How to Get Around Parental Controls on WiFi

Looking to get around parental controls on a WiFi connection? You can easily employ the following strategies to ensure that you are not limited by parental controls. This may be necessary if you have lost admin login details for your router and want to access some content.

Parental controls prove to be a real challenge to many teenagers and even some adults. However, the reason why people choose to implement parental controls is purely for security. It is a measure that protects the devices and the users from potential online dangers.

Some of the things that parental controls block are websites, apps, and many others.  They make internet use less enjoyable and also deny people a chance to enjoy their preferences.  Most people try to get around parental controls, but it becomes challenging.

We have come up with a brief guide that will help you to get around parental controls. Your children may have also been getting through the controls you set. You need to know the trick they use.

Understanding the various parental controls

There are specific parental controls that you need to know. Each one of them has a method that will help you to manage them. Below are the categories.

Devices and apps

There is always an option to fix parental controls on devices and mobile apps. Once you take such a measure, some apps will not make use of the internet. Devices will also not access specific content when they have parental controls creating a wall between them and the sites.

Automatic detection of apps that are not good for minors takes place. Automatic creation of reports happens too after tracking the online activities. Inappropriate websites become inaccessible.

Restrictions on Wi-Fi and the router

Parental controls work and are fixed on the routers. They function by monitoring the activities that are happening within the connection. All sites you visit and the devices you use to visit matter too.

When blocking, there are chances that the network will also block some specific devices that access the dangerous sites. Therefore, high possibilities are that you will find the internet very difficult to use.

ISP monitoring

ISPs can monitor and note the source of the traffic. The good thing is that ISPs always have links and can restrict network usage and some specific tasks. Under the restriction, you will find that some websites also become limited to access.

The possibilities of blocking sites that have parental controls are also very high. Its work is to ensure that the measures set as implemented further to make the network safer. Reports regarding the use of the connection and the sites that children visit to get to the parents in the best way possible.

Why get around parental controls on WiFi?

The primary reason why people choose to bypass parental controls is because of what they do. Most people will want to have the freedom to use the network without anyone’s control. But parental controls seem to put everything under control and the watch.

Some limits go to the extent of managing what adults do with the internet. For example, when sites that the connections feel are inaccurate for children limit even the internet uses by adults, some activities stop.

It is also possible that you have set parental controls, but they are not working. Your children know about getting through parental controls on Wi-Fi which you don’t know. Understanding the tricks they use will make it easy for you to manage the network with more ease.

How to get around parental controls on WiFi

Managing parental controls on WiFi is a slightly complicated method. Therefore, the VPN becomes the critical component when it comes to getting around parental controls. It has processes that involve various steps, and you can easily follow them.

The VPN allows you to unblock sites and also hide your online activities. Report generation of the activities you do online becomes impossible. What remains visible is the connection to a specific server IP address.

Things to look for as you get around parental controls on WiFi

You will look at some specific things when you get around parental controls. Although it becomes simplest to unblock all the sites, the following specific things will serve best.

Playing online games, unblocking sites, making connections available to various devices, browsing without revealing the location, and hiding online activities are some of the things you need to look at closely. The VPN you choose must have all these features.

As you get around the parental controls on WiFi, the following need close attention.

  • Server network– you have an option to use a different server to connect if one is blocked. This happens mostly when you have already bypassed the parental controls but got blocked again. You can do so when operating under different locations.
  • Fast speeds– another thing is the speeds of the connection. You need to recheck on speed again if you have to game of surf. Low ping is necessary for practical gaming sessions.
  • Streaming– if streaming is also under restriction, you cannot do some activities. Gaming and streaming online players may pose a challenge even if you have the best router for streaming. Some sites such as Netflix, Disney, and Hulu may not work as you expect.
  • Strong encryption– passwords and other log-in details should be at the peak all the time. When your connections are private, hackers will have difficulty managing through the connection, hence no need for parental controls.
  • Device support– you will also notice that there are specific devices that the VPN and blocked connections may not support.  Such a scenario needs you to ensure that the VPN can support all the operating devices.

Here is the way to get through the parental controls

  1. Set the VPN Account– the first thing you need to have is a VPN account. This step is mandatory.
  2. Download and install VPN– You cannot do anything with the VPN if you have not downloaded it to your device. It works with various devices making your choosing quicker. Downloading it as an app allows you to use it over the mobile phone.
  3. Log in and connect to the server– the stage of implementation of measures needs you to log in and connect. After connection, you can make various changes.
  4. Proceed to make changes– at this stage, you have gone around and bypassed the parental controls. As a result, you can manage various tasks and work without the interference of parental controls.

Simple methods of managing parental controls in a connection

Various ways will make it quite simple for you to get around parental controls. Some are very simple, while others are complex. You will have a choice to use one that is convenient and will favor you. Some of the common methods areas are shown below.

Choice of an old device

The most common method that teenagers are fond of using is the use of an old device. If you block the device they use, they will find an alternative that you will not know. You can have an old phone or any other device at the stores or kitchen.

The device may perfectly serve, mainly when you are operating away from where it is. It can be not easy to notice a new device in use, especially if you have set timelines. Even if you do not have an old device, they may have friends who have them and will lend them for use at night.

To solve such a challenge, you need a more innovative approach. For example, you can pack away all the devices and allow for notifications when you have new devices.

Inventive apps

Sideloading apps make the most common method for children to get around parental controls. When such a method is in use, unofficial alternatives help them download the apps; the one you block for downloading apps remains, but a new one does all the work.

Considering that these stores are not under the management of apple or google, your restrictions are useless. One disadvantage of sideloading apps is that they have a version they hack from the original app.

When a device is in use for such downloads, you will notice that there are apps on the phone with no identification. Various unofficial profiles also exist in the devices in use. A prompt to trust the sites always precedes that make the sites usable on your phone.

Deleting and redownloading apps

This is the trick that you will less expect when bypassing parental controls. If your Wi-Fi has blocked specific devices and apps from working, it becomes easy to make the apps inaccessible. Deleting apps after use is one of the simplest ways to manage the connection.

Choosing the best VPN to get around parental controls

It is essential to ensure that you have the best VPN if you have to get through the parental controls. Each VPN comes with specific features, and some may not achieve the objective. You need to assess the features of one VPN over the other so that you make a sound decision.

Some of the VPNs we have are below here. They also have features that make each one of them stand out in its way.


NordVPN is an excellent option because it also has excellent compatibility. It works for over 59 countries and offers ad-blocking and CyberSec malware protection. In addition, you have an option for the subsequent generation encryption and the use of double VPN servers.

It does not have any log-in policies and allows for streaming. Obfuscation technology is another thing that will make it more effective. Lighting speeds for the connection dominate the service.

NordVPN is one of the best router VPN providers. It offers the best privacy and security for devices and users.


This VPN is excellent as it works worldwide with service to over 60 countries. A clean ad-blocking feature does an adequate protection job. In addition, it allows for streaming and has no log-in policies, as you can also put a strong password.

A whitelist, kill switch, and multi-Hop VPN makes the progress monitoring and quality of service better.

Express VPN

Finally, we have the express VPN, which is also very good for maintaining parental controls. It has over 3000 servers and more than 160 locations. It has unlimited streaming and has military-grade security. RAM disk servers, split tunneling, and kill switch make it stand out.

Its compatibility is also another thing that allows you to celebrate the connection. Fast speeds are inevitable with express VPN.

Other methods to bypass parental controls

There are other methods to bypass parental controls depending on where the parental controls are set. If you have an add-on parental control device, you may easily bypass the restrictions by connecting directly to the router.

This is quite common in teenagers who have learned that they cannot access some content due to an add-on parental control device.


Parental controls are excellent but inconvenient. They have the potential to lower the performance of the devices and make them perform poorly. Use of the VPN is very effective if you have to get around the parental controls. One good thing with VPN is that it will make the security more reliable.