How to Reset CenturyLink Modem Router

CenturyLink is one of the service providers that have gained a lot of fame and users. The reason behind having many users is the adaptability and the simplicity it has brought about in service delivery. However, it does not mean that you will not experience challenges with the connection necessitating the need to reset the Centurylink modem router.

You can reset the Centurylink modem by using the web user interface using a connected computer or manually using the reset button found at the back of your modem router. However, resetting the Centurylink modem router should be done when absolutely necessary. You would rather reboot the modem router if necessary. Resetting the modem restores factory settings on your modem.

Thus when you reset the Centurylink modem, you lose all the customized settings. Thus, the action erases any customized settings that you have introduced in your network such as static IP address setup, DNS, personalized password, WiFi settings, routing, and DHCP settings.

Various changes can take place within the modem. One of the changes that you are likely to experience is the change of passwords. You will experience challenges such as difficulty in accessing the internet.

Making changes sometimes proves to be a challenge. You will need to reset the modem to give room to correct the mess. Today, our article clarifies why you will need to reset the Centurylink modem and how you will do it.

Reasons to reset the CenturyLink modem

Poor connection

What makes the modem perform poorly is the bad connection. Your devices connect but still deliver poor performance or completely fail to complete. If the connection of the modem becomes poor, you will need to reset it.

Internet errors

Internet errors are other problems that will push you to make the reset process. Some of these errors include things like having an inconsistent connection. Doing things like gaming and streaming become slower and deliver an abysmal performance.

You may also notice that there may be inferior connectivity and coverage. When connected at far distances, the signal quality lowers. The bad thing is that the connection continues to become poor.

Poor internet speeds

Internet speeds are another thing that makes the connection become back and not dependable. You will have tough times with slow internet that won’t support gaming and streaming content. Even when you try to manage the speeds, you will notice that there is no significant improvement.

Moreover, the problem does not get a good solution. Resetting it gives room to make changes and improvements.

Gaming and streaming

Gaming and streaming become a challenge that you will experience slow connection and unreliable. You will experience poor connection and bad performance from the modem. The result of such a bad connection is that you will experience unreliable service.

You have to be intentional to have the device’s performance working as you expect. If it is a computer, then it should deliver the service that you desire.

Changing the settings

Finally, you may need to have some serious changes to the setting of the modem. Things such as the connection of the modem and its compatibility need to have some proper settings. It is important because it will make the management of the modem proper.

Sometimes the settings that exist in the modem become difficult to change. Changing such settings is easy when you have the proper selection of settings. The option left for this modem is to reset it. Once you do the reset, you get the chance to make a proper choice about what you desire to have.

You may need to reset the modem frequently if the settings do not favor performance and your desires.

When to reset the CenturyLink modem

It is good to know when the Centurylink modem needs to be reset before the actual resetting process. We have to know when to do the resetting process before we get to the actual work. The best time to reset the modem is when you notice that the modem is not working the right way.

When you notice that you also made changes that you cannot undo, you have to start again. It all starts by resetting the modem and then working on the specific areas. Before you choose to rest the modem, you must always try the quickest way out to reset the modem.

When you create solutions, but problems persist, then the modem needs resetting. Routing errors, slow connection speeds, and device conflicts are some of those that you will need to reset to get a solution. You can settle on resetting the modem of all the restarting and the solutions that seem not to work.

However, it is important to take caution so that you don’t reset the modem because of a problem that is not complicated. Resetting always has to be the last option for all your works.

How to reset the CenturyLink modem

There are various ways that you can use to reset the Centurylink modem. You will assess the design of the modem and then get the method that you feel will work best.

Resetting the Centurylink modem router using the user settings

This method is the best and is the one that is most recommended. It involves the resolution of the problems, and it is likely to retain most of the features, making restarting simpler. Here is how it works.

  • Connect the laptop or computer that you will use to reset the modem router

The process begins by connecting the device that you will use for the connection. This can be a computer or a laptop. Other devices that have proved to deliver an excellent service include the tablet, phone, or those that support using the ethernet cable.

Computers and ethernet devices need a cable to function. On the other hand, small devices such as tablets and phones will require you to download the CenturyLink app from the play store.

  • Open the user interface.

The next thing you must do is to open the user interface from the device you are using. If you have a phone, you have to open the management app you desire to use. For the web interface, you will click, then enter the URL of the modem.

  • Log in to the modem settings

Now you have to access the interface that allows you to get the settings. The modem GUI is easy to log in to as you will use the credentials that helped you log in for the first time. The beauty of the admin’s username and password is that most of them retain the word admin as the username and the password.

You can consider resetting it if you cannot forget the login details. You will click the forgot username and password option, allowing you to begin making the various changes. If you did not make any changes, the modem’s password and username are found on the user’s manual or below the modem.

If you reset the Centurylink Modem router username and password, then you will not have tough times. You will have to use the username and password that is located below the modem. However, it is good to retain the same password.

  • Visit the menu

The actual job starts by visiting the menu in the GUI. On the menu, you will find things such as the utilities and the settings. However, you will pick the utility option on the main menu.

  • Pick the restore settings option

Now you have to pick the restore settings option. This option is found at the left side of the modem users interface. It is the option that will allow you to access the various settings and make the necessary changes.  Using it will do a simple restoration of the settings.

  • Select the factory default state restore option

This is the option that makes the process almost complete. You will pick the option that favors you at this point. Here you can pick options such as doing partial restoration, especially when you have a specific area that you want to work on.

You can choose to restore the wireless settings or the credentials only. You can do the admin credentials or the PPP credentials. The best thing to do when you are now is to restore all the settings to have new functionality and set up in all the areas.

  • Watch the process

Now you have to watch the process without making any touching or advancements. The resetting process takes between 3 and 5 minutes. You will note green lights or blue lights once the reset process is complete and successful. Immediately, everything is ready; you will see the power option turning orange, which means it is ready for setting.

  • Activate the modem

The reset process is complete, and now you have to begin setting the modem to have it working again. You will start by doing the modem activation process, which is not so complicated.  You will use the login details that the modem came with.

Visit the user’s dashboard to make the changes. Immediately you log in to the user’s interface, you will begin to do the activation process. Once the modem is active, you can now make the other changes to make the functionality begin to work properly again.

Configuration of the modem is easy as you will have to get the configuration process right first. The setting is easy as you will do exactly the way you did the first time.

  • Check on the lights

You can now connect the various ports and devices and then check the Centurylink modem router lights.  If you see the green lights working as they should, you proceed to use the modem. It means that you can now continue using the internet without a hassle.

  • Reconnect the devices

The last thing you do is to reconnect the devices that you previously had in the connection. You will use the new password that you have set for the wireless devices. You must understand that when you reset the modem, you lose all the information you previously had in the connection.

Resetting the modem manually

Manual resetting of the modem is another thing that you can do without experiencing any challenge. The WPS button is what helps in the entire resetting process. It usually has a green color or will be solid without any color. However, it is quite simple to use as it is only one, and pressing it is easy.

The role of the resetting button is to restore the modem or any other device to factory settings. It is usually indicated in each device and has an immediate action. You only use this button when you are sure that there is no other way to fix the problem that you are experiencing.

The process is as follows;

  • Locate the reset button

The beginning of all this work starts from locating the exact location of the resetting button. You are likely to find it at the back of the modem as it is red. Sometimes the reset option is not a button but a hole that you can press using a needle.

It is always good to know the type of the button so that you also use the proper device to work on it. In most cases, even the button is small and needs a pen or a small sharp object to press it properly.

  • Do the reset process

Now you have to affect the resetting process at this point. You will locate the button and press it for around 15 seconds. If you have the one that looks like a hole, you will insert the resetting object to work once more.

When the process starts, you will notice that the lights begin to flash. Flashing continues for some time until the whole process is complete. The process will take around 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

  • Watch the process

Now you have to watch the process so that you are sure it is complete. When flashing stops, you will see the green lights, which means everything is back to default. It is good to note that setting up the model has to begin at this stage.

  • Set the modem

Now the process of resetting is complete; you have to go to the actual work of setting. You will begin using the login details of the modem that are located right below it. The process of setting it up is easy so long as you have a guide. You will create new passwords and usernames so that you have a new connection.


Resetting the CenturyLink router-modem is very easy. We have shown you why you will need to reset the modem and how you will do it. The two methods we have highlighted are the best and the easiest. You only need to know which one you desire and then use it to fix the modem.

Resetting the Centurylink modem FAQs

How do I reboot my modem?

Rebooting the router is different from resetting the modem router. Rebooting the modem can be done using the power button if your modem has it or by unplugging the modem router from the power outlet. Kindly note that you will need to let the modem rest for 2 to 3 minutes before restarting/ plugging the modem router back.

Can I reset my CenturyLink modem remotely?

Resetting the modem remotely may be a challenge but rebooting the modem remotely can easily be done. You can reboot the modem router using the Centurylink mobile app. You will Tap on Reboot My Modem that is found on the options for the internet menu. To access this, you need to be logged in to the app and then select My Products at the bottom of the screen. 

What happens when you reset your modem?

Resetting the modem restores it to the factory settings. Therefore any changes made to the settings will be lost. Moreover, it resets customized settings saved on your modem router such as static IP address setup, DNS, personalized password, WiFi settings, routing, and DHCP settings.

Will resetting my router mess up my internet?

Resetting the router restores the router to factory settings. Thus you lose all the customized settings. Therefore, all the devices will be disconnected and will only be reconnected when you input the new WiFi passwords on the devices.

Should I press the reset button on my router?

Resetting the router should be done with utmost care. You should only press the reset button if you intend to clear your device of all configurations or to recover the WiFi password or if you can’t resolve your router connection issues through other troubleshooting methods.

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