How to Boost Verizon FiOS WiFi Signal

Verizon FiOS is a well-known ISP because of the quality of connection it supplies. It serves various areas and many devices with a stable and reliable connection. Many people use the service because it has outstanding quality and the packages are very affordable. However, if you do not get whole-home coverage, how do you boost the Verizon FiOS signal?

We all know getting a Wi-Fi extender for Verizon FiOS is the easiest and effective way to boost the signal. However, it is not the only solution! If you want a WiFi boost you can’t avoid checking the reasons for a poor Verizon WiFi signal.

The service can give you the worst experience when the signal becomes poor. You may find it better to change the ISP when you experience poor connection, lags, and bad signals. Changing the ISP is not a solution in this case.

We have good news for you. You don’t need to change the ISP because we have the most effective ways to make everything great again. Before you try to boost the Verizon FiOS WiFi signal, you need to know the causes of poor signal.

Causes of poor Verizon FiOS signal

There are many reasons why signals can become unreliable. Some of the common causes are in the section below:

Outdated router firmware

If you make use of outdated firmware, it will not work well with the service. For Verizon FiOS to serve your devices well, the router needs to be at the latest and the most updated firmware. It will therefore deliver a reliable performance because the hindrances are few.

An updated router delivers the latest Wi-Fi service. Speeds and the signal quality remain constant all through the connection. Moreover, each device also updates to the newest technology hence providing the most reliable performance.

Distance from the router

Sometimes poor signal comes as a result of increased distance between the router and the devices. When the distance is too long, speeds lower and the signal quality too because of the obstacles around.

If devices are operating outside the range, speeds will drastically lower hence delivering an unreliable performance. One challenge with range coverage is that when there are obstacles such as walls and heavy things, the signal fails to penetrate hence poor performance.

Number of connected devices

The number of devices within a connection has a lot of impact on the connection. It is possible to have a signal shared among the connected devices hence having a weak signal. Another potential challenge is that device prioritization becomes deficient as the devices struggle for the connection.

If devices exceed the number that the connection can accommodate, the signal begins to lower. Sometimes the signal may decrease when some devices are further from the router and consume too much internet.

Presence of obstacles

Obstacles such as walls and thick tools lower the signal. Some even reflect the signal to the router making the connection unreliable to devices beyond the barriers. If you have placed the router behind the fridge or oven, the signal will remain very poor.

If the walls are thick and have extra material inside, the connection will fail to penetrate, making the connection very poor. For clarity, you need to ensure that you have fewer obstacles between the router and the devices.

Poor choice of routers

Choosing a poor router will deliver poor performance. A fake model will not work with the Verizon FiOS service. It will deliver a service that has both poor signal and latency. If it is not compatible with the service, the service will also be unreliable.

When choosing a router, you need one that works with various devices. One that uses Wi-Fi 6 technology makes the ideal choice because of the latest technology. Getting one that also covers an extended range is a good choice as it will ensure that it delivers a high-quality signal to devices located at the further end.

Interference from neighbors

Your neighbors may have a Wi-Fi connection that interferes with the signal at your home. When many Wi-Fi connections are causing too much noise, the signal quality also lowers. Some devices may also be connected to your router hence making the connection unfriendly.

When the interference from neighbors becomes too much, you will experience an abysmal connection. The result of such an unreliable connection is that most of your devices, even at close range, will not function. Getting a router that will maintain stability despite the noise is one of the best choices as the performance remains enhanced.

Device interference

Non-Wi-Fi devices can also interfere with the signal making the connection unreliable. Such devices include satellite dishes, tv connections, and even electric devices.

If the connected device gets interfered with by liquid, there are chances that the connection will become poor. Some devices are funny as they create a wave that blocks relaying of the Wi-Fi signal.

Such obstructions are challenging to predict hence lowering the signal quietly. You can solve this problem by choosing a convenient place to place the router. Doing a small test before getting into setting the router is an appropriate step.

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How to boost the Verizon FiOS WiFi signal

How to use your own router for Verizon FiOS infographic: for signal boost and exceptional speed

Boosting the Verizon FiOS WiFi signal is one of the most convenient solutions to a bad connection. Various methods will help you to have a simple and permanent solution. Some of the most effective ways are highlighted in the section below.

Using Wi-Fi boosters to boost Verizon FiOS WiFi signal

Wi-Fi boosters are devices such as Wi-Fi extenders and repeaters. These devices are suitable because they extend the range and ensure that more devices can connect the connection.

Although they don’t increase the speed, they ensure that they maintain it; hence each device gets a reliable connection. We have reviewed the best Wi-Fi extenders for Verizon FiOS to ensure you get the best coverage.

You can choose the device that you want to use depending on the range coverage and the quality you want the signal to have. Range extenders are perfect because they supply stable connections.

You will not use them for long distances as they are costly. Repeaters do not have a stable signal, but you can use them for broader coverage.

Updating the router’s firmware

An outdated router firmware will give you the worst performance in terms of signal coverage.  To enjoy a high-quality Verizon FiOS signal, you need a router that is in the best state. One that has the latest technology will deliver a stable connection to most of the devices.

Within the range of coverage, such as the router, it will cover all the devices. Even those operating at the farthest end will have a quick and reliable connection.  If the router automatically updates after some time, the connection remains in the best condition always.

Working on performance technologies

Good and efficient performance technologies will ensure that the range coverage and signal quality gets maintained. One thing you will have great moments with is beamforming technology.

It ensures that the range coverage gets maintained all through the connection. It focuses on providing individual devices have a stable connection.

When the beamforming combines with MU-MIMO and external antennas, the signal quality remains the best.  One thing that you can always focus on is getting the devices that conveniently work with the technologies. Dynamic QoS is another feature that will make the performance of the devices stand out.

Limiting the number of connected devices

The performance could also be experiencing a challenge because of the number of connected devices. When the devices are too many, there are high chances that speeds will be drastically lower.

Maintaining the limit that the router can accommodate is quite an effortless solution. You also need to take caution to ensure that you limit unauthorized access to the connection.

You can use the viewing list to see the list of connected devices. Taking action to ensure that only the devices you need to operate in the connection are interesting.

You can block the devices that pose a threat to the connection. If there are many devices, you can choose those that will work within the connection. As a result, the connection gets well maintained hence reliable.

Removing obstacles

The connection may also be inferior because of the obstacles within the connection. These are things such as thick walls, fridges, and others. What happens is that they block the connection, which makes the connection unreliable. If it is the wall, you can work on shifting the router’s position.

You can move other devices such as the electronics located in your homes, such as ovens and televisions. Even if the obstacle seems to be very light or small, it can have a massive effect. Your router or extender should not operate at a point where the connection is unreliable.

Changing the position of the router is convenient, although a stressful method. Moving it from one point to another may take time and may also need some restructuring. Choosing to add an extending device is a more convenient method compared to changing the position.

Get an advanced router

Many long-range routers will deliver a better service. They will cover an extended range and deliver high speeds with good signal quality. It is also wise to get a router that has various technologies that will improve the range.

Some of these features include beamforming, MU-MIMO, Fastlane technology, and amplified antennas. Antennas will help the coverage to be more advanced and widespread.

The beamforming technology will create a channel that each connected device will follow hence maintaining an extended range and stable connection. A router that will automatically update will also make a convenient choice.

One of the best ways to ensure that the router gives you the best service is by getting a compatible one. Getting a Gigabit router for Verizon FiOS will cover your home with high-speed internet.

Invest in mesh connection

One of the most convenient methods of maintaining the range of connections is the use of mesh devices. Mesh technology is good because it does not penetrate through the walls. It uses the open route, hence maintaining the connection the way clouds cover the sky.

When satellite devices are connected in mesh technology, signals are delivered to the next device, creating a reliable connection. The outcome is that many devices enjoy the connection, and the signal gets maintained.

Another thing that happens in mesh technology is that you can keep adding devices to cover an extended range. Therefore, depending on your coverage required, you can add up to five satellites to boost your Verizon FiOS Wi-Fi signal.

Work on the bandwidth

Routers come on a single band, dual-band, and also triband. Dual and triband are good as they accommodate more devices. When each device operates on a specific band, the signal gets maintained as they do not compete for connection. Heavy consumers can operate within a particular band.

The MU-MIMO technology is good when it comes to band allocation. It ensures that the connected devices operate in a channel that ensures they have proper signal and will enjoy the connection.

Each connected device ensures that it operates at maximum speed as it has adequate and high-quality signals. Choosing the right band will save both signal, speed, and number of connected devices

Enhance the security of the connection

One of the most ignored options is enhancing the security of the connection. Most people do not know that when the connection is not safe, any devices get connected.

The slow connection could also be a result of internet threats and malware in the connection. Making the connection safer will end up reducing the number of users hence promoting safety.

Firewall and VPN are some of the things you need to ensure they are okay. Choosing a stronger password will also make the connection reliable for your use.

When there is safety, your neighbor will not have a way to penetrate your connection. Routers that have enhanced security deliver long rage signals and a lot of stability when in use.

Use cables for connection

We have discussed this as the final point because it works on Ethernet connections. However, it is an exceptional way of boosting the Verizon FiOS signal since you can connect an extender at the end of the cable.

If you have done network extensions, you should opt to make use of cables. The most significant advantage of the cables is that they deliver a reliable and stable connection for all your devices.

What you will have the most incredible moments with is the connection of wired devices. They get an adequate connection and a very stable connection hence reliability all through the connection.

Ethernet cables are very good at maintaining the stability of the connection. The movement of signals through Ethernet cables remains excellent as they do not lose the connection.

When you compare Ethernet cables with wireless connections, you will notice that wireless connections tend to lose the speeds, making connections unreliable.

When you make use of cables, each connected router maintains the signal as received. You will therefore cover a wider range with a high-speed connection.


There are several methods that you can use to boost the Verizon FiOS connection Wi-Fi signal. We have highlighted a few but the most effective ways you can use.

You should know the cause of poor connection before starting to implement any of the solutions. Getting high-quality and compatible routers is the most effective method of all.