How to Reset a Netgear Router- Easy to follow methods

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You may be experiencing connection problems with your router. Did you know that there are two easy ways to resolve the issues? The first is to reboot the router. Secondly, you can reset the router and this will work for all routers including Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, D-Link among others.

Netgear is a big brand with great routers. The quality of its devices is lovely and will make you enjoy the best moments. Many people love routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and other boosters from the brand because of the kind of performance they deliver.

Challenges with the rand are also limited. However, there are times you will encounter challenges that will force you to reset the router. The primary reason why resetting a router becomes an option is because the performance will improve, and you will have a chance to set and implement new measures.

We have done a compilation that will address the various aspects of Netgear router resetting and the resetting task. We will explore using a paper clip to reset the Netgear router and using the web user interface.

Why you need to reset a router

Resetting the router is an action that comes because of various reasons. Below are a few specific causes that will drive you towards resetting the router.

Software errors

There must be frequent communication between your router and the ISP so that you continuously enjoy the task. However, there are times that the software fails to perform as you expect, making the performance unreliable. Some of the things that will experience the challenge are obtaining the IP address and bad response because of poor memory difficulties.

Resetting will help because it will make the functionality start afresh. As a result, the performance will improve, and the router will begin to function afresh and deliver outstanding performance in speed and connectivity.

Domain Name Server Issue

DNS is essential because it helps in helping the downloading process. It helps convert the website address to a form of information that you will comfortably consume. It works hand in hand with the router’s IP address, and when in challenges, your queries won’t get to the server.

For domain name to function properly, you will need to reset the router. It will automatically update and then have the performance improvements to what you desire to have. The processes that involve sending queries and receiving answers will be once more quick and straightforward.

Internet throttling

It is prevalent that when the router stays for some time, it will block the websites and connections. At times it will block the HTTP service, which almost all tasks depend on to deliver.

Resetting will remove the factors and the settings that bring about the challenge. You will end up having the router performing normally and meeting your needs.

Improve the functionality

The functionality of the router covers several factors. Speed, range coverage, and signal quality are some of the challenges you are likely to encounter with a router. Such a connection will not support the activities that you want the router to deliver.

Resetting will help the router to start afresh and update the router. The outcome is that you will experience better speeds and improved connections. You will end up having a reliable connection and better speeds for all your tasks.

Limit the connections

Sometimes the router may not function as you expect because there are too many devices. The outcome is that you will have a slow connection, and the router’s safety will lower. Resetting the router will remove all the devices that you have connected hence improving the performance once more.

All the connected devices will automatically disconnect. You will then have a chance to connect the new devices and deliver the most reliable performance. Moreover, resetting the router will help you enjoy enhanced measures and adequate speeds.

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Common problems with Netgear routers

Before we create the actual solution to the problem at hand, we need to know the common router problems. It is important to understand each problem because they are responsible for actions such as resetting routers.

Some of these problems can manifest with an Orange light on your Netgear router. The common problems of a Netgear router are as follows:

Outdated router firmware

This is a common problem with many routers, but the brand has a frequent problem. When the firmware is out of date, the speeds lower, and the general performance becomes poor. Connections become difficult, and the devices fail to identify the router.

Low download and upload speeds

The download and upload speeds may get much lower than the stipulated speeds. It can be a result of secretly connected devices, firmware issues, and connection challenges. Router settings are some of the challenges that will make you have difficulty with speeds and reliability.

There are several challenges, such as speeds, that will make the router perform poorly. Resetting the settings will make the performance better and enhanced.


Netgear is a brand that even comes with premium security. There are times that the security becomes low, and the router gets exposed to threats. Under such circumstances, you will need to have a reset to have the performance back to normal.

The threats can get to the extreme, and performance will drastically lower. Children will also be exposed to online threats when the parental controls are not proper, affecting even the adults.

Devices not logging in

Sometimes you can have the devices not logging in to the router. Something that will possibly happen is that the router may have the devices automatically connecting.

New devices will also not connect to the router even if the password and the username are correct. There are very high possibilities that the network name will not show up.

This may be a challenge even with the Wi-Fi extenders. This can affect even the Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi extenders. With such a challenge, you may need to reset the Netgear router.

Unreliable signal

The router may also have a low and unreliable signal. One significant challenge about the signal is that it will cover an extended and proper range, but the connection speed will not be reliable. Devices will connect, but the connection will behave with regard to its wish.

Many devices will connect, but they won’t deliver the performance you need. Something difficult is when the range it covers also lowers, and performance lowers.

How to reset the NetGear router using the router dashboard?

The router dashboard is the simplest way to manage the functionality of the router. It gives you a chance to implement the various measures that guide the performance of the router. You can choose to use the dashboard on a computer or a mobile app, usually the nighthawk app.Below is the process that will direct you.

1. Log in to the router

You will start by logging in to the router using the username and the password. Start by opening the browser and then launch the process. When you cannot log in due to the wrong username or password, you will have to make slight changes.

2. Enter the IP address

Key in the router’s IP address will either be or, and you will have the dashboard offering more control to the specific router. You can now make various changes that will improve the functionality of the router.

3. Choose the settings

On the menu of the router, you will pick the settings option of the router. Pick the advanced settings of the router. They will allow you to access the specific settings that will make the major changes in the router.

4. Backup the router

It is always good to ensure that you back the router up before you make any major changes. On the administration option, select the backup option, and all the information will remain on the account. You can now do anything at this stage because the backup will guide you in doing the restoration.

5. Reset the router

The final stage is to reset the router after backing the data up. Pick the option of router resetting on the advanced and administrator option. The process will take some time before the whole process is complete. After resetting, you will have an easy time restoring because it is a straightforward process.

How to reset the Netgear router with a paperclip

This process needs a paperclip and a proper understanding of the router. The process is straightforward as follows:

1. Power on the router

Before you reset the router, ensure that it is on. This is either by connecting the router to a power outlet and switching it on. Also if it is connected, you can press the power on button on your router if it is available.

2. Locate the reset button at the back of the router

Now you need to ensure that you trace the hole that is at the back of the router. It is usually a tiny hole that you can put on a small needle without a hassle. Confirm that the hole is clean and has no obstacles such as dust and small particles.

3. Reset the Netgear router

You will now put the paperclip on the hole and press it for 30 seconds. After pressing, you will see the router blinking, which signifies that the resetting process is ongoing. You can be sure that the process won’t take too long before it is complete.

Once you have achieved the mission to reset the router, you can begin to redo the settings so that they meet you. The process may take a minimum of 30 seconds.

Alternatively, there may be a small button instead of a hole. You will press the button for 30 seconds and then have the router performing as you expect.


Resetting the Netgear router is something you can do without the help of the technician. Once you understand the router’s problem, you can choose the most efficient method to solve it. You don’t need to struggle with complicated solutions, yet the router can reset without much struggle.

The two methods described above will help you to reset the Netgear router within no time. You will apply these methods but choose the one that seems easy or effective for you.