How does Satellite Internet Work? Should you get it?

Satellite internet is a wireless connection that comes from the satellite that orbits the earth. A dish is used and gets directed to the sky to pick the signal from the satellite. However, how does satellite internet work?

Satellite internet works by sending signals from your service provider to a satellite in space, and those same signals are then sent back down the wire into your computer.

In order for people who live far away from cities with high-speed connections to be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with modern technology, companies have found a way around this problem through satellites orbiting above our planet’s atmosphere. A signal is transmitted outwards towards these devices which captures it as data before redirecting its path directly toward an individual’s modem attached to their device at home or wherever else they might need fast access to information. The process happens simultaneously both ways; firstly between us and our service provider and vice versa.

Compared to the other ISP service provision, cables are used, which is not the case with satellite internet.

The beauty of using satellite internet is that it gets even to the areas that the cable internet does not reach. It offers an equal service and serves the urban and rural areas without hassle getting the cables and the compatible routers.

In the United States, we have two major service providers Hughesnet and Viasat, however, Starlink being the expected service provider in the future.

How does satellite internet work?

The working of the satellite internet encompasses many features. The internet service provider sends satellites up into space to orbit around the earth which is then relied on to the relevant receiving satellite dish. Thus, it includes the satellite available in space and the satellite dish available on the ground surface. They work together by sending and receiving signals that the service utilizes.

The next thing you do is to have all the devices connected. After connection, you will work on the devices that are within the home or institution you are using. However, there is a task that comes along with the selection of the service provider. Several service providers are available for use and have devices in the space.

Viasat and HughesNet are the service providers you will look for. They have different subscriptions that will make the service you get stand out. The beauty of the two is that they have high-speed satellites.

A good example is HughesNet which has two operational satellites in space. It has more affordable packages and higher allowances in terms of speed. However, ViaSat is a little bit expensive but offers higher speeds than HughesNet.

On the other hand, we have Starlink. The challenge that you will get with it is that it will have slight challenges such as an inconsistent network. You will also not have a chance to use it in various areas as it has a few selected areas that work with it. You have to see if the IP address you are using is under the service of the provider.

Things to know about the satellite internet

You have to connect the receiver to the devices and the router using a cable. Satellite internet uses the cable once it gets to your home. However, the movement of the waves from the satellite itself to your home is wireless.

If there is a barrier between the satellite and the receiver, you will not have the internet functioning as you expect. This means that you will need to make several adjustments to position the receiver. Moreover, you must ensure that you have taken the compatible devices that quickly receive and project the signal for your satellite internet to work.

There are also devices such as routers and wi-fi extenders that you will use inside the house. You need to ensure that you have chosen good quality and will offer the compatibility you need. The beauty of selecting the devices with universal compatibility is that they will make the signal maintain quality across devices.

The movement of the internet waves is from the satellite on the space that comes to your satellite dish. If you have connected the cables, If you have additional wired devices, you will connect them to the internet using the same cables.

Satellite internet will not be affected by the infrastructure. It has a straight connection that will make it easy to adapt when doing the various activities. You are also going to have it delivered the best connection without any form of delays and lags.

Choosing compatible devices is the best thing that you can always do.  Modems, routers, and wi-fi extenders should have high quality and deliver the best performance in terms of the speed and deliverance of quality. Using satellite internet, you have an option to create a local connection and serve several devices as you need.

Relay systems of the satellite internet

Satellite internet will have a composition of several devices that work interchangeably. Some will promote the use of multiple devices, while others promote the effective use of the devices. Below are the specific devices.

Internet-ready device

An internet-ready device can easily access the internet under any service. You need such a device to have an easy time managing the service and other devices.  Some of the specific devices are the ones that you are very familiar with.

A smartphone, tablet, and computer are examples of such devices. They are the ones that you need when you have to access the internet. They receive the data from the modems and the routers and then reach the final consumer after issuing the various commands through the devices.

Modem or a router

Another device that you need to have the connection of the satellite network working as expected is the modem router. Some devices will connect directly using cables to the router or modem, and others will have wireless connections. They make the internet have a usable form and move from one device to another.

The modems and the routers you choose must be those that have the proper wi-fi capabilities. Some of these that will work conveniently are those that will manage to broadcast the high-quality signal. The others must have proper upgrades to work conveniently and support as many devices as possible.

In selecting satellite routers and modems, there is always an option to hire one that you think will deliver the best service. The problem with these rented devices is that you will have to pay rent frequently.

The best thing is to buy your modem and router as they will maintain the cost-effectiveness.

Satellite dish

Another component of the connection is the satellite dish. You need to ensure that you have got the best dish that will receive the connection conveniently when you place it at the proper position. When doing the installation, you will need a properly trained person to work for you.

When choosing the satellite, you have to get one that meets the needs you want it to deliver. Poor positioning of the dish will make the service you get convenient. you will ensure that you are getting the connection at proper RV traveling speeds.

Satellite in the space

There will be no connection if there is no satellite in space. It is located as far as 22000 miles above the earth’s surface. Viasat and HughesNet are some of the service providers who have been very good at delivering the service.

You can also have the internet working with a card because other providers are very good at utilizing the cards. The basic thing is to ensure that you get a compatible service that will serve you as you expect.

How good is the satellite internet?

Satellite internet is an excellent option if you have no cable, fiber, or DSL connection. It is a service that will deliver excellent speed and stability so long as you choose the best package. Moreover, the service will have less ping because the service does not have cables, resulting in a few delays.

One thing you need to ensure is that there are no obstacles between the satellite and your dish. You have to be very cautious to ensure that you have placed it in the right direction and the waves get through it. You may need to make various adjustments so that the dish has a proper position.

How does the satellite cable work?

The satellite cable is one that gets the signal from the dish to the modem and then to the router. It functions just like the other internet cables.

A receiver gets the internet from the dish and transforms it into a usable form. It then quickly connects to the modem using the same ethernet cables, making them work as expected.

The cables are essential as they make the performance and the functionality best. You can connect the devices such as the modem and the router and reach places the model cannot reach. Adding wi-fi extenders and other devices such as the second router is something you can conveniently do without a hassle.

Is satellite internet a cheaper option?

Satellite internet is a convenient and cheaper method when you use it as expected. It comes with a satellite dish making distribution easier. First, you will need to have the satellite dish and then get the internet cables to supply the connection.

Modems and routers, on the other hand, are easier to acquire and will deliver an excellent service according to their compatibility. Therefore, it is clear that you can get cost-friendly and compatible devices to help you share the connection conveniently. It is a friendly method.

Does satellite internet work anywhere?

Satellite internet is an excellent option for rural areas because it’s available almost everywhere in the US. It offers a much faster speed than dial-up, allowing you to stream videos online. Moreover, satellite internet providers have some plans that are as fast as DSL or cable internet plans!

All you need to know is where to point the dish in your home and you will be able to access the internet. The initial installation will require a technician from your ISP but after that, you can do it yourself.

The WiFi speeds are not as bad as we think. In addition, new technologies are improving how satellite internet works. That way, you may even get access to a better plan as compared to the lower-end cable or DSL plans.

Finally, latency is one of the main challenges with satellite internet. However, with newer technologies and also using some tweaks, you can reduce latency on satellite internet. This will go a long way in making gaming and live streaming better.

Satellite internet FAQs

Is Satellite Internet too expensive?

Compared to DSL, cable, and fiber internet, it is relatively expensive. However, its monthly costs have decreased over the years making it a somewhat more affordable option (especially if you have no other providers). Nowadays Viasat offers plans starting at $30/mo while HughesNet starts from $59.99. This is almost similar to the DSL, Cable, and fiber subscriptions but at a slower download speed.

Does Satellite internet work when it’s cloudy, rainy, or stormy?

Satellite internet is a great option for those who live in rural areas or in bad weather conditions. While it’s true that severe thunderstorms, heavy snow, or blizzards can temporarily interrupt the transmission of satellite signals; the problem isn’t as significant as some might lead you to believe. Storm-related signal interruptions are commonly called “rain fade” and these problems get resolved quickly after storms pass by so your service gets restored immediately! Cable and fiber internet is also greatly affected by big storms because falling trees, debris, and others can break the cables.

Is the satellite internet too slow?

With speeds of 100 Mbps and 25 Mbps for Viasat and Hughesnet respectively, satellite internet is now much faster than it used to be. Satellite internet has always been relatively slow compared with cable or DSL, but new technologies allow for extremely fast downloads (100+ Mbps), putting the technology on par with many other types of broadband networks. The speeds can be used in gaming, streaming, videoconferencing, browsing, and other common online activities.


The satellite internet is excellent because of the service it delivers. Understanding how it works is an excellent thing because it makes usability stand out. You also understand the devices you need to use and the best ones that will pair up with the services.

Using the satellite internet is something that has now become simpler. You all need to have facts and a clue about the various functions then enjoy the service.

Heavy storms can interrupt satellite internet transmission, the problem doesn’t last for too long. The storm-related interruption called “rain fade” restores the signal as soon as the storm passes by. Thus satellite internet will work as well as cable or DSL internet during storms.