7 Best Wireless Access Points for a Large Home in 2023

If you have a large home, it is clear that supplying good internet in all parts is a challenge. A solution does not only have an access point but a powerful one, thus this article on the best wireless access point for a large home is important for you. An access point’s major role is to ensure that you have a proper supply of internet to all parts.

The greatest advantage of having an access point is that you will have stable internet on wider coverage. The chances of having dead zones in your home get limited to a greater degree. You will no longer experience lags and latency.

A wireless access point makes use of the router in your home and broadcasts its signal to the furthest corners of your home. They are quite different from the Wi-Fi extenders because they offer a more robust signal broadcast to the underserved areas in your home.

Most of the WAPs will require a professional to set up. Future challenges with the connection can be diagnosed and corrected remotely without the need for a home visit by the technician.

If your preference is a traditional or mesh router for long-range, you can get the best router for a large home to enable exceptional coverage. However, wireless access points perform better for a large home as compared to traditional routers.

We have compiled the best wireless access points for a large home that will perfectly serve you. Below is their review.

Best wireless access point for a large home

Wireless access pointSpecificationsCheck it out
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PROBest wireless access point for a large homeCHECK IT OUT
EnGenius Technologies EAP1300Best dual-band wireless access pointCHECK IT OUT
Linksys LAPAC1200CBest Cloud Management PoE WiFi Access PointCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link Omada AC1750Best budget wireless access point for a large homeCHECK IT OUT
Netgear AC2000 Dual-Band Access PointBest wireless access point with external antennasCHECK IT OUT
TP-Link 5GHz N300 access and transmission pointBest outdoor single-band long-range transmission point (15Kms)CHECK IT OUT
Netgear Wireless Access Point WAC540Best wireless access point for a modest homeCHECK IT OUT

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO: The best wireless access point for a large home

Among the best performing models, this Ubiquiti Unifi AP model proves to be the best wireless access point for a large home. It also comes with a lovely and compact design. It will, therefore, occupy less space in your house while still performing excellently.

You may get scared of this model because of its price. However, one reason you will look for it from every point is its performance. You will enjoy high speeds and a very reliable connection throughout your home.

The WAP contains a dual-band that enhances its performance. You will enjoy combination speeds of 450+1300 Mbps, which are excellent. An amazing thing about this model is that it will allocate devices to bands according to the amount of internet they need.

This exceptional performance is backed by 3X3 MU-MIMO technology on the dual-band connections. Thus you will be able to connect several devices to this device simultaneously.

What makes this WAP exceptional excellent is because it comes with a mounting kit. For your home, you will therefore have an easy time choosing the best position to have it mounted. You can also remove it to a better position for the best internet access.

For installation, the intuitive and user-friendly UniFi controller user interface will come in handy. It makes the installation easier but in the end, you may require a professional to help with the setup.


  • Provides for easy mounting
  • Not complicated to set up
  • Offers a reliable connection
  • Has dual-band for the accommodation of many devices
  • Great quality and excellent performance


  • It comes on a pricier end
  • Needs skilled labor for best installation

EGenius Technologies EAP1300

EnGenius Technologies EAP1300 Wi-Fi 5: Best wireless access point for exceptional processor

This model is from a rare brand but has proved to be one of the best wireless access points for a large home. It has a lovely and compact design that makes it occupy less space. In terms of coverage, it is one of the models proven to be excellent in range extension.

It has a dual-band that combines speeds of up to 867+400 Mbps. You will therefore enjoy the best supply of internet. All your devices will get a special allocation that will ensure that the performance is excellent.

One thing that will amaze you with this wireless access point is that it has performance technologies. The role of MU-MIMO technology is to ensure that each of your devices is perfectly connected. Furthermore, it has a Quad-core CPU, 4x arm Cortex A7 Processor, and 717 MHz “Turbo engine for the best performance.

You will also love this model because it ensures that there are many devices connected.

Another amazing thing is the Beamforming technology. It plays a major role in ensuring that the range is perfectly extended hence your large home coverage. An antenna helps in maintaining the range.

A large number of devices get adequate internet supply over a wider range. The quality of signal reception gets a perfect boost by this model. Speeds get improved so that each device you connect gets adequate support.


  • Lovely and compact design
  • Boost in internet speeds
  • Reliable connection over a wider range
  • Improved quality of the internet
  • Offers simplicity of set up


  • Performance gets lower as it ages

Linksys LAPAC1200C

Linksys LAPAC1200C: Best cloud management POE wireless access point

One thing that will surprise you with this device is its size and shape. You will love it because it makes your home look great. This device’s performance is awesome as it covers a wider range and is easy to monitor the network.

The unique thing with this model is that it allows for simple management. It features a cloud manager that allows you to monitor its progress and enhance its performance. The amazing thing is that you can implement security measures on the device so that it performs better.

Based on its dashboard provided by the Linksys company, you will easily have the model set. The centralized dashboard is easy to use and offers a reliable outcome.

You will love using your devices because the model has a dual-band. It plays a huge role in ensuring that many devices are connected and an adequate supply of the internet. When the bands are combined, you will enjoy speeds of up to 1.17Gbps.

A zero-touch deployment feature makes the performance robust. It allows for easy configuration and rapid deployment.

Its performance, therefore, gets a perfect boost on a simple touch action.

If you are worried about the safety and security of the internet and users, you have no more reason. The model has technologies that help in maintaining the security of the devices. It also adheres to the WPA/WPA2 security protocols.


  • Lovely and compact design
  • Easy setup and management
  • Perfect safety for all your devices
  • Reliable connection over a wider range
  • Centralized management


  • You may experience challenges using the management process.

TP-Link Omada AC1750

TP-Link Omada AC1750: Best budget wireless access point for a large home

Omada AC1750 comes from a high-performing brand of the TP-Link. It is a gigabit wireless point that makes an excellent choice for use both at home and in the office. You will love its sleek design and architecture that makes it an awesome choice.

The service provided by this model makes it qualify for use in large premises. If your home is huge, then it covers it effortlessly. Using it in the hotel, warehouse of restaurants is a fantastic decision.

It has a dual-band that amplifies its performance. When combined with the MU-MIMO technology, you will enjoy device prioritization as each device gets allocated to a band that facilitates its performance.

Moreover, there is the beamforming technology and the band steering that further enhance its performance.  Combination speeds of 450+1300 Mbps make the performance of the model excellent.

Deployment of the signal gets further amplified by compatibility with 802.3af. You will therefore enjoy a wider connection with a very stable connection. The deployment also gets flexible.

Managing the connection is also simple. You will have a special love for the free EAP controller. It is software that allows the administrator to manage hundreds of devices.

Finally, you will love the VLAN that also enhances the connection’s management, making it safer. If you have visitors in the network, you will love how guest authentication gets done.


  • It has a compact and lively design
  • Ideal for large homes and businesses
  • Offers simplicity of management
  • It has a dual-band that facilitates better performance
  • Easy to manage devices and connection


  • May be slightly complicated to manage over the dashboards

Netgear AC2000 Dual-Band Access Point

Netgear AC2000 Dual-Band Access Point: Best wireless access poit with external antenna

Netgear is a powerful, performing brand that has gained fame for the production of high-quality devices. This model is also an excellent performer as it ensures a wider range of coverage and stable connection.

The model has a dual-band that is responsible for great performances. You will have each device performing excellently because of the band allocation. Many devices get perfectly supported hence performing better.

Combination speeds of 300+1734 Mbps on the dual-band access point help in enhancing the performance of the WAP. Each device gets good internet to perform. Amazingly, you will find it lovely that the range gets extended to a larger scope.

The model features antennas that help in extending the range. The outcome is, therefore, a wider connection with support to many devices. For maximum performance, you will have an opportunity to use 3 SSIDs that you can comfortably set for your visitors and family.

One lovely thing about this model is that it ensures you have easy control using a mobile app. It allows you to set several measures and have it performing to the best state. Management of the security measures of the device can easily get implemented over the app.

Finally, the MU-MIMO technology helps in boosting the performance of this model. It offers device prioritization that ensures you have many devices performing to the best.


  • Excellent device quality
  • Simple management
  • Simple set up and management process
  • It covers an extended range
  • MU-MIMO technology for device prioritization


  • Management of the 3 SSIDs may be a little bit challenging

TP-Link 5GHz N300 access and transmission point

TP-Link 5GHz N300 access and transmission point: Best outdoor single band wireless access point

If you have been going through the guide trying to get high quality and affordable model, the model at hand is for you. You will love the vertical design that makes it visible and easy to install. You will love it because of the built-in MIMO antenna.

This model is exceptional because of its adjustable transmission. You will love how it projects its signal to a wider range and offers an excellent and reliable connection. This model serves a large home and several other homes up to 15km when extended.

Managing the connection is a very simple process because of the pharos control. Pharos control is a centralized management system that makes your work easier. Therefore, you will quickly set up your connection and have many devices using it over an extended range.

Pharos control is also responsible for ensuring that the connection is less affected by latency. It also helps several applications to perform to the maximum. You will also have your home’s dead points eliminated.

Moreover, the model has several modes that make the usability of the network awesome. You can easily set it to AP mode, client mode, AP router mode, and WISP operations mode. It has built-in Wi-Fi that extends the connection further.

Finally, the model features a passive POE adapter. It enhances support to 60 meters using the Ethernet deployment.


  • It has a lovely design
  • Covers an extended range
  • Simple and reliable management
  • Serves many devices
  • Can be extended to serve kilometers
  • Has an affordable price


  • Requires frequent management for the best functionality

Netgear Wireless Access Point WAC540

Netgear Wireless Access Point WAC540: best wireless access point for a modest home

Among all the models of the day, this model is awesome because of its triband. It also has a compact design and a gigabit Ethernet port that makes the performance more enhanced. Several technologies come along with the device making its performance awesome.

This model has a high-density performance because of its dual-band. MU-MIMO technology works help in boosting performance hence ensuring you have a wider range of coverage. Dead zones, therefore, get perfectly eliminated.

Moreover, this model comes with a gigabit Ethernet port. You will love it because it ensures you can connect wired devices. It has maximum speeds for sharing content and supporting many devices.

For maximum roaming, this model comes with advanced technologies. They are important because they assist in-band steering and load balancing. All your devices will, therefore, perform in the best way possible.

Mounting and installing WAP is a very simple process. You will easily suspend it on the wall or ceiling and have it performing to the maximum. The model comes with hardware that helps in quick mounting.

Management is what everyone looks at when it comes to buying devices. You will find it lovely to use the insight app to manage the connection. The process of setup and configuration is straightforward.

Finally, it has excellent security. It offers support to WPA/WPA2 protocols and AP detection. Devices and businesses are therefore safe. Extending Wi-Fi to the nearest houses is also effortless.


  • It has a lovely compact design
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to manage and set
  • Has a gigabit Ethernet port
  • Simple to extend the connection


  • May require frequent mounting for the best functionality

Choosing the best wireless access point for a large home

Choosing the best wireless access point for a large home may be slightly challenging if you have not interacted with a number of them. We explored the recommendations from several experts in addition to our own internal expertise to give you the ultimate guide to choose the best wireless access point for a large home. Therefore, follow along to get a guide for the best WAP for your home.

Internet speeds

The ideal wireless access point for a large home should have high internet speeds. They play a role in ensuring that you have access to high speeds for an extended range.

We have reviewed several wireless access points in this article to ensure your choice is excellent for your internet subscription plan.

Range coverage

The ideal wireless access point should cover an extended range. One that covers your entire home is an awesome choice. If it covers even the neighboring areas, that’s perfect.

This is because these days we have smart devices spread throughout the house and also externally. The external devices that require a great internet connection include smart lights and smart sprinklers.


Considering your budget is an awesome thing. It is important, however, to focus on service so that you have a reliable model.

The best wireless access points for a home last for so long and thus the performance should come first as you select your device. The cost should be secondary since, in the long run, you will recover the costs spent on the exceptional wireless access point.


The performance of a wireless access point is determined by the technologies that make it up. Having advanced features, such as beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies, is awesome.

The advanced technologies will ensure that the WAP gives you a performance that rhymes with your home or office. The technology includes the processor speed and technologies that determine the range and the number of devices supported.

Best wireless access point for large home FAQs

How does a wireless access point work?

A wireless access point is a device that allows you to access the internet using wired and wireless devices. What happens with the wireless points is that they emit the wireless waves that your devices pick and function.
They also allow the network to reach some of your devices using ethernet cables. You will notice a significant boost of the signal when you engage the use of the WAPs. If you have a place where the router struggles to project its signal, the WAP does an excellent job.
Using powerful wireless access points is beautiful because it makes the area you intend to cover enjoy a powerful connection. Wireless points have a big difference from Wi-Fi extenders, and you cannot confuse them because of their nature.

Which is the best wireless access point

The best wireless access point comes with various features that make the performance better. You will need to have a clear focus and look at the specific points that make each model unique. Specific guiding points are essential in making you choose a model that will serve you as you expect.
Some of the features that make up the best model include;
·         Range coverage
·         Number of devices it supports
·         Ease of installation
·         Durability
·         Ability to work as mesh technology
·         Ability to cover the entire Wi-Fi coverage
·         Cost of acquisition and installation
·         Security of the connection
·         The flexibility of the device
When you closely look at these features, you will get a device that will serve you well. You will select one from a powerful brand that has all the features you need. Coming up with criteria that you need to see the device fulfilling is a beautiful thing.

How do I see where the signal is strong and where it is poor?

Understanding where the signal is strong and where it is poor is helpful. It allows you to choose a model that will meet your exact needs. It will also help you to determine the optimal point that you will place the access point.
Using a network analyzing device is the best way to assess the connection. Several mobile apps help in doing the network analysis. You will visit the specific areas within the connection and then do a test.
The results of the test will tell you whether the internet is stable and quick. You will also learn about the point that will serve the rest of the points without a hassle.

How do I cover the entire home with the wireless access point?

Network analysis is the first thing you will do to know the points that the internet is reaching and those that it cannot. You will be at a point of understanding the areas that you need to work on. After that, you will look at the devices that will cover the specific range.
Now you need to look at the device that works best. Those that have the mesh technology are perfect when it comes to covering the widest part. You can also choose to have more than one access point so that you have a stable connection between them.
The placement point is also essential if you have to see the model covering the extended range. Make sure that you have chosen the optimal placement point to project the signal to a broader space.

When do I buy a wireless access point, and where do I install it?

Before you buy a wireless access point, you need to know when you need it. The exact time for purchasing an access point is when you need to improve the range with a new network. An access point is good if you have a vast area or a long-range that you need to cover.
Before installation, you will do a network test to locate where it will work best. You will then place it at a point high enough to cover the range. One thing you will need to look at is the distance you need to cover with the cable.
It determines how the network will reach the point. You need to select a central location and then place the device to cover a circumference that wasn’t covered before. A wide area will need a prominent device or an additional one.

Final verdict

Having a Wireless Access Point (WAP) for your large home is a lovely thing. You will enjoy a reliable connection over an extended range. Dead spots and lags get eliminated when you get the best wireless access point for a large home. The best thing, however, is to have a reliable model.