8 Best UTV Bluetooth Speakers in 2023

Among the best moments is when you are riding a Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) while enjoying on a trail. You will have an adventurous session full of pleasure. The fantastic thing is that you will have more fun when you have the best Bluetooth speaker for your UTV.

Bluetooth speakers are lovely because they ensure you enjoy a reliable connection for a longer time.  Managing your music when using a Bluetooth speaker becomes a tremendous task.

The utility terrain vehicles like RZR require a good outdoor Bluetooth speaker which is shockproof and durable. Otherwise, you can decide to pick the best Bluetooth speaker for a car but with emphasis on durability and being able to withstand foul weather.

There are many speakers in the markets that you can probably buy. The challenge comes in when you are looking for a quality, high-performance, and durable UTV Bluetooth speaker. We have, therefore, relieved your work easier by reviewing the best models.

Best UTV Bluetooth speaker

UTV Bluetooth speakerBest forProduct SpecialtiesCheck it out
NOAM NUTV4 Quad 4 Bluetooth speakerBest UTV Bluetooth speakerPower: ‎100 watts,
4 channels,
Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 7 inches,
Weight: 9.4 Pounds
Pyle 8” Bluetooth speakerBest rugged heavy duty speaker for UTVPower: 1000Watts,
IP44 Waterproof,
6.5“ Dual Audio Sound System,
Dimensions: 4.6 x 1.6 x 1 inches,
Weight: 22 pounds
FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth speakerBest speaker for long battery lifePower: 38 watts,
35 Hrs Battery Life,
IP67 waterproof,
Dimensions: 13.8 x 4.4 x 4.7 inches,
Weight: 6.20 lbs,
Portable Power Bank
GoHawk TS5-Q Full range Bluetooth speakerBest for compatibility with different sources of musicPower: 1000Watts,
Waterproof Design,
4 Channel,
Dimensions: 14.8 x 13 x 9.7 inches,
Weight: 14.07 pounds
Boss Audio Systems MCBK420BBest budget Bluetooth UTV speakerPower: 600 Watts,
Weatherproof design,
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches,
Weight: 4.4 pounds
2-way waterproof Bluetooth speakerBest Waterproof Bluetooth UTV speakerPower: 800 Watts,
IP-X5 waterproof,
Dimensions: 5.6 x 8.4 x 7.3 inches,
Weight: 1.25 lbs
BOSS Audio systems BM40AMPBTBest for streaming music from music appsPower: 500 Watts,
Weatherproof design,
Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 7.4 inches,
Weight: 8.4 pounds
BOSS Audio Systems ATV65BRGB Bluetooth speakerBest for RGB IlluminationPower: 450 Watts,
Weatherproof Design,
Dimensions: 26 x 10.75 x 7.25 inches,
Weight: 12.45 pounds

NOAM NUTV4 Quad 4 Bluetooth speaker

NOAM NUTV4 Quad 4 Bluetooth speaker: The best UTV Bluetooth speaker

This model comes in 4 channels that make sound projection awesome. You will love them because of their compatibility. It is the best UTV, ATV, and golf cart Bluetooth speaker.

The quality of the speakers is fantastic as it ensures that you enjoy a long time service. You will appreciate the outer material used for making up the speaker because it maintains durability.

The speaker is robust and delivers a maximum of 100 watts, which is loud. You will, therefore, comfortably enjoy listening to your favorite music as you ride. Even at the highest volume, the speaker maintains high-quality sound.

Moreover, the speakers have a water-resistant construction that makes them resist splashing on them with lots of water. It is constructed to meet marine needs hence less affected by water. You will love the bit that even the remote for this NOAM NUTV4 is water-resistant.

Mounting the speaker is a simple task as it comes with holders ready to have it fixed. The waterproof marine speakers are easily mounted on any round roll bar which has a size of 1.5″-2″

The process of connecting Bluetooth devices is fast and reliable.  After connection, you will not have any challenges of connection failures. Its compatibility is fantastic as it quickly pairs up with all your devices.


  • It has a lovely design
  • Excellent compatibility (Bluetooth and AUX connectivity)
  • Ease of use (provides mounting accessories)
  • Features remote control for extra convenience
  • You can use the remote in the dark (has lights)
  • Powerful speakers and bass radiator
  • The impedance of 4 Ohm


  • Speakers are water-resistant not waterproof
  • The bass is not that good

Pyle 8” Bluetooth speaker

Pyle 8” Bluetooth speaker: Best rugged heavy duty Bluetooth speaker for UTV

The fantastic thing about this model is that it has LED lights that make it beautiful and easy to monitor progress. You will enjoy music on the 1000 Watt dual Speaker 2-Way Audio System both indoors, outdoors, and when riding using this model. A lightweight design makes the speaker portable and very easy to carry along and use.

The speaker has a design that enhances portability and durability is what this model boasts of. You will love the rugged construction that keeps it very safe, mainly when used for adventures. What makes the speaker fittest for outdoor activities is the waterproof design that also makes it shockproof.

The LED lights are beautiful because they change colors. You will, therefore, have an easy time with a lot of relaxation when using the model. Using a remote control, you will also have a unique opportunity to control the speaker’s functionality.

The system features a powerful speaker to project the speaker at a full range. Connections are simple because you will only need to plug in and begin enjoying your favorite music. Connecting the Bluetooth devices is also a straightforward process.

The model is also lovely for use with UTV, ATV, Golf carts, snowmobile, etc. Maintaining the speaker is an easy and quite reliable task. You will, therefore, be very safe and less worried about any failures to the speaker.


  • Easy to connect and mount
  • It has a lovely and durable design
  • Boasts of excellent quality
  • LED lights for the best performances
  • Ideal for streaming


  • It is bulky

FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth speaker

FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth speaker: Best Bluetooth speaker for UTV for long battery life

One thing you will enjoy with this Bluetooth speaker is that it has a coverage of 360 degrees. For 35 hours, you will enjoy vibrant music from the speaker as it has a durable and highly resistant battery.

The speaker is compact and has many features that enhance its performance. You will enjoy the work of the 97db sound pressure, two passive radiators, eight symmetrical drivers, two sub drivers, and two tweeters. Rich audio with a perfect balance between the bass and the trebles gets released as you enjoy.

Moreover, the model has a sturdy design that is responsible for long-term service. It is 100% waterproof hence delivering a reliable and remarkable service. Apart from being waterproof, the speaker is also mud-proof, dust-proof, and shockproof.

The model has a powerful battery that serves for a very long time. You will love the capacity of the battery that ensures you can also charge other devices. It is, therefore, a speaker and a power bank at the same time. A USB port will make the process of charging your devices awesome.

Moreover, the speaker has straightforward and reliable controls. You will have an option of using google now and Siri voice controls. An alternative is to operate the speaker manually. You can also use voice commands in controlling the speaker on what they should do at a particular time.


  • It has a lovely design
  • Easy to control and set up
  • Long life and powerful battery
  • Excellent portability
  • Water, dust, shock, and mud-proof


  • Maybe a little bit complicated when operating

GoHawk TS5-Q Full range Bluetooth speaker

GoHawk TS5-Q Full range Bluetooth speaker: Best UTV Bluetooth speaker for compatibility with different sources of music

This model has a skull design that makes the speaker very attractive. You will especially love the work of the power 1000W amplifier in boosting the performance of the speaker. Clamping the model is easy and also boosts the performance of the speaker.

In terms of compatibility, this model of one that you will remember its service. You will love the presence of the various inputs, which include the aux, SD Card Slot, LCD, and USB ports. ATV, UTV full-range stereo speakers output is what you will be most amazed by.

Moreover, the speaker has a waterproof design. One thing you will love it for is the sturdy ABS material construction. The cables used for extension are durable and offer a reliable connection. The quality of materials used is lovely as it guarantees a long time service.

The Bluetooth technology used is also something you will love with this model. It ensures that it is compatible with many devices, both wired and wireless. The connection process is fantastic as it is straightforward and serves for a distance of 15Metres. When at the loudest or volume, the speaker ensures that the quality of the sound gets maintained.

The speaker also comes with hardware that facilitates quick installation. It serves as an audio device and a radio too. The connection only involves plugging and playing the speakers.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Simple and reliable connections
  • Waterproof design
  • Has the latest Bluetooth technology
  • Offers a full range of sound amplification


  • It seems pricey

Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B

Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B: Best budget Bluetooth speaker for UTV and motorcycles

You probably have been looking for an affordable speaker for UTV. This model proves to be the most fantastic choice for the function.  One primary reason you will love it is the compatibility with utility vehicles, other vehicles, and motorcycles.

More about this speaker is that you will have a unique chance to set and play your preferred library music and have fun with it. It also provides you with an opportunity to enjoy music from apps such as Pandora and Spotify.

The model also features a class D amplifier. You will love the compact size of the speakers and their waterproof nature.  You will therefore enjoy using it in any weather despite the effect of the conditions. Amazingly, the latest weatherproofing technologies have been used in making the speaker durable.

The speakers are full range and have an adjustable bracket that makes their performance excellent. When placed at the handlebars, the speakers deliver an excellent outcome with high-quality sound output. An auxiliary input plays a massive role in ensuring that you can use cables to connect your devices.

Controlling the volume in this model is something you will always admire. An inline control attached to the amplifier makes the model awesome—selecting the music to play and adjusting the settings, so the speakers are a straightforward process.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Easy to mount because of the adjustable brackets
  • It has an amplifier for easy controls


  • The design is exposed to damages resulting from poor handling

2-way waterproof Bluetooth speaker

2-way waterproof Bluetooth speaker: Best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for UTV

The primary reason you will love using this model is the lighting system. When properly positioned, the speakers will deliver an excellent outcome in terms of sound quality and production. You will love the working of the speaker with both ATV and UTV hence delivering an effective outcome.

Moreover, the speaker boasts excellent Bluetooth compatibility.  You will love it because it works with most devices that have Bluetooth technology. Streaming is, therefore, an excellent task when the speaker gets connected.

Moreover, the model has both an active and passive system that all enhance better performance on the 800W speakers. It features a magnetic structure that ensures the speakers are held in place and a rubber surround that ensures full-range sound production.

The incredible thing is the waterproof construction. You will have great amazement because of the IPX5 rating that also makes the model shockproof. A sleek design facilitates a long-time service because of the durable cabinet used to protect the speaker.


  • It has a universal mounting
  • It has a lovely design and LED lights
  • Waterproof construction
  • Features an active and passive system
  • Excellent compatibility


  • It is slightly pricey

BOSS Audio systems BM40AMPBT

BOSS Audio systems BM40AMPBT: Best for torch like design

In terms of performance, this model is an excellent one. You will also love its design that looks like a torch. One primary reason that will make you love this 500W speaker per pair is its sound projection covering a broader range.

Moreover, the speaker has a lovely Bluetooth technology that enhances the connection to many devices. You will also enjoy streaming content and music from apps such as Spotify and Pandora.  The quality of the streamed content gets maintained hence a better sound output.

The compatibility in this model is another thing that you will always love. You will enjoy a quick connection to many of your devices hence an excellent choice. No limits will hinder you from listening to your favorite music.

What makes the speaker best for ATV and UTV is the aluminum casts and swivel clamps. You will, therefore, have a very comfortable session for your adventures.  A matte finish makes the speakers look very beautiful.


  • The model is easy to mount and use
  • Has excellent compatibility
  • It is fit for all terrains
  • It has excellent sound quality
  • Perfect for streaming content


  • May be affected by weather changes

BOSS Audio Systems ATV65BRGB Bluetooth speaker

BOSS Audio Systems ATV65BRGB Bluetooth speaker: Best for RGB illumination which can be used to change the mood

The colors used in making this model are friendly and lovely. You will, however, get attracted by the design that has been used in making the model. An RGB illumination helps you to quickly change the mood by changing the color of the speaker.

Moreover, the speaker has powerful Bluetooth technology that helps you to connect to many devices.  Controlling the devices is also a simple process as you can use apps to do so. You will comfortably stream content from music playing and streaming apps.

If you want to use wired technology to connect your devices, this model will allow you to use auxiliary ports. All kinds of music, despite the storage device, will have an opportunity on this model.

The exceptional Bluetooth speakers and tweeters feature a high-performance built-in class A/B amplifier. These ensure that you get the best performance from your speaker every time.

Furthermore, the model is weatherproof hence easy to use despite the place of location. The latest weatherproof techniques make the model an excellent choice. Its tweeters and amplifiers are of great quality hence lovely performance.

Finally, the model is easy to set up and manage. You will have to plug it in then begin to enjoy your music sessions. The remote control makes your operations reliable and straightforward.


  • Easy to set up and manage
  • It has a lovely design
  • Offers simplicity of connectivity
  • Easy to stream content
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions


  • The design materials are not very strong hence exposed to damage

Choosing the best UTV Bluetooth speaker

There are many speakers in the markets that are good for UTV. Getting the best one with a lovely quality can be very challenging. However, using the following key points, you will get the best model.


The exceptional Bluetooth speaker should be able to give you a performance that befits the size of the vehicle. The best Bluetooth speaker for UTV should have enough wattage to give you a good sound. The speaker can combine speakers and tweeters that have high-performance amplifiers for exceptionally balanced stereo sound.

The sound quality of your UTV audio system is very important. In this department, the price has a significant effect on the sound experience you’ll receive!

A lot of people don’t usually mind paying some extra money as it can make all the difference between mediocre and excellent sound quality. Usually, more expensive models feature subwoofers to add punchiness/punch which helps with enjoying music while riding in a UTV or ATV. This is because that’s what they need most–the bass sounds great when combined with other speakers producing clear high-quality highs and mids allowing for optimal listening pleasure.

All the speakers reviewed in this article will give you a performance that will make your use of UTV enjoyable. You can choose one based on the other features below.

Ease of use

An ideal Bluetooth speaker should be easy to mount and manage. You should, therefore, look for a design that you can comfortably manage.

All the speakers reviewed in this article have easy mounting procedures and also are easy to use. You will love the compatibility feature for most Bluetooth UTV speakers in this article.

As you choose your UTV compatible Bluetooth speaker, you can choose one based on the compatibility with the different sound inputs based on the inputs you possess.

Special features

Special features such as the presence of Bluetooth technology are a primary consideration. However, getting a model that is waterproof and mounts is lovely.

The other special features include being shockproof and dustproof. These features make the speakers long-lasting. You don’t want to be spending the amount that the speakers cost for a device that will get spoilt easily.

Also, you can check the other special features like lighting if you are a fan. The lighting in some speakers can be used to change the mood in the vehicle. The lighting also brings out the stereo sound.


Although our models seem pricey, you should look at your budget before selecting a model to buy. Quality should, however, be a key determinant.

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The exceptional speakers will serve you well in your utility vehicles. This is because as described below, the speakers are made to be durable.


Before you purchase a new sound system, it’s important to think about the connectivity that your unit will need. Will you be using Bluetooth or aux?

Having both options available gives more flexibility in playing music from almost any device; however, this is not always possible.

Choosing between these two connections can often depend on personal preference and what kind of equipment is already installed within your vehicle. If either option suits you best though, most units offer at least one of them as an included feature!

We all know that Bluetooth technology gives you more flexibility and can connect multiple devices. You can also use it for hands-free calls if it is enabled. However, it can also drain the battery very fast. AUX is also thought to be more reliable.

Therefore, getting a UTV Bluetooth speaker with both technologies will enable you to enjoy life as you travel.


Being a Bluetooth speaker for UTV, you have to know that it will experience many shocks. Utility Terrain Vehicles are used for rough drives and therefore you will require a Bluetooth speaker that can withstand the rugged terrains.

The rugged speakers will give you some service if you like them. However, the other non-rugged speakers can be shock-proof to ensure they are durable.

How To Install the MTX 5-Speaker Audio System on a UTV – Polaris RZR

Best UTV Bluetooth speaker FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do you need a UTV Bluetooth speaker?

A UTV Bluetooth speaker is an excellent system to have. It works best when you are using a UTV to enjoy your riding moments. You will enjoy music and other sound activities when using the UTV Bluetooth speaker.
It is compatible with the Bluetooth connection, which means that you will use your Bluetooth storage devices. What makes the speaker unique is the fact that it is water and fall-proof. You can use it in places that have rough terrains and even in the hard falls.
Moreover, they come in various designs that make the performance better. At different costs and brands, you will get a model that will make you have remarkable moments.

Do we have a Bluetooth sound system for UTV?

Yes, various UTV sound systems work excellently. Some are compact and portable, making them easy to carry along from one place to another. The nice feature with them is that they come from various brands and make them easy to acquire.
Some of the designs that work extra well are the portable Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and those that work for outdoor activities. What makes Bluetooth essential for connection is that it gives room for the connection of various devices and by many people.
You have a choice to make depending on the type of model you want to use. The durability and quality of the speakers all depend on the exact place you want to use them. What you need to focus on is the Bluetooth capability.

Do you choose a UTV Bluetooth speaker or a soundbar?

Most people get confused when they have to choose between the Bluetooth UTV speaker or a soundbar. Both seem to function the same, and even the soundbar appears to be a better performer. The choice depends on the person who is using the sound system.
A significant difference between the two is because of the features. The soundbar is bulky and has an inferior sound to the Bluetooth speaker. Using the Bluetooth speaker is easy because it consumes less space and offers simplicity when doing the installation.
Another feature about the two is that the Bluetooth speaker comes in various sizes and variations in price. You are likely to get multiple Bluetooth speakers that will offer a remarkable service. A Bluetooth soundbar, on the other hand, is cheaper when you compare it with a speaker that has the same wattage.
This is why some people choose soundbars over Bluetooth speakers. However, if you need to enjoy the best service, you need a UTV Bluetooth speaker.

What is the best soundbar for a RZR?

The best Soundbar for a RZR is the JBL Stadium soundbar. The speaker gives a better performance as compared to other soundbars. This is because it has more bass and is louder as compared to Soundbars like Wet Sounds Stealth 10. You are assured of excellent performance and quality sound that is second to none.

Can I use a Bluetooth UTV speaker in a Golf cart?

Yes, depending on the type of speaker, you can use the Bluetooth UTV speaker in a Golf cart. The speaker should be portable and the size should be good for both vehicles. However, the handles should be firm enough to ensure it does not fall off.

Which is the best UTV Bluetooth speaker?

We have various models of which NOAM NUTV4 Quad 4 Bluetooth speaker was our best that make the best options for the different specifications. Multiple factors make each model stand out. Some of the things you need to check on so that you get a good model include;
·         The brand
·         Price and your budget
·         Compatibility and ease of use
·         Additional and special features
·         Wattage and the size of the speaker
The best speaker has a reliable quality which means that it is durable. Quality also means that the model will deliver the best sound quality. In the event of disruptions such as falls and heavy impacts, it remains stable and performing.

What are the best features for the UTV Bluetooth speaker?

Each Bluetooth speaker has its capability and features that make it stand out. A UTV Bluetooth speaker can make a sound stereo system so long as you can multiple uses. It means that it has to come to the various physical and software features that will boost the functionality.
Some of the features that you will find in a UTV Bluetooth speaker or system are;
·         SD-Card
·         Bluetooth connectivity
·         FM//AM connection
·         USB ports
·         Aux ports
·         LED lights
These all features are intended to make the listening experience more enhanced. You can choose the input method that you feel will serve you as you expect. Apart from the input options, you will use the various listening options.
You can pair several speakers so that you have a stereo sound output. There is also an option to add a bigger speaker so that you have a bigger sound. It all depends on the kind of enjoyment you want to have with your speaker.

Final verdict

The speakers above are some of the best models you can buy. Using a guide, you can arrive at a speaker that will excellently serve you. Focusing on quality and the other features described in the buyer’s guide will land you the best speaker for UTV ever.

The price of your UTV audio system has a significant effect on the sound experience you’ll receive. Of course, we can’t forget about this important aspect: it’s better to not cheap out and pay extra money for your subwoofer if that means an improved listening experience! Usually, more expensive models feature higher quality components which will give you superior sound output than cheaper alternatives.