Why is Centurylink so Bad? Is Centurylink Good for Gaming?

Centurylink Greenwave c4000XG: Is Centurylink internet so bad? Can I use centurylink for gaming?

Centurylink is one of the internet service providers who are very famous. Many users have subscribed to the service and are having good times with it. However, some challenges are making the service lose its reputation.

One of the questions that people ask is why the Centurylink service is so bad. The greatest challenge has been to maintain the speed so that it meets the user’s needs. The service provider is likely to find the challenge not so big but for the users is quite a big challenge.

They have gone ahead to ask various questions that regard the service that the provider gives. We have highlighted a few issues in an attempt to get the actual problem and solution.

Is CenturyLink good for gaming?

The fiber service is common in many areas. It is known for facilitating effective gaming sessions. It uses the DSL, which proves to be an excellent choice for gaming as it has low latency.

However, gamers are raising complaints that the service is sucking. Experiences of lagging and freezing become rampant. The gamers want a service that is reliable and has adequate speeds for downloads and uploads. The internet plans seem to be a little bit challenging as they need some additional megabytes.

However, the amount of speed that Centurylink delivers is adequate for proper service delivery. The use of fiber in service delivery is excellent as Centurylink can deliver speeds of over 100 Mbps which is required for gaming. Therefore, CenturyLink is good for gaming.

Is CenturyLink good for online gaming

Online gaming needs high download and upload speeds. The good thing with CenturyLink is that it has the speeds and the stability it needs for online gaming.

Having good upload and download speeds makes the communication between the servers and the gaming devices convenient.

Centurylink offers both DSL and fiber connections. Depending on your needs as a client you can go for either.

Centurylink fiber internet is excellent for online gaming including multiple gaming devices since it offers more than 100Mbps of internet service with excellent download and upload speeds. However, for DSL you can only use one or a few gaming machines per session.

The other important thing to note is that Centurylink internet packages are friendly to the pocket. You can choose a package that does not hurt your pocket in the long term.

How to fix CenturyLink WiFi

Everyone knows that wifi can cause a lot of disruption if it is unstable. The major challenge with it is that it can lose the connection at any time. You need to have facts about how you can create solutions for bad Centurylink connections with WiFi.

Before you get to solve a connection problem, you have to be sure about the problem. You cannot solve something you don’t know. If the connection is slow, you have to check the speed of the wired connection right after you check on the connection of the WiFi connection.

The next thing you do is the problem-solving part. You have to ensure that all the connections are proper. Plugging and unplugging will make the connection challenge get a solution.

To solve Centurylink WiFi problems, place the Centurylink DSL modem router near your devices. Another solution you need to try is to get the router closer to the devices. It is important because it will work on the distance and create the solution faster.

Check on the physical obstacles. You also need to be sure that there are no physical obstacles between the router and your devices. If there are any, then you will have to remove them. You can also move the modem or the router away from the obstacles.

Some of the obstacles you have to look at are the brick walls, drywalls, concrete, and the refrigerator. If devices cannot connect then you have to check on the connection passwords and username.

You also need to ensure that you have the latest router firmware. The firmware enables your router to stay up to date with the internet standards and requirements.

Why is my CenturyLink internet not working

Centurylink internet outage is one of the reasons why the internet chooses not to work. However, it is something that you will quickly and conveniently troubleshoot. The good thing is that there is a solution to such a challenge. Some of the reasons that make the service stop working include.

There may be an area outage that affects a wide area which also includes your home or office. Another outage can be the home outage which is a problem that affects only your place.

You may also be experiencing a technical problem that may give rise to the outage. You will need to identify the problem and solve it.

Another problem can be the service suspension. This happens when you have missed making a payment, or there is a problem with your subscription.

When you experience such a challenge, you will do the payment if you have not done it. You will also need to contact customer care if the problem persists.

The outage solution comes after you have tried to troubleshoot the existing problem without getting a solution.

Why is my CenturyLink internet blinking red and green?  

The colors and the blinking on the CenturyLink internet have specific meanings.

The moment you see a blinking red light, then there is a challenge with the connection. It also indicates that the modem is failing and has a challenge. The red DSL light can be blinking or flashing. Anytime you spot the red lights, then the connection is not complete.

The green light, on the other hand, means that the connection is proper. If the light is solid green, then the connection is proper and working properly.

If there is a blinking green light, then the power source has a problem. There is no adequate power getting to the router or modem.

How to fix CenturyLink internet light blinking red and green

When you see the red lights, you have to work on the connection. You need to ensure that the connection is proper. You can reboot the Centurylink modem if the connection was working well previously.

To fix the CenturyLink internet light blinking red and green, you can consider restarting the connection afresh to have the modem or router restarting and working afresh.

Finally, you can reset the router by holding the reset button for around 15 seconds. As you press, you will wait until you see the amber light and then wait until the light turns green.

If the lights are green, you must ensure that you have switched the power off and redone the connection process. The power has to work afresh again

Centurylink customer service reviews

Centurylink has mixed reactions from the users as they have different reviews. Generally, 95% of people say that CenturyLink has bad service. However, some have had the best experience as they say that the customer service is excellent. Some of the comments that we have seen from the users are things such as;

“I had the worst experience with the customer service as they were insulting and abusive. I have been transferred 4 times and listened to their music for 35 minutes.” Another user says that they suck. “I have canceled the service, and they keep sending their bills.”

Some users say that the company has very poor organization as the customer service cannot deliver the service as the users expect. Getting solutions takes longer, and satisfaction is a challenge as they do not meet the targets.

The major challenge with the customer service of CenturyLink is the way they delay responding to the user’s communication. Another problem comes with the creation of a solution.

Before the users get the technical person to solve your problem, you take a lot of time. The chances of getting the wrong resolution are also very high with the service provider.

A major challenge that the users have also experienced is a problem where the customer service keeps letting you start the process. It can take a lot of time to get the proper answers because of the poor service. Most of them end up preferring to use a different service as it becomes unreliable.

The available choices for communication are also unreliable. Getting a solution to these problems becomes quite challenging. Sometimes users have also been hung up while trying to explain the problem they have. It is quite a challenge.

How can I boost CenturyLink WiFi signal?

There are various tips you can employ to boost the WiFi connection of Centurylink. The speed and the coverage go hand in hand.  If the signal has the quality you need, then the speeds become the best.

You can remove obstacles to boost the signal of the connection. The best thing to do is to move the router or the modem to a point with no obstacles. Updating the router’s firmware also ensures that you can have the router improving the signal by itself.

Another thing to do is to get a wifi extender that is compatible with the service. It will help to have the connection reach an extended area. Adding more routers will also improve the coverage, and the signal will become widespread.

Upgrading is also an effective method of improving the wifi signal. One thing that most people desire to do is to buy a new and advanced router. A new router is the best because you will get one that will meet your desired specifications.

The good thing to do will be to look at the area you want the signal to cover and then get the router that will cover exactly that.

You also have to look at the speeds because it is useless to have a good signal and a poor speed. The speed and the signal go hand in hand and will deliver outstanding performance.

How to improve CenturyLink WiFi

Improving CenturyLink wifi is not complicated. You will have to know the things you desire to have the wifi doing and then get the things that will make the connection deliver exactly that. You can improve the wifi by updating the firmware of the router.

Wifi boosters are also good because they help to ensure that you have wider coverage. Boosters compose things such as wifi extenders, repeaters, and other routers.

You can improve the wifi by getting such devices and installing them in proper positions as they will give you some good connections that will have the speeds you need and the proper stability.

Another way to boost the wifi of CenturyLink is to have the obstacles much limited. You have to ensure that there are limited obstacles between the devices that use the wifi and the router. One thing you have to be very careful about is the placement of the router or modem router.

For them to deliver a good service, their positioning has to be very strategic. You have to select a point where you will get the service properly and cover an extended range.

Is CenturyLink a good internet provider?

Centurylink is an internet provider with several characteristics. It used the fiber and the DSL for connection: the pricing and the availability depending on the location. The internet plans are affordable, and the quality of service is stable until it messes up.

Some of the things that make it stand out are the stronger rural coverage and affordable gigabit fiber connection. It also does not charge any extra fees for the equipment. The service will be excellent if the charges for DSL are worked on. Increasing the speeds will also make it the best.

Comparing CenturyLink to the other service providers, it has a better rank because it has a better service. Prices are cheaper, and the quality of the service under the same package range is better. However, the customer service is not the best as it has a worse response time, and getting resolutions becomes a difficult activity.

The reliability of the connection is wonderful so long as it does not have minor challenges. You will find it convenient to get the various solutions for the various problems.

You only need to take caution so that you don’t get in touch with customer service. They make the service worse and may not create solutions for you.

Centurylink is a good internet service provider. It has many good things when you compare the service with the other service providers. There are fewer problems that can get an improvement. Coverage of the rural areas is the best as it makes it accessible to many people.

Considering the major factors such as the locked life price, cheap fiber, DSL deals, and the coverage in rural areas, the service is good. We recommend the service.


Many factors determine the quality and the functionality of the internet service. Centurylink has had mixed reactions from the clients because of the kind of service they render. Customer service and its sucking nature have brought the service down. However, it is a good internet service provider.

Therefore, why is Centurylink bad? In our opinion, Centurylink is bad because DSL internet has several challenges, their customer service is so bad, and their internal communication seems non-existent. In fact, 95% of customers say that CenturyLink has bad internet service.


What do I do if my Centurylink WiFi isn’t working?

If your Centurylink WiFi is not working, you need to know the cause. It may be a challenge with the ISP connection, your home internet equipment issues, or a challenge with the devices connecting to WiFi. You can start with devices connecting to the router/ modem router. In this case, reconnect the devices and check you have the right password. You can check the connections between the router and the modem next by checking the Centurylink modem lights color and inspecting the cable connections. Finally, check if the modem is connected properly to the DSL cable or check for an outage.

How to fix CenturyLink internet light blinking red and green?

The easiest way on how to fix Centurylink’s internet light blinking red and green is to restart your modem router. This enables the modem to cool off and also solves the challenge of your modem being stuck in some loop or other modem errors. If that does not work, you can check the cables and connections, check for an outage, call customer support, and as a final solution reset your modem.

Is CenturyLink internet bad?

CenturyLink Internet is bad because it has slower, less reliable DSL internet plans which have fixed prices and no contracts. Moreover, it has intermittent slow-downs that are caused by peak usage times and weather challenges. Finally, it has the highest number of one-star Consumer Affairs reviews where over 4,000 customers rate it as very poor.

Is CenturyLink fast enough for Netflix?

Yes, Centurylink DSL and fiber are fast enough for Netflix. This is because it exceeds the Netflix internet speed requirements of 25 Mbps for HDR or 4K streaming.

How many customers does CenturyLink have?

As of 2020, Centurylink has 4.54 Million broadband internet subscribers in the United States. The bulk of these subscribers are on DSL internet connection while a small percentage is on fiber internet.

Is CenturyLink a good company?

Yes, Centurylink is a good company with affordable internet rates. However, there are complaints about their customer service and challenges with the DSL internet.

How fast is CenturyLink internet?

Centurylink internet has fiber internet plans that offer gigabit internet speed (up to 940Mbps). This is in addition to the DSL internet which is the most common type of broadband internet connection.




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