How to Secure a WiFi Router with a Password

How to secure your WiFi router with a password and How to use VPN on Public Wi-Fi: Tips on how to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

You have just purchased a WiFi router and you want to keep your connection safe. If you don’t secure your WiFi, it is very easy for other people to connect to your network and use the internet without paying. Learning how to secure your WiFi router with a password can help to reduce WiFi parasites.

WiFi parasites can lead to a lot of expenses on your part as they are using up some of your data allowances if you do not have an unlimited plan. Also, there is always the risk that someone could hack into something important like banking or health records if they really wanted to.

The security of your router essential. Without proper protection, the connection poses a risk to connected devices and even routers. However, many people don’t understand the importance of ensuring that the router is safe, leaving the security part unattended.

The most effective method to ensure that your router is safe is by using a password. Having a good password is that it will protect unwanted access and keep away online threats. Our write-up today has all to do with how you can secure your router.

Protecting the router has various aspects that you need to look at closely. First, let us look at individual brands and then other options. To fix this problem, all you need to do is follow these steps below in order from 1-5 for different router brands.

How to secure a Netgear WiFi router with a password

Netgear is a brand that has so many devices such as routers, modems, and Wi-Fi boosters. It is a brand that has advanced security and also other security features. You will need a computer or the Netgear app to make the security.

The step to step guide to secure a Netgear router is as follows.

  • Connect the router to the computer

The first thing you will do is to connect the router to the computer. You will use the Ethernet cable and the LAN ports. An alternative is using wireless connections, but it will have some interferences as you may be disconnected twice during the task.

  • Open the user dashboard

The next thing you do is to open the user dashboard. You have an option of using the mobile app or use the browser. Key in on the address bar if it does not automatically show.

You will have to use the passwords and usernames available in the user’s manual or indicated on the router for the mobile app.

If you are using the browser, you will get a prompt that allows you to key in the password and the username. Use admin as the username and the word password as the password. You may need authentication at this point.

  • Open the settings

The settings option is available on the router’s menu, usually on the left side of the screen. Select the wireless option under the settings, which allows you to make the various changes.

  • Set the username and password.

The final stage now involves setting the login details that now keep your router very safe. Once the settings are ready, and the loading process is complete, rename the network to your preferred identification.

You will also see the security options where you will choose WPA-PSK, the protected access option. Below it, you will see a box indicated as a paraphrase, which you can now put the password.

  • Finish up

Once you have done the task, you will complete it by pressing apply. When logging in to the router, you will use the new username and password.

How to secure a Linksys WiFi router with a password

Linksys is another brand that will deliver an outstanding performance if you have put proper measures in place. The process of setting the router

  • Connect the router to the computer

You will start by ensuring that the router is connected to the computer wirelessly or using the Ethernet cable. Then open the browser and launch a session by putting in the IP address of the router.

  • Open the user dashboard

You will then open the user dashboard, which redirects you to the menu. The same options will be available on the Linksys app if you choose to use the mobile app. When logging in, you will use the passwords that are in the user’s manual.

  • Open the settings option

The next thing you will do is to access the networks settings option, where you can now make the various changes. Next, access the security settings and change the user name. Before you make changes, you have to ensure that you have picked a username that you are comfortable with and a password that will favor.

  • Choose a new password

Get a password that is strong enough to keep off all kinds of threats. A good password will have a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Choose a password that you will easily remember but very difficult to guess. The router may restart   

  • Connect your devices

Now you have to connect your devices. You will use the password you chose for all your devices. The connection process is straightforward because you will connect the device, put in the password, and begin to enjoy your moments.

Securing TP-Link WiFi router with a password

TP-Link is another brand that allows for the connection of devices and simple management. For example, some of its routers use the WPS button to connect devices. 

The guide below will help you to achieve the process quickly

  • Connect the router to the computer

You will use the Ethernet port to make the connection between the router and the computer. An alternative is to use the TP-Link tether app to make the connection. The main intention of having the connection is to have access to the user interface.

  • Log in to the user interface

Launch your browser and then on the address bar type The router may also have the details automatically updated, such as the IP address, making the rest of the processes simple to implement.  Input the IP address if it does not automatically update.

  • Put the passwords

The next thing you will get is a prompt that will allow you to key in the passwords. You will use the admin as the username and the passwords. From there, you will locate the settings option that is available on the menu. Under the settings, you will identify the various options. Pick the wireless option.

  • Select the new password

Open the wireless security option and then type the username and password. Next, pick the WPA2-PSK option and then make the changes. On the box provided, you will ensure you key in the right details.

Now you have to select a new password that will allow you to connect devices. Pick a password that is strong, easy to remember, and difficult to guess. One that combines numbers, symbols, and letters makes a perfect choice.

When changing the SSID and the password, you will start with the 2.4 GHz band and then key in the connection’s name after right-clicking.

Other models will use the advanced option to access the wireless settings. Immediately you finish the process, save the settings. Your router is now very safe.

How to secure other WiFi router brands with a Password

Wi-Fi routers are designed to be easy to set up, but that convenience can come at the cost of security. Most wireless routers have a default password which is either printed on the router or available online.

That makes it easy for anyone walking by your house or office to connect and use your Internet connection without you knowing about it. Hackers can also use these unsecured connections to commit crimes like identity theft and credit card fraud.

The following are the steps to secure all other WiFi router brands with a password:

  • Connect directly to the WiFi router using an Ethernet cable (if possible).
  • Log in using the default user name and password (usually admin/admin).
  • Change both the username and password from its factory defaults. We always recommend setting a strong password for your WiFi router to make it hard for people to hack into the system.
  • Disable remote management if enabled, this will prevent people from accessing your network remotely through their internet browser.
  • Enable WPA2 encryption if possible.
  • Save settings.

How to put a password on a Wi-Fi router using a phone

If you do not have a computer, there is always an option to use the phone. The process is as simple as follows.

  1. Get a mobile app that relates to the router brand. They are available on the play store or the app store, depending on the kind of phone you use.
  2. Open the dashboard on the app and use the password and username of the router to log in to the user interface. Then, you will have a chance to make various changes.
  3. Locate the settings on the menu and select the wireless option. Next, pick the WPA option so that you begin making changes. You will have access to the router’s details, which you can personalize by changing them to your preferred details. Once through, you will save to have the settings implemented. You can also make other various changes using the same app.

How to protect Wi-Fi from neighbors

When neighbors get access to your network, you will not have an easy time. As a result, the connection will be slow, and the general safety will lower. Therefore, protecting it is essential in such cases. Many people have WiFi routers without passwords. This is a security risk for all the devices on your network.

For protection, the following methods can serve best.

  • Change the routers passwords

If your neighbors have access to the connection, changing passwords may be a perfect choice. When you change a router password, all the existing devices disconnect, and now using the new password, you can choose the devices you want.

If you don’t have a password on your router, anyone can access it from anywhere in the world and use your internet connection to send spam or steal sensitive information like credit card numbers. This means that if someone hacks into your neighbor’s unprotected router they could be using your IP address and causing YOU to get blacklisted by sites like Amazon or Paypal!

The good news is that setting up encryption (a password) is very easy with most modern routers. You can follow the step-by-step description above so that every device connected to your home network has strong protection against hackers, scammers, and other ne’er-do-wells!

  • Hide the network

Another option that works perfectly is hiding the network so that people won’t see it. When hiding the network, you will visit the user interface and then pick the SSID on the wireless settings. On the right, you will see an option that says hide SSID. Pressing it will make the connection not visible, and you have to do a manual setup.

  • Choose a strong password

A strong password is ideal for having a secure connection and not accessible to neighbors. A good password will have a combination of capital and small letters, numbers and symbols. Such a password will be difficult to guess, making the connection inaccessible.

How to protect your router from hackers

Hackers are very dangerous because they manage the routers and all the devices connected to them. The worst part about them is that they can completely tamper with the gadgets and get personal information and various passwords. So you will also have exposure to theft, and if you have children, they may have tough incidences with the online predators whose primary business is to cause harm to children.

To protect the router from hackers means that you have to create a password and SSID that is a bit complex. However, the process below is compelling.

  • Log in to the router’s dashboard

You will use a computer or a mobile app to have access to the router settings. Use the username and password to log in to the router.

  • Change the SSID code and the password

Visit the settings option and pick the wireless settings. On the SSID, change it to one that is a little bit complex. Also, change the passwords to stronger ones. Finally, click apply to keep the settings. Your router is safe from hackers.


Securing the router with a password is the most effective method to maintain safety. We have shown you the qualities of a good password and how you will key it in. Our methods are tested and proven to be effective. If you experience challenges, you can always contact customer service.

To protect your children from hackers, you can pick the best parental control router. These routers ensure that your family is safe every time.

If you don’t secure your WiFi router, anyone can access it and get to all of the data on your network. You are at risk of being hacked or having your information stolen if you don’t set up a password on your router.

By following the steps above to secure a WiFi router with a password, you will keep unwanted people from accessing your files and stealing personal information about yourself and others in the house.