring into network cables for easy extension anywhere throughout all areas of your house without having to go outside and run new lines from start to finish every time.

Buyers Guide for Best Powerline Adapters

Have you made up your mind to purchase a powerline? It will surely save you time and money from time to time. With the numerous brands and types of powerline adapters, make sure you make the right choice.

The other thing you should know is there were two types: those with a single Ethernet port on one end (which allows them to function as either transmitters or receivers depending on how many units are plugged into each other), and those without any network ports but able use their own wireless connection between themselves via WiFi.

When you feel that you need a powerline adapter, there are several things to consider. These include;

What are the different types of powerline adapters and what do the different standards mean?

There are several different types of data communication being offered by the current generation of home networking devices, including wireless connectivity. Over the last 10 years, there has been an evolution of powerline adapter standards.

However, not all powerline adapters are created equal.

The most basic you’ll find these days is HomePlug AV500 which comes with a promise to deliver speeds up to 500 Mbps over your electric lines but don’t expect it to be as fast or reliable as a cable connection.

The most advanced Powerline adapter models support the AV2 600, 1000, 1200, and 2000 standards which use all three power cables (live, ground, and neutral) to boost bandwidth speeds up to theoretical maximums.

Beyond that, there’s one more standard – G.hn with 1-2500Mbits/sec speed range for both greater stability and faster transfer rates. But it has yet to become the industry standard.

The best thing about all the standards is that they are all backward compatible. Thus, all the devices using previous standards will be connected to more advanced standards.


The powerline adaptor you opt for should be able to serve well within an extended period. It is heartbreaking to get an adapter and within the second day becomes useless.

Therefore, ensure that the adapter of your choice will be a durable one to offer you excellent service.


The theoretical speeds of these electric circuit connections sound impressive, but they don’t take into account the state and design of your home’s cabling or how far apart you place them. They also do not consider any other appliances that could potentially interfere with performance in a real-world situation.

The transfer speeds detailed above may sound impressive, but they refer to theoretical capabilities, not real-world performance.

The state of your home’s electric wiring, the kind of cable being used, how many circuits you have in total, or if there is any interference from other appliances will all potentially affect speed.

For example, when testing a 1 GB/sec connection over 100m it was found that only about 40 – 60% were actually achieving this maximum throughput with most around half depending on factors such as what electrical devices nearby.

Gaming needs a connection to a high-speed device. The adapter speed will play a vital role in the results of the gaming. The higher the speed, the better the gaming experience and vice versa. Therefore, consider high-speed adapters for your daily use.

Ethernet ports

Typically, powerline adapters have one Ethernet port. This becomes a major challenge when you want to use more than one device at a go.

Powerline adapters’ pricier options tend to include two or three which can make life easier for those who wish to set up an office or use many devices at their homes. Always check if these are able of running at Gigabit speeds.

While the connection speed will not be as fast compared to using direct cables or Wi-Fi connections, older models typically only support 100Mbits/sec and may cause slower transfer speeds


Do you want to incur extra costs to get new devices? Your choice of the adapter should be guided by the devices you have as well.

Some adapters cannot work with your available devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, which calls for the purchase of new ones. Hence, ensure it is easily compatible with your gaming devices.

Wi-Fi access

When choosing a powerline connection, it is important to remember that some of them may not support the newest Wi-Fi standard. At this time, no adapters on the market offer 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Older models only feature speeds supported by older versions like 802.11n or even 4 rather than 5 (at best).

Some adapters also include a built-in Wi-Fi access point, but they may not support the latest 802.11ac/Wi-Fi 5 standard or faster speeds. Check if that’s important to you before buying one of these HomePlug AV adaptors since no powerline adaptors currently support the newer IEEE 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 standard at this time (at least as far as I know).

Internet security

You may have heard of the NSA scandal, in which they were spying on American citizens. Despite this paranoia among consumers about being spied upon by their own government, there are other sources that you should be concerned with when it comes to home security.

Most powerline adapters use 128-bit AES encryption to ensure no one can snoop on your data packets traveling around your house. However, remember that if yours doesn’t come enabled out of the box then it’s not encrypted!

As long as you have 128-bit AES encryption enabled on your powerline adapter, you are secure. This is worth checking prior to use because some adapters default this setting off.

Powerline adapter pros and cons (should I buy a WiFi extender, Mesh WiFi system, or Powerline adapter?)

This question has been popular for a while now, with many different solutions available. The best solution depends on your specific situation, but the most effective way to reach remote corners of your home is through extenders or mesh Wi-Fi systems at this point in time.

While powerline used to be the best solution for Wi-Fi, now there are better options like mesh WiFi systems and extenders. If you want to extend your WiFi network, it’s now better to do so with a Wi-Fi extender than powerline adapters.

Mesh systems are also faster and more effective but cost significantly more money. Each has its own strengths depending on where your house is located or how big of an area needs extending – if the former, go for mesh; if the latter, either will work fine as long as they’re providing enough speed at this point in time (which sadly isn’t guaranteed).

Powerline adapters can reach every corner of the house

If you want to extend the internet signal in a place where Wi-Fi extenders and mesh networks won’t work, powerline adapters may be your best bet. Powerlines are great at reaching long distances or inaccessible places but will depend on what the materials and layout of your house is like.

For example getting the internet to a loft, garage, basement, or outdoor office is best done using a powerline adapter as compared to a WiFi extender or mesh WiFi system.

Powerline adapters are not obstructed

In addition, for powerline adapters, there is no obstruction of the signals by walls, metals and there is no signal interference by other devices. This is very common for WiFi extenders since walls and metallic objects are major hindrances to WiFi signals.

Powerline adapters FAQs

Do powerline adapters actually work?

A powerline adapter lets network travel through electric wiring which is similar to how electricity travels throughout our homes. Powerline adapters convert your router’s signal into an electrical current that travels through the wiring in your walls and then back to a plug-in module on another device. They do reduce interference, but not completely because electricity can create static noise at any time.
A powerline adapter reduces the chance of interference significantly, so if you need stable internet consider using this type of connection rather than WiFi or Ethernet cables where there is more risk for loss and delay. Thus, since powerlines reduce interference significantly compared with wireless connections it’s still worth considering for some situations when building new cables isn’t possible or practical (e.g., apartment leases).

Do powerline adapters increase electric bill?

Powerline adapters use very little electricity and are therefore not expensive to run. They utilize 2W of electricity, which is cheap to run. The electricity usage costs $0.0027 per day, or less than $1 over the course of a year for each powerline adapter used in your home/business! Thus, the electric bill does not increase significantly not unless you are using thousands of powerline adapters which is practically impossible.

Do powerline Adaptors need to be on the same circuit?

The short answer is yes, it’s best if they’re installed onto the same electrical circuit. When installing a powerline adapter, it’s important to make sure the two adapters are plugged into outlets on the same circuit. This will allow them to connect and share data between each other more effectively. When installing a pair of adapters, both should ideally go into outlets that are part of one arrangement or group (for example: two groups in different rooms with no intervening wall switches). However, this isn’t essential as long as each contains an always-on outlet and you avoid daisy chaining them by plugging only one device at first so that any switch can activate either unit. If your home network requires more than 2 adapters for full coverage then additional units may work better when plugged directly into mains sockets rather than via extension cables – which will limit their speed due to line attenuation

Will powerline work in old houses?

Yes, as long as the electrical wiring is made of copper and in reasonably good condition it will send data just fine. Powerline adapters rely on the electrical wiring of a house in order to work. Generally speaking, this will function just fine unless there’s another problem with the wiring at hand. Copper is most commonly used for making powerlines and it should be able to send data if in reasonable condition though that might not always be true depending on other factors involved so keep an eye out!

What is G.hn certified powerline adapter technology?

The G.hn designation is a specification for existing-wire home networking, including power lines, coaxial lines, and telephone lines. This means the adapter can work well in any environment it’s placed – such as mixed environments or homes with only certain types of wiring installed at different points in time during building history (us oldtimers call them “legacy systems”). This means that the adapter can work well in mixed environments whether it’s wired or wireless too! As if this isn’t enough already, they are also certified by Telecommunication Equipment Industry Association (TEIA) to be equivalent to HomePlug AV2 standards which allow up 1Gbps of cap speed on an electrician level device. As an example where this would come into play; if you have a house built before 1980 then there may be a coaxial cable running through some parts instead of wires like Telephone Company did back when they had their own phone lines!

Final verdict

The powerline adapters play a key role in our daily activities, including gaming. You need to secure one for yourself as the benefits are better and more improved. For comprehensive network coverage in your home, it is a perfect choice.

Once you choose these powerline adapters, you will have the most fantastic gaming experience. Additionally, you will save more money and power as well. You can also compare a Moca and powerline adapter to check which suits you better.

Powerlines are also safe for children because they do not emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation like wireless routers or cell phones can when in close range with them.