Tips to Start a Car Audio Store

It feels rewarding to own a business, but you have lots of work that goes with ownership. Cars are a different beast because it’s expensive and you need to know the ins and outs of the machines. Car audio can be a lucrative industry to chase.

Car audio devices are excellent for entertainment and the basic functionality of cars. You will enjoy listening to podcasts, music, or even making calls in your car if you make the right choice.

However, with all these advantages, you may pick the wrong system and get too disappointed. The car may be vibrating even at a low volume. Thus, we recommend testing your sound system before getting it. You can either visit the car audio store or you can also do reviews on discussion boards, social media, and other forums, or both.

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You should also know your clientele. Sometimes, you may need to stock Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers or UTV Bluetooth Speakers if this is what is needed in your area. Otherwise, getting the common car equipment and tools is really important.

Here are some tips to help you start a car audio store. 

How to start a car audio store

Get the Experience to Install Audio

Start by going to automotive school to help you learn the basic mechanics of a car. You can begin to focus on car audio for the avenue you want to direct your career. Build your foundation and find a car audio shop to develop work experience.

One, you’ll build better skills at installing car audio equipment by working on different vehicles. Two, you’ll start to understand how to run a business by taking an assistant manager or manager role. Three, you can begin building clientele.

You’ll start developing relationships with other people, and they’ll remember you for your work. Next, you want to begin the transition phase of owning a car audio business.

Create a Business Plan

Are you going to have a physical store? What type of clientele do you want? Maybe you like to do higher-end stuff for people with luxury cars.

Also, you might consider a middle level to capture a wider audience. You could do custom audio builds for more creative people. Maybe a retail thing would work best because you want to build relationships with local and national car audio brands.

Find out the cost of rent, inventory, shipping, and other things.

Consider Working With a Franchise

When starting, you might have some relationships and equity to work with an established brand. You might want to buy into a franchise.

People already know the name and their reputation. You can hold some stake in the brand and create a shop within the parent company.

Loan application process

Do you have $50,000 to $350,000 to spare? If so then this is the perfect opportunity for investing in your future. Investing now will earn great returns as our business grows and gets more popular over time!

A loan may not be necessary if there are start-up costs associated with running an audio company; however, banks can provide other financing options such as incorporating or getting investors their piece of something when we hit profitability.

We recommend spending 75% of the money on operational costs and 25% on the retail business.

As you pick the learning institution, please consider the interest rate. The interest can be debilitating if the business is not doing well. Interest rates vary per bank and also according to the negotiation skills. Moreover, most banks will consider your credit score.

Consider the location for your business

Try to choose a location that has some connection to your business. This might be the best place for you: it could be either an accessory store or even a vehicle dealer! Clients who are looking for other car-related materials will likely come into this establishment; meanwhile, those interested solely in audio equipment would go online instead of leasing such things from them (saving money).

When trying to find the perfect location for your new car audio store, think about what kinds of connections it has with customers. You could also consider opening up online so this eliminates any expensive leasing costs altogether if not near a good location.

Apply for a Business License

You always want to be a licensed dealer. Not only to let people know that you’re a legitimate business but to cover yourself for insurance purposes. You never know what can happen with an audio system once it’s in the hands of a customer.

Brand reputation is everything. You want to have a good name for wholesalers to give you great products to sell in your store.

Buy the materials and equipment

There are several materials and equipment that you need for a car audio shop. You need to ensure that you get this equipment at the best price possible. This means scouting for wholesalers, distributors, or producers who can supply them in your area.

Some of the common sound systems components include car stereos, subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers.

You can procure from any of the best-known brands for car musical systems brands including Sony, Panasonic, Kenwood, Clarion, JVC, Infinity, Pioneer, Rockford, Fosgate, Aiwa, Kicker, Jensen, among other systems.

You will also need cables, attachments, and tools for connecting the systems. Moreover, to set up the systems you need tools such as screwdriver sets, snips, pliers, electrical tape, and soldering guns.

Moreover, some people want advanced audio systems. This means that you need to ensure that you stock GPS, rearview Cameras, navigational equipment, Mobile video DVD headrests, car alarms, video, sound processors, and radar detectors. Moreover, you can stock Bluetooth hands-free kits and Bluetooth speakers for a car.

Operationalize the audio shop

After buying the equipment and tools, you need to make the shop functional. This can be done by the following steps:

  • Hiring employees with audio equipment installation experience or training. This will enable you to reduce the training costs. However, if not available, hire staff and train them on how to install or even market the audio systems.
  • Get the office operational tools and equipment: getting receipt books and computers should be done to ensure every sale is recorded. The computer should have retail software that can help make your sales easy. Moreover, it should help you make an easy stock take, get profit and loss account and even a balance sheet.
  • Conduct a store inspection: Before opening the doors for customers, make a round on your store to ensure everything is in order. You can inspect the installation area and the actual store to ensure you do not leave clients disappointed.
  • Advertise on Social media and other listings: These days, social media gives you the avenue to target your ads according to your location and other demographic statistics. You can make advertisements targeted for your clientele. Moreover, you can list the shop on online directories. This is in addition to other adverts in other media.

Things to know when starting a car audio

From our research we found 3 things that we need to know as we are investing in our car audio:

1. Sound treatment

Sound treatment material to prevent vibration: Some treatment materials can prevent vibration in your car. This stops the noise that we don’t want in our car. Thus, you can get to hear the sound you want to hear from your car.

The sound treatment gives you a chance to hear the finer details of your music. Airborne voice, wind voice, and vibration. It steals the acoustics from the speaker system thus it is important to get the sound treatment.

Bad speakers sound the worst without sound treatment. But even great speakers sound very bad when the car is not audio-treated.

2. There is more to car audio than sub-woofers

As you are upgrading the system, you need to upgrade the other systems of your music system. This includes the speakers. Moreover, you need a dedicated amplifier for the speakers.

The choice of the speaker should be done after the testing of the speakers. Some expensive speakers may not give a noticeable change in sound so testing gives you the best choice.

3. Take your time and spend the money to get the best sound.

Just to ensure that you get the best audio, we recommend doing it once and doing it right. Not buying an audio system because it is affordable.

Thus, just buy a good audio system since the system lasts for long. You don’t want to be stuck with a system that just can’t match your style or taste.

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There are many avenues to create a car sound shop. Find the ideal one that suits you and your client base.

As you choose the cau audio shop location, ensure that the site have what we need but our needs line up well too. Try to avoid locations like they do at many places around town where I live now. Thus, if possible avoid expensive leases and prefer buying outright if we can afford.


How much does it cost to open a car audio shop?

A decent car audio shop will cost between  $50,000 and $350,000 depending on the number and type of equipment and your location. The lease, equipment, and installation tools are the highest cost items for the shop.

Is Car Audio a good business?

Yes, car audio business is a booming one. This is because there is high demand for the car audio items. The audio business is great because of the volume of cars being produced annually and the need to upgrade the older cars.

What do you need for a sound system in a car?

There are three main components of a car audio system: 1. The Head Unit comprising of separate electronic equipment such as a radio tuner, CD player, preamp, amplifier which are all connected by different cables. 2. The Amplifier and 3. The Speakers whose performance and quality really matters

How do you set up car speakers?

To set up car speakers, you need disconnect the power, remove the old speakers and replace them with the new speakers. This may be easily done or can be done by a qualified technician. This is because the process of removing panels, grilles, and covers from the speakers may be cumbersome in addition to reconnecting the wiring to the new speakers.

Can you mix car speaker brands?

We recommend not mixing the car speaker brands because it may cause distortion of the sound being produced by the speakers. You will get imbalanced sound from your audio system if you mix car speaker brands.