How to Connect a Landline Phone to a Modem or WiFi router

This is how to connect a landline telephone to a modem or WiFi router effectively an easily

If you have a landline phone, is there a need to continue paying the phone bill if you have a modem or WiFi router? Your guess is as good as mine! You can eliminate the landline phone bill and get the best connection when you connect it to a modem or WiFi router.

A Landline phone can now connect to a modem and even to a WiFi router without a hassle. However, there are a few considerations you need to make as you make the connection.

A modem is an internet device that plays a massive role in the transmission of communication. A landline is a communication device that plays an enormous role in facilitating wired communications. The major disadvantage of a landline is that it is not portable.

Part of the development is having a landline sending voiced communication via the world wide web. Such a process involves plugging the connection cables between the modem and the landline phone. You will therefore be quite sure that you will enjoy a reliable service for your communication.

We have done our duty to make everything clear for you. You can now connect your landline phone to your modem without any complications. Use the guide below to make things happen.

Understanding the working of a landline jack

A landline jack is a connector that joins the landline phone such as the AT&T corded phone (on Amazon) to other devices. The inside part of the telephone is the wiring system that allows for the whole communication system’s connection.

Therefore, the work of the jack is to connect the inside part of the phone to the outside of the sources of communication.

It, therefore, establishes a connection between the telephone jack and the phone network. It is therefore very possible to have it working with your local modem.

Things to consider before connecting the modem/ WiFi router to the landline phone

It is essential to understand a few things about the landline phone and the modem before implementing the connection. The most important factors are as shown below.

Type of connection

The landline does not work wirelessly. You will therefore need to use wired connections to have it properly functioning. Something major is to assess whether the modem can connect to the landline.

You may get discouraged because some modems have a phone jack while others do not. In addition, some modems are too slow when connected to a landline phone. Getting one that has a voice-over IP landline phone is lovely.

Connection speeds

If your internet speeds are high, you will enjoy an adequate connection to the landline. If you have a poor connection, you may have the worst experience when using the voice connection. The location and traffic also play a massive role in allowing for the connection of your devices. It is therefore essential to use models that have high speeds.

WiFi standards

We have various wifi standards that make the connection to your devices reliable. Something that will amaze you is that wifi standards also determine the quality of service you will enjoy. If you have the older modem router versions, you are likely to experience low speeds and unreliable connections.

Employing the use of the latest technology is lovely. You will have the opportunity to enjoy very high and reliable speeds all through the connection.

Ease of maintenance

Maintenance of the connection and connecting your devices should be a straightforward task. You should do something by fixing the small technical challenges that come with the connection. Plugging and unplugging the model should be a straightforward task. 

How to connect a landline phone to a modem

Although there is some technical bit involved in the connection, the process is most effective. The process is as simple as just plugging the jack into the modem and then straight away to the landline phone.

Depending on the type of modem you have, you will enjoy the direct connections. These are the steps that you can follow to connect a landline phone to a modem:

  • Step 1: Plug one end of the first telephone cable into your wall jack. Most of the internet providers have an internet port/ wall jack in most houses to connect your modem.
  • Step 2: Connect the other end of the telephone cable to your modem’s “Line” port.
  • Step 3: Thereafter, you will use the second telephone cable for this action. You need to plug one end of this telephone cable into the input jack of your landline phone.
  • Step 4: Then you connect the other end of the second telephone cable into the “Phone” port on the modem.
    • Please note: On some of the modems, the phone port is labeled using the telephone icon instead of the word phone. So check for the name or telephone icon/ picture.
  • Step 5: Once connected, pick up your telephone receiver. This should give you a dial tone. If you do not hear the dial-tone, check the cable connections between your modem and the telephone or between the modem and the wall jack.

Connecting landline phone jack to Arris or Motorola Modem

If you have an Arris (like Surfboard SB800– on Amazon) or Motorola modem, you can have the connection quickly and reliably affected. If the phone connector gets fixed, you may need a useful guide from the developers. However, the connection process is as follows.

  1. Connect the modem to the internet. Ensure that the connection is reliable and quick. Ensuring that the model you use has proper functionality with all the ports functioning.
  2. Connect the cable. The green connector should act as a guide to ensure that you can comfortably connect one station to the other.
  3. Take note of the dial tone.  You can dial a ten-digit number to assess if the connection is proper and functioning. Using the dial tone is essential as it ensures that you have made the connection properly.
  4. If the deal fails, it means that the process has not been adequately achieved. You will therefore need to have the connection re-done. As you redo the connection, ensure that each part connects without a hassle.
  5. Sometimes the modem connection could be a challenge. You should therefore ensure that the modem has a reliable connection before dialing.

Connecting landline phone to Technicolor/ Cisco modem

The Technicolor modem (like Prism C2100– on Amazon) is also one of those that will serve you conveniently. When connecting, the following should adequately guide you.

  1. Connect the phone cable to the TEL 1 port and the other end to the base station. The next process after that is for the two devices to configure. It should automatically happen.  
  2. Give the modem time until the port on the TEL 1 turns blue. This is an indication that the modem is connected and ready to function. Once on, you will enjoy the reliable ad quick connection.
  3. Once the setup is a success, you will hear a dial tone that will make everything ready for you. If you cannot hear the dial tone, consider redoing the connection. Ensure that the ports get correctly plugged. 
  4. The second and third steps are the ones you should be very conversant with. They will even help you to implement measures once the connection and the functionality fail.
  5. Connection of the jack involves putting it on the ports on the modem and the phone. Once the configuration process gets achieved, you will be ready to do your stuff.

Connecting landline phone to a WiFi router

The process of connecting a landline phone to a WiFi router is not complicated. You can use the router for connecting your Landline to the internet because the voice signals are converted to digital signals by your router for transmission.

The digital signals can then be transmitted on the internet like other data. The process described below will work for DSL internet connections or other high-speed internet connections.

Step 1: Power off the router

For you to connect your landline to a WiFi router, you need to connect the devices. However, it is not recommended that you connect the devices when the router is on.

Therefore, you need to remove the router’s power cable from the power outlet. Kindly ensure that you do not unplug any cables before removing the router from the power supply.

Step 2. Connect your router to a computer

Once you have disconnected the router from the power supply, connect your router to a personal computer using an Ethernet cable. Note that this will be in addition to the Ethernet cable used to connect the router to the modem.

The Ethernet cable is connected to the LAN port on the router. Most of the routers have one or several Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices.

Then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step 3. Connect the landline phone to the WiFi router

This is the next step in connecting the landline phone to the WiFi router using a cable. You will need to connect the cable to the router at the port either that has a phone icon or is labeled “phone 1”

Some WiFi routers have a phone adapter port while others do not have. Therefore, if your router has a phone adapter port, the process is as simple as these steps.

After connecting, the landline phone is now connected to the WiFi router. You can thus use the phone!

Step 4. Power the router and the computer

Once you have connected all the cables, it is time to turn on the router and the personal computer. Plugin the power cable to the power outlet for the router and computer.

The action will turn on the power indicator light. Once the router has fully booted, the indicator light will stop blinking and become stable.

Step 5. Test your landline

Once the router is powered up, it’s time to test if the landline is working. You can test the landline by lifting the receiver and listening for the dial tone. However, the test is not complete if you do not make or receive a call.

You can call any of your preferred numbers to make a test. These include toll-free numbers or even your smartphone.

How to connect a landline phone to a modem router

In our homes, we may have either a separate modem and router or a combo. The combo is also referred to as a gateway by most internet service providers.

If you have a modem router for internet connection in your home, the following are the steps you can use to connect a landline phone:

  • Switch off the modem router: You can easily do this by disconnecting the modem router combo from the power supply. This will ensure you do not spoil any of the equipment and also for your personal safety.
  • Connect the landline phone to the phone jack: To connect the landline to the phone jack on your gateway, you will first need to locate the port. It is found at the back or the base of your modem router combo. Then use the telephone cable to connect the phone to the gateway by plugging one side to the phone and the other to the modem router.
  • Switch on the modem router combo: When you have successfully connected all the cables, then plug the gateway back to the power supply. The indicator lights will show you if the modem router is powered or not. When the power indicator lights are stable, then your devices are ready to use.
  • Make a test call: You are ready to use the telephone once the indicator lights become stable. You can lift the landline telephone receiver and listen for a dial-tone. In addition, you can call your preferred number to test if the connection is successful.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Ethernet cables and phone cables?

When looking at the Ethernet cable and phone cable, you will note a difference in size and plug. The Ethernet cable is wider than phone cables. In addition, the Ethernet (CAT) cable has eight wires while the phone cable has four wires. On performance, Ethernet cables have a larger bandwidth as compared to phone cables. This means you can transmit more data and faster across the Ethernet cable as compared to a phone cable. Finally, a phone cable is used for DSL connections while the Ethernet cable is used to connect devices to a router or modem. The Ethernet cables connect IP networks and computers to each other and to the internet.

What cable do I need to connect a router to a phone line?

With a good quality DSL cable, you can connect your router to the phone line for DSL internet. If you need an extension cable, use one of the best DSL cables (also known as ADSL) on the market. These enable your modem-router to be connected seamlessly with your home’s phone lines for better internet connectivity!

Can I connect a second router to my phone line?

It is not possible to set up a second router on the same line because that would create interference and decrease your wireless signal. If you want better wireless coverage in your home or office, run an Ethernet cable from your home hub or use a wireless repeater that can boost the existing signal. You can also use a mesh router for the best coverage.

How do I connect my landline phone to my broadband?

To connect a landline phone to broadband, plug the handset phone jack into your modem through VoIP 1. You need to use the grey telephone cable that came in the router box! Now you’re able to make calls straight away.

Can I plug my landline phone into my router?

Yes, you can! You can do so by connecting your landline phone via an Ethernet port to the router. Plug one end of your Ethernet cable to the backside Ethernet port on the router and another along with the modem. Connecting a Landline phone is as simple: Plugging in the other end is easy; just make sure it’s got a strong signal before connecting with either wire type: thick or thin coaxial networks work well! You’ll also want another cable so that we can establish a connection between our computer on the local network as well as connect landline phone lines together using their respective ports at backside paneling where there are 3 cables available – labeled “Router,” “Phone” & “ADapter.” Check if the phone is connected.

Can you plug an Ethernet cable into a phone line?

This might be difficult because the jacks are of different sizes. Ethernet cables are thicker and have a wider cable spectrum than phone jacks do, so they won’t fit snugly into most phone jacks. If you’re trying to connect two different types of networks together or if your computer has an Ethernet port that can be used as the main connection for Internet access while other devices rely on WiFi connections instead (such as printers), then this might not matter!


Using a landline phone on your internet connection is an excellent way of communicating and saving costs. Once you know how to connect a landline phone to the modem or router, you will have the most relaxing time to achieve the objective.

Connecting a landline phone to a modem or router is straightforward so long as they are compatible. Therefore, you may need to get a router or modem with a phone jack.