How to Use Spectrum Router as a Repeater

What do you do to your old Spectrum router or if you have two routers? You can discard it or use Spectrum router as a repeater. This article will enable you to do that comfortably.

To use Spectrum router as a repeater:

  1. Connect one end of an ethernet cable to a port on the back of the primary router.
  2. Connect one end of an ethernet cable to a port on the back of the secondary router.
  3. Connect one end of an ethernet cable to any available port on the fiber modem.
  4. Leave all other settings at their default values and wait for all three devices (primary, secondary, and fiber modem) to be linked together before proceeding with the next step.

Wi-Fi extension is an idea that gives most people a headache. Having the network covering several devices and working on an extended range is slightly costly. Getting Wi-Fi boosters and understanding how well do devices such as Wi-Fi extenders work becomes a challenge.

Most people also tend to get alternative methods to have the Wi-Fi extended using a pocket-friendly method. One of the most efficient methods people think of is replacing the router. What drives people to replace the router is because they feel it could be out of date.

It, however, becomes unfortunate because the new router solves part of the problem. Extending the connection remains a challenge that you will still need to solve using extenders. The good news we have is that you can use one as a repeater when you have two spectrum routers. Really! How does it work? Have a look:

How to use a Spectrum router as a Wi-Fi repeater: These are the steps of using an old or additional router as a Wi-Fi extender

Role of a Wi-Fi repeater

A Wi-Fi repeater plays a role in boosting the Wi-Fi connection of a specific area. What makes a Wi-Fi repeater unique is that it uses wireless technologies to connect its devices and sources.

Therefore, the device is different from a Wi-Fi extender using wireless technology or wired. Mostly an extender uses the Ethernet cables for connection.

Using a Wi-Fi repeater as a booster is a lovely thing because it is cost-effective. You will not have to spend a lot of money buying cables and devices to make range coverage convenient. So long as you have the technological essentials for locating the best point, the rest of the work will be very easy.

The major disadvantage of using Wi-Fi repeaters is that they cannot serve multiple houses or long-range. Unlike Wi-Fi extenders which allow cables to reach the farthest end, repeaters cannot go beyond 30 feet. Adding more repeaters tends to lower the speed and the signal quality.

We have exceptional Wi-Fi extenders for Spectrum that can be used if you are not using the router as a repeater. These extenders are excellent for different settings in a home.

Why use a spectrum router as a repeater

A router covers the stipulated range without a hassle. This means that when you have two routers connected, they will cover an extended range. Signal quality will also improve as the connection created makes a mesh design of connection.

The number of devices connected also increases by the number that the additional device has. For instance, if the additional router covers a range of 2500 square feet and serves 50 devices, you will have the additional range and the devices too. Each device that is operating within the connection will also enjoy high-quality signals and reliable speeds.

Talking about speed, the routers tend to add speed. A Wi-Fi extender or repeater does not increase the speeds. Comparing the use of an extender or a repeater with two routers, you will notice that if the second router has better speeds, devices connected to it will enjoy enhanced speeds.

Multiple streaming is another thing that comes along with using the routers as Wi-Fi repeaters. When you have your connected devices working, each one will get a channel to the router it connects too hence enjoying maximum speeds streaming. If you are an online gamer, you will have the best moments with the session.

How a router works as a repeater

The work of a Wi-Fi repeater is to boost the connection to eliminate the dead zones. What a router will do is the same. It will increase the already existing range with the amount of coverage it comes along with. Therefore, it will work as a second router in the connection to cover an extended range and deliver a wider performance.

The router connects to the existing router either wirelessly or using the Ethernet cable. Once connected, it picks up the signal and projects it further. All the dead zones that exist within the connection end up getting eliminated.

Considering that the signal is powerful, you will also experience an improvement in the range the device covers. The quality of the signal does not fluctuate hence maintaining the same speeds and support of heavy tasks. A router will generally cover an extended range.

How to use a spectrum router as a repeater

To use a spectrum router as a repeater, you need to ensure that the existing router is also serving a spectrum service. However, you will experience a challenge when it comes to tackling compatibility issues. If the two routers are serving the same service, there are chances that they will pair and deliver the best outcome.

There is an option of using a new or an old router. Each one will serve according to its potential. The service quality will depend on the features of the router and what makes it stand out. Below is a step to step guide on how you will use a spectrum router as a repeater.


  • Powerline adapter
  • A new or old spectrum router
  • Extension cord and an Ethernet cord

Step 1: Extract details of the main router

You will need to have specific details such as the SSID code and the security type. You will get this information by connecting your computer to the router. On your computer, you will locate the wireless connections option and select the specific Wi-Fi connection.

Right-clicking the context menu and selecting the properties option will make everything easy for you. It is under this option where you will locate the details about the connection. Such details will help you to set the device conveniently.

Step 2: Reset the router you will use as the repeater

Before you connect the two routers, you will need to reset the router to serve as a repeater. The major reason for its resetting is to facilitate quick configuration with the new one. If the router is new, you do not have a reason to perform the resetting procedure.

When resetting a router, you will hold and press the WPS button for some seconds. Resetting is the best way to have the connection process becoming simple.

Step 3: Connect the two routers

You will begin by connecting the routers using an Ethernet cable. While making the connection, make sure that you connect using the upstream ports and not the WAN or downstream.

By doing so, you will have a chance to pair the routers and have them working together quickly.

Step 4: Set the routers

The next thing is to open the web browser and feed the IP address of the router. You will find the IP address on the manual that will have a chance to set the router after feeding. Enter the router’s username and password, which mostly will be located at the sides of the router.

If you do not find it, the manual should have it. In case you cannot completely find it, the best thing is always to consult the service provider. Once you enter the passwords, the router will be open to implement various administrator settings.

Step 5: Change the IP address of the new router

Once you have access to the settings, you will need to make various changes so that the two routers begin to work together. Therefore, you will change the IP address not to match one of the primary router. When changing the number, you will ensure a slight change by adding a higher number.

For instance, if the IP number of the primary router is, then the new router can be or This will be dependent on the number of devices that are located within the network.

Step 6: Configure the router

The configuration process, in this case, is slightly different. You will disable the DHCP server, an option located on the same page with the IP address. After the deactivation, the router will serve as a repeater by the primary router.

Another function that the main router will take up is the DNS server. If it is active, you will need to deactivate it too. The spectrum service will also become part of the main router, which is also under the service of the spectrum.

Another way of doing it is by visiting the wireless settings of the router. You will get straight to the settings that are indicated as the operations mode and deactivate it too.

This option automatically changes the spectrum router to a repeater. Under this option, you will need to go through the other options and locate the primary router you connect to.

Step 7: Disable the firewall

Your spectrum router could also be having a firewall; you will need to disable it. On the security option, you will get the specific settings and disable them. 

The router may also be having more options on the port forwarding option. It is better if you also disable them. You should also disable any other programs that are operating under the router.

Step 8: Save the settings

Once you complete doing the whole process, you will save the settings. This will allow you to have the device functioning. At this stage, you can choose to test the connection to see if it is working. You can use an analyzer app or any other device to see the functionality of the connection.

Step 9: Locate the repeater router

Once the setup process is complete, you need to have the router connected as an extender now. You will need to locate the best position that it will serve without a hassle. Employing the use of devices and apps at this stage is the most convenient thing.

A spot finder app will help you to locate the best position to place the router. Once you get the optimal position for connection, you will need to determine whether you will use the cable for connection or the powerline adapter. A powerline adapter will help you to have the two routers connected wirelessly.

If the distance you want the router to cover is long, you can consider using the Ethernet cables. They will ensure the connection is stable and the speeds get maintained. Once done with the installation, you will switch the router on and begin to enjoy the connection.

What is a Spectrum router and what does it do?

Spectrum routers are devices that use the WiFi spectrum, or electromagnetic waves, to provide internet service. Spectrum routers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but their primary function is to deliver a WiFi signal throughout your home.

Why should you use a Spectrum router as a repeater?

If you’re in need of expanding your router’s WiFi range, setting up a Spectrum router as a repeater is one of the easiest ways to do so.

This process only requires four steps, and you don’t have to worry about any complex configurations or messing with settings.

You just need to connect the secondary router to your primary router with an ethernet cable and wait for the devices to link together before continuing.

Your entire home will be covered in WiFi without having to purchase a new router. If you have more than one floor in your house, using a Spectrum router as a repeater will allow all of the rooms on every floor to be covered by WiFi.

How to set up your Spectrum router as a repeater on Windows 10

It is important to know that all routers come with different default settings and user interfaces. If you are using a Windows 10 PC, the process of setting up your router as a repeater is not too difficult.

To set up your Spectrum router as a repeater on Windows 10:

Step 1: Connect one end of an ethernet cable to a port on the back of the primary router.

Step 2: Connect one end of an ethernet cable to a port on the back of the secondary router.

Step 3: Connect one end of an ethernet cable to any available port on the fiber modem.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings>Network and Internet>Wi-Fi and click “Add Wi-Fi” at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Select “Manually connect to a wireless network”, then press “Next”. Navigate again to Settings>Network and Internet>Wi-Fi and click “Advanced options”.

Click “Repeater”. Check both boxes below and press “Next”. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to see your two networks (primary and secondary) listed in Network & Sharing Center while you’re connected wirelessly.

Which is the best router to use as a repeater?

A repeater can be used to extend the range of your wireless network. A good option is a router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz frequency is less congested than the 5GHz frequency, so you’ll want to make sure you have a strong signal in that band if you want your signals to go through walls or objects more efficiently.

If your primary router doesn’t support 5GHz, then it may not work as well as a repeater for this reason. However, if most of your devices only use 2.4GHz, then it’s still worth trying your secondary router as a repeater even if it does not support 5GHz.

How to use router as repeater with cable?

If you want to use your router as a repeater with the cable, first you need to connect one end of an ethernet cable to a port on the back of the primary router and one end of an ethernet cable to any available port on the fiber modem. Leave all other settings at their default values.

Then, wait for all three devices (primary, secondary, and fiber modem) to be connected together before proceeding with the next step.

How to use router as repeater without cable

If you don’t have a spare ethernet cable to set up your router as a repeater, there are other ways. You can use the WiFi connection between the two routers, but this method is less reliable and will not provide the same performance.

You can also use your smartphone with an app like WiFi Extender Link to do the same thing. There are many apps and programs that can help extend your WiFi signal by acting as a repeater.

How to use second router as extender

It is possible to create a wireless network with multiple routers. This type of network is useful if you have a large space that your router can’t cover. To set up your second router as an extender, follow these steps:

1) Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the secondary router and the other to the primary router.

2) Enter the password for both routers.

3) Click “Next” after confirming that both devices are connected and that you know their passwords.

4) Configure your WiFi settings for the new wireless network on the extended area of your property (i.e., name, password, etc.).

5) Click “Next” to save your settings and wait for all three devices (primary, secondary, and fiber modem) to be linked together before proceeding with the next step.


Using a spectrum router as a repeater is a possible thing. You need to focus on having the best router for extending Wi-Fi and the best spectrum routers. These will ensure that you enjoy high-quality and reliable service.

The process will boost the Spectrum signal in your home while also using an unutilized device. It gives you a range extension also offered by Wi-Fi extenders.

You can also check the best Spectrum modem router for your home. These devices will give you the functions of a modem and a router combined together.

If you have a Spectrum WiFi router and have lost the ability to reach your desired signal in your home or office, you can use your Spectrum as a repeater. This will extend the range of your WiFi signal. You can give your Spectrum access to an Ethernet cable, so it can be used for the internet and for extending the WiFi network.

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the “Internet” port on the back of your Spectrum router.
  2. Connect another Ethernet cable from the “Internet” port on the back of your Spectrum router to any open “Internet” port on a different device’s Ethernet jack.
  3. Select one of these configurations: – If you are using a Windows laptop, plug in an Ethernet cable into each laptop and select “Connect automatically when near this network” > Click ‘OK’. – If you are using a Mac computer, plug in an Ethernet cable into each Mac computer and select ‘Network Preferences


Can I set up my router as a repeater for Wi-Fi and still use the ethernet connection?

Yes, you can. One end of an ethernet cable should be connected to the primary router and one end should be connected to the secondary router.

How do I know my router is working correctly?

You’ll see an indicator light on your router that’s illuminated green or orange.

What happens if my internet connection goes out or drops?

Your internet connection will drop as well. Your Spectrum wifi signal may also stop broadcasting if you have too many devices on your network. You can solve this problem by turning off some devices on your network or changing your settings to decrease the number of devices that are permitted to access your Wifi signal at once.