How to make your Speaker Sound Better

If there is an annoying thing is when you get the worst sound from your speaker. At times the speaker may sound good but will still not sound best. So the first option that many people settle for is getting new speakers.

This means another cost of getting additional speakers. However, this should be the last option after you have tried all means to fix them up. We have some help for you as we have a cheaper solution for you. Here is the deal.

How to make Trolly Bluetooth Speaker sound better

Placement of the speakers

One thing that most people do not know is that the placement of the speakers matters a lot. If you place the speakers at strategic points and correctly, they will produce a better sound. Are there chances that you have not placed the speakers correctly? Below are things to observe when placing the speakers

Observe the height

The height of the speakers with regards to listening is the first thing you need to do. Knowing the height to place the speakers will help you to get the proper tools for their placement. A good height is one that the listeners will have a direct listening.

You will sit down, take measurements of the height, and then set the speakers especially wireless speakers for best sound at precisely that. If you need to have speaker stands, you will consider meeting the exact height you want to work with. Placing the speaker at the right height is not enough until you distance between the speakers and your matching.

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You need to have a triangle between you and the speaker. The triangle should be such that the speakers stand at some distance between each other and then an equal distance from you. For example, when playing music, the sound from the speakers must meet in the middle, and that is the place you should sit.

If you have a home theater, you will need to observe the same heights. The side speakers must be the same height as the one in the middle. Such placement ensures that the sound meets and disperses well, filling the whole room with high-quality sound.

Distance between the speaker and the obstacles

Another thing you have to check for proper sound projection is the distance between the speaker and the solid obstacles. When you place speakers closer to walls, the bass becomes better and more profound. However, the sound quality for the bass does not remain pleasant when close to the walls as the sound will not be pleasant

It is good that you start by placing the speaker next to the wall and then see the behavior. The next thing you will do is have the speaker at a slightly further distance from the wall. You will closely listen to the sound production and then note the difference. Keep adjusting the position until you get a better position.

It is essential to look at other obstacles apart from the wall. Such may include the furniture and other heavy equipment. Observing a distance of around 50 cm away from these obstacles is the best. You can also make adjustments to ensure that you have done a distance to make the speakers sound better.

Observe the distance between speakers

Another thing that you need to ensure there is an order with is the distance between the speakers. Too close to the location of speakers leads to sound distortion. The sound stage becomes narrow, making the production limited.

The size of the speakers is the determinant of the distance between them. Prominent speakers need some spacious distance between them. 2 meters distance is perfect for prominent speakers. If you have a bookshelf and other smaller speakers, you can conveniently have them closer to each other, but you can do different positions.

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Having the speakers in a position that they face you is excellent. However, if they are some distance away, the sound must be at the position that it comes directly to you.

Surroundings of the speaker

The placement of the speakers can be excellent, but the surrounding will make the sound bad. It is essential to have a look at the surroundings so that you have a proper balance. You need to have a clue about how you can amp up the sound by working on the surroundings.  Some of the things that you can do to have a better surrounding are as follows.

Redecorate the room

Room redecoration is one thing you can conveniently do. It involves doing some specific activities that will tend to make the sound thicker and better. You can add carpet and thicker rugs to the room to make the sound better

If the room has too much glass equipment, there are very high possibilities of lower sound quality. You can consider having the speakers closer to the chairs while still observing the distance to maintain the sound quality. You can choose to move the sofa set closer to the middle of it to the wall as it will also make the sound have better quality.

One of the movements you will need to make is regarding the furniture and placement of your things. It is also wise to ensure that you have added some thicker things closer to the speakers. For example, if you consider adding boxes

Check on the orientation of the room

The shape and the room have an impact on the sound quality. Square rooms have the worst sound quality and need you to get some equipment such as the furniture closer to the speaker. If the ceiling is lower, then there are high possibilities that the sound quality will be lower.

To fix this challenge, you have to have some carpets on the floor or add a few pieces of equipment on the wall and the ceiling. Adding some lights is a good thing as it will also improve the quality although it is not the best option. Absorption panels and sound diffusers are reasonable solutions, but they are costly.

Positioning of the system

Another thing to do concerning the room is the positioning of the sound equipment. Again, you have to ensure that you

For instance, if the room is square, you will need to have a triangle setting of the speakers. However, if the room is a circle, you will still observe the triangle placement but ensure that the sound meets in the middle.

If the room’s height is not so high, the speakers will also not be so high. You can consider using half the height in this case. You need to balance between having distortion from above and below.

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Rooms that have rugged and funny shapes will also need you to have some balancing. You have to get the best locations so that the speaker has space to project the sound.

You have to consider positions away from the walls and then check on the distance between the systems. In this case, the speakers work best when they cover the entire room facing each other while the sound for both the speakers meet in the middle.

Assess the quality of music you are playing

It is also possible that the music you are playing does not have the quality that will meet the room design. If you are streaming music, then the quality is likely not to be the best. Streaming devices such as Firestick pick the quality that will not consume much data and can maintain playing consistency. You are, in this case, likely to have the quality of the sound remaining bad.

You can consider changing the settings so that the device picks the highest quality hence having the best sound quality.

What if you are using a Wi-Fi connection?

Another thing you are likely to have is problems with is the kind of sound you will get from the speaker. You are likely to have bad sound quality with the speakers. It is a good thing to play over Wi-Fi because it maintains the best quality.

However, there are chances that it will lower with time and have the worst experience when there is no stability. In such a case, you will need to do something about the room and the streaming device you are using to have the best sound quality. Anytime you move away from the room, you will make a few adjustments to have the best sound quality.

Check on the sound system

Another thing to make the speaker sound better that you will need to look at is the sound system. Sometimes the quality of the sound is terrible because of the sound system. There are usually very high possibilities that you are using the sound system that has a problem. Such a system will only have a few improvements, but the sound quality will be petty. The things you will need to work on include;

The quality of the system

You need to have a close look at the quality of the system. If the system has a lower or bad quality, it will not deliver the outcome you want. If the system has a good quality, you will have good moments as it will deliver the best sound quality.

A system that does not have the best quality will need you to make adjustments and changes to have some good moments. You can measure the sound quality of a speaker.

If there is a balance you can create, then you have the best way to do it. Although there is a little you can do about the sound system quality, you can take a few measures as follows to make improvements;

  1. Balance from the source of music to send outstanding quality that will change the speaker’s performance. If you are streaming from the phone, you can adjust the settings to meet the sound you want and the room.  If you are using a computer, there is room to make various changes that will change the whole game.
  2. Balance the system so that it has a slight improvement. You can improve the sounds by making the bass deeper or the trebles lighter, which improves the general output. Most speakers will come with control features that make the balancing better regarding the design and the model.
  3. Get additional speakers. If the sound system is not the best, you can get additional speakers to enhance the performance. However, you need to be careful so that you don’t get an additional speaker with bad quality or lower the general performance. You can explore the best Bose speakers to ensure you get quality speakers.

Check on the connections

Loose connections will make the sound have bad quality. You have to take some caution so that you have the ports connecting to the right cables. Once you have connected your cables, you have to ensure that they are properly fixed.

Bad connections are chaotic and will distort the whole sound production. As a result, you will have poor sound balancing, and also the clarity of sound will lower. Therefore, every time you play music, you can consider checking if the sound system has all the connections properly working.

Check on the source device of the music

Bad sound quality can be a result of a bad sound source. For example, if you have a very good sound system but the music source has challenges, the sound quality will be lower. Therefore, you need to have the source having the best quality so that the speakers deliver the quality from it.

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If the source of the music is something you can balance, then you need to do so. It is helpful because it is the only best way to have the best in terms of sound quality and projection. Some sources need you to make changes before you put music in them. Proper installation will make the speaker perform the best thus a better sound.

 Final thought

We have highlighted the best ways to make the speakers sound better. Some of the methods we have covered are simple, while others are a little bit complicated. The best thing is for you to try to apply the ways we have shown you.

You will start by working on the position of the speakers. Then look at the room orientation and the obstacles. Finally, please have a look at the sound system to fix the challenges that it comes with. Then, you will assess the fixing and the connections so that they are proper.

Making speakers sound better FAQs

What makes a speaker sound bad?

Most failures happen because of ELECTRICAL failure caused by applying too much power to the voice coil. Constant over-powering can result in “burned” speakers, meaning their coating has been damaged and cannot dissipate heat properly anymore which causes distortion as well as other issues with audio output quality. If you are using Tweeter/Midrange Speakers then usually this would be due to low-frequency response at that range before mechanical damage occurs such as delamination or breakage.

Do bigger speakers sound better?

Yes, bigger speakers sound better than smaller speakers even if we are not comparing the louder volume or bass. Therefore, as you are choosing your speaker, size does matter. Bigger speakers can play louder and make more bass without distortion to the sound quality.

Do speakers wear out?

Yes, with time speakers wear out. However, if you get a decent speaker you are sure it will last for a long time. To ensure you don’t spoil the speakers if you feel that the sound is bad, reduce the volume. Thus, to ensure it lasts for most of your lifetime, ensure there is no distortion or clipping from your speaker.

Do speakers sound better over time?

Yes, sour speakers sound absolutely better when they complete the initial break-in period. You want the several moving parts working well since they haven’t worked before. To effect the break-in you need to play well-known music having a large dynamic range, including solid deep bass and strong high end. This music should be able to push the speaker to the extreme regularly