3 Ways To Clear WiFi Router History: The Easy Way to Delete Wi-Fi Router History

The internet is phenomenal. It offers many benefits to our lives, and it’s hard to go a day without using it. One downside to the internet is that it leaves a lot of sensitive information in our pockets. Even if you’re not the one who uses your router for anything shady, this may still happen to you. To prevent this from happening, follow these three simple steps to clear WiFi router history for a safe home.

You can clear the WiFi history using the web interface of your router, by clearing all of the stored browsing data from each individual browser separately, or by resetting the WiFi router. All three methods have their pros and cons.

Your wifi router has a history of what you’ve been browsing. If you left it on, your history is saved on the router and can be seen by anyone who knows how to access it. You may think that this doesn’t happen much, but it certainly can! Here are 3 ways of clearing your wifi router history with ease.

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What is a router history?

A router history is a log of the internet activity on your WiFi router. Your router will keep track of the websites and apps that you’ve used to access the internet, and it’ll also keep track of any changes made to the settings.

When someone does a little snooping around on your WiFi, they may find this history. If they’re new to your home, they might be curious about who lives in it and who uses it. If they’re not new to your home, they might want to know what websites you’re using or what devices are using up all of your bandwidth. They could even try whether or not they can read your personal messages online!

Luckily, there are ways you can delete WiFi router history without anyone knowing. The steps below will show you how to delete specific items from your router history as well as how to remove all records from the history altogether so that no one else knows what’s been going on inside your house!

What does your router keep a record of?

Ways To Clear Your WiFi Router History: The Easy Way to Delete Wi-Fi Router History

The router will keep a record of the websites you visit, the apps you use, and even your browsing history.

If someone is snooping on your home network they’ll be able to see the sites you visited and the apps you used. This can be an invasion of your privacy when it comes to your personal habits that are saved on the router.

This doesn’t have to be a cause for worry if you know what information is saved on your device and how to clear it up easily. These devices include phones, computers, and tablets. Here are 3 simple ways of clearing your device’s history:

1. Clear your history through your browser

Go into settings and choose “Clear browsing data.” You can also choose to clear all of the data from each individual browser in case something has been accidentally cleared out of one or more browsers mistake.

2. Clear all of the stored browsing data from each individual browser separately

If you want to clear everything from one browser individually, that’s possible as well! Go into settings for each browser individually and press “Clear browsing data.” Your history will be cleared!

3. Reset your device’s stored history

This method is a little more time-consuming, but it’s worth it if you’re really privacy-conscious because this will restore the router to factory settings. Therefore, you will have to reconnect all devices to the new network.

However, this will delete the WiFi router history on your devices such as laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet but maintain the history on the WiFi router.

Clear your WiFi router history the easy way

There are a few ways to clear your WiFi router history. You’ll want to do this when someone else has access to the wifi and they read what you’ve been browsing. It is also easy to clear your router’s history if it was accidentally deleted while you were away from home or on vacation.

Clearing router history using the web user interface of your router

If you have an older router, it may not have a web-based interface. In this case, the only way to clear history is by logging into your router and going through the settings. Find the option for clearing your history, then set it accordingly.

This method is relatively easy and doesn’t require much effort on your part. It’s also very effective because all data that is saved on your router is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption technology.

Steps for using the web user interface to clear WiFi router history

  1. Open your web browser and type in the address bar: or (depending on the model of your router)
  2. Enter your username and password that you used to create the account for your device. This will lead you into the router settings page.
  3. Click on Find & Delete Logs – Once you are inside the router settings, try looking for LogsEvent LogsAdministrator Logs, System Logs, or a setting that can mean history depending on the router. For some GUIs, you will find the tab under Advanced or Administrator or System Tools settings. Therefore, you may need to check on your router website or manual for the specific area.
  4. Once located, press on clear all event logs. This will make sure that any history that is stored on your router is wiped off. Moreover, you can use the option to “Clear Log” that you need to select to clear your WiFi router history. On this part, make sure you select the option to clear ALL logs to ensure that you clear every router’s WiFi history.

Clearing router history using the router app

The router app allows you to get a history report of which websites have been visited and what time they were accessed.

If you want to clear your wifi history on your router, start by logging into the app for your router. If you are not sure how to do this, ask someone at the company that makes your router.

Once you find the settings menu, go to advanced settings and uncheck the option that says save history. This will remove any browsing history from the device.

If you have a lot of saved history in the router, it may take a while before it completely clears this data. So, be patient!

Using the username and password to access the web user interface to clear the WiFi router history

Factory Reset Your Router To Delete All History

A factory reset on your router will delete all history. This will not only clear out your browsing history but also delete any saved passwords for your network devices.

To do this, simply hold down the reset button for about 10 seconds. Then release and wait for the lights to stop blinking before turning it back on again.

This method is best when you’re changing devices or if you don’t want a history of what you’ve been doing.

Benefits of clearing router History

The benefits of clearing your router history are many. In addition to protecting your privacy, you can also avoid potential identity theft and increase the speed of your wifi connection. One way to clear your router history is to unplug the router and reboot it. This works! However, if this isn’t convenient or possible, there are other options for you to try as well.

If you have a desktop computer that connects to the same network or uses a hotspot device like a laptop or cell phone, these devices will be able to automatically access the router and clear its history. If that’s not an option, you can use the software on your computer that will allow you to do this as well.

Another option is to change your WiFi password every month so that no one can access it from outside of the network.

Finally, if all else fails and you still cannot clear your history without changing routers or reconnecting them manually scroll down below for more tips to help with this process!

How often should I clear the router browsing history?

Most people only need to do this once in a while. If you don’t regularly use your WiFi router, then you don’t need to worry about it.

However, if you use your router frequently, it’s a good idea to clear your history every so often. This is especially true if you use your home internet for anything related to business because history can pose a serious risk of leaking sensitive information.

If you’re concerned about this happening, it’s best to clear the history as soon as possible. You should also be careful with what websites you visit on public wifi and make sure that they are secure.

Why would someone want to access my router history?

It’s typically not a good idea to allow someone else to access your router history without knowing why they’re doing so. This is because your router history can tell the person looking at it a lot about your internet habits, including what websites you visit and when you do them.

Generally speaking, other people will only be able to see very limited information if they have access to your router’s history. If someone does find it, they may be able to see that you went online at 2 a.m. and were on Facebook for about an hour—but does not reveal personal names or passwords.

If you’re concerned about someone snooping around on your router history, the best thing is to check for any signs of tampering and change your password immediately after that.

What should I do if someone has accessed my router history?

If someone has accessed your router history, it’s important to first assess the situation.

If you’re sure that the person accessing your Internet history is not a member of your household, then there is little that can be done. You will need to lock them out. However, if the person is a household member, however, then you should talk to them about their behavior and privacy.

You may also want to consider whether or not you should change your router admin password. Changing the admin password locks out all the persons who would want to access the router settings.

Moreover, you should also consider changing the WiFi password. Changing the password will only apply to new devices, so if someone already has the access they will still be able to view past data.

How to clear browser history on a phone or computer

You can clear your WiFi router browsing history automatically with apps

On your phone or computer, download an app that allows for automatic clearing of your router history. It’s important to note that these methods won’t prevent someone from accessing your router’s search history if they know where to look; however, it will prevent outsiders from seeing which sites you visit most often.

For example, one such app is called “ Smart WiFi”. This app has both manual and automatic options—the manual option lets you clear the history yourself while the automatic option clears any new entries in a designated timeframe. For example, if you want to clear all entries after 7pm each day, turn on the automatic option and set it for 7pm-9am every day.


Is there anything more annoying than your WiFi being too slow? You might think that this is because you have a bad router, but the truth is, it’s most likely because of your internet provider. But don’t worry! We have some easy recommendations for how to fix that. Here are some steps for clearing the history and data on your WiFi router.

  1. Login to your router and go to the “WiFi Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Wireless Security” from the left side of the screen.
  3. Change your security setting from WEP or WPA-Personal to WPA2-Personal or TKIP + AES (or an equivalent).
  4. Select “Advanced Settings.”
  5. Change DHCP Server Settings to “Off.”
  6. Select “Save & Apply Settings.”

WiFi browsing history is now a thing. With so many websites tracking your every move, it can be hard to forget what you’ve been up to online. A recent study found that 50% of the US portion of the internet’s traffic comes from mobile devices which means that WiFi browsing history is more important than ever. There are a few different ways to clear your WiFi router’s history.

Just because someone has accessed your router history, this doesn’t mean that they have hacked into your router. In many cases, they may have done so because they are simply looking for a way to connect to a device or service on your network. There is no need to panic as your router history is just information and not confidential information.


What does your router keep a record of?

Your router keeps a record of what websites you visit and for how long. It also keeps a record of the apps you use and how much time you spend with them. This information is kept as part of your router’s logs.
If someone has access to your router, they can view all your browsing history, which could be embarrassing if they find something that catches their attention, like porn or illegal activity taking place on your wifi network.

What are the benefits of clearing router History?

When your wifi router has a history of what you’ve been browsing, it can be seen by anyone who knows how to access the saved data. This means that hackers could potentially use this to find private information about you.
In the long run, clearing your router history will help ensure your privacy. So if you want to keep things like passwords and other sensitive data from being found out, it’s important to clear your router history regularly.
And last but not least, periodically clearing your router history can prevent future problems with connectivity or slow speeds. It will also fix potential security issues for your devices and laptop.

Do all routers keep a history?

The history on your WiFi router is only accessible from the local device. That means that a WiFi-capable laptop won’t be able to see any history stored on your router.
If you’re using a VPN, it’s possible that your ISP will still see some of the data you’re sharing. However, this is not common and only happens if you’re connecting through a proxy server or VPN service (like Hotspot Shield) that doesn’t encrypt all of your internet traffic.

Can I delete my router history?

It depends on the model of your router, but most routers have an option to delete the history. It’s usually located in the settings menu on the web user interface. You can also use the router app or reset the router to factory settings

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