How To Pair Bose Soundlink Speakers: Connecting & Resetting

How To Pair Bose Soundlink Speakers: Connecting & Resetting

If you have a Bose Soundlink Speaker, then you have one of the best models. The brand has a good reputation for making high-quality products. The speakers’ potential comes from the features that it has come along with that make it stand out. However, how do you pair Bose Soundlink speakers? And if there is a problem in connection, how do you reset the Bose speaker?

One of the functions that the Bose Soundlink Speakers come with and has proved to be excellent is the use of two speakers for one function. The funniest thing about these Excellent Bose speakers is that they have a similar connection process that makes them stand out.

Today we have chosen to assess the connection of the Bose Soundlink Speakers. We will look at how to pair the speakers with other devices to facilitate sharing the functions. We will assess the different devices and see how we shall have them working with the speaker.

Pairing the Bose Soundlink Speaker to your phone

The phone is the easiest device that you can use to pair the Bose Soundlink Speaker with. You will begin by opening the Bluetooth connection on the setting option and then switch it on. You also switch the speaker on and then hold the Bluetooth button for some seconds to make it discoverable by the speaker.

Now go to the Bluetooth option of the speaker and then select the connection option. Search and locate the speaker and then select it. If the phone asks for a code, you key in 4 zeros. You will observe the speaker and the phone so that they indicate that the pairing is complete.

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The speaker will stop blinking, and then you will get a sound notification that the speaker is connected. You will see that the connections option indicates that the speaker is active and connected on the phone. You can try playing your favorite music so that you test for the connection.

Some people will want to add another speaker to the connection. You can do so by getting the Bose app which makes the connection fast and reliable. It helps to make easier the management of the devices easier and convenient.

Pairing two models of the Bose Soundlink Speakers

At this point, we wish to introduce something that we call the Bose to connect. It is an app whose work is to ensure that you have connected the devices without a hassle. However, you will have an option that allows you to connect the speakers manually.

The stereo mode and the part mode are the two options that make Bluetooth connectivity or pairing two speakers essential and convenient. When you connect speakers in this manner, you will have the right and the left channels. When speakers work under this model, you will have them deliver a bigger sound, and the model allows you to have more fun.

The difference between the stereo and the party mode is that the speakers on stereo mode have the sound coming from two channels. On the party mode, you will get a bigger sound from the connected speakers.

When connecting, these options appear on the app, and you choose the one you prefer to use. Each comes with nature that acts immediately you connect it. The features are unique and will make you have good times with your speakers.

Using the Bose Connect app to pair two speakers

If you want to have convenient use of your speakers, this app is to go to. The process is simple as you will switch on the speakers and the app to begin the work done. On the app, you will select the mode that you want to have the connection fulfilling. Connecting the first speaker first is the easiest way to achieve the objective.

Now you have to select the party mode, which you will locate at the lower side of the screen. After you pick this option, you will also select the continue to have the devices working without a hassle. It will take a few seconds to have the connections working as you expect.

If you also want the speakers to work on the stereo mode, you will pick the option and watch the automatic functions. After use, you may want to turn off the speakers or the mode you are playing with. It is not a complicated task because you will pick the option again and have it going off.

After connecting the speakers, you will select your favorite music to test the effectiveness of the whole connection process. If you disconnect the speakers, you also play some music to see if the speaker works.

Doing the manual pairing

We have learned about the use of the app.  It is good that we also learn about how to use the manual connection options.

To connect the party mode, you have to switch both the speakers on and ensure that the batteries have more than half of the battery. You will start by connecting the speakers to your phone using the Bluetooth connection.

Locate the speaker’s buttons and then select the volume up, volume down, and the Bluetooth option simultaneously. Some people will use the volume up and the Bluetooth option only. Once the connection is ready, the speaker gives a notification, and now you can add the second speaker without having to worry much.

You will stop pressing the buttons on the first speaker and go to the second speaker. Now you have to use the Bluetooth button and the volume down. After connection, you will release the buttons and have the speakers working.

You have to wait for a few seconds to watch the effectiveness of the connection and how it works. Once the implementation of the commands is done, you will have the speaker sending a notification that the connection is successful. If the process is not effective, you will redo the whole process and fix the challenges.

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Playing the Bose Soundlink Speakers in stereo mode

The movement from using the stereo mode to using the party mode is very easy. You will pick the speaker and then select the Bluetooth and the volume up buttons.

You will get a notification that the sound and the stereo mode are on. Switching means using the volume down option and the Bluetooth one to have the connection working actively.

How to disconnect the already paired speakers

Disconnecting the speakers is a process that you will use several methods to function. You will start by holding the Bluetooth button for some seconds and have the whole process done. Long pressing means that you have deactivated the Bluetooth connection.

After successfully removing the speaker, you will switch on one of the speakers by pressing the power off. You will have the speakers getting disconnected automatically. The remaining speaker also gets disconnected by pressing the power button again.

Challenges that arise during the process of pairing Bose Soundlink Speakers

We have shown you very simple ways of having the Bose Soundlink Speakers connected and pairing with devices. However, it does not mean that you will not experience any challenges. You will get various challenges, but there is always a good solution to that.

Below is a highlight of the challenges you will encounter and the best way to get a solution.

Loss of connection between the phone and the speakers

It is common to have the speakers losing the connection between them and the phone. The problem is common and will appear almost every time. Surprisingly, there is no clear understanding as to why the challenge happens.

Getting an immediate solution, in this case, is not easy. The only way out is to disconnect the speaker and then redo the connection afresh. You will use the Bose app to do the disconnection.

You will have to disconnect the speaker itself so that you restart the whole connection process again. Once you do the reconnection, you can also consider restarting the phone and then making the connection again. This time the connection will take place without a hassle.

One thing you need not forget is to remove the speaker from the list of the paired devices. It means that you will have to make a new connection again.

Speakers not working or completely refusing to connect

Have you checked on the battery of the speaker and the phone? They should have more than half the charge. A low battery will not allow the speakers to pair with any device.

Both devices should be properly charged so that pairing takes place faster. Another thing you need to check is ensuring that the speakers are under reasonable charge. Proper and consistent charging of the battery is the best thing even when the speakers are in use. They ensure that there is a consistent performance too.

Maintaining a single speaker connected to the phone

Another challenge comes when you need to have a single speaker connected to the phone. It seems to be quite a challenge, especially when the speakers are automatically connecting. However, the possibilities of managing it are very high.

You will open the Bose app and then locate the stereo setting option. You will then have the speaker connected to the source. Another common challenge is the presence of several modes that seem not to work. You have to ensure that you have chosen the right settings to improve the model’s performance.

Speakers losing connection

Another possible challenge is the loss of the connection by the speaker. You are more likely to have the speaker losing connection and then disconnecting again. The major reason you are likely to have this challenge is the distance between the speakers.

When the spacing between the speakers is large, then you will experience a challenge with the connection. Possibilities of having the speaker create a problem with the connection that they begin to operate far beyond the coverage range. It is good to ensure that you have placed the speakers within the range of 10 meters.

Speaker not connecting to any device

The speaker or the phone may refuse to connect to any device. This is a challenge that comes along because of too many much-connected devices. You will notice that you try to troubleshoot the problem, but it still goes unsolved.

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You need to open the Bose app and go to the device settings. One of the areas that you need to look at is the connected devices. You will have to remove all the connected devices to have those that will connect without a hassle.

You can turn off all the Bluetooth devices to limit the noise that comes from the connected devices. One of the things you can always try doing is to open your phone and scan all the connected devices to remove them one by one. After removing them, you will connect with the speaker and begin to enjoy your moments.

Update the speakers

Surprisingly, people do not have a clue about the speakers getting outdated. They have firmware that allows them to connect to devices and manage the functions. You have to ensure that you have disconnected them and then update to a newer service version.

Bose brand allows for updating of the speakers. You will open the computer and then go to the bose official site. Connect the speakers and use the USB cable, and then do the update. You can also choose to do it wirelessly via the phone.

Reset the speaker

Resetting the speaker is one thing the people have less knowledge about its importance. Sometimes you have settings on the speaker that does not facilitate pairing. Such a speaker will need to restart and get reset.

Most people prefer to have the resetting process as the last option. However, you can choose to reset the speaker every time you want to use it. The process of resetting a bose speaker is easy. You will press the mute button for around 10 seconds and then have the process working.

After you reset the speaker, you will have to make a new connection to the speakers. You will, in this case, have the devices working as you expect.


Congratulations on going through our article. We have created solutions to various Bose Soundlink Speaker pairing. You no longer need to worry when you connect the speakers, or they have various challenges.

The good thing about Bose Soundlink speakers is that they will give you sound confirmation of any activity conducted. This makes the process of pairing Bose speakers very easy as per the video below:

Pairing Bose Soundlink Speakers FAQs

How do I reset my Bose Soundlink?

To reset the Bose Soundlink, simply press and hold down your device’s mute button for 10 seconds. This will turn off all sound from playing out of these speakers!

How many Bose Bluetooth speakers can you link?

You can link up to 4 Bose SoundTouch devices via WiFi. The Bose Bluetooth speaker is a versatile and high-quality piece of equipment. It can be used to play music in your home, office, or other spaces that need sound enhancement such as airplanes and hospitals! The Multi-Room Experience allows you to control up to four different SoundTouch devices wirelessly from one device so it’s easy for everyone involved. Moreover, you can connect many more devices via an Ethernet cable.

Why is my Bose speaker not connecting to Bluetooth?

It may be due to the fact that they are not in pairing mode. To fix this, go through all of these steps:
1) From either inside or outside of a device with an open connection profile, press ” Pair New Device” 2). This will start up another process where it finds any available devices within range and adds them both as attachments under names like ‘New Pairing’ 3.) If there isn’t already one present on-screen (you should only need 1), select Add New Connection 4.). You’ll now see yours alongside other paired items such as phones/tablets 5) When selecting someone else’s stored playlist means that the Bose speaker can not connect to your device via Bluetooth. 6) You can reset the Bose speaker

How do I make my Bose Soundlink discoverable?

The best way to make your Bose Soundlink discoverable is by pressing and holding the Bluetooth icon on its speaker until you get a blue flashing light. This tells us that it’s ready for pairing, so let’s do just that! Once that happens, go into pairing mode in settings for either phone or tablet; then pair them together by selecting “Link New Devices.” You’re all set now – just turn up those tunes (and feel free to share this info with friends)!

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