Best Internet Service Provider in California | ISP plans & prices

California is one of the states that have a comprehensive connection to the internet. Most internet service provider companies have invested in California, making it easier for them to enjoy the best connection. People living in California have an easy time now choosing who will serve them.

The challenge comes in that the various service providers have a difference in the areas they cover, the plans they offer, and the extras. It has made the users have a slightly difficult time choosing who will serve them.

However, this should be a worry anymore because we have done a great job to make your work easier. Have a look at the best internet service provider list in California:

Best Internet Service Provider in California


The best modem router combo for Comcast Xfinity (the best internet service provider in the United States & California) cable internet

Xfinity is the best internet service provider in California. It is well known for having the best speeds and prices for packages. It has a high rating of 6.5 out of 10. Xfinity uses cable internet for connection and offers high speeds that go to as much as 1000 Mbps.

It covers an extended area which makes it more reliable and usable. You will have to key in the street, and the area you cover is that you get an excellent service.


AT&T is another supplier that has got a broader market in California with very high speeds and reliability. You will get a chance to enjoy high download speeds of up to 1000Mbps. It has a high rating too and uses the DSL and fiber for connection.

When using the DSL service, you have to be careful as there are some locations that it does not reach. The plans are also favorable and will make many users afford to have the service. The reliability, stability of the internet is excellent. Moreover, it covers over 99% of California hence the wide accessibility.

Cox communications

Cox communications stand to be the third most exhaustive service provider, with a coverage of over 89%. It has room for self-installation and delivers speeds that go to as much as 940 Mbps. It uses the cable internet for connection and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

You have to ensure that you have checked on the areas that the internet covers. There are some specific areas that you will experience a challenge when trying to access the internet. It, in turn, makes the process of roaming more confusing. The beauty of the cable connection is that it covers both the rural and the residential areas.

Another reliable and robust internet provider is Suddenlink communications. It has a coverage of more than 99% and makes the users have an easy time accessing the internet. It uses the cable to make the connection available in many areas.

Using this service provider ensures that many people will access the internet because it uses a cable connection. It has high speeds that get to as high as 940Mbps and a user rating of 4.5 out of 5.

DSL and fiber have done an excellent job to ensure that Earthlink has penetrated its roots in the California internet market. It has 80% coverage in the state and delivers high speeds to as much as 1000 Mbps. It has a user rating of 4 out of 5.

You need to be sure that the service you get from the service provider is fast and reliable. The only thing you have to assess is ensuring that it covers the area you want. It serves both the towns and the rural areas, making it quite reliable.

Classification of the internet service providers in California by the type of connection

Many service providers in California deliver different services. However, it may be a complex task to arrange them as some deliver an outstanding service but have a higher rank. We also have those that deliver excellence but have a lower customer base.

The best method to capture all these is by the use of the connection type. What makes the connection type criteria the best is that we will get the best providers under each connection. You will therefore assess the connection type first and then assess the service providers using the connection types.

Under the connection type, we have 5 major categories that have stood out. They include

  • DSL, which has 4 service providers offering 25 internet plans
  • The cable which has 5 service providers offering 131 internet plans
  • Fiber is another excellent service render which has 5 service providers that offer 54 internet plans
  • Mobile broadband has 32 plans and serves best when servicing the regions with 4 service providers
  • Satellite is another excellent connection type that has 3 service providers offering up to 42 plans. It is best for the users operating in rural areas to ensure that they have access to a fast and reliable connection.

Cable internet providers

California has the best cable internet providers covering extended areas with high speeds and stable internet. It is the choice that most states have preferred because of its accessibility and reliability. Low monthly rates and high resident speeds are what make the providers have good times.

Most people in California have access to the cable internet service provider list and use the 100Mbps bandwidth. However, some households and businesses in California use plans as high as 250 Mbps. The availability is excellent as it covers 93% of California with top speeds of 1Gbps.

To access the cable speeds, you will need the connection of the coaxial cable from the ISP to your home. Some ISPs provide a rental modem but you can choose your own DOCSIS 3.1 modem or DOCSIS 3.0 modem. This modem is connected to your router.

If you need the extra-fast internet, you will need to get the fiber optic internet that can deliver Gigabit speeds and also that give you excellent upload speeds as well.

Some of the best Cable internet plans in California include:

Wave high speed 50

This package comes for $19.95 per month with 50 Mbps speed under the cable connection.

Wave high speed 250

The high wave speed 250 is another good plan for 250 Mbps speeds for $29.95 per month under the cable connection.

Wave high speed 10

Wave high speed 10 package comes with 10 Mbps speeds for $29. 95 and uses the cable connection.


The cox service provider comes with 10Mbps, a starter pack, and a cable connection under a 12-month contract. It comes for $29.99 per month.

Wave high speed 500

The high wave speed 500 is another package that has delivered excellence with 500 Mbps speeds at a price of $39.95 per month and has no term contract. It uses a cable connection.


The digital subscriber line DSL is a connection type that utilizes telephone wires. You don’t need to buy new cables as there are cables ready to serve the role. It will have an easy time to deliver the broadband in the homes.

The good thing is that the DSL operates like cable because many connections are already established, although not as wide as the cable. The more you move from the service line, the poorer the connection becomes. Every time there is a storm, the connection lowers.

The beauty of using DSL is that the users have access to high-speed internet, although it is slightly expensive. You can also get a speed that is lower than 15 Mbps but adequate for long-term service. With top speeds of 35 Mbps and access that makes 65% of users enjoy the service, you will have the best moments.

For internet access to your home, you will need a DSL modem either provided by the ISP or one that you buy on your own. The modem is then connected to a router.

The DSL internet plans available in California include:

At&t  internet 100

This package is from AT&T and has speeds of 100 Mbps. You will pay $55 per month and uses the VDSL connection. The deal also comes with a reward card of $150

At&t internet 25

Another powerful package that you will continue using is this one. It has speeds of 25 Mbps and charges $55 per month. It uses the VDSL connection and has no contract.

At&t internet 18

This plan has internet speeds of 18 Mbps and uses the VDSL connection. It charges $55 per month and offers a reward card of $150.

At&t internet 75

This package plan comes at a price of $60 per month and offers 75Mbps  speeds using the VDSL connection.

The hyperlink 80 comes from EarthLink with speeds of 80 Mbps and also uses the VDSL connections. It has a contract of 12 months and costs $69.95 per month.


Fiber optics have come in as a groundbreaking technology that has improved the speed of the internet. Boosting the stability of the connection takes place conveniently without a hassle. The connection is available in most areas, making service providers have an easy time with the service.

The best thing about fiber is that it improves day by day, making the service more reliable. 21% of the California residents have access to the fiber internet service. You will also get a high top speed of more than 1Gbps.

For internet access at home, you need to get a fiber router that is either connected to the ONT or the modem router.

The Fiber internet plans available in California include:

Ting 5 Mbps plan

The Ting plan is an excellent option because of the 5 Mbps speed that comes at $19 with a prepaid offer that lasts for a single month. It uses a fiber connection.

Verizon internet 200/200 Mbps

Under this package, you will enjoy 200 Mbps for both the download and upload speeds. It uses the fiber connection and does not have a termly contract. It has a deal that lasts for 3 months and also costs $39.99 per month.

At&t internet 300

The at&t service provider has also invested in the fiber connection without a term contract in California. It comes with a $150 reward with a price of $45 per month. You will get speeds of 300 Mbps. You can get the AT&T fiber router for access to these internet speeds.

Frontier fiber optic 50 Mbps

Another package comes from the frontier and offers 50 Mbps speed that lasts for 12 months in the contract. It costs $49.99 per month and uses a fiber connection.

Frontier Simply FiOS 50/50

This is a package that is amazing because of the 50 Mbps speeds and the fiber connection. You will appreciate the 24-month contract and free installation deal. It has a price of $51, which makes it quite affordable. You can get the best Frontier FiOS router in California for the best internet access at home or in the office.


If you are looking for an internet service provider that will serve rural and urban needs in California, you need the satellite. It is a service that is known to work nearly everywhere. The only challenge that people experience with it is that it usually needs a professional installation.

The speeds are not as high as the adverts indicate. The chances of paying more for the service are usually higher. The stability of the connection is also not entirely reliable as sometimes it gets lost hence delivering poor service.

The satellite has 100% availability and delivers top speeds of 100 Mbps hence quite reliable. In addition to the satellite dish, you need to connect the cable from the dish to the modem. Then the modem is connected to the Satellite internet router using an Ethernet cable for the satellite internet access.

The Satellite internet plans available in California include:

Hughesnet 10GB

The first provider of satellite services is HughesNet which has speeds of 25 Mbps at a price of $49.99 per month. The connection uses the satellite dishes, and you will have a 24-month contract.

Viasat unlimited bronze 12

Using the Viasat service, you will get a chance to get speeds of 12 Mbps at a price of $50 per month. Under the satellite connection, you will have 24 months contract and get the free installation deal.

Hughesnet 20GB

Another package that HughesNet has is the 20GB service that delivers speeds of 25 Mbps using the satellite connection. It is desirable because of the $59.99 per month and the 24-month contract.

Viasat unlimited silver 25

The package is lovely from Viasat and offers speeds of 25Mbps  under a contract of 24 months and a satellite connection. It costs $70 per month and will offer free installation.

Hughesnet 30GB

We also have the HughesNet 30GN, which is a package that comes with speeds of 25 Mbps. You will enjoy a contract of 24 months for $89.99. it uses a satellite connection which delivers excellent speeds.

Broadband connection

The broadband connection is a service that has not adequately penetrated the California market. The funniest thing about California is that more than 30% of its people are not connected to the internet. Surprisingly, it has the 33rd rank for the most connected states of the USA. 

You will notice that they also have the most significant number of connected persons in one region, which makes a specific service suitable for a specific area. When there are many users in one place, the prices go slightly lower. As a result, other subscribers also notice that there are many users hence a high demand.

That is why you see the service providers using more than one method to reach the users. They step in to cover the market, which makes the service begin to fetch a lower cost. Competition makes the service get a lower price and becomes more reliable.

California has broadband coverage fetching a reliability score of 37% and high speeds of 31%. In terms of affordability, you will get 25% which is lower, but the percentage is excellent. However, the number of subscribers for the service also keeps increasing with time.

You can assess the service providers and then get the one who will deliver the service you are comfortable with. There are several factors that you also need to consider to have the best service provider.

Rural internet service providers in California

Rural areas are the parts that experience challenges such as low usage of the internet. You will therefore notice that there are few users and their consumption is low. The solutions available for rural areas are those that do not deliver high-end packages.

It is also not rare that the service providers will not serve such areas. It, therefore, calls for the use of the less expensive types of internet. The most common types that serve these areas are broadband and satellite internet.

Satellite internet needs the users to purchase satellite dishes and other devices and then do the installation. The technicians are available to help in doing the installation works. Viasat, Hughesnet, and Suddenlink are the best Satellite internet providers.

Broadband services use mobile devices to deliver the services. MTech solutions and the LLC are the service providers that serve these areas in California.

These solutions have high speeds for broadband, which serves 50 Mbps, and satellite which can go to as much as 100 Mbps.

Internet providers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles stands out as the largest city in California. It has several service providers who deliver the highest and the most reliable speeds. The service providers in this city include.

  • Spectrum- It has a speed range of 200-940 Mbps and uses a cable connection. It is available with a rating of 99%. You will pay $49.99 per month, which is extra high.
  • AT&T- It charges $35 per month and has a speed range of 300-940 Mbps. The connections occur because of the DSL, fiber optics that deliver high speed and stable internet.
  • Starry internet- This is a service provider that is slowly capturing the market. In Los Angeles, it has an efficiency rate of 35% and charges $50 per month. It uses a fixed wireless connection that makes it best for both the cities and the rural areas. It has speeds that stagnate at 200 Mbps.
  • Frontier FiberOptic is another provider with an efficiency of 16% and costs $$9.99 per month. The speeds are high as they range between 50Mbps and go to as much as 940 Mbps and 880 Mbps which is excellent.
  • Other service providers include; sonic telecom, cox, google fiber, HughesNet, and Viasat. These are known for delivering the highest speeds and affordable plans.

Choosing the best internet service provider in California

California has a vast number of service providers who tend to confuse people when making a selection. There are several factors that you will need to consider during the selection. Some are easy to choose, and others will pose a tough challenge.

For you to get the best service provider in California, then you have to be intentional with the following:


A good internet service provider covers your area- your location in California. It is also wise to know the areas that the service covers to have an easy time roaming around. The challenge that we have is that the service providers have various and specific areas that they cover.

This poses a challenge because you can visit a place that they don’t cover. You have to prioritize the areas that you want to get the service from.

Type of connection

We have seen that the various service providers use specific types of connections to reach their people. Each provider will also have a service that will favor the use of the specific type of connection.

Some of the service providers’ methods to reach the users include broadband, fiber, DSL, Cable, and satellite. It is your duty to get the service provider who covers the place that you want.

Internet plans

Another thing that marks a big difference on the internet service provider in California and the world over is the internet plans. You have to do thorough research to ensure that you have got the internet plans at the price you desire. By doing so, you will be assured that you will get competitive packages and will deliver the highest speeds.

Internet plans that have extra services and reliable prices make the best choices for your use. You need to do some thorough research to get the one that accommodates devices and has a reasonable price.

Extra deals

Another aspect you need to monitor is the different deals. A good provider will offer some extra deals such as installation and the offer on devices. The main intention of having such extra deals is to ensure that you have got a service that you will conveniently rely on.


California is a state that has good internet coverage. Many people desire to use it because of the quality of the service that it offers. The most exciting thing about California is that it has comprehensive internet coverage with many service providers. The providers use different types of connections to reach a broad population.

You need to use the location, internet needs, and other factors to choose your internet service provider in California and other states.

We also explored the best internet service providers in the United States. You can explore them to ensure you get the best connection wherever you are.


Is Xfinity good in Los Angeles?

Yes, Xfinity is one of the best internet service providers in California. It provides fiber and cable connections to the residents of the state making it among the top 5. The others include Spectrum, AT&T, and Frontier.

Is satellite internet available in California?

Yes, satellite internet which works for all the areas is available in California. We have satellite service providers that include HughesNet and Viasat that serve all parts of the state. However, satellite does not compare well with fiber, cable, or DSL in terms of latency.

Does AT&T have good internet?

Yes, AT&T has good internet. It is well rated in terms of speed, customer satisfaction, and other performance features. The provider ranked as number 2 on the customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2019 and published in the ACSI Telecommunications Report.