How to Connect 2.1 Speakers to LED TV

2.1 speakers are some of the best when it comes to sound production. They have the features that you need to have better sound amplification. One of the best things is that they need some good placement to have the functionality working as expected. However, we need to know how to connect the 2.1 speakers to an LED TV for the best sound.

It is good to ensure that you have picked the right models and then the connection process. Considering that they come with more additional features that make their performance better. You will have a chance to have a different experience with how the performance remains stable and outstanding.

We have come up with a guide that will help you to do the whole connection process. Apart from the guide, we will also address the various areas that concern the 2.1 speaker system.

2.1 speaker system

2.1 speaker: How to connect a 2.1 speaker to an LED TV using HDMI, Digital optical or coaxial cable or RCA connector cables

We have to start by getting a proper definition of a 2.1 speaker system. The beauty about these numbers is that they all have a meaning. Each number comes with features that make it serve a specific role.

When the number is 2.1, there is a speaker on the left and one on the right. If it is 2.2, then it means that there are two speakers on the left and two on the right, bringing up 4. It also means that the system has a subwoofer when you see the 1. 

It also means that the speaker is very good at dealing with low frequencies. The left and the right speakers deal with the huge sounds, and then the subwoofer deals with the low frequencies. Such a model will bring a different and optimal experience.

When you get these speakers, you will also notice that they come with a difference. You can get various models that come with different functionalities. Each of them comes with specific features that make the performance of the speaker better.  Getting a model that has a subwoofer will make the experience better.

How to connect 2.1 speakers to an LED TV

1. Position the television

Before you start connecting the speakers and the television, you need to set the television. Several options allow for the setting of the television. When setting it, you will notice that it has an impact on the placement of the speakers.

The best way to set the television is to ensure that it is directly facing the viewers. A person watching the television must watch without straining. You can install it 1.5 meters from the floor if you are fixing it on the wall. You have to observe a central placement so that the speakers also have a place to fit.

Another way of placing the television is using the television stand. It has to be at the center and a considerable height. A good height will be almost equal to the speakers to balance the visuals and the sounds.

There should be adequate space to allow for the placement of the speakers. It helps in maintaining the temperatures of the room with regard to sound and visuals.  

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2. Set the speakers

We have seen that two speakers come with this model and a subwoofer. The first thing you will do is to set them. The placement has to be strategic such that the sound you get is adequate. One of the things you will consider is the kind of room and where you can place the speaker.

You will place the two major speakers some distance from each other to space for soundstage. Regarding the placement of the TV, you have to ensure that they are on the sides of the television. You have to place them some distance away from the television to avoid congestion on the system.

Another thing that you will need to consider is the height of the speakers. They have to be in a position that the listeners will have direct listening. This means that you have to consider a position that will match the height of the sitting positions. If you consider getting a stand, then you have to be specific about the height.

Installation on the walls must also consider the height not to exceed the one you need. Next is the angle that you place the speakers. They should be such that the sound meets in the middle and then spreads around the room. Considering an angle of 45 degrees is the best thing in this case.

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3. Place the subwoofer

The next thing you have to look at is the placement of the subwoofer. Subwoofers are the devices that handle the bass sound hence challenging to place.  They help in achieving optimal listening hence need some caution for effective placement.

When placing the subwoofer, you have to check on the wall and its impact on the sound. If you place it next to the wall, then it will create vibrations and sound distortion. Start by placing the subwoofer on the corner of the room and then observe its performance.

If it is noisy, then you will change the position. Now you have to look at some distance from the wall to don’t have to place it on the floor or the back wall. The best thing you can do is get the central position and then place it before the television. A suspended position is better as it will promote sound rotation.

4. Connect the 2.1 speakers to the LED TV

The next thing to do is to connect the speaker to the television. You will start by using the user manual to check if all the components are properly connected before you get to make changes. You have to know which part connects to the television and which connects to the speakers moving sound away from the system.

The speakers should connect to the audio ports that take the sound out of the woofer. Here you need to take some caution because the chances of making a mistake with the wrong inputs and outputs are very high. After connecting the speakers, you will be left with the IN ports that get the sound from the television.

You need to have a good understanding of the ports in the LED TV. Such include the RCA inputs and the coaxial inputs. Coaxial and optical are digital inputs, while the AUX and the RCA are analog inputs. Most TVs usually have at least a single analog input and digital input.

You will now notice that the 2.1 speakers use analog connections. The cables have different sizes, such as 3.5mm for the RCA connections. These are the same ports that you will find on the TV and the subwoofer.

You will connect one end to the television and the other end to the subwoofer. Once you complete the connection, you will do a small test to see if the functions perform as expected.

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What if there are no matching ports

It is not rare to get the TV having ports that do not match the cables. This is the major challenge that you are likely to encounter. However, solving this problem is not as complicated as it is. You will have to get an input adapter that will provide room for connecting the two devices.

The inputs are available at a lower price and will make the process of connection simple and effective. You will plug it into the port that it will work with and then implement the remaining part.

If the sound does not pick, you will have to redo the connection process once more. Ensure that all the parts are properly connected such that no part is loose. Once you have done the connection, there should be no sound coming from the LED TV.

What makes the sound move from the LED TV to the 2.1 speakers

The movement of the sound is because of the design of the speakers. They are designed to allow the sound to cancel itself on the TV once you connect the audio cables. Connection happens the way other electronics do it and will move the sound to be more appropriate.

The process of sound cancellation is automatic and happens immediately after you plug the sound cables. Sometimes the sound may not cancel, especially if you are using the wrong cables. It can also happen when you have not properly fixed the cables.

My LED TV does not work with the 2.1 speakers even after the connection

Such a challenge can happen, especially when you have not done the installation properly. This happens with the input and the output ports. You have to ensure that you have used the compatible cable. It has to connect faster and cause less challenge.

Checking on the side of the speakers and the television will help you get a quicker solution to the problem. The connections must be accurate to work conveniently.


To connect 2.1 speakers to an LED TV is not a very complicated process. All you have to consider is getting the proper connection cables and ports. If you set the speakers and the LED TV in the proper position, you will have an easy time connecting and achieving your objectives. The placement between the TV, the users, and the speakers is important.


Can we connect 2.1 speakers to TV?

Yes, you can connect 2.1 speakers to a TV using either RCA style connectors, HDMI cables, digital Coax/ audio output. You may need to buy adapters if you are connecting an older 2.1 speaker to a newer TV. Therefore, you need to check the input ports on your speaker.

How do I connect 2.1 speakers to my LG TV?

You can use RCA style connectors, HDMI, or Digital audio output. To use the digital optical cables, join one end of the digital optical cable to the LG TV and the other end to the optical input on your soundbar, home theater system, or receiver. Thereafter, use the setup process indicated on your TV and audio system to complete the process.

How do I connect 2.1 speakers to my Samsung Smart TV?

You can either use HDMI cable, Digital optical cable, or RCA style connectors to connect 2.1 speakers to your Samsung Smart TV. For the best sound, we recommend the use of digital audio output or HDMI rather than using the RCA connectors.

How do I connect an old speaker to a smart TV?

If your speakers only have 3.5mm jack (AUX) or red and white RCA style connectors as their input ports, you can use a digital to analog converter. Digital to analog converter has a digital port and digital coaxial port that can serve as input from the TV. The output from the converter is RCA style output or 3.5mm jack output.