Best Router Settings for Gaming: Xbox One, PS4 & Other Gaming machines

Gaming has evolved from a hobby to a career. It is no longer just about fun, it’s also about winning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. PS4 and Xbox One are the most common games that you will comfortably play when connected. Each router comes with its settings that will support the various tasks including gaming on Xbox One, Play Station, and others.

You need good internet for gaming, but how can you get that? There are many factors involved in getting an excellent game experience online such as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection speed, router settings, and more.

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will look at some of the best router settings for gaming on Xbox One and PS4 so that you can improve your game experience without spending any money extra on equipment or internet plans!

You will notice that PS4 and Xbox one have their point that they perform without a hassle. Below are some of the settings that you need to be very familiar with.

Choice of routers

For the best functionality, you need to choose the best router for gaming. Various routers come with different specifications that make functionality stand out. In addition, you will notice that each router has specific settings that make it unique in supporting the various tasks for gaming.
Higher-end routers feature powerful CPUs and more RAM. They have additional Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster speeds in gaming or streaming HD media content over your network. Gaming traffic is prioritized on these higher-end models to allow you an uninterrupted experience while playing games online with friends over Wi-Fi networks.

Other common features include QoS (quality of service), dual-band/tri-band 80211AC/ ax wireless standards, and gigabit ethernet support that can deliver up to 1000 Mbps data transfer rates through wired connections between devices like gaming computers & smart TVs using a high-speed internet connection such as fiber-optic broadband access!

A good router for Xbox One, PS4, and others will meet a specific criterion. It will have the potential to support many devices and deliver to meet the specific needs hence reliable. It will also reach the furthest end of the connection and deliver good speeds all through the range.

Wired and wireless routers

You will also need to have some familiarity with wired and wireless routers. Wired routers are those that use wired technologies to connect to the devices. They do not have the wireless potential enabled.

Using a Wired connection is one of the ways of speeding your internet for PS4, Xbox One, and other gaming consoles.

Wireless routers, on the other hand, are good because they use wireless technology to connect. All the Wi-Fi-enabled devices will have an opportunity to enjoy using the connection as it is straightforward and straightforward to manage. You will also use Wi-Fi to do your gaming so long as your devices have Wi-Fi technology.

What constitutes the right router for Xbox and PS4

Various specifications will guide you in the selection of the right router. A wireless standard of 802.11ac is the basic thing you will need to start looking at. The standards are efficient because they make the performance of the router better and quite reliable.

The antennas are also a requirement in making the performance of the model stand out. One that has two or more antennas will deliver the best performance ever. Internal and external routers make good choices as they help boost the router’s performance, hence supportive to gaming.

Another factor you need to have a closer look at is the frequency. Single-band will probably disappoint you because the router will need to multi-task. You will need to closely look at the triband or the dual-band as they deliver the most outstanding performance.  


The speed of the router should also be good for proper gaming. Anything above 1200 Mbps that is accompanied by good range coverage and MU-MIMO technology is an excellent choice. You will enjoy remarkable speeds that will make the gaming sessions stable and the speeds reliable. Again, check on the router model as the best ones have more than AC1200 technology that is they have a WiFi speed throughput of at least 1200Mbps.


Finally, the security of the router should also be perfect. A good model must have proper security, which is essential at making the performance reasonable. Speeds remain at their peak, and the stability of the performance stands out for the longest time possible. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 make the best choices as they deliver a firm performance.

A proper router will make the functionality stand out, making your gaming sessions successful.

Best router settings for gaming on Xbox and PS4

The best router for Xbox is one that has multiple antennas and can handle heavy traffic without buffering or lagging. Another important factor in choosing a good router is its speed capability because if it doesn’t have enough speed then your gaming experience will suffer.

There are various settings you will need to activate for your router to perform as expected. Each router will need you to log in to the user interface to implement the various measures successfully. To access the settings, you will visit the menu then look at the specific options. Below are some of the settings you will look at.

Enable the uPnP

UPnP is a service that makes the process of port forwarding quick and effortless. You will have an easy time doing the various activities when you activate them. The steps below will help you to manage the setting quickly.

  1. Log in to the router to access the settings.
  2. Visit the admin’s panel and then log in using the admin password and username, which usually maintains as admin for the username and 1234 for the password.
  3. Select the advanced option and then the UPnP option.
  4. Activate the option by clicking the enable option and then resume making the various changes.  To confirm that the setting is proper, you will select the settings, network and then check the connection status that should be active.

Use static IP

setting static IP address on your router- One of the best settings for gaming on Xbox One and PS4

The choice of a static IP is essential because it makes the network type 2 begin to function properly in the router. It will also be on display hence allowing you to do the various management protocols. Below is how to use the static IP.

  1. Log in to the router’s dashboard and select the settings option.
  2. Pick the network option and then the connection status. At this stage, you will save the IP and the Mac address.
  3. Open the router’s admin page and log in, then locate the DHCP server. It is located at the LAN menu or right next to it.
  4. Proceed to locate the assignment of the IP address either manually or under the assign IP option. You will notice a drop-down for the menu or the IP address and then make the changes.
  5. Click add, then save to the fields you get from the gaming console to populate it. Then, finally, you can open the network to see if the NAT option is under the indication.

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Enable port forwarding

The port forwarding service is good because it makes the service available even on private networks. Another option is the DMZ which dumps any available port that has the DMZ enabling.  You can choose to use both options for port forwarding or choose to pick one depending on your specific needs.

Below is how you can work with the service.

  1. Open the router settings and then log in to the admin panel. It will allow you to implement the various measures.
  2. Locate the port forwarding option under the advanced menu option.
  3. Add rules that will guide the TCP80,443,3478,3479,3480 and then UDP 3478 and 3479.
  4. If you have to make settings for DMZ, you will enter your gaming console’s IP address. Once done, you will save the settings and then restart the router.

Change the band to PS4 slim

You can choose to change the bands to improve the connection speeds. The best way to do it is by changing from 5GHz to PS4 Pro or Slim.  Below is how you will do it.

  1. Log in to the PS4 router and then select settings and then network. On the network menu, you will pick the internet setup connection and then the use Wi-Fi option. Pick easy for this case.
  2. On the options, the button picks the Wi-Fi frequency bands. Then, it allows you to do the various options that will make the bands work as you want.
  3. Select the 5GHz band and then select x. this means that it will work with the PS4 pro or slim options. You also have an option to use wireless or wired connections.

Prioritize the Xbox and PS4 settings

Another method that will make you enjoy the best service is device prioritization. For example, prioritizing the QoS for the gaming options will make the quality of the service you enjoy more remarkable. This is how you can configure the router settings to prioritize gaming on Xbox and PS4:

  1. Log in to access the router’s interface
  2. Update the router’s firmware and then check that the security measures are okay according to your needs.
  3. Go to the device management option and then select enable QoS.
  4. After selecting the bandwidth for downloads and uploads, you will click apply, and the settings will work with your router.
  5. Choose the traffic management option and then the QoS, which will display a box with one option being the user-defined QoS rules.
  6. Select the name and then locate the online gaming, allowing you to pick the PS4 and the Xbox One.
  7. Log in to the PS4 and the Xbox one and set the advanced settings to wireless or wired mac. Then, under the priority, the option picks the highest, making the gaming options perform best.

Automatic firmware updates

The other thing that will tend to affect the performance of the router is the firmware updates. Therefore, you need to ensure that the settings for the firmware are always in the best state.

Setting the router to have the router updating automatically is the best option. It will make the router remain in the best state. You can also set that it updates within a specific schedule. You can be sure that the speeds will remain constant and performing excellently

To set the automatic router updates, you will visit the administrator page and then visit the various option. Pick the date or the day that the router will do the firmware updates.  Select on day and time so that it does not inconvenience your activities.

If your router does not allow for automatic updates, you can update the router’s firmware manually as described here.

Explaining Router Settings for online Gaming

How to Optimize Your Connection For Gaming

Setting a static IP address for your router may help with port forwarding, DMZ Settings, and changing from banned/ blocked IP addresses. Others set the beacon interval for gaming. These will enable better gaming. There are other simple things you can do to ensure you get excellent gaming on Xbox One and PS4. These include:

  • Using wired connections: Wired connections are more reliable and fast for gaming as compared to wireless connections. This is because they are rarely affected by obstacles or get interference from devices. Therefore, where possible, use a good Ethernet cable for gaming for an exceptional experience.
  • Location of players: For the best gaming experience, we recommend playing online games with people near your locality as compared to the other side of the globe to reduce ping. The longer the Wi-Fi signals travel the higher the latency and that is why satellite internet is not the very best for gaming.
  • Gaming Equipment: It is important to ensure that you get quality gaming equipment including Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, gaming monitors among others. Excellent gaming monitors such as Asus ROG 65″ monitor (on Amazon) will make the experience exceptional. This will ensure that the gaming experience is excellent. You can also get the best internal SSD card for PS4 for faster write/ read speeds.
  • NAT Type – This is crucial. You can use NAT Type 2 for gaming but NAT Type 3 will be problematic for most players. The DMZ settings on the router settings will automatically switch your router to Open NAT (Type 1). This is the most oped connection for gaming.

These settings will work for most gaming routers. For example, you can apply these gaming settings to your Spectrum router for the best gaming experience.

Gaming router settings FAQs

What QoS is best for gaming?

We recommend Upstream QoS for gaming. Upstream QoS prioritizes the network traffic between your gaming console and the internet. This feature can help minimize lag during online gaming, so we recommend that only gamers enable this setting if they are having issues with their connection while playing games online.

Is LAN or WAN better for gaming?

LAN networks are typically faster and more secure than WAN, but these latter allow for greater interconnectivity. LANs are typically small networks with high-speed connections, so they’re often used by gamers to keep their games up-to-date and safe from hackers via LAN parties. However, there’s a limit on the number of devices that can be connected at once in this type of network due to its size making it unsuitable for larger groups or online multiplayer options like World Wide Online Gaming (WWOG). On the other hand, WANs are more widespread connecting users around the world who play against each other through computer servers but tend to have lower speeds. This doesn’t allow everyone access concurrently without lag issues during gameplay especially if trying to connect across geographical distances as well as being less secure because of the number of users.

Is a gaming router worth the money?

Yes, a gaming router is worth the money and hype. A modern gaming router has many cool features like prioritizing network traffic for better performance while playing online multiplayer video games on console systems or PC’s – this means less lagging from other users who may be streaming videos/downloading files at high speeds simultaneously since it would take priority compared to others browsing websites. In addition, they have other features available in all high-end routers such as powerful CPUs, more RAM for latency reductions and multitasking capabilities, faster wireless standards such as 802.11ac Wi-Fi which will increase your internet speed when using the router wirelessly or over Ethernet cable, QoS to prioritize traffic so lag is minimized during games, additional Gigabit Ethernet ports in case you need them

Is 400 Mbps good for gaming?

While having a high download speed of 400 Mbps may make online games more fun, this number definitely does not tell the full story about your connection. Latency issues are just as important when it comes to enjoying an experience in-game and if they range above 100 milliseconds you will still encounter lags no matter how fast your internet speeds are! This is why there’s so much more that goes into ensuring quality multiplayer experiences than simply looking at numbers on paper – things like ping times have huge impacts on overall playability which can’t always be measured by megabytes per second. 400Mbps is good for gaming if the other features are also considered.


Setting a router to meet specific needs is the best option. It will make you enjoy the router’s service regarding the specific activities you need to do; Xbox One and PS4 gaming are tasks that need specific router settings for them to function properly. We have shown you various settings that will make everything convenient.

There are many factors that determine which are the best router settings for gaming on Xbox One and PS4? There must be no interference from other devices like cordless phones or microwave ovens since they could interfere with your connection causing slowdowns or even disconnections during gameplay sessions.