What is True Wireless Stereo Technology?

Audio technology has been under development for a very long time. Every time you go to buy an audio device, you check on the new technology that it has come with. The listening experience has kept improving because of the various improvements and features that make each piece of equipment different. But what is True Wireless Stereo Technology?

Sound improvement on the various devices you use has come because of the various features that have brought about the difference.

You will focus on the sound improvement and the other features that make the comfort level increase. True Wireless Technology (TWS) is one of these technologies and features that have brought about massive improvement.

What is True Wireless Stereo Technology?

True Wireless Stereo Technology (TWS) is the unique Bluetooth feature that is used in truly wireless earbuds among other devices to connect and enable the reproduction of sound without requiring cables but with maximized sound and battery life.

Thus TWS is the unique Bluetooth technology that gives you the ability to wirelessly deliver sound and connection to other devices while also giving you true stereo sound quality.

True Wireless Technology has been around for some time. It has been delivering a very satisfactory service because of the performance and satisfaction it offers. People who use it have had a wonderful time interacting with other people, objects, and devices that surround them.

The technology has a combination of two technologies that make the functionality great. It has stereo technology and true wireless technology that work together for specific performance.

Stereophonic sound

Most people are familiar with stereo and have better knowledge about what we intend to discuss. Stereo sound is famous and has gone through several improvements and advancements to be whatever it is today. Since the early 1990s, the technology has been active and working, and Disney was the first company to implement its use.

They used it in the 50s and 60s, which contributes to having it as one of the famous technologies. Using the stereo sound is nice as it has a more pleasant and huge sound.

The stereo recording comes from the belief that people have two ears and will use the two recordings working and getting played simultaneously.

In other words, you will have each ear getting sound from a single and specific channel hence delivering a huge sound. The quality of such a sound, in this case, has to remain outstanding and more comforting.

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True wireless technology

When you see the word wireless technology and the word true, the connection is stable and realistic. The emission of the sound comes out more clearly and will deliver a huge and reliable sound. Under true wireless technology, you will have devices using the wireless technologies to have various functions.

Under true wireless technology, you will notice that the devices work perfectly without producing any sound. Many characteristics come along with the various devices, such as speakers, headphones, and earbuds.

The beautiful and the most important one is that there are no cables that guide their functionality.

When using these devices, you will enjoy the usage without using charging cables while in use. One thing that happens and is quite pleasant is that the rechargeable batteries are nice options that make the functionality of the models better. Once charged, the devices can stay for 12 to 15 hours for those that have long-lasting service.

Those that have less active batteries will take a shorter time to serve. But the shorter time means that anything between 4 and 8 hours is what you will enjoy. Pairing devices under true wireless technology is easier and convenient.

If you have true wireless devices, you will have an easy time doing the various functions. The process of pairing devices is simpler and will provide the kind of portability you desire to have. The usage is great, depending on where you want to have the models serving. 

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Devices that serve the true wireless technology

The devices that have wireless technologies are the best models that use True Wireless Stereo Technology. A good example is earbuds such as JBL TWS earbuds. Speakers are also other good models that will make you have a good time.

Headphone and earbuds

True wireless headphones: Advantages and disadvantages of true wireless technology

Headphones and earbuds serve the same role and are the most portable devices. You will find them great for use because of the small design and the coverage that allow only use in the ear. They recharge quickly, and the portability is also great.

The portability they have is that you will put them on the ears and then do various activities with them.

You can walk, run, do household chores, and many others with the devices on your ears. If you are driving, you will have the easiest time as you can manage your music without a hassle.

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Wireless speakers

True wireless speakers are some of the devices that make the experience more enhanced. They also come with rechargeable batteries that you can also change. The portability of these speakers allows them to be in use for both indoor and outdoor activities.

When using them, you will not have any cables on the floor or any wiring. Pairing with devices such as smartphones and other streaming models becomes easier when you have this model. Most people feel that wireless connections lower the quality as opposed to wired connections.

A speaker that uses wireless connections has better performance, and the sound quality is also excellent. You have no good reason to worry about the sound quality and the usage as many devices easily pair up with such models.

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Another interesting thing about these speakers is that you can also pair them up for the stereo sound. If you have two speakers, one will serve the right ear, and the other will serve the left ear. Linking Bluetooth speakers is simple and easy because you will need to link the apps that support the technology.

Controlling the music you play is also by the use of the app or the remote control. You also have options to adjust the speakers’ volume so that you get the same performance that you desire. Bluetooth speakers also cut across other models, such as the soundbars and the woofers.

How the True Wireless Stereo Technology works

We have mentioned a few things about true wireless technology, but we have not gone to details to explain how the technology works. You need to know about the whole process of connecting the devices under True Wireless Stereo Technology.

Each device has its way of connection, but a general criterion cuts across the connectivity of all these devices.

Connecting the true wireless speakers and earbuds

The process of connection for these two devices is the same. Below is how it works.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker– this is the first stage of connecting the True Wireless Stereo Technology devices. Turning the Bluetooth on means that you can now begin to connect the various devices.
  2. Switch on the device– now you have to switch on the device you want to be connected to the True Wireless device. You also switch on the mode of wireless connection. Most people will prefer to have a Bluetooth connection as it allows for the pairing of compatible devices.
  3. Connect the devices– now you have to connect the device you want to have in the system. After switching on the Bluetooth connection, or the device you want to have on board, you will scan over the technology you intend to use. After scanning, you will locate the device you want to connect to and following that, will finalize the whole connection process.
  4. Connect the second device– the stereo connection is not over until you connect the second device. It is there to facilitate the right and left connection. The second device is called the slave and is connected to the master device. You have an assurity that the model will deliver remarkable performance, and the connection will maintain more stability.
  5. Play your music– after you have made a proper connection, you have now to play your music. It will be a great deal because it will make the sound quality outstanding and the bigger stereo sound will be amazing. Sensing signals and channels is one thing that you need to have worked on.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the true wireless technology

True Wireless Stereo Technology comes with various advantages and disadvantages. However, the number of advantages is more when you compare them to the number of disadvantages.

Advantages of the True Wireless Stereo Technology

  • Easy set up-you don’t need to worry about the connection process. It is a technology that is still undergoing improvements that make the whole process of usage better. If you have to connect the devices, you will conveniently do it using the app and the devices that need to work together.
  • Simple connectivity– another thing that you are likely to enjoy is simple connectivity. You have to make sure that you have the compatible models as they quickly pair up, making the usage easier and more convenient. The wireless devices are nice because they pair up within a very short time.
  • A limited number of cables– you have to be sure about the number of cables that you need to run a wired device. With the True Wireless Stereo Technology, you don’t need any cables. You will select the devices that you want to connect and then employ the wireless technology to have them share the functionality. When you add the device, you will look at the compatibility and add without using any form of cable.
  • High quality audio– the audio you get from the stereo devices has the best quality. You have to be sure that the speakers you have connected have the best sound quality as it is what they will project. Having powerful speakers working together all at once is the best thing because of the big sound and the quality of the tone.
  • Ease of management– another thing that makes the TWS best is that you will have an easy time to manage the functionality. You will easily add and remove devices. If you have to look at the music that you want to play, it becomes easier too. You will use a remote control or the smart app to have things working.
  • Reasonable pricing– another nice thing about TWS is that it lowers the price that you need to have the various functions working. The price of the whole system is dependent on several factors. You have to look at the battery life, quality, durability, ease of use, and many others.

Disadvantages of the True Wireless Stereo Technology

Limited battery life– the first thing that you will experience as a negative is the battery life. You are likely to have a limited battery life because of the high-tech running the full service. It isn’t easy to use a device before it has achieved a complete charge, and also, the process of draining takes too quick.

Loss of devices-This happens mostly when you are using the earbuds. They are not easy to keep because of their small size; hence easier to lose them quickly. If they had cables, then the losses would be minimal.

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Loss of the control devices– another possible challenge you will encounter is the loss of the control devices. It has to do with things such as the buttons. They are tiny and portable, which also makes them easier to lose as you walk around. Once they fall off, it becomes quite challenging to have them functioning as you expect once more.

Sound quality: When you compare these devices with the sound you get from the wired devices, you will notice that it is not at per. Achieving the maximum volume and sound balancing poses a challenge with this model. The beauty of the sound is that you will not experience noise. The sound is compromised since we have to pack everything in a small device, unlike wireless devices.

Once the sound is shared with the devices, you will create more fun and convenience for daily use. However, the big sound is not available with this model.


True Wireless Stereo Technology is applicable in our daily lives and improves the sound quality we get from the devices. We have now gone through all the details of the devices and the technology.

We also have the convenient ways to use it and the merits that it comes along with. Your work now is to go through the whole process and then have moments of fun. Using the service effectively will make the kind of service to enjoy remarkably.

True Wireless FAQs

What is true wireless technology?

True wireless technology is a combination of two technologies, stereo technology and true wireless technology, that makes the functionality great and gives you a specific performance. With True Wireless technology, product designers eliminate the need for wires between the media source and the earphone for truly wireless earbuds and speakers.

What is the difference between wireless and true wireless?

The difference between true wireless and wireless technology is that “true wireless” headphones do not have a cable or connector between the earpieces. “Wireless” headphones on the other hand have a cable or connector cable between the earpieces. Thus, both are still connected in some way (over-head in Bose headphones, or around the back of the neck as seen in many sports sets). Both types of headsets do not have a phone jack.

Is true wireless worth it?

Yes, true wireless is worth it since it gives you an easy way to use it, a better range of motion, connectivity to a variety of devices, high-quality sound, simple connectivity, excellent range, memory, battery life, and easy management. You will find them worth especially if you are a sportsperson or travel a lot.

Are wired earbuds better than wireless?

In general terms, wired earbuds and speakers are better than their wireless counterparts. However, for the MP3 format of music, you will not notice any difference. In ALAC/FLAC/WAV, the sound difference is significant.