How to Reset IP Address on a Router: 3 Easy Methods Explained

How to reset the IP address on a router

 If you have a router, it is important to know how to reset IP address on a router. We have been hearing a lot of complaints from our users regarding their IP addresses.

They are not able to connect to the internet and they need help resetting it. This is why we decided to create this guide for you guys so that you can easily reset the IP address on your router.

Each brand comes with its specifications and directions for managing its routers. It is also notable that the step-to-step operations of various routers have a difference that makes them stand out.

Today we are focusing on resetting the IP address of various routers. Such settings are ideal because they help in the implementation of new and more strategic protocols.

The resetting process is simple, and anyone who has a comprehensive guide like the one will do various things effortlessly.

If you are having trouble with your router. It’s not working properly and you need to reset the IP address on it. You are not alone, a lot of people have routers that they don’t really know how to use, or if they do, they don’t understand all the features on their routers like changing the default gateway.

Why reset IP address on a router

Changing your router’s IP address is essential because it helps in setting out the various protocols. Some of the things you will have to manage are the scenarios where you need to add an extra router. If you are using the current IP address, you may have some tough times when it comes to decision-making.

The main challenge to address here is situations that two or more routers share the same IP address. Such a challenge leads to the loss of the internet and inferior connection.

One of the most common issues that home users face is a slow and unreliable internet connection. Sometimes, your router might not be able to provide enough bandwidth for multiple devices connected at the same time which results in a very poor internet experience.

Moreover, you should change the IP address on your router because of security and privacy concerns as well as for troubleshooting purposes.

It is also a good idea to reset your IP if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your network or want to protect yourself against potential cyber threats.

You can solve this problem by resetting your IP address on your router. This will make sure that all the devices connected to it are using a fresh IP address with no conflicts or errors occurring while you use them simultaneously.

How to reset the IP address on a Linksys router

Linksys is one of the widely known brands that boast of good quality and performance.

The steps below will help you change the IP address on your Linksys router without much hassle so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience from now onwards:

  • Access the operation account

The first thing you need to do is to access the operations account of the router. In some cases, it is called the user dashboard. You can do this process in 2 simple and common methods.

The first option is using the Linksys app that is downloadable on the play store for android and the app store for IoS.

The second method is through the user interface, which is accessible on the Linksys website. You will log in using the details you had changed previously or the ones available below or at the router’s sides.

  • Access the menu and choose the connectivity option

This is an option that will give you the chance to make various changes. Under the menu, you will find multiple options that will provide you with an opportunity to make multiple and specific changes.

  • Locate the local network tab

If you are using the user interface, you will get four options under the connectivity option. There is the primary option, internet settings, local network, and the advanced routing option. You will pick the third option for the local network.

  • Edit the router details

This is the primary point at this stage. You will locate the router settings option. Select the reset option to remove all the existing data and settings on the router. It may take some time before the router ultimately manages the option.

Once you have reset the router IP settings, you can now make changes such as picking another IP address. You have an option to choose your preferred IP address that is different from another router or the pre-existing one.

Resetting through the factory settings

There is another option that allows you to reset the router’s IP address through the factory reset option. This is an option that will also change all the settings you previously implemented. Below is the process.

  1. Enter the IP address by typing it on the address bar of your browser. You will get a direct redirection to the router for various settings
  2. On the webpage of the user interface, you will pick the administrative option.
  3. Pick the factory reset option that is available under the administrative option.
  4. Restore the factory settings, allowing you to start making the various changes on the router settings.

Manual reset

There is an option that makes it possible to do the reset process manually. You will look at the back of the router to find a tiny hole in it. Resetting is done by putting an object such as a pin on the hole and holding it for around 15 seconds.

Once you have achieved the mission, the router blinks and then starts afresh. Plugging and unplugging the power cable gives a chance for the router to start again afresh.

How to reset the IP address on a Netgear router

Netgear routers are some of the easiest to manage when it comes to settings. The router is simple to manage because it uses manual operations and web-based technologies.

Because of this, you don’t want to take any chances with security or privacy so resetting the IP on your router should be a priority for anyone who wants peace of mind when they’re online. Moreover, it could be the key to solving most of your connection challenges.

It only takes a few minutes and will make sure that no one else has access to what’s yours – not even if they know how to find it! The following is the process you can follow to reset the IP address on your Netgear router.

Using the reset button

The most significant advantage of the Netgear routers is that they have a button located next to the antennas.

By pressing the button for some 10 seconds, the router will erase all the data and settings you had previously set.

After resetting, you may notice that the reset wasn’t successful. You will plug and unplug the power cable to do the setting.

Using the user interface

If you remember the passwords you had initially used for logging in, then you have a chance to use the user interface. You can use the Netgear app or the web in this case. The process is as follows.

  • Log in to the router’s dashboard

You will begin the whole process by logging in to the router. The passwords apply in both the app and the web.

  • Open the settings option

You will access the settings option on the menu and pick the IP address option. Proceed to make the changes by selecting the reset option.

Once ready, you will have all the settings under the option erased. You can therefore proceed to make the various changes.

How to change the IP address of TP-Link routers

The TP-Link router is the easiest to set and reset when you compare it with the other brands. Changing the IP address on your TP-Link router is a good idea for security and privacy reasons. It can also be used to troubleshoot network issues or protect against cyber threats.

You can choose to do it manually or use the user interfaces as follows:

Reset using the user interface

  1. Log in to the user interface by using the tether app or the web interface. For the tether app, you will have access through the app store or play store. The web interface is available on the router manufacturer’s website. You will use the password and username of the router that you changed during the set IP process.
  2. Pick the network option on the menu. The fantastic thing about the brand’s menu is the simplicity it has when trying to understand it.
  3. Select the LAN option on the left side of the menu. This is the option that gives you a chance to make various changes to the router. Under this option, you can choose to reset the IP address. It is a straightforward process that may take some seconds. Once done, you will restart the router to make the various changes.

Using the reset button

The reset button on the TP-Link routers is available on the backside where the various ports are found. It is a simple button that you can press without any complication.

Please press the button for around 15 seconds until you see it blinking. When blinking, it means that the reset process is underway. Once done, you should see the changes. However, restarting the model will give you an ample chance to make various changes.

How to reset the IP address on an Xfinity router

Xfinity routers are some of the models that are usually supplied by the ISPs. The process of making changes is simple but can be a little bit complicated. One nice thing is that Xfinity routers have different structures and settings that you can conveniently configure.

Manual resetting of the IP address

You can choose to do the reset process manually using the router buttons. You will begin by checking if the router has a control button or not.

Some have buttons, while some have holes. If the router has a hole, you will use a pin or any object that will get through it and press it for around 15 seconds.

If the router has a button, you will also press it for some 20 seconds until the router’s lights begin to blink.

In both cases, you will observe when the lights stop flashing. It is a sign that the reset process is successful, and you can restart the router to implement the settings.

Using the web interface

You can use the Xfinity app or the web to make various changes to the router. For the case of an app, it is available on the play store or app store.

The web interface is available on the Xfinity website. Below is the process to guide you.

  • Log in to the router

You will begin by logging in to the router using the passwords and usernames you chose. If you have forgotten, you have an option to do a simple password reset process.

  • Access the menu of the router

The next thing you do is to pick the settings option from the router’s menu. Select the IP address option and then right-click. On the left side, some options will appear, with one being the reset option.

  • Reset the routers IP address

The next thing to do now is to reset the TP-Link router’s IP address. You will pick the option and give the router time to reboot. Once the process is complete, you will restart the model to begin the fresh setup process for the IP address.

The process keeps varying if you have a different router brand. However, there is hope because most routers have a common setting and resetting process. Understanding your router and making the user manual your friend will make everything convenient for you.

Resetting the IP address on other router brands

All the other router brands employ a similar reset process as the ones described above. However, we have also checked several routers to ensure the process is foolproof. Follow the process below to reset your router IP address:

All that’s required is logging into the admin panel for your particular model of router, selecting “IP Address Settings” under LAN settings, then entering in an alternate number (such as in both fields labeled “IP Address” and “Subnet Mask” before clicking Save at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

That’s it! Now go enjoy all that extra protection without having to worry about any downtime due to connection errors or hacking attempts!


The process of resetting the IP address on a router is straightforward. You will need to understand the router, including the brand and where settings are located, then make the changes. After resetting the IP address, you get a chance to choose a new one, which improves the performance.

You should change the IP address on your router because of security and privacy concerns as well as for troubleshooting purposes. It is also a good idea to reset your IP address if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your network or want to protect yourself against potential cyber threats.

Resetting the IP address on your router will keep you safe from hackers and help maintain the optimal performance of all devices connected to it. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes!