Best Micro-SD Card for Surface Pro-7

Surface pro is a computer model that has popularity in serving multiple roles. It uses powerful software that is known for running high-efficiency software. Many demanding programs will conveniently run when you are using a Surface Pro and thus you need the best technology including an excellent micro-SD Card for Surface Pro-7.

Which is the best micro-SD card for surface pro? From our testing and other expert reviews, SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC came out as the best Micro-SD card for Surface pro. This is because it has an excellent capacity, great write/read speeds, is durable, and is compatible with other devices too.

Surface pro-7 is one such effective model known for such high performances. The most challenging part of surface pro-7 is that you cannot upgrade it. Getting compatible devices is also a challenge as the high-tech devices may not work with them.

Such devices are microSD cards. The surface pro 7 SD card slot is the same and has no significant improvements not unless you change the model. To make everything easier, we have brought you the best micro-SD card for surface pro -7.

Best micro-sd Card for Surface Pro Comparison table

Product nameRankCapacityWrite speedsRead speedsHardware interfaceProduct Link
SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXCBest micro-sd Card for Surface Pro -7400GB90MB/s120MB/sMicroSDXCGet the product
SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO SelectBest micro-sd Card for Surface Pro for read and write speed256GB90 MB/s100MB/SMicroSD, MicroSDXCGet the product
Gigastone 512GB Micro SD CardBest micro-sd Card for Surface Pro -7 for capacity512GB60MB/s100MB/sMicroSDGet the product
Samsung PRO EnduranceBest Surface Pro 7 micro-SD card for durability128GB30MB/s100MB/sMicroSDXCGet the product
Netac Micro SD Card 128GB MicroSDXCBest Surface Pro 7 micro-SD card for ease of use128GB30MB/s100MB/sMicroSDGet the product

Best micro-sd Card for Surface Pro-7

SanDisk 400GB ultra microSDXC SD card

SanDisk is famous because of its high-quality products and ability to maintain quality. A reading speed of 120Mbps and compatibility with devices such as the surface pro-7 make it an excellent model. Devices that will reach the write speeds of around 40Mbps, such as surface pro-7 will find it to be a perfect option.

The Surface Pro 7 is the most powerful Surface yet. It has 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors that can handle anything you throw at it. The only thing is, though, how do you put all your favorite media on it? Well, with a SanDisk 400GB Ultra MicroSDXC SD Card you’ll be able to download all the media you want with plenty of space to spare

Proprietary technology is excellent in this SD card as it maintains high performance and speed. Immediately you insert the microSD card on a device, the performance boost occurs, and the loading speeds increase. Gaming and streaming are activities it conveniently supports.

SanDisk 400GB ultra microSDXC SD card: Best micro-sd card for Surface Pro 7

Comparison with other SD cards

The speeds of the SD card support to the host devices is the significant difference it has from other devices.  Maintaining 4K quality is a nice feature of the SD card. It can increase the speeds to the maximum so long as the support devices are compatible.

It also has different speeds that you get on specific devices. An adapter comes as part of the SD Card allowing for the connectivity of other devices. Endurance and durability make reliability better than for other products. The capacity is 400GB which accommodates many components.

How to use the microSD card

Unpack the microSD card and then put it on the surface pro SD card slot.  It will immediately appear on the screen of the computer in readiness for use. You can format it to have a fresh beginning if there are other components. Once connected, you will open it to read or add content to it. Do not put any heavy objects n it as it will crush.

How to get the best performance out of your MicroSD card?

Your MicroSD card is one of the most crucial components of your Surface Pro 7. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best performance possible.

To do this, you’ll need to make sure your SD card is formatted properly, has enough free space for your needs, and that it’s inserted correctly.

When formatting your SD card, make sure that it’s exFAT or FAT32. If you’re not sure which one to choose, go with the exFAT option as it will work on both Windows and Macs.

It’s also important to check how much free space is available on the card before using it. The Surface Pro 7 only comes with 256GB or 512GB of storage so if you want more than that then you’ll need to get a larger SD card that has more space available.

Keep in mind though that not all SD cards can handle large file sizes so be certain about what spec your SD card falls under before purchasing it. Lastly, insert the MicroSD card carefully so that all four pins align and push down firmly until they click into place. Once you’ve done this correctly, the MicroSD card light should turn green to indicate its ready for use

Performance and real-life testing

The performance of the SD card depends on the device that you use it with. High-performing devices such as smartphones make the speeds go to as high as 120Mbps. It accommodates many components, including videos, music, and photos.

The host device also experiences high speeds in opening apps and accessing the contents. It also has minimal chances of losing content so long as you take good care of it. Users who have tried the higher capacities, such as 1TB, recommend it as the best choice.

The Surface Pro is a great device, but when you buy it, it only comes with 128 GB of storage. That’s not a lot of space for all your favorite media. You can’t even use the MicroSD card slot on the device for more storage because you need a special adapter to use that slot.

The SanDisk 400GB Ultra MicroSDXC SD Card has enough space for anything you want to download from the internet, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of space again.

This SD card will allow you to store up to 40 hours of HD video on it with plenty of extra room so there won’t be any lag time when loading media onto your device. It also has read speeds of 100 MB/s and write speeds of 90 MB/s which means you can quickly download media onto your device with no interruptions in service.

What we like

  • High write and read speeds
  • Great storage value
  • Performance boost for host devices
  • Perfectly manages the Nintendo games
  • Very good at maintaining the quality of the details

What we don’t like

  • It has a variation in performance depending on the device you use it with

What makes the microSD card stand out

Gamers and business persons have a device that will perfectly serve them. High speeds, endurance, and maintenance of quality make it a good option for all users. It is also very good at ensuring that you don’t lose the data. More room for storing contents is inevitable for this device.

The new Surface Pro 7 is one of the most powerful devices on the market. This new device has 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors that can handle anything you throw at it. The only thing is, though, how do you put all your favorite media on it? Well, with a SanDisk 400GB MicroSD Card you’ll be able to download all the media you want with plenty of space to spare.

The SanDisk 400GB MicroSD card is perfect for people who need their Surface Pro 7 to last all day long. It’s also perfect for those who like to take pictures using their phone and don’t want to worry about running out of storage space on their phone.

With this micro SD card, you’ll always have more than enough room for everything you’re doing on your Surface Pro 7. That includes downloading movies or pictures from social media sites like Facebook or Flickr. You’ll never have to worry about deleting something off your device again

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Samsung electronics Evo Select

Gaming, use of laptops, and other functionalities are now more accessible with Samsung Evo select. This SD card has a capacity of 256GB, and you can choose the higher-capacity ones. Getting 512GB and above is easier with the microSD card.

You’re probably wondering about the price. Well, the SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC is a little pricey, but it’s worth it in the end. The SD card holds up to 256GB and is also compatible with your Android phone or tablet. You’ll be able to store all of your photos, videos, and music on this card and not have to worry about running out of space.

The stunning reliability and speeds of 100MB/s and 90MB/s for reading and writing change the performance game altogether. It will accommodate 75,200 photos and take a video of 39 hours. If you want to store music, then around 39 200 songs will be on the SD card.

Samsung electronics Evo Select

Comparison with other microSD cards

Extended compatibility makes the SD card suitable for use with several innovative devices, computers, and cameras. The largest capacity and speeds make it better compared to the other SD cards. An IPX7 rating for water and resilience to extreme conditions like x-ray and weather makes it an enhanced device.

The ability to work with surface pro-7 is world-class as it will offer great support for the functionalities. Its operating temperatures are between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius, proving it better than the other SD cards.

How to use the micro SD card

Connect the SD card to the surface pro 7 SD card slot and observe that it automatically detects. After detection, it opens up and provides room for scanning. You can also format it so that you have a fresh beginning with its use. Once ready, you can now transfer the components from the computer to it and also retrieve information.

The EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC is perfect for all your Surface Pro 7 storage needs. It offers up to 100MB/s read speeds, which is faster than the average SD card and will give you plenty of space to store all your favorite data. The card is also great for transferring photos from your phone to your computer or vice versa because it was made with mobile devices in mind.

To use the SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC, first, insert it into the back of your Surface Pro 7. Once inserted, Windows will automatically detect it and ask if you want to format it. Choose “Yes” and Windows will format the card so you can begin downloading files onto it–it’s that easy

Performance and real-life testing

The test results outcomes we got with the SD card is that the read and write speeds are extra powerful. More space and better resistance to external conditions are excellent too.  It can handle large files effortlessly.

One of our observations about the microSD card is that 4k UHD videos remain of the best quality. It is a model that will capture and save all your memories as it has the durability that it serves.

The Surface Pro 7 is the most powerful Surface ever. It has 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors that can handle anything you throw at it. The only thing is, though, how do you put all your favorite media on it? Well, with a SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC you’ll be able to download all the media you want with plenty of space to spare.

What we like

  • Genuine performance
  • Universal compatibility
  • High speeds and durability
  • Resistance to magnetic field and
  • Ability to handle full video

What we don’t like

  • It gets corrupted if on the wrong devices

What makes the microSD card stand out

The quality of the microSD card and its reliability makes it the best option for surface pro-7. The weatherproof nature and ability to handle extreme conditions are the best. The brand name guarantees that you will have a desirable service. You can also choose different capacity options.

The Surface Pro 7 is Microsoft’s newest release for their Surface line of laptops. It’s packed with features making it really powerful, but what good is a laptop if you can’t download all your favorite media on it? Well, the SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC makes it possible.

The SD card has plenty of space to store everything you need. Now you’ll be able to save time by downloading your favorite music or movies straight to your MicroSD card instead of taking up hard drive space on your computer. This is especially helpful because the MicroSDXC will let you download any type of file onto it – not just photos and videos like other cards might limit themselves to.

Gigastone microSD card

Gigastone 512GB Micro SD Card

Gamers have a reason to smile because this SD card fits their use. Combining it with surface pro-7 will result in the best outcomes. It has an ultra-display quality with speeds of 100/60 Mb/s. Both viewing and recording will take place faster and maintain the best quality.

Compatibility with computers, cameras, tablets, and others makes it best for surface pro versions. Data transfer during gaming or streaming content does not experience delays hence maintaining the best performance.

Comparison with other SD cards

Compared with other SD cards, we note that it is better in storage and expandability. It offers resistance to environmental factors such as water, temperatures, shock, and x-ray. You will enjoy a capacity of 512GB which is higher compared to other models.

Its speeds allow for capturing each detail when recording and maintaining clarity when reading. Lower capacity and more miniature endurance models will not have this kind of performance. It also comes with additional gaming plus pack, and you can also get the gaming pack alone

How to use the microSD card

The SD card needs an assessment of its wellness before you get to its use; after unpacking it, you will insert it on the computer SD card slot. It will take some seconds to boot and then give room to make a few changes, such as renaming it. You can also format it if it is new and then add components to it.

Performance and real-life testing

Our test results show that the compatibility with devices is lovely. Once connected, it retains high speeds in managing various activities such as gaming. It also allows for downloading many games and playing them conveniently with several devices, including surface pro. It has class 10 speed class hence reliable performance.

Data storage depends on the device you choose. A high-capacity one will carry more information than one that has a lower capacity. Extreme conditions such as water, x-ray, and shock do not affect the SD card.

What we like

  • High capacity
  • Support to gaming
  • Shock and environment proof
  • Quality recording and displaying
  • User-friendliness

What we don’t like

  • It is slightly costly

What makes the microSD card stand out

The microSD card makes a wonderful choice for gamers as it supports the functions correctly. It makes an ideal choice for people who want to engage in business. The best thing about it is that it is expandable and you can get higher capacities. Data loss and unreliable storage are solutions that you will get from this microSD card.

Samsung pro endurance microSD card

Enjoy 438000 hours of high-quality 4K recording with the pro endurance Samsung model.  The models from the brand have good likes from users, and this one has high transfer speeds of 100 Mbps. Viewing content and recording maintains the 1080 video quality.

An adapter boosts the compatibility making it best for dash cams, surveillance cameras, and high-performance computers. Surface pro is a model that will not be left out by the excellent performance of the SD card.

Samsung pro endurance microSD card

Comparison with other SD cards

The SD card comes at the lower end and is the best compared to the models within its range. It has a capacity of 128GB. The magnetic effect, shock, water, x-ray, and many other factors will not affect the functionality of the SD card. What makes it quite different from the other SD cards is the pro-monitoring standard.

Ability to manage extreme conditions is better than most high-capacity SD cards. You will choose to buy this microSD card over the others because of its durability. The makers have used quality materials to ensure that it serves for a longer time.

How to use the microSD card

To do your work with confidence, you will need first to get the SD card and put it in the host device. For our case, you will insert it on the surface pro 7 SD card slot and wait to see the outcomes. It will do a self-installation process, and once complete, you can now proceed to add contents to it or display the contents in it.

Performance and real-life testing

According to our test results, the SD card has very high endurance. It serves 25 times longer than the high capacity and established cards. Data security is not a challenge with the SD card as it has the endurance to ensure that safety needs are proper.

The best thing about its endurance is that the test results show that it can stay in water for 72hours.  Resistance to magnets up to 15k gauss and operation temperatures between 15-85 degrees make it best. When not in use, it will manage from -40 degrees Celsius.

What we like

  • High endurance
  • Data protection and resistance to extreme changes
  • Ability to serve multiple roles
  • High reading and writing speeds
  • Reliable functionality

What we don’t like

  • Compatibility challenge with some devices which make it non-functional

What makes the microSD card stand out

The design and the quality make of the SD card make it the best option. Your assurance that you won’t experience data loss challenges as it has class 10 performance standards. The reliability of the microSD card is lovely as it has the quality that will make it serve for the longest time.

Netac Micro SD card


Netac is a brand that is not quite famous but has excellent performance. The SD card has a capacity of 128GB and delivers very high read and write speeds of 100 Mbps. For the write speeds, it stands at 30 Mbps which is adequate.

Users seeking to have a device that comes at a user-friendly price will find this model to be a fantastic choice. FHD 4K quality videos are some that you will have good times with.  Activities such as gaming, surveillance cameras, and dash cams will have good services with this SD card.

Comparison with other SD cards

The product is a basic one and has an outstanding performance. Comparing it to other SD cards, we find that it has a slightly lower writing speed. However, for use with the surface pro proves it to be worthy.

It has a comparable performance with other devices in terms of durability. It is waterproof, x-ray, magnetic, and temperature resistant.  The SD card operates at temperatures of 25-85 degrees which is better than the other models as they operate from 35 degrees. Usability is much better for the SD card as it has better compatibility.

How to use the microSD card

The SD card works with most devices, but you will first put it on the computer and format it. Once ready, you will continue with the use of other devices. When using it on the computer, you will insert it on the surface pro SD card slot.  It will automatically do a self-starting process, and then you can now access the contents or add more content.

Performance and real-life testing

Our test results have good recommendations for the SD card. It maintains stability when doing heavy tasks such as streaming content and encoding videos. It records 4K videos and will also maintain the quality when reading content.

High endurance and resistance to environmental factors make the SD card long-lasting and serve for longer durations. Under the performance, you also need to understand that the capacity it shows becomes slightly lower when it comes to actual performance. Some of the functions go to the utilization of the system. Class 10 ensures that the performance is proper.

What we like

  • High read speeds
  • Pocket friendliness
  • High endurance
  • Easy management
  • Compatibility with many devices

What we don’t like

  • The write speeds pose a challenge with maintaining the quality

What makes the microSD card stand out

It may not be possible to get complicated and high-end devices. The SD card ensures that most users can now get a device that will enjoy better performance. Although the write speeds are low, users have something good to appreciate with the quality and the stable performance.

Choosing the best microSD card for surface pro-7

Laptops have special considerations when you have to choose SD for them. It is common to insert an SD card in a computer, and then it fails to function because of lousy compatibility. Therefore, it is good to ensure that you get an SD card that meets the minimal requirement for functionality. Below are things to check out for.


The SD card must have high reading and writing speeds. Writing speeds above 30 Mbps is good. For the reading speeds, they have to be above 90 Mbps.  When you have such high speeds, you cannot be sure that you will not experience any failures.

Low speeds will deteriorate the quality of the outcomes. The videos and the images will not be explicit. Exposure to data loss also grows with the low speeds. The images will be excellent for editing and use.


The purpose of a microSD card is storage. If your SD card has low storage, then it does not serve the function. You have to ensure that the model you buy has adequate space to store more items. For surface pro-7 you will need SD cards that are above 128GB.

Any SD card low than 128GB will not correctly work with surface pro-7 as it will fail. It must handle bulk details and hold them without lowering their quality or losing them.


It is useless to have an SD card that does not have good endurance. A good model will ensure that you have good endurance. Resistance to water, X-ray, temperatures, and other environmental conditions are some of the things you need to focus on.

Low endurance means that the quality is lower. The chances of having such a device serving longer are minimal. It will have data loss problems, and at one point, it will fail to function. Going for those with an IPX7 rating is the best thing.


Warranty is one of the things that most people ignore. However, an item with a warranty guarantees service. An SD card that has a warranty of 2 years and above makes an ideal choice. Warranty is different depending on the brand you choose.

The best brands have warranties that go for as much as 10 years. It means that when the product gets spoilt, you will get a free replacement. In other words, the chances of having the product failing are minimal. Unique brands will even offer you free data recovery for the SD card that became dysfunctional.


Another thing that you have to be very keen on is compatibility. Your SD card must be compatible with surface pro-7 computers. If you get a model that is not compatible, you increase the chances of failure.

There are very high possibilities that the SD card will fail in the early stages of usage. To avoid all this, you have to ensure that you have gone for the models that show compatibility with computers and heavy functions such as gaming. It means that such a device will conveniently manage the laptop’s functions despite how heavy they are.

What is the max SD card size for Surface Pro 7?

Storage on the Surface Pro 7 is limited, as it only comes with 256GB of space. Thankfully, there’s a Micro SD card slot that can be used for extra storage. But what is the max SD card size for the Surface Pro 7? That depends on your model. The Surface Pro 7 with Intel Core i7 and 8GB of RAM has an SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 2TB.

The Surface Pro 7 with Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM has an SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 1 TB. And lastly, the Surface Pro 7 will have an SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 512GB if you have the version without the Intel Core i5 or i7 processors.

Is SanDisk Extreme better than Ultra?

There are two different SanDisk memory cards: the Ultra and the Extreme. If you’re wondering which one is better, we’ll break down the differences for you.

The first thing to know is that the Ultra is cheaper than the Extreme. You can find it at a lower price point on most sites, like Amazon and Best Buy. The major difference between these two cards is that the Ultra offers more space (up to 256GB) while the Extreme offers faster read and write speeds (up to 95MB/s). The Ultra also has less warranty coverage than the Extreme (3 years vs 5 years).

Some people might think that if their photos and videos don’t require high speeds, then they should go with the cheaper option and save some money. But if you’re an avid photographer who takes hundreds of pictures a year or your video files are larger than average, then you might want to spend a little extra money to get the card with better speeds. In this case, it’s probably worth getting an Ultra for its space and speed benefits.

What is the fastest Micro-SD card for Surface Pro 7?

There are many options available when looking for the fastest micro-SD card for your Surface Pro 7. They differ in terms of read, write, and transfer speeds which can be confusing when deciding which one is right for you. Which one should I get then?

The easiest way to determine which one is best would be to look at what kind of Micro-SD card reader your computer has. For example, if your computer has an SDXC slot (a solid-state memory card), then keep in mind that SDXC cards can’t use more than 60 MB/s when reading or writing data due to their design limitations (the same limitation applies to UHS-I). If your computer doesn’t have an SDXC slot, then look at UHS-1 cards – these use up to 104 MB/s when reading or writing data

Final verdict

We have brought you the microSD cards that we have tested. They will deliver the best performance as you choose one depending on your needs, such as the budget and usability. The best device is one that has the requirements we have placed in the buyer’s guide.


Can you expand the memory on a Surface Pro 7?

The Surface Pro 7 has a lot of built-in memory, but it may not be enough for your needs. However, you can’t increase the memory on the Surface Pro 7. As with all Surface models, there’s no way to upgrade or modify the storage space on the device. You’ll just have to buy a Micro SD card and use that as your main storage space.

What are the best micro-SD cards for Surface Pro 7?

The SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC is the best or Surface Pro 7. With a Surface Pro 7, you won’t have to worry about running out of space. The 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors easily handle anything you throw at it. But how do you put all your favorite media on it? Well, with a good Micro-SD card you’ll be able to download all the media you want with plenty of space to spare.

What type of SD card does a Surface Pro 7 take?

A Surface Pro 7 requires a MicroSDXC card Micro-SD card. The maximum size is 512 GB of data. A 512 GB micro-SD card will cost up to $90 but will give you enough space for all your activities.