How to set up a WiFi (wireless) router without a computer?

How to set up a WiFi (wireless) router without a computer?

We are all moving to a more smart home. This means that more and more people are embracing technology in every facet of their lives. With that in mind, however, many people keep on asking, “without a laptop or a personal computer (PC), can I set up a WiFi router?” In a few words- YES, you can set up a WiFi router without a computer!

In this case, we can use the phone or the tablet to set up the router. You can use an Android device or an iOS device to set up your wireless router without a computer. The process is not complex and can be completed within 20 minutes.

In this day and age, it is quite hard to find someone without a laptop or a personal computer. However, it seems like people are now investing more in smartphones and tablets. This means a millennial may have a phone and a tablet and have no computer.

In other cases, you may have a computer that is toast. In this case, if you want to connect the router to access the internet in your home. We all know that the smart home utilizes a router for the devices to function.

However, using a computer is still preferred since you can set up the router fully. The mobile devices are able to partially set up the router in most cases.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can set up a Wi-Fi router without a computer.

Before starting the procedure

  • Kindly ensure that the smartphone or tablet that is running on Android or iOS software that you are using has enough charge for the procedure. In case the smart device does not have enough charge, kindly connect it to a power source. This will ensure that you have sufficient charge in your device to complete the procedure.
  • On your smart device, install network discovery software. This may not be necessary if your default logging-in process goes smoothly. The software includes either FING, EZ NetScan, or any other network discovery software. Kindly note that these apps are free for download from Google Playstore or Apple store depending on the device you are using.
  • Have an object with a pointed tip like a pen or a needle. The object will be necessary in case you need to do a router reset.
  • If possible, kindly trace the router manual that comes with the device or the instructions indicated at the back of your router.  The manual is important in setting up the router for you to access the internet. You can also get the manual on the manufacturer’s website if you do not have one in your possession.

If you have all these then you are ready to start the setup process. Therefore, let’s get rolling.

Every router comes with a default username and password that is used to log in to the admin panel. This will be noted in the manual that comes with the device. If you can’t find it there, search for the details using the router model number on your search engine.

A process on how to set up a WiFi router without a computer

A process on how to set up a WiFi router without a computer

Whether you are using an android device or an IOS device, the procedure for the router setup is almost the same. The following are the steps that you will need to set up the router.

Step 1: Switch on the router

For this step ensure that the router is connected to a power source and then press the switch-on button. The router may take some time to boot once the power-on button is pressed. In most routers, the device takes a minute or two for it to power up.

However, the time it takes to boot depends on the router. The manual that comes with the router will give you a direction on how to know if the router is on.

Step 2: Turn on the WiFi on your android or IOS smartphone or tablet

Turning on the WiFi on your phone will show all the available WiFi networks. If you are at a place with many WiFi connections, you will find several networks in your WiFi connection.

Therefore select the network that comes from your router and connect.

The network name or SSID in most cases involves the brand name of your router in combination with some numbers. For example, if you are using a Netgear router, the SSID will be “NETGEARXXX”

You can also check the network name/ SSID at the back of your router or in the device manual that accompanies the device when you buy it. In most cases, the network name will be listed together with the default WiFi password.

Step 3: Select the router network and key in the password

As we have indicated in step 2 above, the device comes with a listed password and network name.

Kindly select the router network and then key in the password. Once you do that the device will take some time to connect to the network.

Step 4: Find the router IP address

Using a phone to connect a router to the internet without a password: Find the router IP address

You can find the internal IP address sing 3 simple ways. These methods help you connect easily to the WiFi and are easy to accomplish if you followed the preparation steps above. The three ways are:

  • Refer to the router manual

When you buy a brand new router, the gadget comes with a manual to guide the use of the router. Therefore during setup, check the default IP address of your router on your manual.

  • Check for the IP address on the sticker at the back of your router

Most routers come with a sticker attached to the back. This sticker has basic instructions on how to use the router. During setup, therefore, you can check the IP address on the sticker by turning the router upside down.

  • Using the network discovery software

The downloaded network apps can help in getting the IP address in case it cannot be found on the manual or at the back of the router. Apps like EZ Netscan and FING are very easy to use when you have an internet connection.

Just open the downloaded app with your internet on. Once open, search for the WiFi router IP address where it is displayed next to the SSID name.

Because of this, you can easily locate the IP address. The default IP address is or but the network discovery software will guide you on the IP address.

For example, if you are using FING, the IP address will be shown under the SSID of the network you are using just adjacent to the Wi-Fi symbol.

Step 5: In your android or IOS device, open the browser and type the IP address

Starting with the ‘http://’ key in your IP address in the address bar of your browser. Once the IP address is typed in and you have pressed enter, the device will now give you a login screen (admin page). On this login screen, you will put in the default login details to log in.

On Android or IOS device, open the browser and type the IP address

These login details are available at the sticker on the back of the router or with the device manual. These details will enable you to access Wi-Fi on your device.

In case these details do not work then try the following details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

This will then work and give you access to the router admin page. You can now make the change to the Wi-Fi router.

This way you can give your Wi-Fi router the username and password that you prefer in a similar way to the way you can change the details on a computer.

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How to reset the router if the steps above do not work

While the steps above will most definitely work in most routers, they may not work in some devices. This may be because of not following the steps as stipulated above or some other reasons.

In this case, you can rest the router using the ‘reset button’ or using the ‘restore factory settings button.” This button is found at the back of the modem and is outlined in red. You can reset your Netgear router as shown here.

Using the pointed object that we set aside at the start of the process, press the reset button for at least 30 seconds and up to a minute. The pressing of the reset button should be done until the router lights blink off and back on.

After the factory settings are restored, you can follow the procedure again. Kindly note that pressing the button will result in losing any information that is already keyed into the router setup.

If after repeating the procedure the router does not work, then call the customer service of your router brand. They will assist you with their setup procedure.

Important things to note

The last 2 steps are very important in the setup process. This is because before the whole process is complete you cannot access the admin panel.

Since no routers have the same setup menu, it is good to refer to the router manual if the process does not work. For Arris modem routers, the process is as described here.

It is important to make sure that the Android or IOS device that you are using does not go off in the setup process.

There are several good routers you can set up using this simple procedure. These routers work can be used in providing internet for most of the internet service providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, and AT&T among others.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is short for wireless fidelity. It’s a way to provide internet access wirelessly instead of with wires. WiFi is often used in businesses to allow customers to use the internet from their devices, but it’s also used in the home.

With WiFi, we can have internet access without having to plug anything into a wall outlet. It provides fast and unlimited access to the internet without any wires at all.

WiFi allows us to connect our computers and other devices wirelessly, so we can easily go anywhere in our homes and still be connected.

There has been a lot of talk about WiFi in the last few years. We all know that WiFi is absolutely essential for our homes, but setting up a home router without a computer seems impossible.

Well, it’s not! If you follow these steps, you can set up your home WiFi in no time and be on your way to working from anywhere with an internet connection. In this case, we can use the phone or the tablet to set up the router.

However, using a computer is still preferred since you can set up the router fully. The mobile devices are able to partially set up the router in most cases.

How do I set up WiFi without a computer?

If you want to set up WiFi without a computer, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Smartphone with internet access
  • Tablet with internet access

To get started, find your WiFi router and unplug it. Next, plug in the router’s power cord and turn on the device. After waiting for a minute or two, press the “WPS” button on your router.

This should be located just beside the power cord port. If there is no WPS button, use an Ethernet cable instead and plug one end into your modem. The other end will go into your laptop or computer.

Once connected, open your web browser and type in “” This will open a window for you to input information about your wireless network settings like name and password for security purposes.

Finally, wait for all of this information to process before reconnecting to WiFi!

What about a phone or tablet?

In most cases, a phone or tablet will be able to set up your home WiFi. One of the benefits of having WiFi is that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. But what happens if you have no computer to set up the router?

The process is not as difficult as it seems. You’ll need both a phone or tablet and the WiFi router, but your mobile device can help you out.

To start, make sure you’re in range of the home WiFi router, and then open your web browser on the phone or tablet.

You may want to stop by the website where you purchased your router and find the specific instructions for setting up your device; they should give step-by-step instructions and pictures. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully so that you don’t miss any steps.

After this, input all of your information when prompted (e-mail address and password). From there, go through each step until it says “Finished” at the bottom.

When that happens, congratulations! Your home WiFi has been set up on your phone or tablet.

How to set up a Wi-Fi router from an Android phone

Open the Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for WiFi router configuration. Download the app onto your phone and open it.

Click on “Scan” so that the app can find any routers within range of your device. Once the app has scanned, click on a router to connect to it.

The next page will ask you for some information like the SSID and password. Enter them into the appropriate fields and click “Connect.”

Wi-fi router configure from Android phone

Android phone or tablet is the best option for configuring your Wi-fi router without a computer.

To configure your WiFi router without a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app called Wi-Fi Manager on your mobile device. This app will help you find and configure your wireless network.
  2. Open the app and go to “WiFi Settings” > “Scan.” The app should detect nearby wireless networks – including yours. If it detects more than one, click on the one that you want to use.
  3. Enter a name for your network and enter a password if you need to create one. Then tap “I agree” if necessary.
  4. Click on “Next.” Your Android device should now be connected to that network!

Setup wi-fi router from iPhone

  • From your iPhone, open the settings menu.
  • Select the option of WiFi on the menu to see available networks in range.
  • Choose your home network and enter the password.
  • Click next and follow the prompts for setting up your router.

Wi-fi router configure from iPhone

Wi-fi router configure from iPhone

Below are the steps to set up the WiFi router from your iPhone.

  1. Check your router’s instruction manual for the default IP address. For example, an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is typically Your default IP address may be different, so make sure you check before moving on to step 2 below.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi. You should see a list of all wireless networks that are available around you, including the one you want to connect to (for example, “Linksys”). If you don’t see that one listed, it may not be broadcasting its SSID or if none of them work, then it may be too far away.
  3. Tap the network name and enter in the default password (if needed) and tap “Join”. It might take a few minutes for it to complete connecting with your home network but once finished, it will show “Connected” under the network’s name.

Setup Wi-Fi modem from the phone

  1. Connect to your modem with the mobile device and make sure it is on.
  2. Use the internet browser on your phone to find the IP address of your modem by typing in “” or “” into the search bar and clicking enter.
  3. Once you have found your IP address, type in that address into your web browser on a computer and you will be directed to a login screen for your router setup page because you are now connected wirelessly through your cell phone!

The final word

The above steps give a guide on how to set up a WiFi router without a computer. It is quite clear it is possible to set up a router without a computer but if a computer is available, it is better suited for the job. This is because some of the tasks being done on a smart device are easily done on a computer.

In some cases, you may also want to connect this router to another router wirelessly. This will enable you to get connected to the internet no matter how far you are from the primary router. You may also use an extender to accomplish this.


Can I have WiFi without a computer?

Yes, you can set up your WiFi router without a computer. All you need are the login details for your router and access to a mobile phone (smartphone) or a tablet. The steps for setup are as described above.

Can I set up my router with my phone?

Yes, you can use either an Android phone or an iOS smartphone to set up your wireless router. You will need to know the router’s IP address and login details (Username and Password). You can also use FING to find out your IP address to set up a WiFi router without a computer.

Can you set up a router without an ethernet cable?

Yes, you can set up a router without an Ethernet cable by using a smartphone or tablet for the setup. You will need the router IP address, the default password, and the default username to connect the router.

Can I set up my router with my iPhone?

Yes, you can set up any wireless router with an iPhone. The process involves the use of the router’s IP address to set up the device. You will need to use the default username and password to set up the router. Moreover, you can use an Android smartphone or tablet for the setup and configuration.

Kindly also inform us if this procedure does or does not work for you by leaving a comment.

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