Best Routers for NordVPN: 2023 Expert Reviews

Are you having a challenge with online predators and hackers? Well, this could be very challenging, but the solution is simply on your router. Getting the best router for NordVPN will help you to get anonymity, security, and safety online.

How do you think your router is safe from hackers and other online predators? If your network is not secure, someone else may get access to your IP address and interrupt your online activities.

To prevent all this, you need a router with a VPN to give the ultimate security to your internet gadgets. We have a compilation of routers that will help you to achieve that.

We have also reviewed the best DD-WRT routers, best tomato routers, and the best OpenWRT routers. Having open-source firmware enables your safety and security as compared to the manufacturer’s firmware.

However, getting a router that is compatible with NordVPN will go a long way in improving safety, privacy, and security. You can also check the best router for ExpressVPN if you are using a different VPN provider.

You can check the best VPN providers for your home or office. Getting one of the VPN providers will give you all the privacy, safety and security required. For routers and other home devices, NordVPN is the best. If you love streaming and gaming, you can choose FastestVPN. For low prices, you can choose IvacyVPN and if you want an excellent VPN for all devices, you can pick ExpressVPN.

Some of the routers may require flashing with DD-WRT for them to work. This should not be a problem since it is an open-source WRT and is free. Let’s have a look as you choose the best router for NordVPN.

Table of Contents

Best routers for NordVPN

RouterSpecificationsFeaturesCheck it out
Asus RT-AC5300 RouterBest router for NordVPNTri-band,
Speed: up to 5,300Mbps,
Range: up to 5,000 sq. ft,
Devices: Multiple,
Special: WTFast Game Accelerator
Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router R8000Best router for NordVPN for multiple devicesTri-band
Speed: up to 3200Mbps
Devices: up to 50 devices
Range: up to 3500 sq. ft.
Netgear Nighthawk X4S Smart Wi-Fi router R7800Best router for wide coverageDual-band
Speed: up to 2600Mbps
Devices: up to 45 devices
Range: up to 2500 sq. ft.
ASUS AC1900 Wi-Fi router (RT-AC68U)Best budget router for NordVPNDual-band,
Speed: 1900Mbps,
Range: Up to 3000 sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 30 devices
Linksys EA7500 Dual-band Wi-Fi routerBest NordVPN router for less than $100Dual-band,
Speed: Up to 1900 Mbps,
Devices: up to 15,
Range: Up to 1,500 sq. ft,
Excellent price
Linksys WRT3200ACM routerBest NordVPN router for versatilityDual-band,
Speed: Up to 3200Mbps,
Range: Large home,
Devices: Multiple,
Technology designed for tweaks
Asus RT-AC88U Router (AC3100)Best DD-WRT router for NordVPNDual-band,
Speed: Up to 3,100Mbps + 8 1G Ethernet ports,
Range: Up to 5,000 sq. ft,
Devices: Up to 30
Netgear R9000 RouterBest NordVPN router for speedTri-band
Speed: Up to 7200Mbps
Range: up to 2500 sq. ft.
Devices: up to 45 devices
D-Link DIR-885L/R Router (AC3150)Best D-Link router for NordVPNDual-band,
Speed: Up to 3150Mbps,
Devices: Up to 25,
Range: Up to 2000 Sq. ft,
MU MIMO and 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor

What is a router?

A router is a device that connects a network or computer to the internet. The role of a router is to manage and transmit data packets between computers or networks on one side and the internet, as well as sometimes other networks, on the other.

A router is a device that connects your physical network to the internet. It’s a key part of every home or small business’s networking infrastructure, and it’s responsible for providing connectivity between all of your devices.

In this piece, we’ll explore how you can use a router to increase your security.

How does NordVPN work with a router?

NordVPN has partnered with multiple router manufacturers to create a router that is compatible with NordVPN. With NordVPN, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of NordVPN on your home or office network.

To get started, simply plug in your NordVPN account information into your router and configure the device as your VPN client. From there, you can easily install any of our apps on any device through the VPN so you can use them without having to worry about being unprotected!

Which is the best NordVPN router?

ASUS RT-AC5300 Triband Wi-Fi Router: The best router for NordVPN

Asus RT-AC5300 Router: The best router for internet speed and NordVPN

Are you looking for a perfect gaming router with excellent security features? We have just the best choice since it is the best router for NordVPN.

ASUS RT-AC5300 Triband Wi-Fi Router makes an ideal choice for you. You will love this exceptional Asus router because of its elegance in terms of its look. It has eight antennas that make it look extra beautiful and give a perfect extension of its wireless range.

More about the router is that it has a tri-band and a network connection covering up to 5000 square feet.  The bands comprise dual 5 GHz and a single 2.4 GHz. It uses the 802.11 ac technology that supports speeds of up to 5334 Mbps.

It comes with the MU-MIMO technology that makes it easy to connect various multiple devices that all enjoy adequate network supply. The compatibility of the router allows the usage of all operating systems.

Moreover, you will love the built-in access to waist gamers and servers that ensure low and stable gaming. When using printers, you will have excellent multi-functional support, which is supplied to windows only.

Furthermore, the NordVPN compatible router has protection powered by the Trend-Micro, which ensures that you do not get exposed to security threats and that your sensitive data is protected. You will, therefore, have no worries about getting your online accounts hacked or cyberbullying.

Finally, the Asus NordVPN router features an ASUS Smart Connect that ensures a dynamic switch between devices and bands. Your devices get directed to the less congested bands. 

Those devices that need more internet than the others get connected to bands that will ensure that they get connected to one that gives adequate support.

What makes the ASUS GT-AC5300 stand out among NordVPN routers?

The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is a high-end tri-band router that offers the best of both worlds: speed and features. This beast can handle any game you want to play thanks to its hardware-accelerated graphics, prioritized packets for a lag-free gaming experience with no delays or fractional uploads!

With six ethernet ports on offer as well as USB 3.0 and Wireless AC connectivity, there has never been such versatility in one device before – if it’s power Nap Ready then this baby will keep your PC running smoothly at all times without affecting other devices also connected via WiFi too. Although big like sin itself (literally!) don’t let its size stop you from taking advantage; not only does this bad boy have an HDMI port along with the 8 Gigabit LAN ports.


  • The router provides excellent security
  • Easy to set up
  • It has advanced technology which assures you of performance
  • High internet speeds
  • Easy to add NordVPN to the router


  • It has a very large footprint


Despite its high price tag and size, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 does not disappoint as a NordVPN router. This router is one of if not the fastest we’ve come across in our testing with hardware acceleration for gaming along with software prioritization that prioritizes your network traffic to ensure lag-free gameplay!

The NordVPN Asus router also offers robust protection against malware/virus attacks as well as fast WiFi speeds thanks to a powerful quad-core processor onboard plus plenty of ports including Ethernet LANs which means you can plug anything into them without worry from slow downloading movies or songs over broadband connections.

NordVPN Asus GT-AC5300 Router FAQs

What is GT-AC5300?

The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is a 4×4 tri-band 802.11ac router. The router has the current technology in router hardware and software such as a 1.8GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 256MB of flash memory, MU-MIMO, Beamforming, Eight LAN ports among others. It uses 1024QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technology to broadcast excellent throughput with a speed of up to 1,000Mbps (2.4GHz band) and 2,167Mbps (5GHz bands each).

Is Asus AC5300 WiFi 6?

No, the Asus AC5300 router is not a WiFi 6 (802.11AX) router. It is an 802.11AC (Wi-Fi 5) router. Thus it may not achieve the throughput and security of high-end WiFi 6 routers.

Does ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 need a modem?

Yes, the Asus ROG Rapture router requires a modem to function. This is because it is not a modem router combo (gateway). Thus for cable, DSL, or satellite internet, you will need a modem. For fiber, the ONT box will help in the connection.

Is Asus RT-AC5300 a modem?

No, the Asus RT-AC5300 router is not a modem. It is a tri-band router with 802.11ac WiFi standards. Therefore, you will need a modem to connect it to the internet.

Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router R8000

Nightgear Nighthawk X6 Router (The best NordVPN Router for multiple devices)

Featuring is one device that offers excellent NordVPN on Netgear router compatibility. The Netgear Nighthawk router AC3200 is known for its excellent performance, connecting several devices and high speeds.

The Netgear NordVPN router has advanced technological features that help it to achieve high rates and performance excellence. It is the best router for 200Mbps internet plans or higher plans.

More about the router is that it has a triband connection and a wireless range of 3500 square feet. You are therefore assured that this thick wall router will serve your home well.

The band has a combination of 1300+1300+600 Mbps. Such a high speed ensures that the router supports up to 50 devices at a time, each getting supplied with adequate internet.

The router features wired Ethernet ports that allow you to plug in your wired devices such as computers, game consoles, and many others. Therefore, you will enjoy live streaming, game playing, surfing, and connecting to your home smart devices for a stable connection.

Furthermore, the Netgear nighthawk NordVPN router gets loaded with advanced technological features such as beamforming technology, which works on the connection range, voice controls, Dynamic QoS, and smart connect. 1GHz dual-core processor ensures that there are high speeds for connection.

Moreover, the USB connections allow you to create a personal cloud accessible at any point, so long as there is a network connection. You will easily share your storage drive or printer with any of your connected devices.


Finally, with this router, your safety is guaranteed.  It gets secured with the WPA wireless protocols that allow you to access the guest Wi-Fi, DoS, firewall, and many others. You can also implement parental controls on the internet to protect your children while using the internet.

You will love the security of the internet because of the Netgear armor. It plays a crucial role in protecting your network further. It is a premium package that offers further protection against viruses, malware, and many others. A 30-day trial gets provided for free.

All these features make this router one of the best routers for NordVPN especially when your home has several devices.

The features of the Netgear Nighthawk X6

NordVPN is known for its security features, so it’s no surprise that this router also offers a host of security options. The best part? This router has all the features you need to secure your home or office network and connect with NordVPN. This includes a built-in firewall, VPN server port forwarding, and the ability to lock down connections through the admin dashboard. Additionally, the router also supports WPA2 encryption.

This device is compatible with any device that has an Ethernet port and includes 6 antennas that can help to ensure optimal performance. It features tri-band technology and built-in MU-MIMO support, which means this router can handle Gigabit speeds of up to 2600 Mbps on the two 5 GHz bands and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

Additionally, it also provides a range of parental controls such as Internet Time Restrictions, Website Filtering, Guest Networking, and many more. With this router, you will enjoy reliable connectivity in your home or office at lightning speed!

What makes Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router R8000 stand out among Nordvpn routers?

The awesome performance of the Netgear Nighthawk X6 smart Wi-Fi router R8000 is what makes it such a great choice for NordVPN users. This powerful device excels at handling gigabit speeds, with an impressive 2600 Mbps on the two 5 GHz bands and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

Additionally, this router provides parental controls, including Internet Timerestrictions, Website Filtering, Guest Networking, and many more. With this router, you will enjoy reliable connectivity in your home or office at lightning speed!

How does Netgear Nighthawk X6 compare with other Nordvpn routers?

NordVPN offers Nordvpn routers that are great for those who want to stream movies and music. With the Nighthawk X6, you’ll have 4 antennas that can help to ensure optimal performance. This device is compatible with any device that has an Ethernet port or WiFi and includes tri-band technology.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router R8000 is a powerful, versatile router. It features MU-MIMO support, which means it can handle Gigabit speeds of up to 2600 Mbps on the two 5 GHz bands and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.


  • Perfect range coverage
  • Excellent internet speed
  • Excellent streaming
  • Complete security to your devices
  • Excellent technological features
  • NordVPN on Netgear router is excellent


  • The router has a large footprint

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router R8000: The Best Router for NordVPN.

What’s the best router for NordVPN? The Netgear Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router R8000 is a powerful, versatile router. This device is compatible with any device that has an Ethernet port and includes four antennas that can help to ensure optimal performance.

It features tri-band technology and built-in MU-MIMO support, which means this router can handle Gigabit speeds of up to 2600 Mbps on the two 5 GHz bands and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

Additionally, it also provides a range of parental controls such as Internet Time Restrictions, Website Filtering, Guest Networking, and many more. With this router, you will enjoy reliable connectivity in your home or office at lightning speed!

Netgear Nighthawk X4S Smart Wi-Fi router R7800

The best Netgear Routers: Netgear Nighthawk X4S Smart Wi-Fi router R7800

Once more, if you are looking for fast Wi-Fi performance and excellent speeds, this router will give you the best service. The gadget offers exceptional NordVPN on Netgear router performance.

The Netgear NordVPN router boasts speeds of up to 2600Mbps, which is a combination of dual bands of 1733+800Mbps. Being a dual-band router, it offers connections to 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It will, therefore, comfortably serve up to 45 devices.

All connected devices can be used for watching videos, streaming online content, surfing, and playing games.  You will use Ethernet ports to connect gaming consoles, computers, and others.  It features 4 1gigabit ports that help you to connect your wired devices.

Moreover, the best VPN router for small businesses and large homes is packed with various technological features that help it give its maximum service. You will love the presence of MU-MIMO technology, amazon Alexa, Dynamic QoS, and beamforming technology.

A 1.7GHz dual-core processor and its four amplified antennas also feature in the router. The combination of these technological features results in a router with an excellent Wi-Fi range, high speeds, simultaneous streaming, and effortless controls.

The security features of the internet are excellent. You will love the smart parental controls and the guest network setups that can easily get set. With the nighthawk app, you will quickly set up the parental controls and plan on utilizing the network.

Finally, the home automation router has guaranteed safety. You will appreciate the presence of the WPA2 wireless security protocols. They include the VPN, Guest Wi-Fi, DoS Firewall, and many more. Cybercrime and other online predation activities get minimized to a high degree.


  • Excellent technological features
  • Simple set up
  • Excellent internet security
  • High-performance speeds
  • It is breezy to add NordVPN to the router


  • Some firmware updates can make the internet unreliable

ASUS AC1900 Wi-Fi router (RT-AC68U): One of the best routers for NordVPN

ASUS AC1900 Wi-Fi router (RT-AC68U):

If you are looking for a router that will give adequate speeds and proper security, this model makes a perfect choice. The router comes with various technologies like the MU-MIMO technology and parental controls that make its functioning perfect.

The router has a dual-band with the 802.11AC 3X3 technology, which manages to boost its speeds to up to 1900Mbps. You will love the 1GHz CPU, which promotes multitasking of the router offering separate lanes for Wi-Fi and wired data connection.

Moreover, the router which costs less than 150 Dollars has an easy setup process. All that you will do is to access the ASUSWRT web-based interface and have the settings done. It is also highly compatible hence easily connects to many devices for maximum performance. 

MU-MIMO technology enables the use of various devices simultaneously. It makes it quite simple to connect your gaming devices and other devices and use them with each of them getting enough internet for functionality.

Furthermore, the router has a control app. It allows you to implement a few settings and also manage the network from your smartphone. You will, therefore, be able to set guest networks and parental controls.

Monitoring the utilization of the network is also effected by the use of the mobile app. You will love this router because of the security it provides to your devices and the users.

It has its protection covered by Tendo-Micro. Therefore, you will be very secure from any abnormal activities, malware, and other threats while using the internet. Sensitive data is highly protected.

This ASUS AC1900 Dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router is, therefore, one of the best routers this year, especially at a budget.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Easy to set up and add NordVPN to the router
  • Parental controls
  • Excellent internet security


  • The 5GHz band has a very short range
  • Setting up AiMesh is a bit challenging

Linksys EA7500 Dual-band Wi-Fi router

Linksys EA7500 Dual-band Wi-Fi router: The best router for NordVPN for less than $100

If you are looking for a router that will offer you excellent browsing speeds, think of this router. Linksys has high ratings for providing excellent support to your streaming devices and ultimate security to the connected devices, and you’re your children.

The router comes with a range of 1500 square feet that makes it possible to have more than 15 devices connected.  All your connected devices within the range get adequate internet supply even if the router is in an apartment or a modest home.

Moreover, the Linksys EA7500 VPN router can work with any existing modem making it quite affordable. You will quickly implement the initial setup of a connection using the Linksys app.

The router offers excellent dual-band speeds of 1.9 Gbps. A combination of 600+1300Mbps helps in ensuring that the router achieves high speeds for all its connected devices.

The MU-MIMO technology allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously without any of them experiencing lags. You can therefore use the router for live streaming and gaming among other functions.

The Linksys app, as stated earlier, helps in ensuring that the router is well set. It allows you to implement parental controls, set guest Wi-Fi, block specific sites, and assess how the internet gets used.

To offer more security to your network, you will be able to set specific passwords that control your devices’ connection. In this manner, you will be able to control some particular devices from accessing the network hence providing adequate security.


  • High internet speed
  • Easy to set up the network
  • The Linksys EA7500 VPN router has smart controls
  • Beamforming technology
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Ethernet ports for wired connections


  • The internet can be a bit unreliable

D-Link DIR-885L/R Router (AC3150)

D-Link DIR-885L/R Router (AC3150)

When talking about performance amplified by beauty, we cannot fail to speak about the D-link AC3150. The router has an elegant design and a colorful look and an excellent performance that will amaze you. 

The router has a dual-band connection of 1000+2167Mbps, which is an excellent speed. You will, therefore, comfortably enjoy streaming and online gaming simultaneously without experiencing lags. Streaming is made possible by the 1024 Nitro QAM technology.

Moreover, the router has an excellent Wi-Fi signal. It gets correctly shared within devices by the MU-MIMO technology. A 1.4 GHz dual-core processor plays a crucial role in maintaining high speeds for wired and wireless devices.

You will love the role the advanced SmartConnect plays. It allocates each device to the band that will have it performing the best. All the devices that will need more internet get connected to the group that is less congested and powerful.

Featuring also is an AC SmartBeam that keeps your connected devices on track to ensure that they have adequate speed within the range of connection. Therefore, you will enjoy an adequate internet supply so long as you are within the Wi-Fi range.

An intelligent QoS traffic optimization ensures that your devices have adequate and proper performance.  It directs your accessories to a specific band and supplies those that need new internet with the amount of supply required to keep them running.

An intuitive user interface makes the installation and management of the network very simple. You will either use your mobile devices or your desktop to manage the system.


  • Excellent internet range
  • Excellent Wi-Fi speeds
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Secure internet connections
  • The router is stylish with great colors


  • The internet is unreliable and thus may require several reboots

Buyers guide for the best NordVPN router

The process of buying a NordVPN router can be very complicated because there are so many other routers that come with various features that make them high-performing. However, the basic principle employed here is the safety of the internet.

When buying a NordVPN router, you should consider the following things.

Internet speed

The router you buy should have adequate internet speed. It should host several devices with each sufficient receiving internet to keep it running. All your connected devices should also have proper internet speed without experiencing lags.

Most of the reviewed routers have excellent speeds. This should be able to support gaming, 4K streaming, or other internet intense activities. The only thing to note is that you should match a high-performing router with a good internet subscription.

Internet range

A good router will cover your whole home with high-speed internet. There is no need of getting a router and then add Wi-Fi extenders for your home. We recommend all the featured routers because they offer good coverage.

As you are buying your NordVPN compatible routers, check your home space. This way you can match the space with a router that works best for your home.

Internet safety

The router you buy should generally be very safe. Having a router that has gets supplied with specific protection such as the WPA and others that will keep the internet very safe. Parental controls by the router should also be excellent.

NordVPN should help improve safety due to its extensive privacy features. getting a router that will give you the best connection to NordVPN will ensure your family is safe online.

Technological features

Your router should have various technological features that are instrumental in providing proper internet performance. Such features include beamforming technology, MU-MIMO technology, and many others. Having a router that uses extra technology to ensure security is another awesome thing.

All these features can be used to identify the best router for NordVPN. This way you will get a router that will not only give you the best features for NordVPN but will also give you a router that will make your home an internet hub.

How to set-up NordVPN on your router

NordVPN Linksys router setup

Total Time: 30 minutes

Acquire NordVPN

The first step involves the acquisition of a NordVPN subscription. You will get it from the official website of NordVPN.  Once you have the subscription, download the requirements, such as the setup and the firmware.

Login to the router settings

Linksys has a mobile app that allows you to do the settings. It also has a web dashboard that you can alternatively use to implement the settings.
You will therefore have to log in to the router for you to implement the settings. You long in by entering the IP address and the passwords. If they don’t exist, it’s time for you to have them set. Most importantly, set a password that is not easy to hack.

Configure the router with NordVPN

The configuration process of the router is also straightforward.  The router dashboard and app have VPN functionality. You select the icon and the configuration icon that allow the process of configuration to take place.
If the app’s use is proving difficult because of a challenge or two, you will need an alternative. Such cases will require you to redirect the settings towards a traffic server. You will therefore have to redo the configuration process and channel the traffic to the NordVPN server.
For an easier configuration process, you may need to make use of the user manual.  The manuals are known to have solutions to everything that the routers come along with.

Test the performance

Once you have done the setting, you need to test the functionality of the router. You can do a simple test using the mobile app.  One of the things you need to test for is the ability to control the router’s settings.
You should be able to guide on the use of the router and control most of its functions. If the router does not function well with NordVPN, consider redoing the set-up process. If the set-up process is too difficult, even after using the manual, the best you can do is seek help.

Contact customer support

If it has proved difficult to set up the router, Linksys customer support is ever ready to rescue you. You can always reach customer service to see if the router has a challenge or the set-up process has a challenge.
Contacting NordVPN customer service is also another effective method. They will give recommendations with issues about NordVPN.  One interesting thing is that there is always a way out to have your router set.

How to setup NordVPN on your Asus router

What if I am not sure if I can install the VPN at home?

Many people don’t have the time or skills necessary to set up a VPN on their router.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing a VPN on your own router or computer, there is an easier way. There are many routers available that come with a built-in VPN server installed directly into the hardware.

These “VPN Routers” make it easy for anyone in your home to connect securely without any additional configuration required. It also means that everyone using Wi-Fi will automatically be protected by the best encryption standards out there, which is great for security and peace of mind!

If you’re looking for an easier option, then check out today! FlashRouters is one of the best sites in this niche, with over 80 router models from the biggest manufacturers and counting!

Their easy-to-use website has all the information you need about each product including speed tests so that you can find exactly what works best for your needs. Plus, if there’s anything else you’d like to know about choosing a secure router setup or using a VPN at home, their friendly support staff is always available via live chat or email.

They will give you an option of getting a router already with a VPN or give you support as you install the NordVPN on your router.

List of the best VPN providers?

NordVPN is an exceptional VPN provider for your home. However, it is not the only recommended VPN provider. We have reviewed a few VPN providers that will give exceptional service.

The VPN providers were reviewed based on connection speeds, number of devices connected, cost, number of countries supported, types of devices supported, and level of control among other features.

The following VPN providers came out tops for the different categories:

VPN providerBest forSpecificationsCheck it out
NordVPNBest VPN for routersOffers a fast connection
30 days free trial period
Compatible with several devices
Supports multiple countries
6 Devices maximum
More than 5000 servers worldwide
Non-member to Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes
FastestVPNBest VPN for streaming
and gaming
Exceptional VPN for firestick
Excellent for torrenting
Offers excellent support for Netflix
Offers fast VPN services
Static IP addresses
Five Eyes non-member
Excellent for Macs and Windows
IvacyVPNBest VPN for low prices3500 servers worldwide
Great low price for the features
Certified by the ioXt Alliance
Five Eyes non-member
Accepts Bitcoin for payment
Supports a wide range of devices
Supports torrents
ExpressVPNBest VPN overallOver 3000 servers
Supports over 160 countries
Exceptional for streaming
Up to 5 simultaneous connections
Excellent for Macs, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows
Comprehensive set-up support
Fast and reliable speeds

Final verdict

Do you want to use NordVPN on your router and you don’t know how? This can be frustrating because it’s not clear why this is happening or what you should do about it. You’re left feeling frustrated and helpless.

NordVPN routers are essential in our day-to-day smart lives. It is a basic need to have yourself and your connected devices protected from internet threats. Picking one of these routers will offer you proper security and online life.

In this article, we gave you the best routers that are compatible with NordVPN so that you never run into these problems again! We also shared some tips for setting up NordVPN on your router if you need help getting started.

NordVPN routers FAQs

What routers does NordVPN work with?

There are several NordVPN compatible routers. With so many router options, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. Since it costs money to get this best VPN for gaming, you want to make sure that this high-end VPN works on your router before buying it. The best NORDVPN routers include Asus RT-AC5300 Router and Linksys WRT3200ACM Router. We recommend these because they are easy to set up and configure on your own.

What routers have a built-in VPN?

A VPN encrypts all of the traffic coming from your computer so no one can spy on what you’re doing. You’ll also get access to blocked sites and services if they are available in your country. Flashrouters has been selling routers with built-in VPNs for several years now and has helped thousands of customers get secure internet connections without having to install any software themselves. Their team knows everything there is about setting up routers with VPN services like IPVanish, NordVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), ExpressVPN, PureVPN & VyprVPN – just name it!

Do I need a special router for VPN?

Most but not all routers support VPN software. The good news is that most modern Wi-Fi routers work well with NordVPN. Most routers support OpenVPN and PPTP protocols, which are the most commonly used by VPN providers. However, some older models may not be compatible with these protocols or offer limited functionality when using them (for example, you might not be able to use your WiFi network while connected). If this concerns you, make sure that the device supports at least one of these two protocols before buying it. If you’re looking to set up a router-based VPN, we recommend using either Tomato or DD-WRT firmware as they have the biggest community behind them and provide plenty of tutorials on setting up OpenVPN clients (DD-WRT also supports L2TP/IPSec).

Does NordVPN affect my router?

Yes, the process of encryption for your privacy means that there will be some latency and reduction of speed. Some users worry that using a VPN will markedly slow down their internet speed because of encryption. While this is true, it’s not necessarily bad for your internet connection as long as you’re using the right VPN provider. The good news is there’s no need to worry about this issue with NordVPN because there is no throttle on your bandwidth. In addition, NordVPN does not create any artificial speed limits. The service does not limit data transfer speeds or enforce download caps during peak hours. On top of that, NordVPN service works great over both wired and wireless connections so you can choose whichever one suits you best!

Does NordVPN have a data limit?

No, NordVPN does not have a data limit or block any traffic. In addition, it does not throttle or limits bandwidth at all, so you can be confident that your speeds won’t change when you use our service. If possible, we always recommend connecting directly to an ethernet port on your router instead of Wi-Fi if you want optimum speed and performance from any device connected to your home network (including routers). This will ensure that nothing gets in between you and whatever website or content you are trying to access with NordVPN!

Do all Asus routers work with NordVPN?

Asus routers are some of the best when you want to use a VPN provider such as NordVPN. This is because most Asus router models have a built-in OpenVPN client. Thus you can easily set up a VPN on the Asus routers. Moreover, most VPN providers are compatible with Asus routers as compared to other brands.

Do I need a special router for VPN?

For you to use a VPN on your router, it has to be compatible. You will notice that most manufacturers make routers for fast gaming connections that can’t support VPN traffic. Thus you will need to check the compatibility of the router with the VPN software before attempting to install the VPN on your router.

How do I know if my router is VPN compatible?

To know if your router is VPN compatible, simply refer to the router manual or Google the model compatibility with your VPN software. Most ISP gateways (modem router combo) are not compatible with a VPN.