Philippines Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & Plans

Internet is becoming essential to many people in the current world. The ISPs are getting deep-rooted to many countries and regions every day. It has cut across in making many activities simpler to do. But which ISP do I choose in the Philippines?

You can now study, conduct business, and get the kind of entertainment you want so long as you have good internet. The Philippines is a region that has good internet and effective providers, which also cover an extended range. In terms of coverage and use of ICT, it makes one of the best choices as it has so far delivered excellent.

Best internet service providers and plans in the Philippines

We have come up with the best service providers that you will have good times with internet provision. Each provider has the best way to deliver the internet and have the service getting to the users. The plans and the cost of service are also different as there is also a variation of the internet speeds.

Philippines ISP Comparison table

Name if ISPPlansData cap limitsMin   speedsMax speedsType
Converge ICT solutionsFibre x
Fibre Xtreme
Unlimited25 Mbps500 MbpsFiber-optic broadband
One SkySky fiber unli broadband sky fiber alternateUnlimited10Mbps200 MbpsFiber-optic broadband
PLDTPLDT home Unli
PLDT Home fibr
PLDT home fibr plus
Unlimited10Mbps300MbpsDSL and Fiber
DITO telecommunitySimcard
Unlimited10GB25GBMobile Simcard
Globe broadbandGlobe at home unli Globe at home Go Big Globe at home LTEUnlimited20 Mbps1GbpsBroadband

Converge ICT

Converge ICT: The newest and best ISP in the Philippines

Converge ICT is the newest and the latest service provider (ISP) in the Philippines. Some people remember it as ComClark and has been in existence since 2009. It uses fiber-optic broadband to have the service get to its customers. By March 2021, the service provider had more comprehensive coverage and had 1.20 million subscribers.

The reason behind having converged ICT getting many customers is their coverage and the speeds that they have. The cost of getting the service is also lower compared to the other ISPs. A good example is the fiberXtreme 7000 that offers unlimited speeds of up to 800 Mbps.

Converge internet plans

A wide selection of services that starts from Php 1,500 is the service that sets up the pace as it offers speeds of 25 Mbps. Some of the best internet plans you will get from Converge ICT include:

  • Fiber X 1500 has a speed of 25 Mbps and is unlimited for the download limits. It costs Php 1500
  • Fiber X 2500 is another service that has speeds of 75Mbps. The download speed is unlimited and also goes at a price of Php 2500
  • The Fiber X 3500 is a plan that has a speed of 150 Mbps with an unlimited download limit. It is available for a price of Php 3500
  • Fiber Xtreme 4500 is one of the highest and the most effective plans as it goes for Php 4500. It has speeds of 300Mbps and an unlimited download limit
  • Fiber Xtreme 7000 is the best because it costs Php 7000 and offers 500Mbps speeds with unlimited downloads.
  • There are also higher business plans, with the lowest being the iBiz 10, which offers 10Mbps and goes for Php 4000. The downloads are also unlimited. On the other hand, the highest for iBiz is iBiz 50, which has speeds of 50 Mbps and goes for Php 1500
  • MicroBiz 2000 offers speeds of 25 Mbps and has unlimited downloads. It goes for Php 2000. On the other hand, we have the MicroBiz 3000, which goes for Php 3000 and goes for 30Mbps

Pros of converge ICT

  • Uses pure fiber optic
  • Offers a price of the postpaid DSL connection
  • Performs perfectly for streaming services
  • Has the best value for internet plans
  • Has no data cap and download limits
  • Operations and customer service are online
  • It has broader coverage, although some significant areas are not under the coverage
  • Has best speeds and internet plans
  • Pocket-friendly and higher-end excellent plans
  • Most reliable internet service provider in the Philippines

Cons of converge ICT

  • No free bundle services
  • Challenge in getting customer service
  • Limited areas of coverage
  • No landline
  • 24-month lock period

Why use the service

The Converge service is one of the best because of the reliability and the quality of service. Having reliable plans and cost-effective installation and service is the best thing about it.  Having no download limits is what makes the service have the proper reliability and service. If you want to make orders, then the transactions are simple as they are available online.


One SKY is one of the best service providers (ISPs) that use the cable for the provision of services. It has been in existence for a more extended period and offers cable TV. Being high-speed broadband. It comes with additional services such as using the mobile internet service that is efficient and reliable.

The packages are good because they make the service more reliable. Subscribers love the service provider because of the kind of plans that it comes with. Having an extensive customer base is another factor that makes the service provider stand out. They are pretty valuable.

One SKY internet plans

  • Sky fiber unli broadband 999 has speeds of 10 Mbps and has unlimited download limits, and have a price of Php 999
  • Sky fiber unli broadband 1499 has speeds of 25 Mbps and has unlimited download limits, and comes at a price of Php 1499
  • The Sky fiber unli broadband 1999 has a speed of 50Mbps and offers unlimited and costs Php 1999
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband 2499 has speeds of 75Mbps and costs Php 2499, and offers unlimited downloads caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband 2899 has speeds of 100Mbps and offers unlimited download caps with a price of Php 2899
  • The Sky fiber Unli broadband 3799 is another package that costs Php 3799, offers speeds of 120Mbps, and has unlimited data caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable has a Php of 999 and offers speeds of 5mbps with unlimited data caps.
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 1599 offers 15 Mbps at Php 1599 and has unlimited data download caps.
  • The Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV1999 offers 30 Mbps speeds and unlimited download caps, which also combine with Php 1999
  •  Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 2999 offers 60 Mbps and has unlimited download caps at a price of Php 2999
  • Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 3999 offers speeds of 120 Mbps and has unlimited download caps on a speed of Php 3999
  • Finally, we have the Sky fiber Unli broadband + HD cable TV 5499, which is the most superior and has speeds of 200Mbps, and unlimited data download caps at a price of Php 5499


  • It has the cheapest packages under the fiber plans with a Php of 999 per month and 10 Mbps for the HDTV cable.
  • Excellent bundling with the SKY and the demand box, which allows you to have home wifi and others
  • Some of the bundles allow you to use the free service for the local channels.
  • Adequate for streaming as it has high speeds and reliable connectivity all through
  • No limits for data downloads which applies under all the plans
  • It has a combination of fiber optics and other services, which makes the service reliable


  • It works best when using pure fiber optics, which is not the case with this ISP.
  • It does not cover all the areas hence not recommendable for use to many people who need it.

Why do you need the internet service?

The best thing about the ISP is that it uses both fiber optics and coaxial cables to reach many users. Having a combination of reliable and quality plans makes the service delivery better to all classes of people. Having an online service delivery platform makes the best option for service delivery.


PLDT is another service provider that has been in existence for a very long time. You will notice that it has shifted from using the dial-up connections to the use of the DSL. In the Philippines, the ISP is the pioneer for offering internet services.

PLDT, established in 1928 is the oldest telecommunication company in this country with over 2 million broadband subscribers as of 2020. It is available nationwide and offers wired internet service across Luzon. Thus, PLDT has been providing reliable services for decades through constant innovation that will continue into future generations.

PLDT offers internet connections through subsidiaries such as Smart communications, Sun, and TNT.

Having a comprehensive combination of services and plans sets the ISP high above the other service providers. The services stand out because they are among the best and have the most affordable price ranges. Below are the various plans and their prices.

PLDT internet plans

  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre 1299 has high speeds of 10 Mbps and a price per month of Php 1299 with an unlimited download limit
  • The PLDT Home Unli Fibre 1699 has high speeds of 25 Mbps and offers unlimited download limits with a price of Php 1699
  • We have the PLDT Home Unli Fibre 2399, which has an unlimited download limit and a price of Php 2399. The speed of the plan is 50 Mbps
  • Moreover, there is the PLDT Home Unli Fibre 2999, which has speeds of 100 Mbps and is unlimited at a price of Php 2999
  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre plus 2499 is another exciting plan that has 50 Mbps and offers the unlimited Php of 2499
  • PLDT Home Unli Fibre plus 3099 and offers speeds of 100 Mbps at a price of Php 3099. It also has unlimited download limits too
  • The PLDT Home Unli Fibre 4099 is also another plan that offers high speeds of 150 Mbps and costs Php 4099
  • Finally, we have the PLDT Home Unli Fibr 6099 and costs Php6099 and has high speeds of 300 Mbps with unlimited download limits.


  • It has the best and the most comprehensive coverage, which is the best among the rest.
  • It has the best speeds across the Philippines, with an award-winning speed
  • The service comes with free landline and will also have the unlimited download limits
  • Offers free Linksys devices and whole mesh home network service
  • Offers free channels that work closely with even the SD channels and the HDTV


  • The rates are the most expensive which have low speeds of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps
  • The technical service is not readily available to serve as there is no fast communication method.

Why use the PLDT

The ISP is one of the most reliable with the service that is spread all through the nation- Philippines. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the extras such as the wifi device and the free landline. Although the customer service is not available, the chances of having the internet failing are limited.

PLDT is the oldest telecom company in the country and has over 2 million broadband subscribers as of 2020. It offers wired internet service nationwide, which makes it accessible to everyone no matter where they are from or what kind of device you’re using! You can either get prepaid or postpaid home internet plans from PLDT.

DITO telecommunity

The third major telco player is the DITO telecommunity. It is a service that has good reviews for high speeds and reliability.  So far, the service has had launching in many parts of the nation, which has also contributed to having a widespread you will also notice that the plans are the best because most people can afford them.

The service delivery is also excellent because of the quality of the internet and the identification of the new areas that need to be covered. The beauty is that it has two plans with good coverage and will maintain the best service quality.

Dito Internet plans

  • DITO 99 is one service that has a data download limit of 10GB and comes at a price of Php 99 with high speeds of 27Mbps
  • We then have the DITO 199, which is also high-speed data with a download limit of 25GB. It comes at a price of Php 199

One of the features of this service is that you will not have an average speed that cuts across. If your area accommodates 60Mbps, you will use that while in another area, you will have a slightly different speed, but the plans have the same price.

It is also good to note that the DITO service plans are not permanent and also not temporary. They will change again on September 30th, 2021. More offers are likely to arise at this time which will change the style of service delivery.

The service is available for use on different platforms, with the common one being the official website. You will use the DITO sim card, which is available from DITO itself or the stores that partner with it for service delivery. You also need a mobile phone that is compatible with DITO to have the service available for you.


  • The service has unlimited calls that you can always make to DITO, including 300 minutes available for other networks.
  • It also offers unlimited texts that serve all the networks countrywide
  • Among the other service providers, it stands out to be having the highest minimum and average speed


  • The service is available in some key areas along with the country
  • The service is slightly unreliable as different areas have a different kinds of service they offer
  • 2G and 3G networks which most people prefer, are not offered under this ISP
  • DITO sim cards are only available for the 4G and the 5G networks, which also happen to be available in specific areas only
  • There is no data cap for this service

Why do you need this service

The ISP is among the best that use mobile networks for service delivery. The problem with the service is that it is available in specific areas, but the price is the same. In terms of affordability, it is one of the best and one that you can rely on upon without a hassle.

Globe Broadband

Another service provider (ISP) in the Philippines who has had an excellent reputation is the Globe Broadband. Ayala owns the company. It has been known for having a long-time rivalry with the competitors. However, it stands out as one of the best because of its high-quality service delivery and reliability.

Globe Telecom is one of the largest mobile and broadband networks in the Philippines with over 2 million broadband subscribers (2020). Globe offers wireless internet services, which can be accessed via postpaid or prepaid plans for its subscribers with at-home routers given out when you subscribe for a plan!

They are known to provide great Internet coverage throughout all areas covered by this provider; whether you’re looking for download speeds up to 20MB/s or upload ones only 5Mb/s–you’ll find what best suits your needs right here.

In addition, they offer other features like HD streaming videos on Netflix™ anytime anywhere without having an extra charge added onto it unlike some competitors where users have been charged even if using their own devices

Among the rivals, it has been one excellent and reliable provider who has also been the best internet plans.

Globe Broadband service plans

  • First, Globe At Home Unli 1699 has high speeds of 20Mbps and has a Php price of 1699 with unlimited download limits.
  • Globe At Home Unli Globe At Home Unli 1899 offers speeds of 30Mbps and has unlimited with a Php of 1899
  • The Globe At Home Unli 2499 and offers 50 Mbps speeds with unlimited download limits at the cost of Php 2499
  • Globe At Home Unli 2899 is another package that comes for 2899 and offers high speeds of 100Mbps.
  • Globe At Home Unli 3499 is the best plan under this ISP as it offers 200 Mbps at 3499 with an unlimited data limit.
  • The Globe At Home Unli 4999 has speeds of 500 Mbps, comes at a price of Php4999, and is also unlimited for download limits.
  • Globe At Home 9499 is the largest, with high internet speeds of 1000 Mbps with a combination of unlimited download limits at the price of Php9499.

Globe starter packs

Moreover, the service provider has also some starter packs, which include;

  • Globe At Home Starter 1299, which offers 10Mbps and download limits of 500GB at the same price as Php1699
  • Globe At Home big 1699 comes at a price of Php1699 and offers speeds of 20 Mbps with a data cap limit of 600GB for downloads
  • The Globe At Home go big 1899 at 50 Mbps with 600GB download limits and a Php of 1899
  • Globe At Home Go Big LTE 1299 has speeds of 10Mbps and offers 150GN with a price of Php1299
  • Globe At Home Go Big LTE 1599 and offers 10 Mbps speeds with download limits of 500GB and Php 1599


  • It has more comprehensive fiber connectivity that covers the nationwide service delivery.
  • The services come with freebies that include the TP-link routers and the android TV box that allows you to access the various channels.
  • It has the fastest speed that goes to as much as 1gbps for Php 9499, which is not very expensive.
  • The customer service is available any time you want to have some repairs done.
  • Has free trials that come with no lock-up options and serve for three months
  • It has the cheapest plan that offers speeds of 100 Mbps


  • Under the category of 50Mbps, it has the most expensive rates
  • Most plans also have 24 hour lock periods
  • Some of the packages, such as Go Unli plans of 2899 and 2499

Why choose to have this service

The ISP has some of the best plans that have the highest internet speeds, but the price is not friendly. It works for people who want to have the highest internet speeds. It has extended coverage that makes it usable to various parts.

Globe Telecom has a long history of providing mobile and broadband services. They are one of the best providers for Filipinos because they offer internet at home, as well as wireless data plans with free routers!

A major advantage is that Globe offers both postpaid (included) or prepaid options; meaning there’s something available no matter your income level.

Things to know about the ISPs in the Philippines

You need to understand the nature of the service that the ISPs offer so that you get the best service. Below are some specifics you need to have a clue about.

Types of broadband plans

Some of the broadband plans that exist include;

Capped data

This is the data allowance that comes unique in that it has a limited internet plan. Such plans are usually cheaper and will offer a less effective service, as both prepaid and postpaid plans are available.

Unlimited allowances

These plans have a higher price, but the services are pretty reliable. You can also have them wired to fiber, under mobile services, or use wired connections.

DSL Vs. Fiber

There is a difference between the DSL and the fiber. These seem to have the same frequency and the ability to serve. What makes them different is the availability as the service provider needs to connect to the various areas. DSL reaches 15Mbps while the fiber can reach 100 times faster.

Mobile data Vs. home broadband

Mobile data use mobile devices such as phones. It uses the 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to reach as many people as possible.  

On the other hand, the broadband home uses the model and a router to provide internet services. It can connect over the phone line. LTE routers are some of the alternatives that broadband service providers use.

Choosing the best ISP in the Philippines

Various features make a service worthy of use. Like the United States ISPs or South Africa internet providers, you need to consider each one of them before you pick a service.

Mode of connection- you need a service that you will easily use and work in your place.

Coverage- the best service provider is one that covers an extended area. You need to ensure that the specific place you operate from has coverage.

Internet speeds- an ISP is useless if it does not have the proper internet speeds. You need a service that will satisfy your needs in terms of speed and reliability.

Value for money- We all want an internet plan that will not only serve your needs but also will not drain your pocket.

Promos- the service must come with fascinating and improvement features. These need frequent service.

Philiphines best ISP FAQs

What is the fastest internet provider (ISP) in the Philippines?

As of July 2021, Smart Communications provided a download speed of 47.52 Mbps and uploads up to 20Mbps which makes it one helluva fast service! No other company comes close with PLDT’s 41.75 Mpbs or Globe’s 35Mpbs, but what about your current network? You’ll want to compare those stats too before making any decisions on whether upgrading would be worth it for you personally. This is especially if there are multiple providers available where-as many people can’t get coverage everywhere due to restrictions imposed by landlords/landowners like building codes etc

Why is the internet so slow in the Philippines?

The internet in the Philippines is not as fast and reliable because of its vast geography. The islands make up 7,100 which makes construction more difficult than other countries with a smaller landmass like Singapore for example who only has 621 islands to cover their entire country. Moreover, the internet is slow in the Philippines due to a lack of fixed networks, which makes it hard for ICT infrastructures like cell towers and fiber optic cables.
The fact that most Filipinos live on or near shorelines also means there are many physical obstacles between them and high-speed broadband cables – this includes cell phone towers as well! In addition, private corporations own much infrastructure development which can lead to slower speeds. However, even then it took 29 to 35 permits to build one cell tower thus meaning slow development of infrastructure.

What are the fastest download and upload speeds in the Philippines?

For the households with access to the internet; most locations do not offer download speeds higher than 100Mbps while uploads average at 40 Mbps. However, we have up to Gigabit speed connections that are offered on fibre. However, you will find gigabit plans in one ISP or two in the Philippines.

What rank is the Philippines in Internet speed?

The Philippines is a rapidly expanding market, with more people than ever before online. In a recent Ookla report, rankings by continent and country, fixed broadband was 65th out of 180 countries while the mobile rank is 77th Spot. Thus, the Philippines climbed up to 65th spot out of 180 countries in fixed broadband, and 77th among 137 nations when it comes to mobile internet speed. This means that Filipinos have access not just to the web but also to social media sites like Facebook which post news feeds every hour!

How many ISPs are there in the Philippines?

There are several internet service providers in the Philippines. In 2014, it was reported that 728 providers provide internet access across all regions of our country. Over this time period, we’ve seen a significant increase from just over 100 companies ten years ago! However, most of them do not have a national outlook and have very few subscribers.


The Philippines is one of the nations that have good internet connectivity. It has the service providers that have the best data and internet plans to serve as expected. Many users have subscribed to the services they feel they need to have the most effective internet usage.

The fastest internet provider (ISP) in the Philippines is Smart Communications (a subsidiary of PLDT), with a speed of 47.52 Mbps for downloads and 41.75Mbps uploads! This means that you should always have plenty of room to spare if all your needs are being met by these companies’ services