How to Connect to a WiFi Router Without a Password

We all forget the Wi-Fi password sometimes. Also, we may be visiting a place where you can not get access to the Wi-Fi password but you have access to the router. In this article, we will explore how to connect to a WiFi router without a password.

Usually, most routers are password-protected to keep out the network parasites and hackers. It is very important in keeping your network safe while also limiting the use to a few allowed devices. This will ensure that the connected devices get enough bandwidth.

Connecting a device like a laptop or a computer without a password can be easily done when you have access to the Ethernet cable. This is because the Ethernet cable is mostly just plug-and-play.

For the Ethernet cable, you will only require that the Ethernet cable be plugged into the router on one side and then you will plug in your wired devices on the other side. The Ethernet connections offer faster internet connections as compared to Wi-Fi in most routers but have drawbacks in location and number of devices connected.

However, it is quite hard to connect to the Wi-Fi if you have no password. Most routers come with default passwords which you can change during installation. However, we have described the steps on how to connect to a WiFi router without a password.

How to connect to a WiFi router without a password

There are two main ways that you can connect your devices to a Wi-Fi router without a password. This is either by logging into a guest network or using the WPS button on the router.

The guest network is available on some routers but not others. Therefore, you can get a router with guest network access if you want some of your guests to use the internet without availing of your Wi-Fi password.

You can set the guest network on the router configuration settings for the compatible routers. It helps in improving the security of your network. This is because you do not share your Wi-Fi password with guests some of who can be malicious.

The WPS button is however the other way to access Wi-Fi without a password. For you to use this process, you need to have access to the router.

WPS Button: How to connect to a Wi-Fi router without a password using the WPS button

How to connect to a Wi-Fi router without a password using the WPS button

The following is a guide on how to use the WPS button to connect to your devices:

How to connect to a Wi-Fi router without a password using the WPS button

Check for the WPS button on your router

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is one of the buttons availed in most routers. The button provides the ability of the router to connect easily to a computer, laptop, printer, smartphone, or other devices. In this case, the connection is a secure wireless connection. Other names given to the WPS button by other manufacturers include Wi-Fi Simple Config, Push ‘n’ Connect, PBC, and Quick Secure Setup (QSS).

Turn on the router and press the WPS button for 2 seconds

The process helps to prepare the router for the connection. The process also helps in the discovery of new devices.

Check if the WPS button light is blinking

A blinking light on the WPS indicator light shows that the router is ready for a WPS connection. Thus you can connect any discovered device without the need for a password.

On your device such as mobile device, laptop, or computer, navigate to the settings

The WPS connection will be available on the Wi-Fi option in the Settings area of your device. The Wi-Fi option should be selected to use WPS for connecting the devices with Wi-Fi. In this section, you will see the list of all wireless networks that are available at this time.

Choose the network that you want to connect to on the list of networks available

Selecting the network that you want to access via the WPS button will still prompt you for the security key. However, since you are using the WPS button, cancel the connection when prompted for the password for the router’s network. On a mobile device after selecting “Cancel” you will tap the “three dots” or “the more” at the top-right hand corner of your screen. You will find the WPS connection on Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1, and the other latest Windows.

Choose the WPS button from the list of options availed when you select more or the three dots

To connect your devices via the WPS button, you will need to select the WPS button option on the list availed. When this is selected, wait for a few minutes to check if your device is connected. You can check anything on the internet to confirm if the connection has been successful.

Are there any problems with the WPS button for connecting devices?

Yes, there are some problems. The WPS button is at a higher risk of brute force attacks. Smart Hackers can take less than 10 hours to hack the PIN that is produced by the WPS button even if you do not use it for connecting your devices.

The WPS produces an eight-digit PIN that is stored by most routers. Of note is that the router stores the PIN in two blocks of four digits each according to research. However, the router will the two blocks separately. So a smart hacker can brute force each block separately which is easier as compared to hacking an 8 digit PIN.

There may be other programming and design flaws as described by different researchers. These flaws make the use of WPS button insecure.

Which other devices work with WPS?

There are many devices that have WPS support. These devices include modern wireless printers that provide the WPS connectivity to connect it quickly to a router.

In addition, most of the Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters also provide a WPS button for a quick connection to the router. This is one of the primary ways of connecting a wireless Wi-Fi extender to the network connection.

Other devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices have support for WPS button connection. This helps in easy connection to the home network


Using the steps above, you can easily connect your devices to the internet without a Wi-Fi password. This is either by using the WPS button or using the guest network where it is availed.

For you to use the “how to connect to a WiFi router without a password via a WPS button”, you will require access to a router with the WPS button. This will enable you to easily connect the devices to the internet.